what’s going on my beautiful people from youtubeguys i’m excited i’m going to show you guys how to pick your feeler i’ve gotten some requestsabout this i’ve actually helped a few people on the side in regards to how do i get more rewardspeople around me are deserving more money than i am what am i doing wrong so i’ve walked some peoplethrough a few of the things step by step but i want to share with all of you and if you guyswouldn’t mind let me know what you want to hear about down in specific comments below do you want tosee more hands-on stuff do you want to see an installation one of these i have no problem goingoutside going my hands dirty and actually doing it because at the end of the day i want to provideyou guys with evaluate and if you guys wouldn’t mind exactly doing a advantage back by commenting letting meknow what you want to see and smashing that like button for the youtube algorithm because it doesgo a long way i think about 50 of you guys are not yet subscribed so subscribing does help thechannel tremendously and again like my goal is to be able to provide you value and if you don’tlike what i’m saying let me know let me know what i need to fix let me know what you want to changebecause at the end of the day if i’m not doing a good job i need to get better and the only way i’mgoing to find out that that i’m not doing a good job is if y’all let me know so let’s get rightin to it and like i often do i want to cover three major things right and i’m going to keepit simple this the goal of this presentation of going over these items is to break things downso that you understand how these feelers work and what are the factors that you need to considerwhen you’re purchasing yours now we’re going to cover three things first gain secondly elevationand third topography and i want to make this kind of not you know a little bit brief i guessyou can say because there’s so much it can go in depth on and i i know there are some rf engineersare going to watch this video and i know who yeah i know who you are sorry but like i know it’s notin detail and it’s not exactly technical to the fullest extent that it should be i’ll come i’ll definitelydo another video and give you guys more implements to use to be able to find out exactly where to placethings how you know how to arrangement more things but at the end of the day this will get youlet’s say 80 percentage there will get you 80 results of what you actually need which is a greatimprovement previously from the little asset antennae you’re probably gonna come with your miners you’vethat you waited so long for i’m sure so let’s get right into it with that number one gain like allright so increase like well that the power right like what what affects the game there are three thingsi’m going to cover which is going to be the feeler character it’s going to be the cable length andalso size and textile of things around it i guess you can say so i’ll explain that a little bitfurther because the size of material it’s going to be brief my goal you know is really cover thatantenna type in depth and excuse a little better what that cable length does because if youhave an understanding of how the rf signal employments you’re initiate you’re going to be able to do thison your own moving forward so first one it’s an isotropic signal privilege this antenna it just sendsa signal out everywhere is this good no it’s awful because you don’t have any helium miners above youor below you so what’s the point of communicating signal out everywhere right and my biggest issue withthis is that you can’t envisage an rf signal it’s hard right and here here’s here’s what i wantto show you right here is the electromagnetic spectrum so the visible light that we can seeis a extremely very tiny fraction and like anything below the visible light uv starts you know todamage your surface and the x-ray and then gamma rays like everything else kills you so everythingto the left kills you and everything to the right has a little bit more function i guess you cansay um on a day-to-day use not that like we can use x-rays but not on a day-to-day scenario likeyou’re not utilize x-rays at home but you are using radio waves at home all the time if you got wi-fithat’s that that’s tron so because everything is inside of the electromagnetic spectrum iwant to try to help you visualize this with good age-old vis you know visible light it’sa light bulb an isotropic feeler is no nothing other than a light bulb it radiatesthe same way it doesn’t care what’s around it it’s just going to beam itself out everywhere inevery direction and this is what it would look like so you have a light bulb when you turnit on it’s now transport that light-footed all over introduce a reflect to it if you hopefullycan follow this concept because i had to get a little hands-on to actually get get getbetter at it do that mirror arrange it against the sunrise now instead of only having that lightbe just as bright it’s not going to double it up it’s twice as luminous db careful “it wouldve been” 3db that’s what doubling this would imply now i could just leave it now or i coulddo show and tell with activity here we go and we’ll see how my computerbehaves with the light-coloreds leading off so here is light bulb it’s glowing it’s you knoweliminating everything around it it doesn’t care anything around it you know i can putmy my hand here now i have a shadow but it’s not ponder so what we do is bring a reflect and i think the best wayto show this is if you look at the back of the room you’re going to be able to see thatit does get twice as shining but the bottom of the room is now not as colors because it’s onlygetting the reflection from the ceiling and everywhere else but and i as i pluck it away youcan see that there is a difference in light-headed there so this is how it undertakings i’m not increasingthe ability of this light bulb the light bulb is just as strong all i’m doing is reflectingthe the wavelengths into a different direction all right now the same way that i did that withthis mirror here let’s talk about a different type of antenna this one is a sectional antenna whicha lot of parties will call a directional antenna it’s when you want to beam it out to a specificlocation a specific place right and the best way to describe this is it’s like a flashlight so yousee those little cone shapes in the back those are all you know rooms that they’re shine thatsignal to stage in a specific shape or tendency this does get exploited a little bit more uh oftenthan your you are familiar with regular isotropic um antenna because it does have more help like if you wantto beam things instantly to one blot and usually the db’s are going to be like 12 or even more likeup 20 sometimes depending on the type of antenna and it’s really useful if you know where you’repointing it at for helium mining it’s not the most frequent one however it does have its uses andfor a little show and tell here i’ll time use a regular flashlight if you look at the backof the area you can see that the flashlight is got a big bright area crystallize now i’mgoing to change the figure on the flashlight i didn’t increase the strength of the flashlightdidn’t add more batteries it’s still just as potent nonetheles i’m making that light-colored brighterby focusing it and that’s how the present working so if you’re thinking about an feeler you can havean antenna with you know let’s say that this here is seven dbs or whatever whateverit may be and as i change it the the the dbi is actually increasing becauseit’s now a more restricted more focused beam and it will go much further like it willtravel a great deal further in comparison to this and if you’re talking aboutgraphs this is what it looks like so there is a big difference and like i justshowed you with the flashlight you fastening up and just like i pictured you the flashlight that’show it wields it’s just grin that signal out and it can either be wider or narrower then morenarrower it gets the further out it’s going to be able to travel well this is really cool effectwhen i get my little hold like that that’s well i need to use my hands more often all rightnow those are great i those assist me personally understand how the signal actually labours butthe most common i predicts most commonly used inside of the healing network is it’s gonna be theomnidirectional antennas and yes omnidirectional antennas it’s a misnomer because it’s notgoing in every direction it’s really going in all directions in a horizontal cable rightit’s that donut condition it’s just what’s going around the feeler itself so if you havethe antenna it’s going to go around it not above it not below it because that’s a wastewho cares about the signal going up or down i signify at the end of the day you want to makesure that beam is going out now this is the most common most flexible and it’s the one that iwill recommend for anyone that’s you know starting out and looking at mining um helium becauseit’s not expensive it’s somewhat affordable so let’s talk about the signal right likewhat does the signal actually look like is there a difference are there different typesof antennas yes and now we go an omnidirectional signal can be super bubbly right like a 3db signalwould look something like this and it would be great if you’re using it in a city maybe you gotskyscrapers you have things that you need to get over uh you know perhaps your your region has alot of hills this is a good setup it won’t go as far out but it will give you great coverage6dbs now here it gets a little bit different this is the most common one and this is the rangethat i would recommend to most people if you’re in the suburbs for example this is the way to go youwant to make sure that your light is traveling out more it still has fairly of that meridian that itcan get over arrangements that it can actually constitute make it over things so this is a great optionand you can go even further out still with an omnidirectional signal remember the omnidirection means that this is happening in 360. and that 90 b’s it’s going to be a much narrower you know rf signal but it’s going to go reallyreally much very far away out so maintain that in thought when you’re considering the different dblevels of your feeler and i’m going to go over this actually one more time and i’ll show you afew all kinds of feelers now cable length cable length is important because it does have animpact on signal it’s pointless for and i’ve seen this online and it’s like it annoys me to noend because people will say i don’t know what’s going on i bought a brand new antenna i settled iton a you are familiar with a 100 hoof pole and my signal is just as bad yeah like you’re not thinking aboutthe way you’re placing it up you’re virtually utilizing a great antenna and you’re losing allyour signal from your control because your miner is so stinking far away that as your signal istraveling from your miner to the antenna itself through you are familiar with a coax cable you’re just losingall of your persuasivenes and this is really important and here’s what you can do and i’ll send the linkput the link down below you can actually see what this looks like and i’ll do the us frequencyfor helium and let’s do a 25 foot cable run cable guide effectivenes if you don’t understandwhat you know how to calculate you know db to the dbis don’t worry about itbut simply look at this number now this is a big deal you’re now exclusively you know8 0 effective because you loped out too long of a cable and and like i was saying like it wasa hundred paw the people that i was looking at guys forty percent over half of the powerthat you’re supposed to come is getting lost that cable is meant for an antenna not for along run please remember that please so don’t stream super long cables if you’re going to runwrong cable move your ethernet cable and get that as close as possible to the antenna so minerand feelers needs to be close to one another that’s how you want to set it up with the heliumdevices though that’s actually a helium antennas attached to dpr manoeuvres and i’ve enveloped dpr fora little while now it’s going to be a usb adapter which is really cool because then you’re going tobe able to run a usb not an ethernet cable that gives you a little bit even more flexibilitywhich is awesome but make sure that the cable itself that’s going to the antenna is right thereas close as possible as it can be to the miner i just want to say it again because it’s reallyimportant and people are missing this and beings are so messing themselves up because youshould not be losing that much signal retain that cable short i recommend under five feetlike five hoofs is the maximum i would recommend anybody move um the cable to their antennasget an enclosure for your miner if you have to it does make a big difference and beings forgetpeople truly do forget now size and material minimum antenna immensity should be one quarterwavelength which meant that for the us you’re looking at a minimum of 3.22 inches i know it’snot that big ideally you want to get the act you know the full sizing of the wavelengthbut at a naked minimum that’s the width you require if your antenna is not you know 3.22 inches you’re you’re not doing yourself any any kindness there like you’re actuallygoing to lose signal because of it um if you’re you know not in the us andyou’re you are familiar with with a a different um signal you’re going to want it to be a little bit biggerso it’s 3.4 inches but you are familiar with 8.63 centimeters and if you’re bored and you can’t sleep at nighti will send ah the link down below to this here effects of antenna size on tournament bandwidth andefficiency it’s from 1960 uh but it’s really cool like it’s a really nice paper really easyto understand and it talks about how yeah you gotta have a big enough antenna but at the end ofthe day like it just doesn’t help if it’s too big um so yeah i’m the the stuff i predict on myspare time right that’s not really spare time it’s research time for you all now let’s talkabout substance and this is going to be i predicts a two-part thing first let’s talk about the antennamaterial first rubber please simply use it indoors please don’t use rubbers indoors yes but pleaseonly use rubber antennas indoors because those things crack and the sunshine simply destroys them and ii i haven’t seen an feeler last outside a rubber antenna previous outside specially because mostof them are actually black right and the sun only you are familiar with simply really kills it fiberglassis my favorite alternative for outdoor antennas um they last-place a very long time and there’s usually likea white or uh blacknes option i’d much very have the lily-white so that thing doesn’t heat up either umhands down if you’re gonna made an antenna outside stick with the fiberglass is the way to go a lotof people do run you know indoor antennas maybe they’re in apartment house they can’t get thisyou know their antennas outside whatever it was possible to just delight be aware that there is that factor ofyour meaning is going to crack your antenna is not going to last and um presumably the fiberglassis a little bit better for signal backbone and it doesn’t repercussion the signal as much as therubber ones would which returns me to my i approximate double topic right which is i want to talk to youguys about elevation why elevation is important um and “thats one” of the locations where i’mlooking at rank a a helium minor delight if you want to you know let me know downbelow in matters relating to if you want to see a hands-on approach to things if you want to see awalkthrough as how as far as how i determine things up um let me know uh or if you’re moreinterested in you know the whole theoretical perspective of things i just want to makesure that i’m giving you guys the content that you want so please leave me a comment down below itreally cures the algorithm even if you don’t have a choice and mind let me let me know how yourday was it doesn’t matter what you have for lunch that’s important that’s always importantbut raising i was talking about materials and elevation why is elevation so important iwant to bring up something else here which is this document take a look at this this is theimpact that different information have under the attenuation of your signal and i guess you can seethe thicker things are the worse the signal is so elevation is important and understandingdifferent textiles is also important and the central information i want to highlight here is glassglass doesn’t seem to have that big of an impact however please understand that this is juststandard glass when you are dealing with the you know newer glass that’s got uv filters onit your signal is going to suffer tremendously you’re mostly precisely bouncing for most of itplease you know find out if you have uv filtering your windows because it’s gonna it’s gonna bea mess if you’re if you’re place that antenna behind it you’re gonna be waiting and waiting andwaiting for wages you’re not gonna get anything and as you can see you know concrete andlike the thicker things get the the worse um your signal fortitude um get because it doesaffect it more and more and more and more and it’s just something for you guys to beaware here’s the uh you know the attenuation measurements and a little chart format it makesa difference if you guys are inside of a of a concrete construct and you’re set an intentinside all alright that’s great hopefully there was still adolescents around you but at the end of theday realize that there will be an impact on how well you are able to quarry right and the nextportion here that i want to cover with all of you i know i’m talking about raising but anotherportion of the raising is also the topography you got to know exactly where you are in relationto that it wishes to stumbled and too going to see gave this link up so that you can get access to itand you can look this substance up yourself but if you’re you know sitting over here on top ofa hill in fremont and you’re radiate over to san francisco you’re going to be getting a ton ofrewards because that’s an open line of sight there there’s nothing in between you the biggest factorin this one is going to be the humidity it’s going to be you know the the fog in the air likethat’s what’s going to affect your signal nothing else which is great that’s really reallygood now if you are let’s say in san diego and you want to know oh hang on a second i’m notgetting anybody around me why is that well if you’re got a bunch of hills around you that’swhat’s going to happen and that’s why elevation topography around you is so important so i’mgoing to take this blue antenna i’m going to settled it up on a 150 paw pole all of a suddeni’m doing good well huge coverage i’m hitting the other hot spots that i’m looking to touched thisis a great tool you can just plot the longitude and leeway of your different miners you’repossibly trying to you know trying to reach and it will tell you what’s in between the two of youguys this does not take into account for buildings this is simply the organization lay of the land i guessyou can say um so continue that in recollection specially if you’re you’re in urban centres you wishes to be takethat into consideration so but it does used to help does have a tremendous impact on understanding youknow how far up you might need to put up a poll in your room that’s a really good thing for you totake in consideration now i promise you that i would give you some recommendations gonna give youthree recommendations and i’m gonna explain to you what each one of them are for um oh yeah the likebutton if you haven’t done that hitherto that ever ever helps while i pull this thing here up andhere we go all right 3db people 3db is not bad 3 doesn’t mean it’s weak again delight rememberthat the dbi that these antennae are putting out does not relate to how strong or poor they areit relates to what the what the shape at the end of the day of that signal is going to looklike so an omnidirectional antenna uh that’s you know 3 dbi feeler this is great for an urbanscenario if there are a lot of constructs around you you want to make sure you’re getting somethinglike this that you’re reaching over objectives that you’re you know if you’re an apartment comp like ahigh up you want to make sure you’re reaching down as well and three is the way to go utterly theway to go for an urban scenario now this 5.8 this is my favorite all-around antenna simply becauseit still has enough fairly width that it slams a lot of things but it does depart very far away out thanyour regular uh 3db antenna so i would definitely recommend this as a catch-all if you’re nota hundred percent sure like in the suburbiums this is a really good option now if you’re in themiddle of nowhere and there’s nothing around you you might want to consider go with an 8 db antennasimply because you want to be able to reach as far as possible and this will do the trick foryou you know increasing the dbi on the feeler is a big deal it does make a difference and youjust want to make sure that you can actually have you know a clear line of sights of things so a lotof days when you’re using some of these you want to take in consideration the stature and thesesignals they don’t just go straight out they do curve precisely a little hinder that in thought as wellbecause it does have an effect because at the end of the day you don’t want to be beaming thingsover people’s presidents like you actually want to punched other people’s children that’s the goal so primed it upplay with the stature a lot of duration like if you’re thinking i’m going to apply this big aged spar in myhouse like maybe that might not be the best idea turn it on plug it in give it a day or two seewhat happens then make the revisions that you need to make sure you’re you’re acquiring thebest possible return essentially right because you want to be able to find the most amountof evidences i’m going to set the links down below to these antennas because i do think they’regood they’re profitable for you guys checking out but i’m probably going to cover more helium stuffjust because i’ve been getting more questions about it and people want to know what to do and idon’t know i just i just love this helping people thing here that i’m doing and i’m going to keepat it so thank you for all the support i know this is like the third time set this up but thatlike button does vanish a long way the subscription it’s prodigious the response i’ve been gettingso is thanks to all of you it’s been really great um receiving all the support wasn’t expecting toeven be like this but i am beyond grateful and you know i’m talking about the algorithm itdoes like when we have conversations down below in specific comments i will see you guys on the next oneit’s been awesome hanging out with you take care you

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