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Helium Network – FreedomFi Indoor Small Cell for 5G

Hello and welcome back! so up to this videoFreedomFi only did traditional Helium mining via LoRa coverage, though these minerswere designed and created with the intent to also cater 5g coverage. Thisvideo will flood what you need to set up 5g how to set it up physically and if you’re lookingfor more background information on why 5g on helium how it works what’s the profitabilityand where you should place it and all those kind of extra questions, check out the video inthe description below called “Why 5G on Helium? ” So what do you need to mine helium via 5g? Currently the only miner available that supports5G mining is FreedomFi.Think of this like a meter to track usage and street data just like you’dpark your auto on the street and the rhythm moves your consumption. It would also track the 5G andLoRa coverage that’s being provided. You’ll also need a CBRS small cell radio and that’s thething that receives the signal from your telephone Now please note that the only current availablesmall cadre radio is an indoor one from FreedomFi outdoor radios will be announced and I’ll doa separate video on them later. There will probably likewise be other manufacturers comingon board so again, watch for more videos. So to evaluation all of this setup oreven to use it you need a sim card and a phone capable of esim which I’lllink and include a connect in the description to a schedule of supporting phonesand that both GigSky and FreedomFi have that leaning in the links that I’ll provide.Phone intentions have still not been hitherto announced but two providers so far are GigSky and DISH networkso DISH also owns Boost Mobile, Ting, Republic Wireless and has agreements with AT& T while DISHbuilds out its own 5G network* cough* Helium.So to do the testing for thisvideo I was given a 2 month unlimited usage contrive which you canre-up by five GB increments for 59.99 at any time that you’d like. If moreproviders agreements are announced, of course I will compute them to the descriptionbelow and you can check out those videos and any any further things that I try and add back to thedescription or in a pinned commentary. So let’s take a look at the physical setup of the equipmentnecessary for mining 5G coverage via Helium. Here’s your router. Notice I have a cord comingout of the back coming around and coming into the freedom fi miner and then that is cominginto the LAN port so coming in on your WAN port here and your eNB1 moves out to your small-scale cellradio.There’s influence coming from there and that’s on the 5G feature so if you fling around to theother side of the miner might be a little more difficult because I’m going to watch mychord gap now so this is the LoRa side. So you can see I have RP-SMA coming out here goingacross and up to my feeler. So if you followed any of my other videos you’ll know very well howto set up these antennas and what you’ll need.So this is a 3dbi feeler from RAK Wireless andthe cable that I was using is just an indoor rated cable just for the this testso then that would do both coverage. Now you’ll too need a phone that is equivalent for eSIM support andthen this sim card that is provided is just for FreedomFi testing. You can’t get rewarded viathe coverage it renders but it’s part of the beta testing that FreedomFi is doing.You canalso use the stock antenna which is included as well if you don’t have an antenna.So let’s cover the small cell we’re coming out of the eNB1 port on the FreedomFiminer which is right here and then going up to the indoor tiny cell. Now the indoor big cellalso has a GPS antenna which for right now and the purposes of this video I’ve put up on the up nextto the antenna right here but that is to get a GPS fastening and that is required for 5G coverage and thenlooking at the bottom of this you can see that we have the yellowish line going to the WAN port.TheLAN port is only used for manufacturing, dominance, and gps now this influence can also um actually getPoEfrom via this port so a little addition there. Now one thing I’d like to cover specificallyon the indoor small cadre are the daylights at the top and you can see from right to left here wehave the WAN which intends – yes it’s connected to the miner, of course power – need that, sync would associate back to your GPS lock and then LTE which mostly would mean thatit’s subscribing 5G coverage. Now all of these lamps are required to stay on and then youwould be providing 5G assistance or 5G coverage.One added case of rig I’dlike to recommend is a UPS. It’s an uninterruptible power supply so what this isused for is in the event of a power failure you would still be able to provide 5g coverageas long as your structure communication is up. So this is awesome to provide that extra coverage. Ofcourse this has the dependency that you would need power backups at all points of your networkevery single line your router all of that if your router is plugged into justthe wall you’re not going to get wise. Let’s do a brief overview of the entire setuphere’s a UPS providing power in case your supremacy starts out. On the right here we havea router supply your internet connection to your FreedomFi miner which is alsoconnected up to both a LoRa antenna give LoRa coverage and then also your indoorsmall cadre which is providing your 5G coverage. Also you’ll need to connect up your GPS antennato provide that GPS sync and of course you’ll need a phone that is compatible with eSIMtechnology and that’s all the equipment.If you need more information on how to set up yourFreedomFi setup, FreedomFi does got a few leader out so far. So they have one for the gateway orthe miner, one for the CBRS indoor tiny cell, and then one for the mobile sim card whichthey included which is just for testing. There’s also a data sheet available on the smallcell which I’ll include in the description…links for all those those guides. So the templates havemore details and screenshots of the Helium app, you’ll of course need supremacy bond and alsoa connection to your router to supply internet to the device.There will be some initialonboarding paces and then it will get syncing for a duo periods, if your miner is not caughtup to the blockchain yet and then of course it could take up to 24 hours to fully sync yourindoor small-time cadre. Please note if you unplug superpower it will stop syncing and will graduallyget farther and farther behind the blockchain. So for the LoRa setup, again it’s much morelike any other miner. I’ll relation my original FreedomFi unboxing video and a video settingup with another antenna which then you are eligible to even go into how do you have selected new antennasand verify that they’re working. Of direction you can go with the stock antenna as Ishowed or swap it out too like I depicted for any antenna that coincides your neighbourhood frequency.If you already have another LoRa miner actively quarrying you want to power that off and in abouta day or two it will fall off the blockchain and your closenes rating will go or yourtransmit scale will go back to normal.I’m unaware at this time if you can do LoRamining outside the US with the FreedomFi miner. I don’t believe so because it would not render the liberty frequency for the LoRa sidebut in case you had the same frequency maybe, but the point is is that you can’t do 5G coverageoutside the US with this indoor small cell. So for more information on setting up the smallcell everything to connect the small cell to your miner is included you get a power supply, ethernetcord, and a long cord with a gps antenna on the end the small cell need to see a gps lock in order tooperate. It’s highly recommended that you get the GPS antenna in or near a space. It does do PoEhowever an injector is NOT included.You’ll too need to connect the ethernet instantly from yourminer consuming the WAN, port not the LAN on the small cell. As much as I’d desired a different physicallocation for the small cell from my miner, it shows this won’t be possible…whetherthat’s just now or forever, I’m not sure. For the indoor small-scale cadre you want to place itwhere you have the best line of sight for parties to use their cell phones another importantaspect is that data usage will be limited to the size of your supplied internet.FromFreedomFi’s FAQ on their website, Most CBRS cells will have the maximum downlink throughput of about1 50 megabits per second. So if you have a decent internet connection it will not swallow all of it.You’ll likewise have the ability to set a ceiling data throughput that you dedicate to the dataoffload which basically means you can log in and configure how much data you crave passingthrough your tiny cadre. For instance, if you have 150 megabits per second internet plan you’llonly be able to provide that amount of 5g service so design your data usage accordingly. If you doa small test and usage is covered then you may want to consider upgrading your bandwidth keepin thought many business designs begins in the one gigabits per second range and then start puttingin language based on usage rather than bandwidth. The unique setup on these small cells is that youcan have a switch and supplemented a bunch of small cells in case you need to cover a knot of chambers or justgo beyond the collection of a small cell.If you have just one big small-time cadre you are able to connectit to the eNB1 port on the FreedomFi miner. Let’s go over the problems I had during setup.Even though I had purchased an unlocked telephone, countless carriers will keep their telephones lockedso when I tried to start the GigSky app, it stayed forever on the sprinkle screen. Itnever proceeded to any further screen. After that I called my carrier to have the phoneunlocked and when they are completed opening, I restarted my phone and was able to start theGigSky app and “re going through” the configuration steps. Now during configuration, even if they are theinstructions seem simple, I shambled it up. They talk about setting up your primary andsecondary indications precisely. You have to kind of copy and glue certain information fromyou know one screen to the other and so it’s good to have the template up or haveseparate screenshots to walk through.I tried to just like pause where I was and go over tothe screen and then come back and I lost where I was at so it may have not even configuredcorrectly or entirely on my phone as of hitherto. One other memorandum is that if you havesecurity scanning on your network more than likely that willimpede traffic as it’s inspected. So thank you much needed for watching! Pleaseremember to stumble the Like and agree. I’d love your feedback in the comments below. Ialways try and pin a comment if there are any corrections after the video is constructed. Tillnext time, carpe tempestas( seize the commotion )..

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