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Helium Mining Scams! Avoid losing your money! – Get A FREE Helium Miner

Helium Mining Troubleshooting

So what's going on everyone welcome back to another video about bitcoin cryptocurrency helium helium mining troubleshooting problem solving sciences trial and error and all that good material

Now guess what everyone after trying and failing and potentially being scammed we did a thing so here we are sorry for the uncertain

I’m up in my attic we are replacing this quote unquote 10 dbi antenna with the rack 5.8 dbi antenna so let's see how it goes all right as you can see we are installed let's get some helium yes that is correct you did see that rack antenna being held up to the attic support with zip ties

Reasonableness being is that I inevitably feel that we are going to be posting that up on our roof outside probably within 30  days hopefully not I really like the fact that it's up in the attic it's easy to access but everyone’s saying pole it outside pole it outside affix it outside and I’ve seen YouTube videos that had successful reactions in the attic versus on top of the roof.

Hopefully we're one of those guys if not I’m actually a little bit more lowered to be okay with affixing everything out on the roof and putting the miner out in the attic uh because bobcat will be exhausting a brand-new dashboard that’s currently in beta and we can actually access our miners without needing to go to the physical unit.

Helium Bobcat Miner

 So I’m more pleasant doing that because I one thing I was always worried about was putting the bobcat feeler in the uh the bobcat miner in the attic with the antenna outside so it could run out and you know run up on my ceiling and everything nice and high-pitched and then if anything ever happened or I couldn't monitor I had to double check what some of the mistake were the troubleshooting was in the miner

 I’d have to climb into the attic and go and do that so with that new dashboard and we'll do a video on that here soon I am a lot more pleasant do that especially having two miners so with all that said absolutely guys reproach on me and we're going to look at these numbers here on screen in just a moment but I did um I you are familiar with coming into helium mining there’s lot of trial and error

You know I do watch other YouTubers and trash but I want to be able to bring original material to you guys of my own experience and my step-by-step because not everyone necessarily watches YouTube or you know watches all the people that I do and maybe you can emulate my success with skipping all my inaccuracies

Helium Mining Antennas

So the very first thing that we did where reference is bought our helium miners was we bought a crappy cord and so we imparted I should have had these ready we bought this shitty minuscule little line and we bought what we thought was the  10 dbi omnidirectional fiberglass antenna really this is only a three dbi antenna one of my commenters said that a 10 dbi needs to be at least three feet long and like I said this is very clearly not three feet long this is in fact a three dbi feeler we did fortunately managed to get I think a couple of like two or three watching uh eyewitness and we evidenced our own um hot spot with this I think we got like three or four so not worth the maybe I it's just not supposed to be set up in an attic or anything but truly not worth the 45 dollars we invested

What I am hoping is worth and then of course there’s that crappy little cable and everyone says cables are very important and so we just throw this set up freedom out the window now what is what we are hoping for is you considered it already on the intro and you watched the other one lay but this is the rack 5.8 the rack 5.8 dbi antenna this is my second one I’ve already installed my first one and I’m trying to get it on camera here’ve already installed my first one in my attic and this is the one that's going to be installed at my in-laws house

 Where'd it go just look at the difference between the quote unquote 10 dbi let me get it on camera now the exception is 10 dbi and then the rack 5.8 this was 40 yes it's 40 for shipping but this was 40 this was 45 so of course we bought two so you can see the difference there and then again this is really in the aim that's going on my in-law the antenna that's going on my in-laws house and of course we also have that additional lmr flair 400 cable ready to go everything's all set since we were able to custom build the since we were able to custom build this cable

We don’t need any adapters or anything this will be able to plug right in and fastened in which almost did there and then that will go right into the back of my other bobcat so very excited to get these all set up these this setup this one will be outside uh here is the lightning arrester that we have ready to go so we have everything ready to kept this bad boy outside really nice when you get it carried in the mail comes in a sturdy box and then inside the box it's got it's going to be in this tube

So we've actually we're going to be keeping ours in this tube and the unit’s got all the connections you need the bolts it's got the um little plates so you can mount into an antenna um adapter outside and then cables if you are required but of course we don't need those wires so but let's take a look at a pair things online shall we as you could see here this is our minor brief taupe fox and we have already informed it to reflect that we now have a 5.8 dbi feeler and we did actually asses this time around we set up to the peak of our ceiling on the inside of our house and then from that peak inside the attic

 To where this is actually sat and this is approximately eight rhythms it was probably about like 26 like 25.9 feet so we're just going to be generous and say it's eight meters up in the air and only having the shingles and plywood ceiling covering it you know being inside the attic you can see here the last activity that we had so any of the activity that we visualize right here on screen in the last  24  hours is everything from our 1 0 dbi

Actually it's a three dbi antenna and you can see that we did actually have a little bit of decent activity overnight where did we get right here so we were able to witness a beacon we were paid out for that this was within the last 24  hours and this beacon was transported all the way-out from the centre of freaking Orlando actually that looks like you're Sammy yeah and that guy was contacting out to everybody let's see what that beacon is running

Installing The Bobcat Helium Miner

Now I don't even care that much so as we go back in you see now we are up at 5.8 last-place 24  hours we've earned ourselves about dollar 41 in helium and we did a 30 daytime video yesterday so we're not going to go over those numbers you can just see them there on screen so I’m exceedingly very happy and then of course we will be working on this antenna over the weekend probably Saturday we'll take a trip over there and we’ll crawling under my in-laws house because we can actually run the cable down and under the house and then straight up to the roof and this a bobcat miner is hardwired and we are really do have the cable ports and I was able to access that and run underground or under the house and then up so that’ll be a very easy install

 I acquired it on July 9th this had two ratings and there were five adepts each so this must have been a new antenna that came out and I as someone that was new into helium quarrying not knowing exactly what 10 dbi antennas should look like or shouldn't look like or anything like that and precisely kind of saying oh man that's a really good price because I was looking at the proxy assign 10 dbi antenna for 140 and that's actually a one for 44 bucks

I’ll try that and then coming the research results that I wasn't getting versus watching other YouTubers that have like the rack 5.8 and then all the comments you guys left me to get the rack 5.8 and realise all the results from people that have the rack 5.8 even in less in like more urban uh like or more like rural environments than me where I keep saying I’m a lone wolf one of my commenters like how are you a lone wolf exactly a lot of notes were saying if you don't have stuff touching your hexagon you're not going to make a lot of money so I kind of assumed that would be like a lone wolf territory and this was going to be lone wolf territory unlike this where they have two back and forth uh so that's why I was thinking it was lone wolf um but now as we learn you know we look at this antenna

The Right Helium Mining Antenna

It says right here it's 15.75  inches that's another red flag too yesterday on the video when I was scrolling down to the specs because I do these videos pretty much live in like one take I was noted that the specs were stating that this antenna is 19.69 inches long and so then you go up here to the photo showing its specs and it very clearly states it's 15.75  inches longhand the feeler itself the fiberglass organization itself is only like roughly a foot long

so I wasn’t exaggerating I said it's like yay big-hearted versus that nice long ass rack 5.8 dbi so that should have been another red flag that we accompanied and then when we were going over they did change this page but if you go down to the q a section of this sheet um too you'll meet like re-examines now are actually up where's the q a um did I pass it a number of problems did they remove the questions did they remove the questions because it says right here have a question type let's see if we can find the issues to there's another victimize there's the proxy

I was talking about that obliges more ability 4 dbi that probably utters more impression for it to be 38.99 and there's a big 10 dbi 100 uh where's the q a q a q a they did they removed the questions from it oh so there was a question on here that said why is your uh title saying that the antenna is a 10 dbi when some of the information in this in this portion here says the three dbi and they said oops that's a mistake so that should have been the big red flag that we noticed as well um all these cables and material like that

I like I said trial and error I wouldn't recommend do any of this um the proxy direct probably something a little bit more reasonable like this is a 15 biantennary that's 86 inches a little more reasonable if you know your dbis and what exactly you need but only be very carefully considered that's why we decided to end up to buy the  5.8 dbi antenna bundle so we've got the two there for 80 bucks and this was the biggest success antenna that’ve seen this is the biggest most popular in the comments that I’ve seen so that's why we're taking the immerse with that and then we went to use coax to custom body-build our excuse me monster cable as well so we're going to leave it disappearing we're just going to tell it sit we are starting 24 -hour clock right now at 3 30 p.m. eastern

We are going to get some more activity because this is all modernized now that we have this beast of an feeler up in our attic ready to go and if you guys want to get your hands on this antenna if you have two miners it emphatically think is something that's worth grabbing because it's 80 for the two it's only forty dollars for one but the shipping is forty dollars so if you have two or more I believe that's a little more worth it comes really well sent and actually packed and you feel really confident that your make is not going to be banged up or separated so for  40 bucks money well depleted but um maybe for one feeler you can't justify buying one feeler for 80 bucks

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