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Helium Mining Placement advice stream and BEER!!!

you myself oh oh oh oh what’s going on everybody good evening good nighthow you doing good got a negative cv test today so happy as [ __ ] congratulations mind of tron it’snot like you’re like 19th covet test or something i don’t know how you doing this evening copperget out of my office what are you doing dog hello welcome to a spur ofthe moment drunken stream i did they touch your brain yeah right i amwatching my daughters who are sleeping i’ve got their monitor right here and i just gotdone playing a little bit of poker watching some football welcome back to the nfl welcome tothe channel if this is your first time watching and your first time in the stream please takea moment to consider hitting that subscribe button turn on bell notifications i don’t normallystream on a thursday night but we’re trying to do do i even have the mic on i do have the mic onawesome we know luckily exactly we are gonna do some helium and we’re gonna drink somebeer and we’re gonna see how it goes tonight beverage is going to be 19th time touching thebrain yeah right tonight’s beverage is the new belgium v2k ipa it is solid delicious a verynice citrusy ipa without being too inflated by mango and pineapple and guava with some solid hopscheers to you guys what’s going on brian callahan hit that like button normally we only streamon mondays but i enjoying the touching much absolutely i actually have a few peoplethat sent me comments about mining on helium and they wanted me to check out their placementand i need to actually pull those comments up because i’m just going to go and do it nowand if they join me on monday i’ll do it again thanks for all the videos they helpedme pay off my trip to venice in january uh ranul raniel i’m going to kill yourname renewal how if you don’t mind me asking did my videos help you pay off yourtrip in january please tell me tell me that i will pull up something real quick i will pullup this because we’re going to take a look at this as well and share the story algorand isdown at two dollars and sixteen cents we saw two dollars and twenty five cents earlier today uhi’m hoping it’s algorithm but if not that’s okay but we are going to look at our miners as well ihave to go to my comments and i have to pull up some people that asked me to showtheir miners so let’s take a look sweetwater hazy ipa for me right now sweetwateri’m familiar with sweetwater and my bar has that on draft so cheers to you brian cheers toyou brian kittle get some good connections yet um what kind of connections what kindof connections are we talking about you guys keep going i got to find some minersover here in comments we gotta find them um we’re talking about amtube i got an unboxing videocoming out about the air the aware the awar which 8i ir which is aware uh the miner i’m going to doa unboxing about that here in a few days let’s see let me know if the music’s too loud make sure it’s not too loud uh live the miner i’m gonna do an unboxing boxing music’s not too loud we probably turn thatup a little bit that way you guys can hear it how’s your helium going we’re look at the heliumhere in a minute it’s on screen at the moment turn the music up a little bit there we go right thereuh i wanted to get into helium and it was too it was so much to look into with so many videosand information out there i happened to find your channel when you first moved to the atticfinally got mine set up and it’s going really really well awesome congratulations man i reallyappreciate it did you order that directional antenna i did not order that directionalantenna just because i uh you know hang on make sure i don’t ruin anything i didn’t order thedirectional antenna just because i bought four of these bad boys which there we go the the awaresthe aware elements because we’re gonna be mining more i bought them instead so i bought four ofthose bad boys instead i i set my air sensor today at my office it’s a fun little device it is it’s acute little sexy device i really like it i really really like it i can’t wait until they actuallyhave the um the mining going uh at the end of september so i’m really excited for that i’m goingto do an unboxing video since i have four of these bad boys uh spoiler i did open one and it’s apretty cool device so i’m really excited to see it i i will show it i will absolutely show it uh algrant pumped i know you can afford it now right here’s the device um i will do a whole unboxingvideo on it but that is going to minus four dollars a day this bad boy four dollars a daylet’s just go ahead and put this back over here there we go do we just paste our name yes ahyeah yeah go ahead just grab your name paste it and i’m still finding ones in the commentshang on yeah go ahead paste it in chat and if you are ever so gracious paste it with a superchat that way i can get to it first because it might start flowing uh what heliumantenna would you put on a radio station tower depending on where dependingon where that radio station tower is it really depends uh if you’resmack dab in the middle of the city i put one of these bad boys up on there link inthe description so you can go and purchase them yeah uh actually no that’s not the price that’snot the one i want that’s the one i want right there 80 bucks for two i’m thinking of goingfor the type one when they finally come out uh shallow ultraviolet skunk let’s pullthat right up let’s just get that started shallow ultra violet four dollars is really goodit actually is all right so you’re out in cali man i gotta do a meet-up event in cali everyonethat’s been watching my stream you guys are all out in cali i should do a meet-up event out thereuh renniel hang on all right so let’s take a look in the past 24 hours home dude here hasmined .8 tokens not too bad past seven days have you gotten just got started that’sactually not bad with a transmit scale so if you just got started and you’re at 1.7 forthe week it looks like you did it looks like you just started on september 5th so you’ve beendoing this for four days let’s go to the 30 day oh no you’ve been doing this for a while okay allright so you are sitting with a 4 dbi 5 meters in the air if you want some and i mean sadly you areyour transmit because you’re sharing three three in the area so let’s go back to you um i actuallywould probably if consider a mid-range dbi antenna we’re gonna do this it was down for two daysyeah that makes sense um i would potentially maybe i’m gonna screen grab everythinghere getting a small directional antenna and fire it in this genera general direction um ithink 12 dbi would be too much for you but maybe a like six to eight dbi directional and firingit off that way you would see some really solid returns i know you are hitting you’re hittingthese miners here really smoothly because of your terrain like it looks like it’s very hillyand like terraneous here which is why you’re not getting these guys over here but i looks likeyou’re hitting these guys just because the water doesn’t hinder your signal so that’snot too bad that is not too bad at all um do a meet up in santa cruz i i could ireally could all right next is zesty sangria and if you guys want me to take a look at somestuff and i keep forgetting like definitely consider uh linking up a super chat likemaybe like a dollar or something just to get that highlighted on screen here all right whereare we jumping to over here to colorado springs y’all i wouldn’t change a thing look at you manyou are hitting some primo stuff here we are with a 5.89 meters up in the air the past sevendays you are at 6.8 which is just shy of seven past 30 days you’re at i wouldn’t change athing but the only problem you have is that your transmit scale is down to 0.63 which isn’tterrible but you are getting some solid numbers i would not change the thing brother i wouldnot change the thing radio clever bone ostrich that’s the next one clever bone awstretch let’s take a look let’s redo it come on drunk nerdy dude let’s do it oh we’regoing to canada we are going to canada with our beady little eyes and flapping heads up fullof eyes i wouldn’t change a thing on you either look at you 10 dbi 2 meters you mighteven consider lowering your dvi you could probably do well the 5.8 i don’t know if you’vestarted with a 5.8 i mean you’ve got this one miner just sitting here let’s take a look atwhat you’ve got going for all your hot spots you’ve got three hotspots you are killing it myfriend let’s see what your 30 days are oh yeah oh yeah you’re making a grandin a month 54 helium no way man you’re doing phenomenal definitely a candidatefor some super chats all right what’s next uh four dollars really good zesty sangria koalai think i looked at that one already and then we did clever bone ostrich i have eight dbi rackat the moment and i’m debating at six dbi mcgill microwave tune think i’m missing some closerminds i mean you’re doing phenomenal doing me up in santa cruz yep talked about that is it justme or has the helium rewards been really bad the past three to five days i’ve seen a littlebit with the the blockchain and everything like everyone’s having problems sinking which hasjust been a little bit of an issue pulling some solid numbers out there salty scorpion and santacruz in the attic should be getting a rack 5.8 that’s a hit that’s a hill behind meyeah that’s what i saw there steve uh hey man thanks for the great vids i have afour bobcat miners coming ooh that’s beautiful i live 3.4 kilometers northwest of daringuh daring we’re gonna look that up daring chartreuse kitten all right go in here all right so you you definitely need yourselfan 8.0 or actually you might need yourself if you live 3.4 kilometers you might need yourself adirectional to hit this [ __ ] up here let’s just do a screen grab of that real quick you want todo something directional let’s say you live here i’m just taking a guess you wanta directional and you want to face it that way don’t even worry about theredon’t even worry about there just face it up there get all this and you’re gonna get all that [__ ] there so what’s next we got daring chart twos will you suggest replacement order 10 dbi 10 dbimight do it if you make sure it’s leveled and then what else do you have around you a 10 dbi mightgive you some of the stuff down underneath you but you want to aim this up to ada jennison andall that stuff what do we got daily mint i’ll read your comment first any day one of my minershasn’t pulled anything for a few days when it was averaging around one h t per day finally sanktwo days ago but still haven’t earned anything what’s up craig r cheers to you my brother saltycandy scorpion if anyone is renting and is trying to get stock antenna outside go on amazon andbuy a suction cup planter shelf yeah actually don’t buy your your school your [ __ ] on yourantennas on amazon because you know you’ll get scammed buy them on rack link in the descriptionsave yourself five percent uh what do we got i was sitting at 60 to 65 witnesses and allof a sudden it dropped to 42.I’m guessing it’s because of the software update buti’m not sure it probably could be um i mean there’s a lot of changes there’s alot of miners hitting the market really quick so they might fall behind on their updates andeverything so that’s a big potential right there uh can you check out sparkly myrtle occupy yeah ican i can check that out for you sparkling myrtle occupy we’re going back to god i reallyshould do a meet-up event in california all you nerdy dudes are in california oh boylook at your [ __ ] saturation if you guys don’t i’ve been drinking so i’m going to curseso i’m very sorry if that offends you all right so you’re looking at an 8 dbi 3 meters 8dbi might be and i think that’s what we’re seeing with your connection is that 8 dbi is overshootingall this [ __ ] five dollar super chat who did it corn corn thank you ranieli appreciate it my brother i need a little bit more than corn though what’sthat um so yeah looking at sparkly myrtle you’re you’re you’re overshooting a lot of your stuffhere so with the 8 dbi you might be you might be solid with a 6 or you know a 6 or a 5.8 becauselook at all this stuff that you’re overshooting like a majority of your connections are out on theedges and it’s only because you’re overshooting it so you might be better off looking a little bitsmaller to get there especially since you are you’re three meters and your terrain doesn’tlook too bad let’s see what your 30 day is 13 yeah you could probably benefit frommaybe testing the waters with a 5.8 you would get a little bit more in the smallerarea all right what’s next sparkly myrtle uh i’m losing track here um same um same dailyi have two bobcats the one with the last act the least action is fine but my money yeah my like forthe past two days my miner with the antenna in the attic has been doing solid numbers and with myantenna outside not so solid thanks for it put input you’re absolutely welcome charles electricash lion have a lot of miners near me but not seeing them 8 dbi 5 meters all right we’ll takea look at that dragon let’s see electric ash lion all right i’m coming back over here to medara all right so you got an 8 dbi 5.5meters up you also might be okay with a 5.8 um your 8 dbi potentially couldbe overshooting a lot of this but also a lot of these people might have everything inlet’s see what your stats are so 30 days 1.64 seven days point nine twentyfour hours point one two the last update screwed a lotof people yeah and yeah it all right so you’re hitting these two it’s goodthat you’re hitting this guy this guy has a very solid line of sight do you think goingback to the 4.0 dbi for bobcat is okay am i looking at yours um yeah charles i thinkif i recall in my drunkenness that you’re okay i’m live streaming a cod warzone hacker ohget that hacker on camera get that [ __ ] band beer is good and stuff but yeah uh you that andactually the past few people that i’ve looked at fours aren’t too bad um this one i would probablysay a 5.8 would be good for you it would be very good for you uh you’re not hitting a lot of thesethere’s no real reason why of course i saw a beer so i had to come cheers to you joker cheers toyou brother i’ve been stalking you on youtube my friend i’ve been watching you comment on someother content creators as well and it’s really cool to see like you in the area by the way ifyou guys were in florida in orlando or kissimmee or disney world or anything like that september22nd is the first official nerdy dude meetup at paddy wagons bar and they actually i’ve spoketo the owner i was there playing poker tonight and we have a beer on draft it’s the wicked wheatcoastal of ipa i [ __ ] love it and it is the nerdy dude beer it’s gonna be sponsored for thenight and if you go up to the bar and say i want the nerdy beer they’ll save you like a dollaror two so that’s what you guys got all right nothing wrong with just testing for a few daysis the only way you are really going to find out what will work and then tyler park who got bannedlive oh he did oh that’s awesome tyler park noisy sepia hippo i uh i’ve got some stuff to move over to stakingi’ve gotta pay tron for his booty services and then i gotta move some stuff out to stakingum actually yeah stock antenna for you 30 days [ __ ] why would you change man all rightso 24 hours 1.2 and you’re sitting on a stock antenna 5 meters in the air you are thedefinition of placement my friend seven days 5.14 you’ve got 110 bucks in the past week andthen in the past 30 days you’ve got 305 granted your for your the recent seven days are a lotbetter but i mean you’ve only been mining since august 21st and it’s september 9th yeahman don’t change the thing don’t change the thing what’s going on martin c how are youthis evening hey guys smash that like button send a super chat for your boy if i make youlaugh if i make a giggle if you learn anything if you want to see the minor on screen if i’vehelped you in any way shape or form if you made profit in the crypto space by watching my channelconsider a super chat i would really appreciate and i would love it because your super chatshelped me consider retiring from my hard ass day job to do content full time and i could see mygirls see my wife drink beer go from there and i could do more streams so anywho i got point threesean put your put your thing in chat tron put in a chat oh daily mint you know what you my friendare getting promoted to moderato you got moderator you get a pig no you don’t get a paycut you gotta pay bump as a moderator beer is so good of course i saw beer had tocome of course of course of course hit that like button guys 32 viewers keep gettingit what’s up fellas what’s going on emcee all right what else are we looking at youguys want to see mine we’ll just look at mine of course i gotta zoom out get down here toflorida zoom back in zoom back in zoom back in let’s see how fast i can do this [ __ ] lookat that oh found mine even though i’m hammered boom look at that look at those connections oh youcan’t post your address in this chat i can’t send you [ __ ] i have all the power oh my dad justordered my first miner today i live in euless texas and was curious what you think of that areawell let’s see if we can find it well well well euless texas let’s see if we can findit uh at daily mint i remember you from the last stream lol i finally got myminer out of relayed when i plugged it into ethernet for whatever reason uh if youguys haven’t followed daily mint or mind of tron go do it right now he’s at 2550 subscriberslet’s boost him up a little bit he does some pretty solid content the only problemi have with daily mint doesn’t show his beautiful face on camera he’s got thetechnology he’s got the computer to do it put your face back on camera my friendminotron give the minor name not the address yeah uh yeah minor name do radiant barriers andaddicts block um depending on the location of them all right we have to look at ulis texas i don’teven know where that is in texas burps do you feel weird about showing people you’re healing with hotspots it’s pretty easy to find your exact address you know i do a little bit but at the endof the day i support the second amendment so if anyone kind of like wants to behave balls i support the second amendment i’m just gonna i’m just gonnaput it out there macho amethyst luckily with um what i show on screen it’s just ageneralization to around where i live and i don’t have stuff um to really indicate where i livebecause like my hexagon i’m not near the center of my hexagon so i’m not terribly worried butwait who said brief taupe who said brief taupe fox you were my neighbor wait wait wait who saidit someone said it yeah boom boom boom bah wait balls lol yeah there we go uhmacho all right so this is tron tron’s got a 40 bi 8 meters up you would benefitprobably from an 8.0 or actually no you would benefit the most tron my friend me amigo from the12 because we’re gonna take a screen grab of it target that and that’s how you want to pointit because you want to get oh this [ __ ] baby oh that [ __ ] that’s whatyou want tron yeah no fear any hot spots in memphis there’s probably a tonmemphis rodney uh they have a new thing about hide the hot spot don’t they or coming yeah imean they probably should uh i live in euless but then again guys i’m i’m hostinga youtube meetup in like two weeks so i mean i i watch a lot of texas hold them likepoker players and they do a lot of like poker meetups at like bars and everything like atlike you know poker clubs and stuff and so i know that like one of the poker bloggers thati watch brad owens is worth like buco bucks and he’s like good and solid um i’ve got my p’sand q’s yeah you do need to buy a directional i’ve got my p’s and q’s and my t’s crossed my eyesdotted so if someone wants to be baller again i mean like fine like we’re all in crypto like youguys are my friends and stuff like i don’t care uh have you used a 12 dbi ihave not used a 12 dbi just yet um i am strongly thinking about buying the 12 dbi and if we go on to rack which the linkis in the description for this as well and if you want to buy a 12 dbi it’s a 5 offwhich if the 12 dbi is what 229 it’s right here 229 times 0.05 equals minus 229 so you can buythat bad boy for 217 versus 229 link is in the description for that nerdy dude if someonepulls up to your house then put just put your warzone skills to use irl and 360 no scopethem lol you can use the app to find your street uh even using the other websites that show amore accurate pin of hotspot they are still off by a bit yeah even the um the original umhelium uh explorer 1.0 did actually pinpoint where your helium where i set the heliumminer on my phone as my location um and the 2.0 switch to the hexagons so can youlook at one of mine and let me know what you think i don’t get how some miners closeto me that don’t see as many witnesses make more than i do the miner is smoothinfrared beetle yeah sure i can do that smooth in the red and plus at the end of the dayyou guys are all sharing your hot spots with me on this live stream so if i’m gonna get shot upyou’re all getting shot up oh let’s take a look wait wait wait wait wait wait what’s your questionuh the miner is i don’t see i don’t get how some miners close to me that don’t see so the reasonwhy is the miners close to you don’t see so many witnesses like you’re doing phenomenal set andtoday point you’ve made one helium the past seven days you’ve made four helium in the past like30 days it looks like you just got started so you’re pretty solid so we’re going to zoom out tomine real quick and i’ll give it a great example and if anyone wants me to look at stuff in thenext like 30 seconds i’m not going to unless there’s a super chat so i’m gonna get my completethought process out before i you know look move on so this is me right right here my whole thing wheni bought my miner and this is also me right here as well so i’ve got these two miners when i put myminer up i was hoping that i could have my miners i barely set it up yet yeah it looks good man um ii was hoping that my minor i’m gonna take a screen grab of this and i’ll show you the witnesses aswell so i was hoping that when i set my minor up this person joined probably a week after i didso we’re not going to include him but at the end of the day right now a lot of my income inmy stream is coming from me bouncing off of him me bouncing off of him and then all of us likewe’re in a nice little like you know three-way and it’s not gay when it’s in a three-wayso we’re in a nice little three-way um but i i know that this minor with red watchesmy youtube channel he reached out to me we made some comments uh and so i knownow when i originally bought my miner this miner right here was these two and we set our[ __ ] up on the same day and then these guys have been around before but i honestly have yet to havethis minor ping that ping that ping this or ping this or ping this and i did a video on this andthat thing went [ __ ] viral which was awesome talking about proper placement and this minerhas yet to hit there has yet to hit there has he had to hit there you have to hit there as wellum because these people literally bought their miner put their little antenna in the window andjust set it and forget it and i’m gonna show you that here on video right now so my miner in thepast seven days has made 7.88 helium my second miner hey cutie let’s make money thanks kronzerlet’s make some money my other miner has made 6.45 in the past 30 days this one’s a little weirdum helium to the moon absolutely we’re gonna see a [ __ ] 100 helium soon um home dude here who sethis stuff up and started like watching my videos and did something as well is made 3.05 healing inthe past 30 days now his account is not 30 days old so that’s pretty solid for him now let’s go tothese people that have set up minors as long as i have these two minors on screen right now havehad their minors as long as i had so remember my minor right here and we’ve made more than youknow this is only 30 day numbers right here 7.88 6.45 this guy 0.86 0.77 so with his two minorsright here he’s made not even two helium right right and you saw that my miners that i’ve set upand i’ve done youtube videos and i’ve run chords and i’ve tested three different antennas and i’verecorded the whole experience have at least made at least 15 helium like we can agree that i’vemade 15 helium in three days between two miners this guy hasn’t even made two helium into in30 days i hope we see 100 humans soon as crazy how much people were making a day before thehappening i agree so then i i have to cancel them out because my whole goal with my two minerswas a to get them to bounce off of each other and then bounce off of this this little clusterright here and i wanted them to bounce off of this cluster as well so we zoom into this guyin the past 30 days 0.5 in the past 30 days 0.0 he’s got a minor offline because i’ve donehim in a video as well he’s got a minor offline so why would you spend 500 to not get it goinghe’s been doing it for like 11 months right this minor right here actually let’s go to thisguy with 11 months let’s look at his account since he’s had minors if he’s had a minor for11 months he’s only made 1.79 helium doing something wrong and then i wanted to bounce offof these guys here 0.42 0.33 0.07 point nothing 0.36 if those miners that i just pulled up watched mychannel not even my channel like anyone on youtube well maybe they watched like vosscoin and theysaw that vosscoin got like the five thousand six hundred dollar consensus group like the thirdday you set up is minor and that’s what they’re hoping for as well you can put that dream outthe window and yes that was my dream as well but i’m showing the realistic crap sothese are these miners let’s get a new one these miners are a perfect example of youbuy a miner you set it and forget it you hope to make big money no that’s not thecase i have spent thirteen hundred dollars on two miners on antennas on cords all that [ __] and i am now i’m within 500 of breaking even and i’m less than two months of mining theseguys if they’ve been mining for 11 months and they have 1.7 helium get the freak out of here solet’s go into my miner let’s look at my witnesses i gotta look at chat so i right now thelast transaction i got four witnesses let’s go to home dudes minor right here let’slook at his witnesses a is also his hot spots relayed but he has no witnesses let’s look atthis one let’s look at your witnesses none you guys are killing me like we’re not making moneylike i want to go to your house and help you make money watch my channel let’s make moneyall right what do we got dancing carob starfish going to arizona your relay no you’re notall right first off i like what i see for 24 hours i like what i see for seven days and i ienjoy what i see for 30 days so you’re looking at 8 dbi 6 meters uh 8 dbi might be too big forwhere you’re at i know arizona is very flat especially in that region um so a 5.8 mightbe good for you a 5.8 might get you better all right i made a good video better explainingthe truth yes actually daily mint did a very good video about um hot spotty which i was thinkingabout ripping off his video and doing one um but daley mint did a really good video aboutif you are getting a transmit scale under 1.0 and there’s no other miners in your area i reallyliked daily mints video i commented on it you guys should check that out as well um i hope wesee yep i talked about that i’m sure once the network is actually being used more we’ll see itgoing yep uh i’m about to install h t mining but my country doesn’t have anyone install it when ichecked on explore do you know why thanks uh your country is vietnam probably because it’s fresh invietnam uh ebay is going to get flooded with these people and they don’t know what they’re doing 100that’ll be a very glorious day i’ll take them lol i want to buy seven more do we saw that i checkedexplorer my address is red what does that mean what do you mean your address is red idon’t know i don’t know what that means well hopefully once it’s floodedwe won’t see so many crazy prices large jet black locust i have an 8 dbi comingin tomorrow but have been messing with my 5.8 dbi placement now that i have a good cableall right large let’s type it right live large jet black locust what jacksonville florida that’sclose to home um you say you have 5.8 you have 8.0 let’s see what your earnings are 30 days 0.5524 hours 0.05 let’s see what your activity is get a cow chip uh kind of dumb question ifsomeone’s like all on their own lone wolf will they still make a decent amount a day they willif you put the legwork into it um you actually oh craig r with the super chat priority thanksfor the reminder on the a the aware it’s aware i i know in the video i kept saying a aw r it’s awhere my best friend i was talking to last night who’s not really into crypto i convinced himto buy some algorithms he’s been holding on him in coinbase blah blah blah we talked aboutthe aware element uh electric arctic bird coming back to life adding three to four meterssoon saw a beacon brian and i did puppet we’re having the best time awesome i’m drunk andstreaming thanks wife um yeah get yourself a i would get yourself a directional see if your8.0 works and then get yourself a directional and target jacksonville all right craig r you gotit my brother with the five dollar super chat five dollar super chat oh prize being a nerdy ohprize being an action streamer all right electric arctic black bird going back tocalifornia all right what we got first off first off seven days 3.0 not to buy it nottoo bad in the past 30 days 19 not too bad oh you you’re so alone um three to four m soonsaw beacon 40 km km away you’re so alone that’s dude is there a huge difference between keepingan intent outside the window as to inside yes yes yes i have no option to placeon my roof i can’t experiment yet as we’re waiting for our first batch in australiaum first off get it away from your antenna uh or get the antenna away from a window thewindow will actually refract the signal in and you won’t go anywhere um my brother craig r oh uncledaven for the 499 super chat thank you very much his comment says thank you for the adviceuh any questions you need i will be happy to answer them for you i’m still responding tocraig r um craig r you are doing very solid for being in this small consolidated area uhthe only other thing that i would maybe try is not a lot but you can maybe look at a12 dbi antenna and point it like either you’re doing really well for your small areayou’ve already pretty much pretty much broken even a guarantee on your mining if you start win30 days with one miner but you can try to look at this but i like your cluster a lot i really likeyour cluster um there’s no point in going here just because you’ve already got that in yourcluster and you’re already hitting it so i wouldn’t even i wouldn’t even go that far um i’ma lone wolf made point three one in 17 days yeah tron uh is there a huge difference between keepingit up yeah i already talked about that there’s a hot spot that is making a ton of h t i looked itup on google maps and i’m positive they put their antenna on top of the truck let’s just go andcheck that out anyway because i want to be jealous skinny wooden scallop that sounds likea dish i would never order from anywhere if you want to check mine out daily andtron mine’s still sinking but it holy he’s got a 1.2 dbi i meanhe’s in where’s he at he’s in arizona right yeah that’s arizona and arizona ispretty flat there so one dbi i i don’t think he updated since he plugged it in with his heliumink um but he’s getting some solid [ __ ] um what do you think of stone brew i love stone stonearrogant bastard absolutely love it they’re down the street from you oh man mc find me on twitteror telegram and if you can send me like a directly canned or like a a growler fromstone they’re they’re quadruple xl love it i love stone absolutely love stonei’m very fortunate to live here in orlando in kissimmee where we actually get some of stoneslike like distributed stuff and i’ve gotten some good like you know regular bottles of that oh lovestone love stones so much uh can also be used to auto pay host if you have your miner at someoneelse’s home that want to pay for hosting please check why mine are not and uh earning anythingplease shiny uh russian or rustling some monsie send me your minor name maybe good times uh tylerparker what can be used to do that yeah they’re not far from me either they’re they’re hittingmine okay there it is shiny concrete pangolon shiny concrete oh oh we’re going tolondon but we love watching dollar two hmm all right so looks like you’ve just recentlystarted you’ve got a three dbi two meters up i’m considering approaching a restaurantbusiness about setting up a minor in their building any advice about the approach i.e givethem uh 30 of the sales but it really depends on how much access you have to put an intenton the roof because i i’ve done the same thing i actually thought about buying a miner in thebar that i play poker at every thursday which i’m not tonight because i’m watching my kidsand this is you know dad of the year watching his kids on this monitor there’s time to sleepthank god and if they start crying i’m gonna run off the stream but um my local bar whichi’ve been going to for the past like you know five years they said if i bought a hot spot linerand put it there they’d have no problem with it i still have access to the roof um i thinkthat you need to get yourself maybe external um i don’t mind i like your dbi with your dbiyou are we’re gonna do this here with your 3dbi you’re going up and out so there’s no reason whyyou shouldn’t be able to hit this but i think you need to maybe get yourself a little bit higherthan two meters i think you’re indoors and you need to look at you put yourself on a roof sothat’s what i got for that one uh what’s next i thought the antenna info in height was importantbut it doesn’t seem like it matters no it really doesn’t um because you know if if that matteredeveryone would update their their app and say like i am 25 meters in the air with a 4 dbi andthat’s going to say like line of sight to everyone at the end of the day so that kind of where itfalls back into haunt’s body daily mint i check my address on helium and there’s no hex so i’llbe good in that area what antenna should i use um just try with the stock antenna first then getlike a 5.8 dbi and get it outside on the roof i have questioned the flatter the terrain and livingthe suburban area would higher dbi be better no uh because it’s going further in a flatter area or itdepends on the miners that are around you charles so if you’re in a flat area and you’re able toget a lower dbi antenna up higher you’re going to do much better so if you if you try to geta higher dbi up higher you’re you’ve got a lot so the way it works is that like the lower dbiit’s it’s a lower like it’s a smaller radius of signal that it puts out but it’s also a higherum you know height of a like a dome it puts out so once you start getting into higher dbis you aregoing to start like in like you’re going to take off your ground level and you’re going to take offyour height and you’re going to start shooting out like horizontal bars and then you’re goingto overshoot the stuff that’s close to you if that makes sense i’m near 429 a newindependence parkway bobcat is ordered and would you recommend upgrading the antenna when it’slocated 429 brian as in like here in the flora dia uh where am i right there all right so 429 wouldbe we’re going to take 192 right here uh borrows jk uh i live in a condo with a strict rulesagainst exterior antenna my stock 40 bi bobcat antennas placed at the top of the inside of awindow get it away from the window took a walk to earn one it took a week to earn 1.0 h t hilly areaall right so you’re in 429 first off why don’t you come hang out with us at our meetup on september22nd at paddy wagons link is in the description my last video i should probably put in thestream here um have some beers get a discount um really if you’re not if like with me if you werenot in this area in florida yeah 5.8 awesome do a 5.8 any any day any day like look at mezoomed out like my miners this one and this one i know it’s a little foggy on screen but thisone and this one is me i gotta hit all that [ __ ] my one working bobcat showsrelay in the app but it’s not um jeff mccord if your actual uh minerhas a green light don’t worry about it currency enthusiasts go on amazon and purchasea suction complainer shelf also by a flat cable and run under closed window yeah it shows nat type none yeah you’re good there you gotyour ports open though right like four four one five eight uh nerdy well ifi’m right five weeks until my order ships on bobcat it’s like 17k orders a week i hope youget it within i mean that’s like i wanted to get more miners i’ve got more places i could putminers but i just don’t want to wait the 20 weeks like i want to earn income now like i yeah i’mgreedy and that’s why i jumped on the the awares like planet watching the awarenessi’m so freaking excited for i am going to use the little boys room real quickand get a another beer just to make sure i have it ready to go so i’ll be right back sorry iflinks are allowed um do a link without uh space it thanks for your feedback everyone yeahno problem uh i live in a con bubba uh show try to use the curl fast sync on my one dead minoryeah ports are good my [ __ ] was all good until the last ota now only one works daily mintyeah i’ll definitely give you a follow yeah guys follow daily mint uh mind of tron and dailymint they’re in the chat they’re my moderators go follow them show them love um i need you guysto show love to daily mint because he needs to get himself on camera more and i needed to showminotron some love so that way he can also get himself a computer and stop doing cell phonevideos and he will rock it through the moon these guys are going to these guys are part ofmy nerdy squad the nerdy dude squad and we’re gonna be good yeah bladder buster all right soi’m gonna pop up the away and i’ll be right back send super chat so go down all right we’re back guess the beer isworking through a system guys i have been drinking since five o’clock all right allright i have been drinking since five o’clock started with some gin and tonic so we switchedto some weight claw then we had some coastal love ipa let’s see nds road trip to florida isbeing planned now yeah yeah you and tron need to get your asses down here i thought lower dbilike 1dbi would be better living in city where you are surrounded by high buildings becauseyou want your signal to go up high and then spread like a dome yes so the lower the dbi thelower the dbi the higher up it goes and then the smaller horizontal it goes so whenyou start squishing yourself into like the 8 dbi range you’re going to go from likeso you’re gonna whoop like that right uh charles chang yes only if youaren’t above the buildings charles all right we’re back uh iguess charles chang in theory you are correct but that doesn’talways work out in real life uh for sparkly myrtle oppai if you do not havethe antenna outside the signal is often lost because it wasn’t a strong enough dbito actually penetrate the buildings ha penetrate low dbi goes up then out high dbi is aconcentrated horizontal beam that goes further out i was in florida like three weeks ago if only iwas there now so we’re going to look at uh sparkly oh my god trying to type while i’m drunk is so challenging myrtle oh it’s right there we’regoing back to california i really need to do a meetup event in california how’s our musicyes i’m still here there we go oh ooh baby uh your dbi is too strong we talked about this already didn’t we yeah this isfamiliar your dbi is too strong yeah your antenna is way too strong for your areayou need to tone yourself down immediately because you are overshooting all of this i think you’regetting some like like pity points for like these guys down here but you are overshootingeveryone so if we zoom out you’re 8 dbi and you i if you have an omnidirectional it looks like youmight have an 8 dbi up against a wall because you’re not getting anything down below youso you need to clear up whatever is blocking yourself view because there is no reason why youshould not be hitting this [ __ ] down here like you are only hitting up here new member ruslanthank you very much for the membership i don’t really have a lot to offer you but i’m here andi’m gonna give you advice and that’s what we do um what’s up can you look up rarepunch mouse i definitely can can you send me five dollarsbro let me i need about 350.It’s about that time i realized the girls got with the condition from the timingbedroom all right there we go yeah we talked about it i was justtalking to people oh yeah yeah yeah i’m oh [ __ ] oh who’s got 43 mon you’restill sinking so it looks like you’re new let your [ __ ] sink if yougot a green light let it sink 43 miners here wow look at that wow wow wow wowyeah let your [ __ ] sink yeah we talk about just sub oh thank you very much kevin thankyou for the sub i appreciate it man keep it up appreciate the vids and the info followingmonotron and daily monitor after watching this yes do it follow daily mint mind of tron everyone goand hit the sub on them both immediately in the last video they posted hit like and then go onminotron’s last video and say stop doing phone videos and do a computer video and showyour beautiful face you bearded bastard and then go on daily mints video and say show yourbeautiful face you bought bastard and just type bbbb for all of them to show their faces talkingto you spencer anywho and alan anywho i ordered 17 bobcats i’m in chicago i was thinking aboutsetting up five in my apartment five in my mom’s house my mom’s apartment and lived downstairs fromme and five in my brother apartment all right be like water you can’t do that we’re gonna focuson that comment be like water your miners have to be 350 meters apart to get better rewards becauseif you set five up in the same building they are going to cancel each other out and you’re goingto be looking at like what this guy’s got where he’s got a 0.04 transmit scale yes he’s offlinebut this is in a 43 like hexagon you’re going to kill your rewards you’re not going to get anythingthe whole goal with um with helium mining is to cover space cover areas so whenever someone pilesup miners in a single hexagon you’re only covering the same area so you’re not going to get rewardsas strongly as like someone like you know uh out here like in montgomery where these people areall covering different areas because their cover they’ve got coverage they have like one minor tocover 350 kilometers so that’s the whole goal all right uh tyler parker also windows can have uvprotection that will destroy dvi if your home is drywall and vinyl outside you’d be more likebetter placing the antenna away from the window facing the wall absolutely 17 yeah so get yourget your antennas if you’ve got an antenna hang on if you guys copper shut up if you guys havethis little antenna sitting in a window the wind like let’s say my hand is thewindow and the antenna is sitting here any signal that it’s putting out towards thewindow is going to be bounced back into the house and it’s not going to penetrate through itif you’ve got like you know a 2000 to 2018 or 2015 style house you have a double pane windowanything after that will be triple pane the double pane will at least have a little bit of signalleak that comes through whereas the triple pane will refract that back into the house so get yourlittle antennas don’t like vosscoin is great like you watch vosscoin i’m not talking [ __ ] aboutthe guy but the video that he showed his miner that got 5600 in one day he showed his antennasitting right next to a window you are not going to get rewards in that same way like he didn’t getthe rewards with having an antenna sitting next to a window his signal was refracted and bouncedinto the house like get it away from a window all right what’s next uh eight dbo is nextto a wall it’s not terrible on a wall but you really want to get it just away uhkevin gutierrez thanks uh be like water careful with this your reward skill will bedestroyed you’d better be off asking friends exactly ask all your friends to host a hot spotand give them 30 you know they get 30 if they allow you to set up the antenna and put it outsideor drill into their walls otherwise give them 20 all right moving on uh daily mint hey yeah yougot it also use hot spotty to check with yep daily mint did a really good videoabout hot spotty and i should as well what’s going on chaotic rage how areyou brother show yourself daily mint and monotron yeah show yourself you beardedbeautiful bastard you bald beautiful bastard you’re both beautiful bastards uh oh got it uhgotta go for now thank you very much joker i’ll see you later brother um kevin gutierrez mighttry and i have be like water just off her friends lots of oxygen running out of my system and i amlightheaded hang on one second i have to rehydrate anywho yeah i’m glad we can answer your questionbe like water 50 viewers what’s going on everyone it’s the first time viewing a stream this is asurprising thursday night drunk stream usually i’m playing poker but i’m babysitting my i can’tsay babysitting when they’re my own kids right like i’m being a good dad being a good dadthey’re sleeping i’ve got the baby monitor right there i figured i would do a stream justto talk to everyone please check mine once i am desperate after investing 2500 shiny concretepeng pengulon i don’t oh did you buy one on ebay going to the uk the vosk was saying that drywallwould get better penetration than a window what do you think about that penetration giggity thewindows there’s no penetration there’s only trojan you know keeps that [ __ ] insidedrywall yes because in honesty my i mean you you guys watch my channel you guys know thatmy miner is inside my attic heyo price i also own long mustard wallaby which is further eastfrom brooklyn hey brooklyn what are you talking about i’m walking here wow i just think two newbobcat miners in less than an hour that’s because you watch my channel and you’re subscribed babyyou want to get maximum helium rewards send a five dollar super chat here we go you get betteryou get better penetration you use a loop i’m glad we went there emcee like i was there you werethere good [ __ ] all right past 24 hours 0.061 3 dbi uh sounds like you bought one on ebayyeah it sounds like you did buy one on ebay it really did yeah 1.0 i mean he’s ina primo spot um i would maybe consider a 4.0 but i also heard that nebra there’s a lotof issues with never going on right now he’s got a never ltd um so i heard there’s a lot of nebrayou just looked at rare punch mouse i could again hi i can check my miner please gotcha thanksnerdy and daily mint absolutely fierce hey mindatron you remember thatuh stream that you me and uh crypto wealth did why don’t we do a stream likethat with you me and daily mint since you know crypto wealth decided to go off and bea big 30 000 subscriber youtuber and all three of us are little guys umwhat am i looking at fierce cedar alba you guys got to send asuper chat so i could see it no ah wow you’re making 1.1 a day i wouldn’t change athing and you’re you’ve got a 8.5 dbi 20 meters up the only thing i’d maybe consider changing but iwouldn’t right now because your rewards yeah your rewards are stellar man the only thing i’d maybeconsider changing is lowering your dbi because um you’re getting some good stuff but if you’ve got alower dvi you can uh clear all this stuff as well it’s the only thing i thinkabout i usually use aloe at ollie but yeah you’re pretty solid here uh wow i just think two newbobcat miners in less than an hour that’s pretty good though dragon dragoon legendof dragoon a game that i wish they would do a remake of dart is a fantastic characterdart rose and i can’t remember my third where like my main party for legend of dragoonso i hope that your username is in reference to legend of dragon phenomenal game i actually stillhave my hard copy playstation one disc in the garage i can get a picture of it or i can go andget it if you want proof but i’m not gonna do that so boxy sky their woodpecker do you think an atbiwould be better at this location let’s take a look boxy let’s take a look at dragoon oh beer is goodbeer is good and stuff wood pecker fluorescent okay you are in a very relatable situation lookslike you just got started and you have a yes it is i love legendary dragoon okay so an 8 dbimight do you well but i would also consider the i would consider i’m not telling you what to doa 12 dbi directional antenna yes it’s 229 i would consider it and what i would do is aim this downnear st lua like this and that’s what you want to target so an 8 dbi very well and the last time iwas in st louis um i actually do i have it hang on i do i do have it the last time i was in st louiswas about 2016 we went to the ballpark village and i walked out of there with this giantmug so this is actually from the budweiser uh brewery down in the ballpark village andi walked out of that so i i have this cheers to you thank you for that dragoonyou brought back memories of legend dragoon and one of my favoritedrinking nights so cheers to you yeah so it’s really sad as an alcoholicthat i have my glasses like really close but yeah so you could try an 8 dbi and youmight get some of the stuff around you but a 12 might get you where you need to go like a 12would be beauteous to hit down here it’s nice that you’ve got these miners here close toyou so you can bounce off of each other but if you want the big rewardsyeah you want to target down there what’s next das boot yeah i i’ve got ados boot as well all right what’s next where is doggie buy me one i want 12dbi can you check out mustard or long cheers shots got some jack i actually don’t haveany hard liquor i just got like booze booze first time here could you take a look at my minerit’s been acting walking and i just got it wrong wait hey i just had a stroke onthat one thanks vincent i’m sorry i couldn’t read that vincent i tried oh [__ ] okay why are you targeting no one looks like you just got started which is finebut why how are you overshooting that [ __ ] yeah i know you want to get yourself you’reat a 1.2 yeah you want to work yourself up to a 4.0 or a 5.8 this one try this link inthe description save yourself five percent bummer happy to see you’re off the white pawi’m not off the white claw but tonight is a special exception i mean i dropped a lot ofweight and now i’m like you know buffing up uh get a direction and aim it towardsnew york because that is strange looking yeah oh daily mint are youuh looking up stuff that if i miss thank you thank you thank you thankyou cheers to you daily mint boop cheers to you monotron boop can i have your advice please what to do asmy bobcats start to do some work but at some point three days ago start to sink again and bringnothing virtual pickle eagle oh first off i would i want i would buy your name i love your namethat’s awesome a virtual pickle eagle like i’m a sucker for pickles go to subway and get extrapickles all right my wife thinks you’re hilarious i mean looks aren’t everything but i appreciate it you’re welcome to j spree uh so i stilldon’t have one but well this week i’m in brunswick ohio at the moment wouldyou be able to check it out for me absolutely i’m i’m i’m always here to do that foryou all right so you are sinking still it looks like you are caught up in some of the shenanigansthat are yep cheers to you guys there we go cheers all right so real quick side storyi’ve got two two and a half year olds both girls uh twins obviously and um the firstthing i taught them was cheers so i love it like if they’re holding their like bottles andthey’re not drinking and i’ve got like you know a white claw or a beer because i’m a degeneratefather or like a you know a water in a can like lacroix um if i want them to drink i’m likepoppy can you cheers daddy or madeline can you cheers daddy and both of them go likecheers and then like clink it with me and they drink and i love it i love it love it loveit love it love it yeah if you’re still sinking um and you got a bobcat as wellyeah we’ve had some issues this week uh oh god every time you guys likedo a cheers emoji it’s like cheers yeah as long as you have uh virtual pickle eagleas long as you have the green light on your bobcat miner don’t touch it leave it leave it leaveit leave it leave it leave it um one of the i mean i’m gonna do a video on thisabout like the top five things to not do with your minor one is if you haveissues don’t unplug it don’t plug it back in don’t reset it or anything just leaveit like you’re not getting the money today which is fine it’s okay if you don’t make themoney today and i’ve been dealing with crypto for five years now and if i don’t make the money todayit’s okay because i’m going to make more money tomorrow and more money day after that the moremoney after that there’s going to be ups and downs in the crypto space there’s going to be ups anddowns with miners then i have a bunch of little miners to where i have these issues so don’t worrylet it sink if it’s got if it’s got a green light let it sink on top of that though you are ina very prime spot for a 5.8 dbi antenna and i would consider that we’ll leave it at that allright i’ve got some questions to catch up on um the looks on everything 20 cheers bro niceblah blah daughter freaking cheer my daughter freaking cheers drinking water cheers uh you areprobably going to have to just wait this one out because it’s the same issue from the last bobcatota i drank three beers in the last 15 minutes due to your constant chews great tron cheersbecause i have more to drink boop that’s for you uh tomorrow night is no because mywife and i are going to uh disney’s my in-laws have a hotel at fort wilderness at uhdisneyland so we’re gonna be going there with my girls for dinner and pony and you know pony ridesand then i’m going to halloween horror nights my wife is at hollywood hornets right now um buti’m going to halloween hornets tomorrow and then saturday maybe but hey brother just waiting formy miners to arrive my place is about 15 feet off the ground should i use the stock 40 bi orget a higher dbi uh um where whereabouts are you do you know any minors in the area that i can lookat like that’s a big thing uh can i live stream from the bar i’m actually gonna do a live streamfrom the virtual meetup or the actual meet up so it’s gonna be for my phone wifey time is important nerdy dude is drunk yeah i could set up a zoom got it well good i’m glad i got it for you uhruslan sumanshi thank you very much for being a member i really appreciate it uh and um i’m abig dragon ball z fan so the more that you’re the longer that you’re a member the more dragon ballz tokens you’re gonna unlock because if you look at your name in the chat right now you got a coollittle bitcoin next to you but after 30 days it changes to dragon ball z uh if you guys got a beeryou got it in your hands if you got it ready to go i’m opening the fresh one cheers to you guys waiting for mine but i’m inthe same hex as wonderful holographic bull if you wouldn’t mind checkingthat out i absolutely will what is it uh one unsubscribe cause my voice isterrible nope going back to california oh god damn look at this guy 49 heliumin a 30-day spread for one grand you’re in the same hexagon allright what else you fighting with all right so it’s just you and himthe positive voodoo good choice cole cole is law coleslaw i get it it’s like in a hot fuzz whenthey’re like p.i steak or piss taker ha cheers california style of course i i ama huge fan and i drink a lot of beer and one of my really close buddies who lives innew hampshire new england new hampshire um he keeps like giving me all these like hazy ipasand he’s like new england ipas and in the past like month and a half i’ve drank in so many newengland ipas that i’m just like [ __ ] sick of it but a good burping but a good westcoast ipa i am just like a sucker for that every day like just give me like twoof those bad boys just like west coast ips that’s a little guy but anywho any who we are looking at this yeah plop yourminor there and copy this guy’s settings get your [ __ ] as high as you possibly can you mightactually be well with a 4.0 as high as you can uh yeah daily mint does havediscord you can find him in mine um cheers california of course can you checkout a hot wool pony i have the default 4db antenna from bobcat and it’s in myattic can’t put it on the roof um hot well pony guys i’m gonna be an internet[ __ ] and think of me like i’m gonna be owning my own only fans butwho’s gonna send me a super chat send me a super chat anyone with a comment sensaid something stupid make me twerk make me dab anything super chat come on i’m drunk i wantto do it let’s go all right ali 30 30.Can you check out hot woolie pony i have a fourdbi default blah blah blah um actually you get a 5.8 get one of these getone of these bad boys get a 5.8 and you can’t put it on your roof so put a 5.8in your attic so your 4.0 is going to be hindered because i’m in the same situation i have a 5.8in my attic i had a 4.0 thanks for the opinion yeah fingers like [ __ ] we all have nailstick um but yeah with your 4.0 with the range around you if if if if you were like hereright here in the middle of this and you had a 4.0 do something stupid all right i got it igot it i got it i’m gonna stop the music i’m gonna do something reallystupid and funny hang on uh i can make fart noises with my hands herecomes the music all right yeah but yeah um i would consider a 5.8 where you are yeah definitely a 5.8 so if this isyour first time watching the channel um let me show you my setup real quick and it’s going to look very similar to where you’reat with the exception of i don’t have a cluster i can’t look up other miners around me becausei can’t bring it up on my phone yeah the phone apps are a little harder truffle shuffle dailymint with a dollar daily mint truffle shuffle oh god now i’m gonna be in a [ __ ] uhshave an eyebrow no that’s gonna be a lot only cause i’m drunk all right there you go uhcan you look me up hang on hello there first time i’ve seen youlive i’m really sorry for what you’re watching tonight because i am drinking andhaving a good time daily mint with a dollar it’s like holy fan [ __ ] here good good all right shave aneyebrow not for a dollar my friend i will shave an eyebrow if you send metwo helium minors clip it and ship it yeah anyone that sends me two helium miners iwill absolutely shave an eyebrow and send it out to you guys all right who am i looking at oh i waslooking at mine all right so uh that was hilarious oh i know i know i know uh where is it where isit all right so this is why you want a 4 dbi you want a 4dbi so you’re looking at my miner herei will click it up in the past look at that boom yeah link all that [ __ ] close my eyes hahayeah cover hide your wife hide your kids so kill anna well we’ve had a badweek that’s actually a bad week where’s my beard damn it so yeah in thepast 30 days i’ve got my 5.8 up in the attic when i hyper up her minor no two eyebrowsone my or two eyebrows four minors the deal hang on let me make sure that the uh no there we go now i’m center screen uh can youcheck brunswick ohio for a recommendation please if you can i’m in a two-story house yeah we’llfind it hang on brunswick ohio all right let’s go all right let’s go let’s go to ohio wow let’s just be drunk andfind ohio on the map here oh you [ __ ] no tron what are you sharing what is this shenanigans oh okay liveall right cool you can share that all right let’s go back and find ohioall right go back to ohio there we go oh my geography skills are not showingright now then again i’m looking at like four computer screens where is ohio where is ituh looking really forward to my miners i guess i’ll be in batch 2022 or something like thatso not long to wait now although while i was waiting there has been so many miners changinglocation kevin gutierrez yeah so if you’re um i don’t know a little housewife overhere yeah it’s like right here um you’re connie i found ohio it’s right here iknow it’s right here guys i’m just i’m just kidding okay it’s right here it’s right here allright cheers yeah cheers cheers you guys all right so where in ohio am i looking at i am just being more drunk for thecomedy god i gotta go smoke a cigar that’s what i need i can’t depend on whereyou are in brunswick brunswick that’s what we’re looking at brunswick where are youyou make like bowling balls and [ __ ] right brunswick i clipped the truffle shuffle oh youdid is that what you shared is that seriously what you shared i gotta go watch it like youguys are just gonna wait until i watch it here you better not have play i can’t convey where you are nope that’s the live no the link youshared is the live it’s right now brunswick all right where’s brunswick uh now i don’t evenknow like you know tell me a spot in florida i’ll just like ping into it but in ohio it’s likeyeah ohio it’s a state it’s definitely here totally here it’s on screen give me a geographyquestion it’s like you know on the map share ohio with us it’s right here this is ohio ifound it where’s columbus right there right there you want me to do columbus and a different colorcolumbus is right there great where’s brunswick uh bowling ball the uh the finger holes like that yepthat’s a 12 pound ball because we’re [ __ ] here all right cool uh i do i do a little bit of gpumining just type brunswick in the explorer and search haha are you sure like here thank you foryour advice egld is what i like more than btc now i’m not even using 3090 super oc i’vebeen thinking about it i i was having an estimate of 70 to 90 hmt a month but someonemade a hexagon in my location which ain’t good and then another one changed his location so nowi’m at about 40 to 50 a month i guess it’s good but eh all right marv’s king mr mars king let’sjust say you average out at 80 heli a month at a price of 23 so ah you’re making 1 840 a monthin helium at a total of 12 months a year so hang on did it wrong 85 times 20 times12.So you just made yourself an easy 20 000 of your salary high school kids flippingburgers would love that but that’s not bad i mean not bad at all yeah explore searchand type it all right so i’m here i do runs wick doesn’t do [ __ ] you guys are lying to me liars see didn’t do anything cowboys and bucks tampa has a two-point leadover dallas heading into the fourth quarter cool oh yeah okay all right cool brunswick ohio fourhot spots passive income 20k absolutely all right there we go we’re in brunswick thankyou guys just subbed wait i want to read that yeah just subbed and first live streamwith you love it got to witness the shuffle i’m so sorry but kevin gutierrez if this iswhat convinced you to sub to me i appreciate it 39 is a space heater yeah i’ve got a littleuh i mean i’m in florida so my whole office is hot when i’m mining but i’ve got a nicelittle asic miner down here next to my feet that’s mining hms tokens it’s nice and warmhad issues with miner from day one can you take a look at my miner please my recommendationsi’m about 15 meters attic setup rip iris lion i have a 5.8 on the date yeah i’ll do that for youwelcome it’s the third time i’ve got yeah yeah only because like you know i’m i’m yourdirty little girl tron like you gave me a 50 super chat the last time of coursei’m gonna truffle shuffle for you ripe oh the beers are kicking inthe beers are kicking in georgia we’re just in georgia andapril all right what do we got shuffle for the subs i need to buy more minersalso if this turns out good by the way i’ve bought lots of rock equipment antennas and cables fromthem are you happy with the rock i i really am i really am uh deeper connect mining thoughts iactually have a uh video planned about deeper um i am 60 40 with 60 being no and 40 being yesabout getting into deeper uh i want to do a video uh giving a heads up to a lot of peopleabout before you try to buy a deeper miner watch this video because right now if you go on todeeper’s um website to buy a miner they have their deeper vpn it’s the consumer version and it’s notthe minor version and um the ceo of the project actually did a video with uh uh tacticalinvest investments saying that that 299 dollar uh cohen mahone thank you very much for the uhthe super chat little magenta alpaca hidden felt spider the closest is about 22 kilometersbut there’s a lot in charlotte have two 5.8 um farm rack out of the way so yes i want toget into deeper but there are some warnings that i want to put out to my audience um becausethey’re only selling right now the cu the com um the uh commerce version of their miner and itdoes not mind their token i also am not a fan of the credit score that you have to buildum but hang on so we’ve got to look at little magenta alpaca is that you yep northcarolina or yeah north carolina right no we’re going to south carolina yeah allright cool all right brother what do we got oh you’ve got nothing you’re a lone wolf allright so in my humble opinion what you need to do and i know the screen’s gonna be blurrybut this is what i think you need to do you’ve got your minor lone wolf up there and thisis probably your best option is to buy the 12 dbi directional antenna from iraq and you need topoint that oh god damn it you need to point that down point that [ __ ] south all right soyou’re right here point it south and just the right way you do it get it up as high as youpossibly can point that south and you’re gonna cover all of that all right so that’s what youhave to do um the 5.8 will not do you any good yeah you are lone wolf status my friend you arelone wolf you could also potentially aim that over here but yeah you’d be much better aiming thatsouth ain’t that [ __ ] south how long does it take for the uh the wreck antenna is based out oflike jacksonville it took them about four days to uh i got mine within like four daysuh ryan did i plan on buying one i got a deeper coming on monday can’t wait for itwhat’s up everyone hey emil um daley mint nice uh a mill you think we can spoof the deeper and havethe helium miners in one house you absolutely can so yeah so the deeper miner will be from yourmodem um to your router and whatever connection so you absolutely you can have a deeper and heliumminer in the same house deeper it’s just a vpn just be very careful because you want to make surethat your router has a static ip address dedicated to your helium miner in case you have to changeanything like that uh cohen mine i would look into the directional because yep i got a locationnear the water where it might be worth using a directional antenna but looking to see if anyonehas good results thanks for the link there tron mr p if you’re just ordering one antenna get it fromparley labs rack has like a minimum of 50 shipping the [ __ ] is that 100 ah you won’t you won’tneed to do anything stupid from me don’t know by the way if you explain about tax etc when itcomes to helium that would be cool is it yearly or is it a task at the end of the year uh whatis nok what is marv’s king thank you very much i it’s truffle shuffle fake anything um yeah so withtaxes with the mining that is absolutely something here in the states um we one of the questionsthat were asked when we do our taxes was has have you made a profit on trading cryptocurrencyuh as of right now um me personally uh the stuff that i’m mining since i’m not making uh any tradesor anything on that um it’s not a financial asset just yet it’s something that i’m holdinguntil i cash it out if that makes any sense wow i i did like gold number justlike hit the screen there i was like i don’t even know what i haveto do with my life um so yeah go to value go to value to calculator see if i can get it drunk and get it drunkand get it i’ll put it over here you guys don’t need to see my drunken google searchingyou might fall into like bigboobitches.com and that’s something that you know i don’tneed you guys seeing uh what is that currency norwegian krone thank you you guys canwatch me just be stupid that’s all you get to do was that a hundo boom i’ll take it i appreciateit very much so you’re just holding it yeah no i am not um right now with helium beinglike 23 a pop i am holding that [ __ ] until it’s like a hundred dollars a pop i i i’m miningso i did a thing last night um i hold al grand i hold cro um uh it’s not called valuta foryou uh so you’re holding that cash out yeah uh um yeah so my cryptocurrency i don’t cash itout unless there’s like an absolute emergency um i just streamed to big boo [ __ ] nice you gotit boom is 808 yeah it’s about 11 bucks 11 bucks is awesome and i really really appreciate itlike thank you so much cheers to you everyone if you’re watching and you have a beercheers to our buddy marv’s king marvin’s king marvin king you’re you’re marvin kingthat’s what you get cheers to you my friend but yeah right now in the u.s um cryptocurrencyis just like you know it’s an asset that you have it’s like you know when you have a nice carbut when you make a trade for profit that’s you have to write the taxes off uh for the u.sit would technically be earned income how the evaluation of the day that you earned it but it’ssuper great it is a super great area like yes you are earning that asset oh i am so happy withalgo and you guys watch my old algo content i’ll go guru right here i said three to four dollarsby the end of [ __ ] 2021 and we’re right on the brink of that and we’re gonna get to 15 to 65but by 2025 hello i’ll go guru because i know waiting for minor to place near unique suggestionsand tennis eyes yeah i can look that up bring me back on track here god the moredrunk i get the more stupid i’m getting uh menthol you say menthol iwant a black and mild cigar uh yeah youtube i’m still listening all right cool i’ll go with epic oh who’s next to you yeahall right so look at home dude here right it’s got an 8 dbi get yourself an omnidirectionaldbi antenna let’s say you are going to plop yourself next to this bro this chad browe’re gonna draw pictures you are going to go against biden’s border [ __ ] and you’regoing to send that [ __ ] back into mexico no we’re in florida aren’t we i’m being stupidaren’t i yeah get yourself an omnidirectional and shoot it this way there you go this guydoesn’t have one let’s move on ignore all that happened all you need to know is cryptoand stable coins 100 yeah directional cable shoot it shoot it shoot it everybody from allthe more winnings and sharing with you uh could you check out this location on helium.explorerstar badger give me the minor name can you or do i have to do wait oh yeah we’re in floridai first oh i gotta stop drinking but i’m not cheers you guys uh can you take a look at my minor please youstarted the but then you got a little distracted yeah okay i will give it to you even thoughyou didn’t super chat me i will happily look at your miner i’m not gonna be distracted heyi talked to you on telegram can you help me oh jason yes i will yes i’m sorry i i’m sorry okayall right cool uh ripe iris lion 4 dbi all right 5.8 you want yourself 5.8 so that way you can get oh this [ __ ] but again if you do the best thatyou possibly can it’s not gonna help the fact that this guy sucks and this guy sucks and this guysucks and this guy sucks and this guy sucks and this guy sucks and this guy sucks and this guysucks and this guy sucks and some of these guys suck and that’s a big problem i’m having right nowi’ve got the most optimal setting which you can see by the fact that my two miners are bouncingoff of each other but the people around me just aren’t so try yourself a 5.8 andyou easily on paper cover everyone here but if these people don’t want to help themselvesthey can’t expect you to wipe you their ass for them you know so that i mean that’s at theend of the day and i’ve done this in a video and it went pretty well and i did this earliertonight on stream like my [ __ ] like my [ __ ] is right here this one and this one mygoal was to connect to these people down here i haven’t my two miners talk back and forth and ifi click on this one you can actually see the the back and forth here let’s go all right so you cansee that if i zoom in my minor this minor and this guy right here is an actual follower a subscriberof my videos so he’s done his [ __ ] to make sure that you know they all touch base but these fivesix minors one two three four five six seven eight nine nine miners haven’t done it so i’ve shownyou the door you have to walk through it great little matrix four tribute because that trailercame out today and i love matrix one that’s one of my top 10 all time favorite movies but movingon my miners aren’t set up yet but i’ll give you link of miners in the area yeah show uh give me aname in the area grass in the algo pump you’re an algo profit and i bought because of you noah hearti am so happy you bought as well and joined me on this algo adventure i hope you tickled yieldlybecause yielding in the next like two months is going to be whew but algo we are going to end 2021over three dollars and we are gonna be happy and we’re gonna love it i appreciate it thank you noahum and if you ever sent me an algo tip on those videos when i posted my qr code in the link in thedescription thank you very much for that as well oh what’s next what’s going on matt cryptohow are you give us a name we need names oh tron is posting my library uh link notworking ah sorry man how’s my beer doing if you guys have a beer raise it right now cheersto each and every single one of you that are algo holders cheers to each and every single one ofyou that are helium miners you guys are the best cheers to each and every single one of you thatare subscribers to this channel i appreciate it and i love it we got to 10 000 and i couldn’tdo it without each and every single one of you yieldy is up like 2.5 k since i startedbeautiful beautiful i dropped about 2.5 000 in yield the last week and we’re breaking evenwith the exception of the fact that we’re making about three to four dollars a day we pull yieldingup on screen right now let’s do it let’s do it gotta refresh the screen connectthe wallet all right we’re still even right now the price is even when we jumped in cheers and cheers again like agreat all right so what do we got we have a hundred and eleven thousand pointdo we have a hundred eleven thousand yielding what’s the rewards we’ve got point one two fiveand then 121.We’ll just grab that right now how are transmit scales determine like pointone to one values it’s all based on how many miners are in the area around you and providingcoverage so if you have overlapping coverage i’ll show that here in a minute um daily mint did areally good video about this on um hot spotty and i haven’t used that as well and we’re kindof getting sidetracked by grabbing our yielding so let me just grab all my yield real quickand then we will show that as well i’m at 48k i also know that daily mint decidedto do a video about yielding an algo today bro when i’ve been on your casefor the past year to get into this [ __ ] i hope the numbers had estimated arecorrect maybe i should get into algorand too yeah if algorand drops below two dollarsthen i i am not a financial advisor this is not legal advice this is notinvesting advice but if algorand ever goes under two dollars get the[ __ ] in jump in the [ __ ] pool that’s where i’m gonna stayi’m gonna stake all my [ __ ] no i don’t i don’t like nfts i really don’t all right so what are we doing here all right so uh to yield the uh no i gotta ohtransmit scale transmit scale transmit scale let’s do this okay so on we’re going to zoom intoorlando right so transmit scale this person here has a 1.0 which is fine so transmit scale thisperson here you’ve got 0.69.69 all right so we’re gonna do some coloring on paper and if i made youguys laugh if you learned anything tonight if you had some fun with the stream if you cheers meplease consider a super chat so buy me a beer someone buy me a beer i’m gonna begonly fans only beer cheers to you guys all right so in a normal situation what’s goingto happen is that transmit scales are going to be 1.0 like this gentleman right here uh me and allof canary now hang on we’re on a different topic so that person right here this is a great exampleso this person right here has a transmit scale of 0.77 this person right here has a transmit scaleof 1.0 so what’s happening here is that yieldly wants or not yieldly uh helium wants to makesure that coverage is provided all over the place and they don’t want overlapping coverage the morecoverage that’s overlapping the more your trans transmit scale will be decreased which decreasesyour rewards so let’s say this minor right here has a transmit scale of 1.0 so let’s saythat they’re putting out a signal like this right and in this red circle helium issaying we will give you a 1.0 reward scale um based on the coverage that you’reproviding so we looked on the map and we saw this minor right here is at 8.7 transmit scaleso why is this minor and this minor different it’s because this minor is puttingout a coverage area like this but this miner right here might also be puttingout a coverage area like this which might be decreasing that transmit scale because now we’reoverlapping coverage but on top of that when you go into hot spotty if you zoom out there mightbe a reward section to say that this blue circle which we’re going to switch to a blue circleand say this blue circle is going to provide a transmit scale reward of 1.0 and we’re going todecrease that like that of um 1.0 for 10 miners so this minor right here is outside of that bluescale that blue circle so he’s got a 1.0 freebie um whereas helium is saying we are going toprovide 1.0 rewards to 10 miners within this zone so we’ve got one minor 2 minor 3 minor 4 5 6 7 813.We’re going to count him out 13 14 15 17 18 19. so with the fact that this circlehere has a budget of 1.0 rewards for 20 miners we’ve now seen that we’ve gotthat many miners already in the circle whereas this miner we’re gonna switch to anothercolor here uh the black pen i hope you guys can see um this guy might be in primo location becausethis guy right here has a 7.78 transmit scale this guy right here has a 0.1 transmit scalethey’re within close range but this guy is a lone wolf why is he cut down when this guy’snot because helium might come around and say this circle in the black that i’m drawing rightnow has a budget of 20 miners and so on and so forth so as of right now we’ve got one maybe twothree four miners so that’s kind of how it’s going hope that makes sense i hope that madesense uh what do you think it was okay all right i’m gonna look up this lastone and then i am going to call it because i need to get another beer i needto pee i’d like to smoke a black and mild mr p with powerful graphite seal backto missouri you’re relayed apparently get yourself off a relayed first um four dbithat’s nice got five incoming i’m trying to have my miner set up like the guy who ownspolished mercury this man is making over 13k a month between all his hot spotsoh yeah um get yourself a directional do another new one get yourself a directionaland point yourself that way let me change colors do that get that thank me later sointeresting thanks i hope i could drunkenly explain that to you not minejust close to where i’m going have you been streaming for long uh i have beenstreaming for an hour and 46 minutes but i’ve also been streaming since 2017 like oncea week get the ports for your miner open yeah get the ports for your miner open there you go dudeit’s hard to get it off relay it’s not that hard i’m gonna pee if you guys have any last minute questions i will only answer questions with superchats when i come back so i’ll be right back ah and we’re back clear that coolum i got some off but not others good night bro gotta crash love the content talksoon not hard open the forest blah blah blah how many witnesses could not have that we alwaysalso what can you do you can download a tool on your computer to check it if that ip addresshas certain port open static ip and ports open is key 100 anywho that’s going to do it that’sgoing gonna do it for me tonight guys thank you very much for joining in um oh dave wolfradiant clear porcupine i’m using 8.0 db and i’m about a hundred feet up total causei live on a hill should i grade down to a 5.0 let’s take a look at that real quick just becauseyou snuck that in radiant clear porcupine in texas deep in the heart of texas actually brother whati would recommend uh yep we got one um for you i know a 5.8 will not be good i would recommenda 12 oh well i i will recommend this directional antenna it’s on rack if you use the link inthe description you’ll get a 5 discount but i would recommend i’m so glad i found your channelyesterday thank you matthew i’m so glad you’re here with me as well you guys aren’t subscribersyou guys are friends so that’s the way i look at it you want to get yourself a directionalantenna because you are sitting on the edge of a gold mine so point your directionalantenna this way get it there get all of that look at that look at all that [ __ ] you can geti’m very familiar with texas so make sure you get that like any way you point that east wait yeaheast yeah you want to point that east and just clear all of this man clear all of it you’vegot it and the terrain is pretty solid so all right uh last in the super chat anyone elsestatic ip ports open okay look into it uh blake i have 12 miners relayed open all that miners pleasecheck my breezy leather jellyfish um i’ll check it but you better send a damn super chat all righti want to get off but i will check your miner right now you better send a super chat okay allright just saying i am a two dollar [ __ ] on the side of orange blossom trail if you’re fromflorida you understand that i will check it i want to go and smoke a black and mild and getanother beer and i’m here looking up another miner i’m giving you guys goldfree advice oh going to germany all right this is my last one that i’m lookingat i will look at any super chats that pop up but this is the last freebie okay all rightlet’s take a look three dbi 85 meters up um get yourself 5.8 so 3.0 we’ll be looking at a so a 3.0 the first thing you want to know isthat a 3.0 is doing a signal like this so this is where you are so their signal is going up upup up and then you’re putting out a dome right you’re putting out a dome like this so youyour dome is going up and then your dome is only hitting like this far this far this farthe only reason why you’re getting this guy and this guy and this guy is because they have betterminers that can give you a line of sight all right so if you want to do some work you need toupgrade yourself a little bit maybe to a 5.8 so that way we’re going to draw all of thisin blue pen so that way we’re going to cut off with our 5.8 we’re not going to go this high allright we’re not going as high we’re going to go this high and we’re going to send it out likethis right so here we’re gonna set it up jason williams don’t forget about me lively fox alamedayou got it you got it i got you i got you bro um so you want to get that up andyou want to get that signal ouch so that’s what you got jason you want me to do alovely picture like i just did draw all over it lively foggy salamander makes me reminds me of a true blood which is like it’s okay oh jeez broall right lone wolf uh hidden champagne camel all right smoke lots grass allright cheers you guys let’s look i unless the explorer just died onme brother your best bet is an 8 dbi um you don’t have a lot around you you might want to yeah you might want to stabat 8 dbi um keep your 8 dbi maybe rooftop level maybe a little bit lower um just because youdon’t want to overshoot i’ll draw a picture um actually no try a 6 6 dbi uh a mid-range6 dbi because you don’t want to overshoot these guys here even though we’re trying to targetthese guys out here but you want to try to get as much as you can so don’t putyour 60 or your six yeah your 6 dbi like 15 meters up or anything like that yeah youdon’t want to go that high so that could do it all right that’s it anywho thank you very much for watching guys ireally appreciate it um like comment subscribe all the super chats you guys are the real mvpsi know i’m begging like a two dollar [ __ ] on the side of orange blossom trail here in floridacheers to you guys because one day i really just want to be a youtuber and not work a full-time joband that’s the way it goes but um i try to do a stream like this every monday that’s not a drunkenstream this was a drunk stream um and i don’t know how to close or shut my mouth because i’vebeen drinking and just like cheers for you guys so i guess with that said um check out mindof tron check out daily mint both of them are moderators in my chat um one’s a baldbeautiful bastard once a bearded beautiful bastard and i want to make sure you guyssubscribe to them i love each and every one uh telegram twitter discordsubscribe comment bell things stuff i’m a price i’ll see you guys next time you

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