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How to improve your Helium miner’s transmit scale | Everything about HIP17 hex and reward scales

you might have suffered that your hotspotis alone in your hex but the reward scale or the transmit flake is still less than one orthe configuration around your hotspot has not changed at all but your reward talent still wentdown and you are wondering why that happened in this video we will have an in-depth discussionon how switch flake or the move flake is calculated along with a detailed understandingof hexes at different resolutions hey folks this is roy and welcome back to my direct eigentechyou might think that if you are alone in your hex at settlement 8 your reinforce magnitude of thetransmit flake is always going to be 1 but “thats really not” actually true tell us check afew questionable specimen so here i am showing you a hex where there is only one hotspot as youcan see here and there are no hotspots around this hex the only outspots are prettyfar so this the reward scale for this one should have been one but you can seeit’s not one it’s instead 0.69 so what’s wrong here another example is i am showing youhere let me turn on the give magnitude now um so you can see there by the cluster ofhot spots here these sixes have only single hot spots inside it and these three have two hotspots inside it so you can see that for this and this hex uh the channel flake is one but for someunknown reason this the hot spots in this hex have only 0.5 which should have shouldn’t have been thecase it should have your scale of one so why is it so so in the first part of this video i’ll giveyou a speedy rebuttal to seeing how the move abilities are calculated and what could be the problems and thesecond part “i m going to give you” a more detailed answer for the quick answer we will go tothe browser and type and formerly it loads we can click on this searchicon here and character the name of your hotspot in this case we’ll check this problematic hotspot andi have already laden its information and then you go to the reward scale tab here and that willshow you uh some details about the rewards of this particular hotspot so this is the net or totalreward scale which is 0.69 so let us now check the breakdown of the reinforce magnitude after differentresolutions so you might once know that uh to estimate the compensation scale the numberof hotspots at different resolutions are used in particular starting from resolution 10 all the way up to resolution 4. So in this case you can see that the computed honor proportion fordifferent solutions are mainly penalty starting from resolution 10 all the way up to resolutionfive but the problematic hex is solving four and there are 363 too many hotspots they aresupposed to be uh so 800 would therefore be the optimal number of hot spots and because there are3 63 more smudges your scale is 0.69 you can check that so the number is basically 800 divided by 800 plus 363 which is 1163 and that gives you 0.68787 so it’s 0.69 approximately so also uh this app isnice it goes to show uh in ruby-red complexion the foreground below which one is the problematic hex and youcan see for the other lawsuits successfully occupied amply occupied which is fine which means that thenumber of hot spot in that resolution is equal to the optimal number of hot spots and then thereare four more available at resolution seven twenty four ever accessible six and so on and uh on thetop of this page in the planned it goes to show the this colored hex shows you the problematic impacts okayso in this case nothing can be done because uh the problem is at much larger scale so there is nohope for this one i am showing you another example now where the reverse scale is only 0.15 verybad and in the deterioration you can see there are difficulties at various scale starting from resolution1 0 plight 8 7 and 5 but what is important here answer 10 represents it’s really tiny spaceand if you click on here you will see that as mostly the two hotspots are very close toeach other and if one moves it somewhat away the province prepares the orientation either this one moves hereobviously moves here ah the reverse scale for this particular um hex which is resolution 10 will goto one and to then to estimate the final solving what you have to do that you have to simplymultiply uh to get the final or net compensation flake or channel proportion you have to multiplyuh that your flake at all different answers that will give you the final payoff knowledge and ahthe other problematic one which one as this one so sumptuous jet black zebra i have also loadedit now and you can see that the problem is only at resolution 10 which intends two hotspots are really really close to each other you can see in this map it’s very close soin this case the simple solution is to move uh one of these hotspots slightly away sofor example let’s say this one to ah x a at resolving 10 and that will solve the problem andyou don’t need to even physically move it because this is a very close distance uh you can always seta site which is within 50 to 100 rhythms of the actual physical point and that should still befine in terms of earning or witnessing each other i hope you now understand better how to compute thetotal compensation knowledge given the reward skill at individual resolutions and you will be also ableto perform diagnosis at which solution the problem exists if your wage scale is not one ifthe problem happens at a very high resolution like resolution 10 or answer 9 hex then there is achance to fix it by reasserting the location but if it is the case in a much broader resolution likeresolution four or five ah there is not much hope because it ah involves a much much larger areaand you cannot change the point of other hotspots of course all right give us now move tothe second part of this video where we will have an in-depth discussion on how to really computethe give ability for that first we need to have a good understanding of the hexagons at differentresolutions in this presentation i am showing you hexagons at different resolutions starting fromresolution 11 all the way up to resolution 4. So higher the list signifies the finer it is so thesmaller the area and a smaller resolution signifies a larger area so if you talk about the arm lengthit starts from 30 rhythm for solving 11 for this resolution 10 66 meter and it goes all the way upto 22.6 rhythm six kilometer for resolve four if you make the ratio between any uh consecutiveuh hex for example 66 rhythm by 30 rhythm uh between uh mostly forearm duration otherwise 10 hex dividedby s11 hex is going to be 62.646 and it’s going to be the same if you take the ratio of 1.22 kilometer divided among 461 kilometer so basically this is the ratio of any two consecutivepairs so decide rx divided by resolution r plus 1 x so this was the appendage length if you look atthe area which is more interesting so uh expanse of solution 10 x divided by resolution 11 x isgoing to be 7 and again it’s going to be same for any two consecutive interval so what does thisseven number mean it actually has a physical imply so if we considered uh hexes as a at resolutioneight and seven these are not up to scale uh and make us choose seven solution eights whichare neighboring in this fashion then you can see that the resolution 7x will look like this soseven resolve eight hexes are enclosed inside one resolution seven hex okay and in this case itwill call that resolution seven is the parent hex and decide eight is the child hex okay and ifyou now consider seven uh resolution seven hexes as shown by this green hexagons now then theparent settlement six hexagon will look like this and this is true for any any resolution so onehex at answer r will be equal to seven hex at decide r in terms of area okay we can have abetter understanding of the hexagon disintegration by looking at a interactive delineate for that wewill go to the browser and category helium dot arrange then we will turn on the resolution 8 hex bytoggling this button now close it and then zoom in to any spot “youd prefer” and tell it load andthen i’ll click on some smudge here and you can see that now this uh red zone is the bad area whereyou should not have any other hotspot if there is a hotspot at the centre for human rights and this black hexagonsare the resolution eight hexagon okay then let me now remain now and turn on resolution nine as welland now you can see that inside one solution eight hex there was still seven resolve nine hexessimilarly as i told you it’s true for any um for any resolution hexes so i will turn this off andturn the resolution 7 on and then if you zoom out a little bit you can see now that inside aresolution 7 hex there are 7 resolve 8 hexes so the outside hex will be called the parentheticand the inside axis will be called the child hex now this might inspect a little bit confusing becauseyou can see that some part of this resolution eight hex is outside the mother hex okay butto see a more clearer picture we can go back to the hot spotty page earlier i pictured you thisresolution 10 hexagon now we can go back and let’s scroll down now and click on resolution eight hexand it will now show you the proper frontier it looks like a kind of a flower influence okay so thisis how the actual uh this is the actual shape of the hex that is actually used in the calculationsbut for the purpose of this video we’ll keep it simple and use regular hexagons as i testified youin the presentation so the next important degree is to understand the number of hot spots thatis optimal for a sacrificed solving because that is the number which measures your individualreward talents so there are some default amounts which is uh so settlement 11 is not considereduh star merely fight starting company 10 is considered and the default number of hotspots is one and one for standing nine and then it increases gradually and goes to 250 for resolutionfour okay so i call this count in time which you can think as the maximum number of miners uh thatcan be present in a rendered hex before the disseminate magnitude is reduced below one so if your hotspotnumber for example let’s say at seven outperforms six uh the move magnitude all of all of them uh willgo down and it is increasingly becoming five divided by six but this number is actually not static it’sdynamic and that makes in the intricacy uh so the end clip value actually increases fromthis default value to a peak appreciate uh it increases gradually and under certain conditionsare met and the maximum values are still it’s one for solving 10 for 9 it’s 2 4 20 and forresolution 4 it’s 800 okay in the later part of this video we’ll discuss how this n clip numberincreases from default value to this maximum value and under what kind of conditions so make us nowtake the default values now and try to compute the give scale for a contributed hotspot okay so ihave grayed out the resolution 11 and it is not being used and then this is showing you then clip multitudes which are the default values so here i have prepared a table and showingyou the time crowd the same numbers are here for different resolves okay and this next rowis showing you the number of miners at different resolution hexes so at uh from commencing from 10 up to resolution eight there are only one miner so basically if you have a minor in any childx you’ll always have that minor in in in its planet x okay so in answer seven there areeight eight minus 20 90 now and 300 okay so the formula to calculate transmit scale at individualhexes is given by this so hex transmit scale is minimum of either 1 or n divided among n minus sowhat it means that you have to divide in clip this crowd by n adolescent and if this amount is smallerthan 1 then you use that count but if this list is greater than one you use one now one importantpoint to remember is that the n adolescent is defined as the number of interactive miners theinteractive miners wants those hot spot which has which have site alleged and haveuh whose lighthouse signals have been witnessed by other horsepower in other words its beacon signalshould have a valid weakness right okay so those are the interactive hotspots and non-interactivehotspots are have always zero payoff scale so um so we can simplify this math expressionand simply compute the ratio between n time and n minor so if it’s greater than one you say trueif it’s less than one it will you say it mistaken in other words if the number of minor present in hexis smaller or equal to the number of uh optimal number of hot spots it’s true or dark-green and if it’smore than that it’s false so if it’s true uh you can consider that the move magnitude is simplyone for that special hex but when it’s false you have to take the rate so in this case fivedivided by 8 which is 0.625 and here 250 divided by 300 which is 0.833 and then to compute the netor total transmit scale we have to merely multiply all these numbers together since 1 doesn’t matterwe just proliferate 6 to 5 with 833 and that gives you 0.521 that would be the reverse scale ofthis particular minor with this configuration now if you just simply let’s say somebodyelse contributes another hotspot at settlement eight okay so it was earlier only your hotspot butanother hotspot uh comes at answer eight so then you have to add one hotspot for uh allthe resolutions up to so from eight all the way up to four and then since in this case this alsobecomes false too you have to take the rate between n clip and n child now which is0. 5 and other crowds somewhat get amended and now the total transmit scale will be themultiplication of an expression of the results of these three influences and that becomes 0.231 so you cansee that it varied drastically earlier it was 0.5 and now it became 0.23 it’s just not afactor of 2 is more than a factor of 2 in such cases so you can see the wage proportion went downmainly because there was the limitation was only one hotspot at resolve 8 hex before the reversescale is clipped however this multitude in clip can change as i told you earlier this is a dynamicnumber so in this next division we are trying to try to understand how that happens and when thathappens and in that case you have to also consider its neighbor so in this picture i am showing youseven resolve eight hexes to be submitted by blue-blooded and then uh this is the hex under considerationwhere we are going to neighbourhood our hotspot and these are there its neighbors and the dashedline in violet goes to show the rules and regulations seven hex and notice that the neighbors can be placedin a different parent fronts okay um so the parentheses for this resolution eight hex is thisone the bottom one but these ones have a different parent so since there are no hot spots around theend clip is set to its default value which is one so if i now place one hotspot in this hex youryour talent shown by color is going to be 1.0 however if i situate two hot spots that is somewhatoptimal and that is why the diversity is going to going to go down by such factors of 2 and becomes willbecome 0.5 inside this hex for this particular hex but this can change depending on the number ofsaturated neighbour hex so i am precisely announcing merely use a call saturated hex which basicallymeans how many neighbours are there which have n minor or the number of adolescents in that x largerthan or equivalent to n clip which is the default value which constitutes one here in this case so uh here is atable which shows you that that what should be this enabled value after which the end clip can beupgraded and it has different numeral for different settlement so we are considering resolution eightso that is why i have spotlit it in bold so it has to be two in this case so right now a neighboris zero because there is no hot spots around it so which is less than in saturation so the endclip is still going to be one now i place another one in its neighbor so that reversal proportion is goingto be 1.0 however since in neighbor is one which is less than in saturation in excerpt is still goingto be one so this reward scale doesn’t improve now i place another hotspot in at its neighbor andthe neighbor now n neighbour is similar to two which is equal to the n saturation okay and uh so thesenumbers are on chain variable numerals which i have picked up from f17 um information and nowthis nk excerpt can be upgraded because it slakes this condition it becomes now 2 and thus this yourscale no longer need to be 0.5 but it becomes 1.0 okay so now i can further increase it so ifi place another hotspot in another neighbor so now end neighbor is three so in clip can alsobe three so you can place three hotspots inside resolving eight hex without the honor scalebeing uh wreak down okay you add another it becomes four but can it keep increasing can youplace like six neighbors and can this become six no because there is again a limitation on thiswhich is uh to be submitted by this n max number and again it is different for different resolutionsfor resolving eight this is four okay but that meant that even though they are i place um five hot spot inthis neighbor the maximum number of hot spots that i can place now without the reverse skill beinggone down being impart down is still going to be four so with four hot spot you can still haveyour scale of one uh also in this scenario the situation for other other access also improve forexample for this hotspot you have two neighbors with a two neighbours with having more than onehot spot so it can have now at peak of two hot spots with a change proportion of 1.0 similarly thishex has three neighbors and so that this can have three hotspots inside it similarly this one threethis one three and this one two okay if you now increase another hotspot here since intention time hasbeen maxed out it’s still for your science is going to go down the factor will be 4 divided by 5which is 0.8 uh so if you target for example 6 hotspots here it will be 3 divided by 6 whichis 0.5 and again if i increase the number of hotspots in this hex to 10 because the numberof granted what distinguish was only two it the reverse scale for each of the hotspots becomes pointtwo and so note that uh these is these numerals are obtained by considering there are no otherhotspots around it and then finally this was the these are the transmission scales for thisparticular resolution which is resolution eight but to get the final or net move magnitude youhave to take the product of transmission skills and at all resolutions as i registered you earlierso and although i presented you this particular example for decide 8 the same explanationholds for all the deployments but the figure in saturation and in max will be differentand these are the chain variable figures okay another important interpretation of this counter isthat under no circumstances a hotspot can have a change knowledge equal to 1 if the total number ofhot spots in that hex becomes larger than this in max number for example if you considerresolution 6 hex if the full amounts of the number of hot spots in that resolution hex becomes larger than 100 all hotspots inside that hex to be incorporated child hexes the remuneration flake is going to be smaller thanone okay now i will answer a few commonly asked questions the first one is what is a good rewardskill in this table i have divided the honor or disseminate magnitude in 5 different categories anythingbetween 0.95 and 1 would be excellent between 0.75 to 0.95 would be good mediocre would be 0.5 to0. 75 0.25 to 0.5 0 is 4 and anything below 0.25 is terrible okay so you’d like to be in the rangeyou’d like to have a reverse scale in the range of 0.75 to 1. The second question is how does thereward magnitude affect your ironing so actually the remuneration scale of your hotspot doesn’t affect yourironing directly it very affects the ironing of other hotspots in your proximity so basicallywhenever you send a beacon signal and it is received by other hotspots as a valid witnessthe deserving will be scaled down by the factor of your move magnitude nonetheless it can affectyour earnings indirectly so cause us check that uh so here is a seven hexes atresolution settlement eight and this is the distribution of hot spot since thereare two neighboring hotspots have the saturated are saturated the end clip for this hex is goingto be two and there could be two hotspots with a overturn flake of one so if these hotspots sendsa become signal and received by this hotspot then with a legitimate with this let’s say it can earn pointone negotiator okay um this is because the reverse scale is one it will not be scaled down similarlyuh another witness by this hotspot will likewise make spot 1 hnt however let’s say these twohotspots are pretty close to each other let’s say within solution 10 then you know that theyour flake is going to go down to 0.5 as i depicted you earlier in the presentation and in that casewhat will happen that the lighthouse signal sent by this hotspot will be received by this but itwill become an invalid witness because saying that it’s too close to each other or most likelythe rssi value is too high so you can see that the reverse skill has indirectly affecting yourearning because you are you can no longer earn from this hotspot so it’s saying that that inthat case that your science is saying that there are other hot spots in your proximity and one needs tomove those around to either you have to move your satan or the other parties have to move theirsand also in this case this hotspot also pays less hmd i could have earned object one earlier butsimply because that place statement this one will earn now 0.05 operator and that is how you cansee that the turning of the neighboring hotspots is consequence but you can still lose weaknessesand that is how you can lose your earnings and the third question is how frequently is thisreward skill modernized it can it can get updated whenever a new hotspot arrived at the your hex so itcould be any uh starting from resolution 10 to all the way up to resolution four so if a new hotspotscomes or the spot is assigned inside that hex the reverse skill might get updated similarly ifa hotspot loses or increases its interactive status as i asked earlier either your science can getmodified as well and you can expect that you are skill changing a few times a day i hope with thisinformation you will be now able to understand how the honor scale is calculated and then alsoperform diagnosis at what resolving stage the problem exists if your resolving if your reversescale is less than one and again to reiterate if the problem or the reverse scale is small atthe higher solving like resolving 10 or decide 9 you can most likely fix it by simplyreasserting its locating uh if it happens if the problem exists at a much larger resolution likeresolution four five or six you cannot really do anything because it because it uh involves so manyhot spots in a very large widespread area i hope this information was useful to you and clarifysome of your suspenses if you have any more question let me know in the comment section that’s all fortoday thanks for watching people and get kryptonized


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