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Helium Mining placement help for MAX RESULTS? What’s best for you??

right all right what is going on everyone welcome tothe stream we are going to be trying to do this every monday so make sure you subscribe turn onthe bell notifications like all that stuff if you guys are currently watching let’s make sure we’reall set up here i know the resolution’s probably not going to be fantastic why am i subbed whatis this channel i don’t know what i’m watching this is nerdy dude stuff we are going tobe talking about helium mining today maybe a little bit of algorands hits that price is upmaybe a little bit yieldly and you are watching the countdown for me to actually start streaminglet’s make sure the help is all good uh as long as you guys can hear me and i can see the screen andwe can read the chat the resolution might not be clear we are in the process of looking at some newpcs or new builds but anywho thank you very much for watching welcome to the new dude stuff livestream subscribe if you’re a first time viewer of the channel if you’re ever so gracious to doso let me just adjust everything here gosh god the life of a gaming streamer is so complicatedsup nerdy portland in the house what’s going on p-town media but yeah so uh subscribe turn on thebell notifications we’re gonna be trying to do a stream every single monday probably around betweenlike one to three in the afternoon on eastern time frame so make sure you guys have all that turnedon we’re just going to kind of see how everything goes what kind of internet do you have i currentlyhave spectrum i have 400 megabits so my wife also works from home and it’s pretty solid what’s goingon the pama welcome to the first nerdy dude stuff live stream it’s really kind of just to go withthe flow you guys are gonna have some questions i’ll have some answers for you and we’ll try notto keep it stale make sure you guys hit that like button all that good stuff today we are drinkinga samoa delight milk stout with caramel cacao nibs and toasted coconut this was in our beer dropsubscription box so that is what this is a stout so that is what we are going to be drinking forthe time being and then we have another one in the fridge that will probably pop out and grab basedon how long the stream goes so cheers to you guys let’s start checking it out there you goyour beer question’s coming i see you tommy kel doll all right your beer question your beeranswer is coming with a delay obviously so we are looking at our hot spots obviously we haveour brief fox and our sour walnut here and here uh received my bucket miner on friday i made my firsthnt today congratulations justin that’s awesome did you just set it up with the 4 dbi cable or the4 dbi antenna that came with it or do you purchase other antennas as well drinking a brew dogindian pale ale where’s that brewed out of i should have said where this one’s brewed outof this one’s brewed out of forefathers brewing actually i’ve heard of that before brewedand canned by forefathers brewing llc that is in indiana it looks like i have had fourfathers do you have any more in there uh hello from germany hello how is it what time isit in germany right now still waiting for my never outdoor can you give your guess for when we havea breakout to 50 price prediction for end of 2021 i think as of right now i would probably say wecould potentially i want to see 2021 at least stay like hit and go over 25 so that would be prettycool but i don’t think we will see uh 50 helium by the end of 2021 hello from bulgaria heywhat’s going on uh and plus especially with the the helium improvement proposal and the split wewon’t see that token price if they do split it at the 100 to 1 or the 1000 to one which will be fineyou’ll just have to look into relation like maybe 100 helium will be worth 50 one day or a thousandhelium would be worth 50 if they do that split brewery called brewdog it’s danish verycool very very cool well cheers to everyone that has your beer so appreciate youguys joining me and having some fun still waiting for my neighbor outdoor whale’s here we are all over that’s awesome 8 30p.m not too bad all right yeah it’s 2 30 p.m for me right now so 8 30 is not too bad six hoursahead or behind are you a header behind i don’t know geography is hard sometimes set up withthe 4 dbi renting so i can’t install another antenna and you have your antenna um wereyou the one that left a comment that you’re putting it on your porch you have your antennaas high up in your apartment as you possibly can justin make sure you guys hit that like buttonabsolutely please let’s get this video pumping um but anywho we are looking at my two miners herewe’ve got our hot spots right now uh a little bit of a slower day in the past 24 hours we’vegot .21 brewing here and we’ve got .14 bruin here for a total of 0.35 the joker heybrother love how i joined in the convo it was immediately about beer lmao i know i got aproblem waiting for my rack version 2.Yeah i i want to get another miner i was actually lookingat heltech but i don’t think they were like sold out instantaneously set to come december lee ohthat’s not too bad what’s it three months away i know when i hit that purchase button because ipurchased two on the same day it was just like i want my hot spots tomorrow and i really wish ijumped on i mean i’m glad i got mine when i did in that eight to 12 week time frame but i wishi i’m from orlando near waterford lakes avalon area and there’s barely any miners near my houseyeah i was in the uh where was i i was in the um lake mary um area on saturday and iactually took a peek let me follow i-4 here i actually took a peek at thatarea because that is my father’s house and i was thinking about getting one outthere uh i just got to follow i4 for a bit am i still on i4 yeah i’m still on i4 um wewere passing through the city and we went all the way up to we passed maitland the i4eyesore past altamonte where exactly were we um this is getting lake mary boulevard so okayso we were after lake mary boulevard we were on country club road and then i think it’s the firstneighborhood yeah so this was right here is um where my father’s house is and so if i put onethere i wanted to look to see what the oh my god this guy made 39 helium and 40 helium in 30days 11 and 30 days 13.So those are kind of like my numbers so if i put that guy’s got some issuesif i put mine 2.41 so really i would just need to put mine here and i can even just put it up withthe four dbi antenna i could put one up with the four dbi antenna and it would be able to ping allthese because i could put on top of their house i do i have it sitting outside my window near laso a 4dbi works fairly well for now hi from the uk hey steve maguire how’s it going um all rightso waterford lakes area if i can remember how to get there just by looking at i-4 i want to go backdown into downtown and i want to get on the 417 i believe is that it right there that’s union parklet me make sure i’m doing this right here i think it’s right here yeah this looks like the okay sowe’re going to u dean road we’re getting close east west expressway east colonial so you shouldbe in this area hi mate i just started learning about crypto two weeks ago i’m staking algo oncoinbase yesterday i put some on yieldly but don’t know how to see the amount that i’m makingin interest so on yieldly i’ll pull that up here and i would recommend downloading the algorandapp to your phone and sending your algorithm there because you will get more in rewards but yieldlythe excuse me i think i had a calculator as well let me hooray beer yeah i’ll link you a calculator here i’m waiting for my lmr400 havethe antennas but the freaking cable where did you order your lmr from because you’refrom bulgaria so i even if you say usacoax.com i wouldn’t even know because i usa coax.com isbased out of jacksonville florida and i literally got mine four days after i ordered it which wasvery very impressive and i was very very happy with that uh let me pull up one of my videos so ican link you the calculator for your yield lease you can kind of take a guess but here’s whereyou would see the estimated returns let me log in we haven’t checked mine in a few days because wedon’t want to check it every single day locally ah yeah stay off of amazon i didn’t even stakethe yield i had the other day oops shame on me claim we can claim 243 yield that’sthat’s very healthy opinion on staking i have 1800 staked on helium risinggoing to hold helium for years to come my thing with staking is that it is a wayfor your helium to be generating more helium uh because the import and duty tax oh yeah uhmy thing with staking is that like it’s really cool to have the helium like right now i’ve gota holding of uh let’s go back to my minor here bacon 8 in the last 30 days i’m very happy withthat so with my account here i’ve currently got 7.81 and i do want to consider moving it over tohere so that way i can have another 19 staked and i’m just going to keep building it for now becausei don’t have any plans or intentions of selling my helium and if my helium is just going to sithere and collect dust i mean yeah the value should go up but i am the kind of crypto collectorthat likes to make my crypto earn more crypto and so people usually would tell me like wellwhy didn’t you just leave it in bitcoin because if you kept it as bitcoin until the price went upyou’d be in profit i’m like you’re 100 right but if i ever wanted to take profit or sell thatbitcoin i then would be diminishing my supply of bitcoin and eventually you would have a finiteamount and you would run out so that’s why i like to make my cryptocurrencies work for themselvesi’m using yield the after youtube video thanks yeah absolutely my pleasure uh we are in theprocess of collecting all of our yieldy stuff and especially since we dropped 2.5 000into it uh the price went down a little bit uh my outdoor gear just like literallyright now i’d be like that’s crazy if it arrived while we startedthe stream that’d be hilarious uh uh bought an outdoor box for my sense capwhat’s the best way to secure it to my antenna pole you’re um so i don’t know what they’re theyshould be sending you with some of the outdoor uh enclosures that i’ve seen they do have the piecesand the attachments do i have an example hang on no i don’t i thought i had one of those like u-bolts whereyou can uh screw it in with um nuts and bolts and stuff like that but that’s what i havefor my antenna uh i don’t have the external box but basically i’ve got my antenna and i’vegot this big u-bracket like this u-screw and um i put knights and bolts and now washers on thetwo sides and i have it flush right up against the um the antenna support pole i it’s tiltedlike this a little bit so i gotta go and raise it so it’s it’s and i think that might be aslight issue i’m having is that it’s not um and i know people have left comments about that but myantenna like this set my in-laws and i need to find a way to get it pointing straight up in theair instead of at a little bit of a slant i have a local miner up 90 meters i don’t know why like idon’t mind bastard i don’t know why the thing yes that’s funny you’re welcome and it’s much cheaperorder two cables four meters each with all the connectors for 60 bucks that’s not too bad uhwhat’s that’s what i was thinking i didn’t buy from rack to save some cost uh youtube oh yeahi was getting someone to yield the calculator wasn’t i uh thank you you’re welcome um poop andyou can go to like your local hardware store and find them as well um this is for you yieldlypeople this is the calculator if you wanted to see that i don’t know if it can if you’re on yourmobile i don’t know if you can see that but let’s see what all of our rewards are 55 here let’s getthat all staked shall we i want to keep this going but right now yielded you’relooking at 30.5 percent which is healthy i could pull the calculatorup too in case anyone has yielded questions any good available miners to buy uh nothingwithout a wait time and i really don’t recommend going and buying them on ebay because you dorun the risk of getting scammed on that one um is it better to run ethernet cable or coaxcable going less than 100 feet so if you’re so so if i understand your question correctlyis mcgill antenna stronger than rack if not if you know or not um i’ve heard a coupleof mention i think you mentioned mcgill in another comment uh on one of the videos and i haven’treally looked into them just because i’ve had such success rates with rack and i’m potentiallygoing to get the um the 12 dbi cable or 12 dbi antenna and shoot that orlando uh but in regardsto running so if i’m understanding you’re correct your question correctly would you be running youris the coax cable in reference to your antenna connection or is it in reference to your isp andrunning like your modem out to where you’re going to put your miner with a coax cable algo ispumping i’m very excited for algo and tomorrow we’ll be doing an aldo yieldly video because ikind of want to do like a sunday a saturday sunday helium video monday stream tuesday algo video andthen i will be talking about the deeper network and uh some stuff like that this week as well soi’m trying to mix up some content and we’ll we’ll just leave it at that at the moment so or but yeahwhat i would recommend is if you have your modem and then run a long ethernet cable out to yourminer so that way your miner will be closer to which miner would be the best to buy as far asperformance um they’re all relatively simple i i am biased towards uh bobcat just becausethose are the two that i purchased even and the reason why i liked bobcat is eight had the wi-fitechnology capabilities to it so my one my one i don’t know i’m not on my screen so people will sitthere and there’s there is an argument to be made to have a direct wired connection versus wi-fiespecially as a gamer i always know like like it’s just there’s there’s no point in arguingthat it’s better to like plug your playstation into a wired connection versus wi-fi all day longhands down but this miner is mine and this one is uh wi-fi so i have this one currently sittingin my garage you can see in a previous video have a great stream going to cook dinner we’llhave a cold one as well ooh what’s for dinner um so i i like that for my bobcat because thewi-fi capabilities and it has like a bigger um like more ram to it so it was able toconnect it says it’s able to sync to the blockchain faster but i’m just biased towardsbobcat because a they come in a lot quicker and they actually have the models whereaseverything else because right now with bobcat i think it’s like a 12 to 20 week weight whereasrack and all the other rack and nebra and stuff has like a 20 plus weak weight uh plan is to soanyway finish my thought so this one right here is sitting on wi-fi because i didn’t want to run iti didn’t run a long ethernet cable from my modem and router to in my garage where it’s currentlysitting next to my ac unit with a fan blowing on it with the 25 meter lmr400 cable running upinto the attic um this one is currently sitting on a wired connection you can see this one is onehelium behind but i think it’s also on my antenna but this is actually ethernet wired updirectly to the the modem and this one has an lmr cable that runs down into the floorand under my in-laws house and then up the roof then run an ethernet cable to the outdoor minerplan is to have a miner and antenna on the pole re attached to my roof with minimum coax cablerunning to my antenna wondering if i should have my miner inside and run my coax to antennaoutside uh 8 dbi and attic in populated hs area i’m counting on dbi loss regarding to myroof i have a 5.8 that’s in my attic so i do have a little bit of signal loss ai have about 1.1 signal loss from my 25 foot lmr 400 cable which is kind of okay andthen i have of course the ceiling and the the plywood and the shingles from the um my roofas a barrier as well uh spaghetti i like spaghetti i haven’t had pasta in a while but almost i meani think the last time i had pasta was christmas of 2020 because i was pretty much the middlemidpoint of the beginning of my diet and i had chicken parmesan with some spaghettipisghettis as you know kids call it but yeah brain fart this one uh i don’t know i don’t knownothing about mining which video can i start to watch for which video can i i can start towatch for start you can start with the uh let’s pull it up i’ll put that in thedescription if you want to start at the very beginning and i could do a playlist i shouldbe a good youtuber and do a playlist for you that’s what i should do um playlist i wonderif how fast i can move everything man i got a lot of crap i gotta deletehere new playlist helium mining alien mining list create look at dollar signkeep there’s only 500 million coins left it’s 58 sold out of coins it’s a great opportunity you’rewelcome in advance let’s go ahead and take a look at it i guess i have no problem with that uh ido and i am actually considering buying myself the keep network is it similar to helium miningall that stuff if it’s a network is it like a internet of things for people 60 cents a piece up24.56 percent the live keep network price today is it mineable mineable in that buy a cool littledevice or is it all defy and stuff what am i looking at what am i doing my life oh it’s on coinbase exchangebinance cracking uniswap um it really really really depends so this i i think this is a very salt like this onethe 5.8 dbi or the i’ll pull that screen up as well and i also need to go into my content and i’mgoing to create a mining playlist real quick um [ __ ] bank bank bank bank i don’t need my streamthough right now i need the stream in there pink bank bank bank bank bank bank bank [ __ ] all right we’re gonna add two helium mining therewe go we made a playlist uh i wanna know about that mass i do too i’m actually going all right solet’s go take a look at that um helium mining so really if you kind of want an average all-aroundlike safe bet worth your investment and i’ve already broken even on these antennas like 10-foldi’m already halfway to breaking even on purchasing two miners two antennas two cables screw-up cablesand all that stuff but the 5.8 rack is a really really safe cable to grab the 8.0 or the 8 dbias well this one over here this bad boy for 60 is also a safe option as well especiallyif your area looks a little similar to mine where everything is spread out here the onlyreason why mine’s probably not getting max is because i don’t have crap over herebehind me so my next thought process is going to be to grab this beast righthere hey tron what’s going on brother uh my next thought process is to grab this beastright here for um the 12 dbi directional antenna and then that way what i’m thinkingof doing is taking my minor right here and pointing it out here let’s do a screen let’sdo just draw on the screen let’s do that so you guys can kind of see it because i know it’s goingto be blurry but our minor is right we’re going to do red pen our minor is right here and thenif we get that omni or that that directional antenna if anyone in vegas would like theirantenna installed feel free to email me no problem if you all in one bit las vegas uh what is yourrates you know do you charge anything like that um and any super chats would be greatlyappreciated for the advertising on my stream here um i also have to get the heliummining playlist for someone uh this is it just go to this playlist andstart at the very first one i’m gonna link that in here there you go that’s for youum hello new to the channel i was looking at the eight dbi antenna for my two bobcatscoming next week what do you if you have any miners that are in the area near you i would bemore than happy uh that’s what i was considering maybe get a cable guy to install my antenna yeahi installed my own and everything just because i like trial and error and i wanted to documentit but what i’m looking at probably doing is getting that directional cable and then trying tofire it like this i want to fire it like that 275 for installation okay uh but i got my nebra firstlol so yeah so if i get a directional cable and i could get it fired out like this and get up intoorlando i think that would be pretty solid so let’s go back to mine because i want to get thisguy i want to get these guys like look at this guy here is this one of them yeah right here 57hnt in one day 53 or 30 days 53 hnt in 30 days 23 and these are all their trans their transitscale is all reduced because there’s like 11 miners in that block so if i can ping offas many people as this dude right here if i can get that just by shootinginto orlando we’d be loaded the 8 dbi isn’t indoor and or outdoor so you canactually place it in or out let’s see right here we’re gonna take a look at it uh yeah i thinki’m gonna do the directional as well so if you use the link in the description of this streamor any one of my videos you can go and purchase this antenna with a five percent discountso right now it’s 60 bucks and this is an external or like an internal or an external andi have the 5.8 antenna from this same company rack as well one is inside of an attic and oneis actually out on a roof so this is my antenna not the black version um this is my antennathat i have two of for my two miners but i am completely willing andready to oh they sell cables too it’s a little pricey i wouldjust go with um usacoax.com but i am ready to try and make the jump to thisdirectional antenna so i can get out there are you doing are you going to do any morealbum videos it’s really pumping right now today i’m not doing algo but yes i will bedoing an i’ll go update like tomorrow and such yeah so i’m trying to think of like my schedulingis to do a weekend helium mining video a monday stream and like a tuesday i’ll go and yield thevideo with algo pumping i want yield leader pump what was i doing oh i had to stake minebecause i have 442 to stick let’s go and stake that you’ll be real quick uhdeposit 100 blah blah blah blah continue and i knew you guys are going totalk about algo because mind of tron uh make sure you guys hitthat like button please no data yeah make sure you guys hit that like buttonthat’d definitely be super appreciated um all right so we got that all staked up sobut what i was talking about was you know if i get that directional antenna let’s take a lookat my witnesses in the past few days i haven’t been on the explorer in a few days to take alook so let’s go ahead and see how we’re doing it’s my work computer damn look how far wehit we are just consistently all right so this is the number one thing i want to see isthe bottom two here i always want to see keen daffodil bird because they’re within 900 metersof me they’re the little guy right here and then i always want to see sour walnut grape becausethat’s my other miner so i’m really really happy that i can see that but that’s a lot like whati don’t get is that i’m getting witnesses from all the way out here why aren’t these ones inthis area so if you look at that look how far that’s 43 kilometers away if you look at thatdirectional if you look at that direction i mean i know the signal probably got carried overon the body of water a little bit more here but i should be able to hit orlando with thisamount of distance like that’s insane let’s see who i’m hitting up here in apopka apopka andyou guys know anything about florida apopka and davenport look at that look at how manypeople this guy’s hidden how’s he doing oh so he’s an apopka and getting 92bucks a month i mean that’s not bad he’s got a 5.8 dbi 10 meters up that’s not toobad so it looks like he’s got the right idea which is why he’s getting this monstrousdistance so you can just see with that 40 antenna on rack the mon he’s got the sameone i do and we’ve got some monster distances distances together he’s got two hot spotslet’s see how they’re doing he’s got not so hot he’s got an 8 dbi at 6 meters idon’t know if it’s indoor outdoor or whatever i got to start driving around people’sneighborhoods to see if i could see like these antennas mounted on roofs like if you drive aroundmine where is mine damn it it’s right down here [ __ ] all right so we’ve got that witness let’ssee if this one’s getting any witnesses in the past few days uh can you please check my spot andsee if it will benefit absolutely i’d be more than happy to do that for you so i’m i’m again wheni purchased the two miners my whole goal was to get them to talk back and forth and that’sexactly what’s going on here so i’m very happy it just really sucks that i have these people downand around my antennas with like primo placement maybe i should put this one like this okay my problem is if i do a directionalon this bad boy it’s gonna fire off that way towards orlando right andthen i’m gonna be missing out on basically my entire goal of havingtwo miners so maybe what i should do is get a directional and put it on this badboy and fire that off towards orlando even though it’s still potentially going to missmy miner here this guy has been hitting a lot of stuff in the past month uh i don’t know what thatis um caesar i’m sorry once you point that 12 dbi and directional you’re going to be minting ht all day long keep us posted when that happens i absolutely will and if you guys want to put somefunding towards the uh 299 or the 229 antenna any super chats be greatly appreciated or heliumdonations as the address is in the description of this stream shamelessly begging all rightso we’ve cleared that thought process here um flaky magenta pigeon we got to start withthis is pretty much what i wanted to do on the stream was just you guys give me miners and ilook at them instead of coming up with my own content on the top of my head because i’m notdrunk enough for that uh flaky magenta pigeon well first off you’re in la let’s see 24 hoursyou’ve made i mean you’re hitting everyone i don’t even think you need to do [ __ ] uh 1.2dbi maybe yeah if you’re hitting this many people i don’t think you need to do anything ifyou’re hitting this many people if you’ve cleared in the past 30 days 8.6 i mean doyou want to make more is that just like are you not happy with how much you’re making because in the past i’m going to look at youraccount directly in the past 30 days you’ve made 8.6 which is 209.So basically two and a halfmonths and you’ve already recovered the cost of your helium miner the area that you’re in isoverpopulated you could maybe attempt to use like a three or four dbi antenna uh and havea little bit better but you’re already getting you’re getting the max witnesses pretty muchyou are getting the max witnesses in all honesty the big thing that’s really hitting you isthe fact that your transmit scale’s down to 50 so really you look at that in the past 30 daysif you had your own little like if you were like one of these guys that and you had your minor inhere somewhere you would realistically be at 418 a month just because you’re not sharingyou’re not within 350 meters of another miner so hopefully answer that question foryou felipe um i believe i need directional as well i live in rural oregon and there’sa few spots about two to three miles up the road and was hoping to ping them with eightdbi but i think i may need the 12 instead you used to do 100 coins perweek before oh my god really that since really so if you’re doing 100 coins aweek man you’re what that’s like two grand a week 24.Yeah yeah 2.4 grand ah where am i goingyeah so maybe give yourself a whirl um i guess do you think a 15 dbi amplifier wouldboost your signal i was looking at the deep the amplifiers i just don’t know how that would workif it would like fry out the box or anything i just i’ve been tempted i’m in la and have made19 and 27 days i’m at a 0.5 scale just get a new intent yeah i i think that they would be okaywith like anywhere from the like a three to a 5.8 absolutely um i almost forgot i have never on theway uh once you get that yeah i’ll definitely keep you posted what’s going on go play online yeahi mean we’ve only been streaming for 35 minutes you’re not really late i’m almost done with thisbeer i’m gonna grab another one here in a minute i believe i need a directionalas well live in rural oregon i’m gonna drink one of my wife’s drinksactually she’s got this stuff that she bought from new hampshire that shewas obsessed with and i’m gonna have one healing product is a failed pyramid schemei challenge you to defend your point why is it a pyramid scheme because we are i mean we’reessentially selling if you ground it you’re okay all right so yeah so if you groundyour 15 db amplifier absolutely if you’re first you win after that it’s pureit’s not pure loss at all i purchased my my i spent 1300 on my two miners back in apriland i got them at the end of june beginning of july and i’m already halfway to breakingeven and it’s only a two year old project boobies uh getting that h t i am gettingthat h t i’m very happy with it so i’ve got bop so i’ve got seven point no itlooks like we just got some h t we definitely did just get some hntwe got 11.Who did it who did it i think brief did it yeah brief justdid it so what did we get off of that what was that activity uh amp will pushthe signal over regulation for sure bet yeah actually yeah i do think with the invalidwitnesses i think i’m having that’s my issue with my little buddy down here is a lot of our stuff isinvalid receive mining rewards got it right there yeah i i really like what do thosenumbers mean boobies b-o-o-b-i-e-s i got roi in my bobcat in 27 days that’s insanethat’s awesome i’m in the area of hidden cream kangaroo in texas flatlands could you suggest anantenna set up in my area sure you said flatlands hidden cream kangaroo if you’re in the flatlands uh 5.8 8.0 you youwant to do a setup like mine you want to get your antenna out on top of your roof or insideyour attic and you want to get that going can you check obedient ivory uh haddock i can get theright antenna for my rack two months time or so and i broke oven twice the amount i invested yeahi’m gonna be returning hey how was your spaghettis um i will be breaking even and returning you knowi already have the return on my investment within the next i don’t know like i’ll have it within 30days maybe maybe 45 days top and then i just have so much like helium mining is gonna explodelike people are saying and arguing with me uh big fan of you i’m still starting but abit lost can you check my minor careful yeah okay i still owe someone a minorcheck hang on uh hidden cream kangaroo which i’m on and i set a 5.8 match my setup hereyou want me to check careful um maybe i think i might have to finish some heists on grandtheft auto with um princess and my best friend but yeah i do want a little bit of war zonebecause i miss it at the moment um you will get yourself a directional cable and fire ithere so if you can see on screen yeah this is what you’re going to want to do i’m just goingto i like this idea this is cool to like draw all right so you’re right here maybe look atconsidering that 12 dbi directional antenna and firing it like this that way actually i mean ishould redo that that’s that’s a terrible example let’s just cut off half those people um let’s lookat it this way so you want to fire it like this there you go and if you fire it like thatthen you should be able to get those witnesses uh because looking at your you don’t have anythingbehind you you don’t have anything above you you’re essentially in lone wolf territory so youwant that directional cable um i love war zone yeah no i figured i figured because if you just put like war zone is[ __ ] then i would be like yeah i’m gonna fight you on that one but like is this [ __] the only problem with war zone right now is all the hackers and i need them to getrid of all right so what do i have next we did careful pineapple we did haddock two monthstime or so i broke even twice all right what’s next just unboxed my bobcat on wednesday andstill have to port forward which is why it still says offline would be nice to have another pov onhow good a location that i have massive cerulean tadpole that’s a cool name i likethat you have a massive tadpole um see if you’re still good all right hotspotis being relayed it’s offline that’s okay all right you don’t have a lot going on behind youyou’re probably gonna be solid looking at a 5.0 or 5.8 to an 8 dbi as well 5.8 willdefinitely help you in this area so that’s pretty solid okay helium is agreat concept hidden cream kangaroo is close to me if he is there that an area iwould say directional hidden cream kangaroo um where it’s distributing the coins across theplanet and not overpaying a centralized price still cooking them pisghetti’s just set up myminer about a week ago and tips for i’ll check that here in just a second i’m getting lost umyeah i daily mint you know what to do same as me copy my settings oh yeah happy labor dayeveryone um i’m by hidden cream who’s by hidden cream sir twin uh at could say you shouldprobably look at how much money keeps getting invested in the project and who is backingit it’s not going any where anytime soon all right what’s next check out the one i have mydad’s young jade copperhead young jade copperhead you can eat my butt wow that’s awesome you’redoing it right let’s see and you’re at a 1.0 transmit scale in a very busy area congrats onyou man that’s awesome i like what i see here very very sexy so that’scopperhead as in good can you tell tall mocha tuna i’m gonna fallbehind on chat here in a minute okay let’s do that again tall mocha tuna 30 days oh okay you’re near me um you have a 5.8 dbi 4 meters high unfortunatelyin my humble opinion you could potentially we’ll do this you can also do the directional andyou can have two options of either firing it here or firing it there let’s seewhat else actually now yeah yeah yeah yeah okay you have two up two moreoptions that’s too close let’s do it this way i would maybe look at getting that 12 dbi andfiring it like this then you’re getting all of tampa so that’s kind of how you want to shootit you could also potentially do it this way but i would i would shoot towards tampa i thinkyou’d get the biggest bang for your buck there my only problem with your setup is that youhave done the best you can you’re surrounding people i guarantee these people i’m gonna clickon theirs yeah 0.23 helium no helium in 30 days 0.5 helium in 30 days these people just boughthelium miners they were sold the consensus group dream by other youtubers and they’re hoping thatthey can be in a consensus group and hit like 4k and get it yeah like there’s no excuse forthis guy in between two not yeah all their shit’s inside their house next to a window that’sexactly what that is that’s exactly all right i gotta catch up with chat uh could you look atbreezy watermelon rhino i’m looking to ping everyone in my area how high would you suggesti place the antenna either 8 dbi or directional you make profit even your relay it says offlinebecause you haven’t plugged it into the internet not mikey got his yeah i know i was talking tomikey last night i have to port forward is anyone else having this issue craig r what’s up withthe sync i’ve been having some serious ink issues if you’ve got a green light on your miner uhcraig r just set it and forget it man yes the sinking there has been times and daily midnightwe’re talking in telegram and bitching back and forth to each other you just gotta set itand forget it uh lol just put up a five dbi i get miners synced a day ago anxiously awaitinga witness uh algo yeah algo’s killing it man i saw it at 1.43 earlier today hey guys 67 viewersplease consider hitting that like button let’s get the stream going we’ll keep going for a littlebit um i’ve fallen behind on some comments here so if anyone wants to highlight a commentwith a super chat i’d be totally cool with it uh thank you for the advice i appreciate itabsolutely james i’m any no problem um who did i miss could you look at breezy watermelonrhino absolutely breezy watermelon rhino uh first off your relayed so get yourselfoff a relay and then what was your question i’m looking to try and ping everyone in my areauh how would you suggest i place the eight er wow you are just out there um wow this is a tough one hereyou’re in the can of eia aren’t you i think you need to get yourself off a relayotherwise you were doing pretty solid for your location so open them damnports um and that was for coleslaw uh is anyone else having did thank you for theadvice i appreciate anytime james any tips for okay that’s the next one feistycloth did you spell it wrong nope yeah we did feisty cloth pidge 2.6 bump yourself i mean you justgot started which isn’t too bad um i’d bump yourself up to a four idon’t know what your turn yeah i would bump yourself up to a four because thenyou can you’ll have some better you’ll have a nice like with the four you’ll havea nice spread out sphere to cover all that hang on uh do you have a discount code for rackantenna i do the link for the discount code is in this video you’ll save yourself five percent whatam i on feisty cloth pigeon okay can you check out obedient obedient ivory haddock haddock and joyzy let’s go to joyzy wow why are you just skippingover everything 5.8 dbi last 30 days 2.63 what’s your setup where’s your cable you sayyou’re six meters up in the air are you in an apartment building are you up against a window umthere are some reasons why you’re not hitting this maybe i would even consider toning down to asmaller directional and just shooting it directly into that mess right there uh i did connectmyself i wasn’t having h t price prediction 40. updated from 8 dbi to a tuned 6 dbi why is it chatweird no spamming please what was the spam tron hi i just placed my miner i have a questionwhy is the signal so low polite red shrimp can i lower the dbi by adding longer cord yesyou can as you uh increase uh casado salty as heck yeah does rack have a 4.0 uh no rack has a5.0 which is also probably worth checking out as well the 5.0s are being sold for here’s minecurly burgundy chipmunk weighing my 5.8 dbi here’s the 5.0 for 35 bucks um so that mightbe worth checking out but i don’t know if oh what i should do for my meet upevent 40 by end of year that could be feasible here’s mine curly burgundychipmunk i do want to look at yours jorge as long as you send me somepisghettis i want some pisghettis curly burgundy chipmunk chipmunk iwant some bulgarian pisghettis the shrimp one posted same message twotimes uh okay yeah i figured that’s why um holy [ __ ] what are youdoing you just get perfect that’s incredible now you’re just showingoff i need to cop i need i want your settings agreed i seen two after each oneyeah wow all right all right you win he will take time all right polite red shrimp herewe go i am going to look at polite red wow i’m very impressed by that i’m going to look at politered shrimp and then i’m going to go get a beverage you are relayed of course or no you’re notrelay but your transmit scale is the joker maybe it’s still syncing with blockchain getit connected with ethernet so it’ll sync faster all right so you currently have three in yourhex this dude though all right so this dude’s hit popping off what’s he popping off with whybecause he’s got a 4 dbi 20 meters in the air so i’m assuming you’re in a tall ass buildingand you’re 27 meters in the air with 4dbi but you just started yeah this is your third day right what’s your question my [ __ ] is getting twodollars a day from two miners that’s ridiculous all right i’m gonna go grab a beveragereal quick you guys hit that like button oh this one sucks all right like he has 0.49 myquestion is why transmit scale so low probably uh your signal is 2.25 because you have other minersin your zone sharing rewards with you kind of up i think your transmit scale is going to beso so low and his is higher is because you are going to be cl you’ve got three people there soyou and interesting bone fly are probably really close together within that 350 meter rangeand he’s probably a little bit farther out so i would assume that let’s just take a littlequick screenshot of your thingamaboop right here so let’s say that your miner is right here andthen you might be next to this guy interesting bonefly and then he might be down here so you guysare covering the same hex but you’ve got like your space that you’re putting out and hit or you’relike signal that it’s putting out in his signal that’s putting out this is where you’re gettingthat decrease in the transmit scale and then him he’s putting out some stuff like probably likethis and so then he’s got a little less in that coverage zone than you do so that’s why yourtransmit scale is lower than his all right what’s next um my [ __ ] is going to be out of the day ohyeah upbeat plastic osprey upbeat plastic osprey um 16 meters up with a 4 dbi all right so what’s your questions and thencold smoke goldfish are doing nothing for you uh bowel media you have too many other miners inyour hex but they also have much larger hex too so even if you’re the only miner in a hex it mightbe one uh for example that hot spot in southern portugal won’t be able to witness anyone in pharahdue to the mountains in between yeah that’s true but do you think i’m going doing fine for justthree days absolutely great way show it oh with the drawing i don’t know why i didn’t do thatthe other day all right so this is in your mining network a no that’s your no i want to look at thisi want to see your other hot spots so you’ve got these two hot spots here and they’re not doingmuch for you zero four you’ve got this one special marigold copy bara i’llcheck that here in just a moment well you just started your relay firstso you want to get yourself off a relayed let me go back and make sureyour other one wasn’t relayed your other one’s not relayed no it is relayed yeahget yourself off a relay you’ll see better so make sure you get yourself off a relay that’s what i’mgoing to say about that that’s that’s an easy one you’ll see better results when you’re notrelayed you’ll still make profit but you’ll get better results when you’re off relayed um ohwe’re going to anaheim we’re going to disneyland watch disney have like 10 freakingantennas just bouncing them all around all right what am i looking at here pointnot bad not too bad i’d be okay with that okay how the hell guys in us get much lesserreward well it’s just really a back and forth um you’re pretty solid out in anaheim you’re 11meters up in the air you’ve got mountains all over so you’re not gonna really get anythingon the other side of the mountains here i think you have like a wind farm like over heresomewhere don’t you uh beautiful spruce scallop i am okay with looking at that more miners in theus great show thank you very much csc spill 99 circle diamond bosom pineapple bu nopethat’s how you spell it beautiful spruce scallop this is your first time on the channelplease take a moment to consider subscribing we are celebrating our break of 10 000 subscriberswhich i was super stoked and happy about and holy [ __ ] um hit that like button hitbell notification as we do videos weekly and we’re probably gonna be doing a stream everysingle monday we’re gonna try for that schedule definitely like this video consider super chatsand any helium tips are greatly appreciated the helium address is in the link to this video iam offering advice and all that stuff faux free so any tips are greatly appreciated all right solooking at this dude right smack dab in the middle uh can you take a look at flat cloud ligerplease pretty much my favorite animal not two by ed virtual blush toad why gettingso many invalid beacons probably the setup let’s take a look at the invalid beaconshere in just a moment seven days wow that’s that’s a thing of beauty that’s a thing ofbeauty i got part-time workers that don’t even make that much in seven days they makesix dollars less they only want to do like one apartment community they make 50 bucks a nightfive nights a week all right flat cloud lager we’re going to south carolina to beaufort bufferum what’s the question here for flat cloud again get yourself off a relay but youare a lone wolf so what you need to do is use the link in the description of thisvideo and it’s going to be a hit to the wallet right off the bat but you’re goingto need this 12 dbi directional antenna well let’s go back to that come on you’re goingto want this 12 dbi directional antenna uh luckily this area isn’t too like terraneous or like youknow hilly or anything like that i’m very familiar with like going through south carolina and thenyou also have the ocean here on the right to help improve your signal so what you’re goingto want to do is get that 12 dbi antenna we’re going to do this and then you’re going towant to point it like that to get all of this crap i wouldn’t even be opposed to yeah iwould because it’s not going anywhere yeah that’s what you’re gonna need to do i iwouldn’t really i mean you could potentially try to aim it towards jacksonville but how tofind the wallet i think he’s a spoofer anyway to report such people not really um wait where’smy pisghetti’s guy have a great day night everyone i’m off have a great week enjoy your pisghettisthanks for joining and uh your miner’s awesome um so yeah flat cloud lager hopefully thatanswers your question there virtual blush toad virtual blush toad and i i i’ve had this problemas well with invalid witnesses and it’s because of someone near me with their their i don’t know whyi really don’t know why but looks like you just started and you’re doing great for just startingum invalid witnesses a little have a little bit more to do with the other antennas around youbecause you’re obviously getting 47 witnesses in the past five days which is pretty solid1.4 in 24 hours you’re got a transmit scale of 0.92 which isn’t too bad and then sink status notbad can you check out salty berry beaver please salty berry beaver these names are greatgoing back to cali there’s a lot in cali are we caught up on that yeah allright cool vote for pedro there you go um you making 7.6 in the past 30 days not tobuy it you are also transmit scale affected 1.2 you’re okay with uh what you’ve got or maybe ifyou’re zero meters on the ground get yourself a three and you’ll probably get some more in thearea thank you great insight my absolute pleasure yeah get yourself a three or get your 1.2up higher and you’ll probably get some more activity in line of sight shenanigans sothat’s my recommendation especially if that’s accurate and at zero meters but you got anice amount of witnesses so that’s pretty solid what’s next is there any way ican look up a wallet let’s see should be i guess not if you can find one of his miners um cat sato and i don’t think he’s gonna be a spoofercause there’s some crazy numbers going on um i can look up the name of it find the name becauseyou have to consider that that wallet might be also like emirates where they are paying peopleum or they’re sending out free miners to people and giving them like 20 to 30 of what the minermakes just for hosting it and i think that was the account that i found on my last stream um fromone of my subscribers sending it to me on twitter where it was um one of those making 25 000a month need to give a minor attach to the wallet yeah what does the range of a 5.0 dbicompared to a 5.8 dbi is the higher dbi supposed to be narrowed in uh some sort of way yeahabsolutely so i think let’s take a look just imagine these are circles right i think we needto go full screen for this yeah is that gonna work are you not working oh i need to add the scene why am i not doing that um video capture device camwe’re gonna be black for a minute there we go let’s full screen it shall we andwe’re going to do some arts and crafts how do i move the sides out yeah we can befat yeah stretch this out all right so your antenna lesson he is a spoofer he might be aspoofer um so the antenna lesson let’s imagine that i don’t know if i’m gonna use itall right let’s imagine that this is a this remote i can even probably use my phone all right so this my arnold phone is a4.0 or a 3.0 dbi antenna and let’s say the antenna is right here i don’t know what’son camera there the antenna is right here is right here and the phone itself isa signal it’s putting out it’s going up and it’s going out right so then as youstart getting into the next dbi so then you know let’s say that’s 3.0 but then we’regoing to jump ourselves into a 4.0 or a 5.0 or whatever you’re going to see that theverticality is a lot less but the horizontal is out a little bit more and then when we getinto the range of like um a six you know what 8.0 the horizontal so the hor the vertical is evenlet lower and the vertical is even more and it’s starting to shoot out more and it’s less of anlike an arching down and then all the way to like when you get into the omni like the direction orlike the 10 dbis you know this is the antenna it doesn’t really have much verticality butit has a lot of spread so hopefully that shenanigans can kind of help you with it and thenof course you’ve got like the directionals which are essentially the antenna shooting outa signal like this at an area and just go like a shotgun blast and that is yourantenna lesson with nerdy dude let’s go back here all right so what’s up uhthank you spoofer he is a spoofer black i live in a small city called provodia his hotspots got banned really they actually do ban the what what’s one of his um you say it’s machoamethyst tron is that it no that’s you right i mean you’re just getting started and that’sthe rewards not too shabby uh i love it blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahi won’t insert an ad there just cuz um well i like i observe cheesy honey weasel is okaythank you that’s what i want to see best regards from germany i like your videos well thank youvery much best regards right back at you and i really appreciate it it’s really cool that i’mlike international uh oh best regards cheesy honey wessel is this one of his dapper pastel loris it’s my it’s not my minorbut i want to put one hot spot in this area what is he doing wrong we’ll takea look at that here in a moment so is this one of this dude’s miners you said firstoff yeah he definitely is spoofing oh in one day wow how is he making that much i swear i mean i just i would love to be dishonestonce hey what’s going on thank you for uh being becoming a member robert vanessa i really don’thave like many membership perks at the moment i have to reevaluate that but thank you very muchfor uh basically being like you know like a it’s like a twitch subscriber right right so thankyou very much welcome to the nerdy dude squad so you guys think he definitelyis spoofing yeah i mean looking at all these positions inthese placements uh yikes i want to find one miner that’s got like a buttload uh dapper what is the range of a standard 4 dbi antenna that comes to bobcat they say 10 milesthere’s only three miners in my city that make decent stuff and they’re fairly closeto me uh all about five kilometers away and if you look careful he is based in chinadefinitely a spoofer oh my brisket reached 100 or my pork butt reach 265 so we’re gonna have togo out and wrap that up and then bring it to 205 and then we’ll have some pulled pork we’re smokingsome uh pulled pork out on the uh vertical wow so yeah so the miner that you wereshowing me with the witnesses like this which one like it you can definitely tell spoofersbecause they’re hitting perfectly in their hexagon the hexagon hexagon branch out and then they’rehitting even more but yes i mean i’m not gonna lie i am mad jealous of these accounts becausethey make a [ __ ] load of money pardon my french like if he’s watching he’s making 5k in a monthlike just send me like 10.You made 100 today send me 10 helium send me 10 helium links in thedescription for that and if you look carefully he’s based in china off to grill some steak anddo my osha 10 class text me if getting on war zone yeah i definitely will i’ll let you know brotheri should have like well no cause i was playing um call uh grand theft auto with princess last night um cheesy honey weasel doesn’t really looklike a spoofer to me because those aren’t like perfect placements cheesy honey weaselwas it one of the ones oh cheesy honey weasel yes and no well because he’s not hittingfour but he’s hitting here i mean he’s hitting everyone in the area yeah he’shit it does look like a spoofer to me he is but he like he is hitting perfect placementshe’s hitting every single one of them here in the area he’s got 29 one two three four fivesix seven eight nine 10 11 12 30 40 50 16. so if he’s got 16 hexagons that he’s hittingthere’s also 13 miners inside those hexagons that not accounted for in this total witnesses the pastfive days i don’t know that’s that’s funky to me but his rewards maybe he’s just perfect becausehe’s got a one maybe that is perfect i don’t know i should learn to spoof i shouldn’t i don’twant to be dishonest i’ll get there one day with honesty honesty and integrity integrityall right what are we looking at pastel loris going to germany you just start no oh uh at 2.8 it ain’t doingany favors out here dapper pastel or yeah dapper pastel loris right yeah it’s not my minor buti want to put one hot spot in this area what is he doing wrong it’s his antenna his areaisn’t going to be equipped for that 2.8 dbi so his circle might go up if he witnesses yeahhis circle might go up and just surround like a little bit he needs a better antenna if you lookcarefully based in china all the hot spots are in the same wallet even in the other villages makinggood money yeah but look at the transmit scale the joker do antennas necessarily need to be inthe roofs to be effective the more your antenna is out in the open um the better uh the less signalum interruption you’ll you’ll get uh can spoof antennas though if it will show distance even ifspoofed gps location none of mine are on a roof any way you can check out ice eliminate squirrelfrom maximize antenna setup absolutely what would cause my transmit scale to say n a even though i’monline and synced hang on ned i’ll get you next icy lemonade a squaro i have to go wrap my pork butt get yourself a 5.8 get yourself a 5.8 put itup in your attic you’ll get all this [ __ ] mix uh mix chemist that’s what you should doum all right so ned flanders what is the um what is the mining when we look at transmitscale is a multiplier that’s applied to rewards of any hot spots that witness you the scaleis effects how many rewards you receive as a challenge low transmit scale does not mean yourhotspot earnings will be low make sure you have a great setup so you can witness hot spots maybeyour antenna is not correctly uh twisted in um check my hot spot out massive scrullionminer and see the four all in a row to the left of the five kilometer i want to hit the topthree but look at this nice placement massive you’re welcome zinc copperhead ami spelling anything correctly yeah right there going to denmark you’ve got a nice scenario where the water isjust going to keep letting that signal glide holy [ __ ] look at this nice placement yeah that’sthat’s pretty solid what are you rocking three dbi 94 94 meters in the air so yeah that’s that’sthe ideally perfect you’re as high as possible with a decent spread and remember a lotof this stuff is line of sight so even though the antenna base might be only coveringa certain spherical area this miner this miner these miners might actually be able to see likei mean you could probably sit on like the roof of that building and look across the water withbinoculars and see the one across the way hello neighbors from deutsche berg hello back to you mslim uh but i’ve researched spoofing and there’s absolutely no way to spoof the antenna signalthe guy’s antennas are in all those locations yeah the only thing you’re really spoofingis like the location of the miner itself so even if it’s like one antenna there and i thinkthat’s how people are putting like four or five miners in like one building is really wouldn’t the spoofing just be on antennaum placement or you know uh transmit scale so how long we’ve been streaming for an hour sowe’ll stream for like another four minutes um i do have to go and prep and wrap up mypork butt in foil so that way it doesn’t like murder or cook poorly i want to getthose juices nice and like you know sopped up into it is it better to get anoutside setup um people will say yes i received an email from rack and denied my five percentdiscount i’ll send you the email if you want it no that’s okay sadly not mine but copenhagen havevery very few high buildings so getting up in the building that is high is golden spoofing will beon minor gps location yeah that’s what i thought so the only issue i have with putting myminer outside is that it’s a 500 piece of money making equipment and a for me as ayoutuber you know when i’ve showed like my location and stuff if you guys drive around andyou see the house that’s got the miner with the antenna sticking up and obviously you know it’smy location so that’s why mine’s here in my attic for now um but it’s still making good rewardsso i really can’t push myself to get it so maybe i’ll try an omnidirectional still in my atticand see if that gets where it wants to go but i don’t want someone to drive around and see likeif they drive to my in-laws house and see the antenna sticking out um and they take that okayyou got 40 bucks out of me i’ll go buy another one it’ll pay itself off really quick i don’twant to put my little piece of hardware outside where it could potentially be stolen regardlessof how secure you might think you could do it um how the transmit scale works i’m the onlyminer in my hex but my scale is 0.42 what is your um minor name i’ll take a look even thoughyou might be the only miner in your actually i don’t have to take a look let’s just go to mymy uh miner and i’ll give you a drawing example where am i a monster found itokay so let’s go to mine here so even though you might be the onlyminer in your um hexagon let’s say if this is mine here i’m at a 1.0 and the guynext to me is at a 1.0 um which i’m going to click on mine so i’m at 1.0 and this guy’s at 1.0and he’s doing great like keen daffodil bird if you’re ever watching this i’m glad that you’reyou know getting success off of mine so here’s how it works so this is what our scales look likeright like you know in a perfect placement setting magically you know we could have a minorthere and then we could have a minor here and not affect each other because we are 350meters apart three five zero there you go now even though you’re the only miner that’s inyour hexagon you could be in a situation like realistically in my hexagon i’m not in the middleso i’m not technically hitting coverage like that perfectly because i’m not in the middle i withoutgiving away too much of my location am in this neighborhood so this is a little neighborhood somy minor is kind of like in this location here now if his minor was right here then we would bewithin 350 meters of each other and then that would give me a lower transit scale but his minormight be over here which is about 900 meters away in which we can probably argue that that is threetimes that line that i just drew there um and so that’s why i’m at a 1.1 so if you’re sittingthere and you are the only miner in your hexagon and someone and you’re getting a low transmitscale let’s zoom into the hexagon even more just so we could see more neighbors and i’mgoing to draw i’m going to grab it again pink so what could potentially be happeningis you could be sitting right here and you’re in this hexagon and then someone couldbe sitting right here and they’re on that hexagon and probably not if you’re notthat low but that’s probably why right there um so hopefully i answered that questionuh m aside it is more than just the signal the single hex they have like bigger and biggerhexes and will lower transmit scales damp licorice so i’ll draw a picture on yours here damp lick arich wallaby dallas ugh i i it’s in dallas texas and it has any affiliation with the dallascowboys i can’t have anything to do with it all right so you’re looking at 4.3 let’s zoominto your hex and see what all scenarios are so all right yeah so this is what this ismy assumption you know and i’m i’m not a doctor but i just play one on tv this is myassumption of your hex and this is why you have a lower transmit scale you have 4.3 i thinkthat you potentially live somewhere in this area and you might have a minor here and a minorhere and then this guy the third one might be like back here so what’s happening here isthat you’re putting out this transmit scale like this this one’s putting out a transmit scalelike this this one’s putting out one like this and you guys are all affected by this area right here and since you’reall three of you are getting coverage there that’s lowering your transmit scalethat’s just kind of what i see there the blue just means that you have three colorsand the black that means you have three minors fuffling signal there whereasthis one would just be him and you and then this one would be you and him that’s why yourtransmit scale is low there you like my drawings it’s a work of art i swear uh hot spot rf gives the exact hotspot locationsas far as i can see yeah actually they do get the exact hotspot locations you just haveto get some credits and everything there so that’s a good way to do it i just i’m not gonnause my free credits to look up other hot spots so anywho i think that’s about going todo it for me robert van vanest thank you very much for becoming a new member if you guysappreciate the content today definitely consider hitting that subscribe button turning onthe bell notification please definitely like this video and any last minute superchats would be greatly appreciated as a thank you for providing you with beautifulknowledge and and advice and expertise for free i am the only one in hex but i’m getting0.79 scale and there’s no near hex in my area let’s take a look at you hello from poland i am half polish you’re verywelcome for the stream thank you for being here um am i looking at the right one i am yesbut they have larger geos that they only want have a good night bro thank you very much oh yeah why are you getting a 7.9 open mouth insert foot at this point i guess i don’t know i have no idea let’s look at thatone check out hot spotty for location yeah hot spot is body yes but they have larger geos thatthey are the miners in so if one hex has four and others has one but they only wanted twominers in that larger geo the area they will be lower press as well i really enjoy your contentthanks absolutely sally my pleasure so all right i am going to jump off uh like comment subscribeturn on the bell notification uh we’ll try to do another one like this again monday i like thiskind of stream where you guys can i can just give you advice on your setup and i’m not justlike you know fuffling or anything like that um thanks for the pisghettis and so yeah all thatgood stuff i’m oprius of nerdydude i’ll see you guys next time and now you get to watch meawkwardly scramble for my obs so i can turn

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