iHub Global - $2,700 ($2.7K) Earned By Lace Mole with FREE Helium Hotspot - BEST HELIUM MINER

iHub Global – $2,700 ($2.7K) Earned By Lace Mole with FREE Helium Hotspot

[ Music] – good evening my friends welcome back to my youtube direct this is bright david i am very happy to announce and let you know that someone has stirred 2700 okay from what from quarrying helium i hope global has been providing this equipment this maneuver for everyone to mine helium and this person as of today procreated 2 700 freedom i want to prove this to you to let you know that it is possible to earn money from these and the equipment is being given for free okay hot spots being reserved for free so let me rush right in and display you how this person made this money liberty if you are already registered in ihop world-wide remember it is free to register so if you haven’t registered hitherto and you are watching this video i will leave my association below this video for you to register again i frequently like to show you how to register to avoid questions on how to register so if you go to my youtube channel any of my video that has come um helium move on it or that is go ihop global so for example if i go to my video schedule and then look for ihop global or even this video you are watching right now croak below it and click on show more under the description click on that free sign up and cross-file here click on that link that tie-up will take you to where you are going to register right so when you finish registration you will land on this page when you land on this sheet follow the other instruction that is left there right but in today’s video i’m just going to tell you and share with you the good news about this guy that has been deserving money right from quarrying helium so let me go back to my sheet so this is my homepage this is my dashboard if you go if you click on helium track that hilum trail is going to take you to this page for those of you that are already in iop world-wide if you have registered already you will get access to this hilum track when you get access to this elon track you can actually plan your your your hotspots on this but for today’s video it is a matter of this guy that has acquired 2700 so when you search for this guy you are going to get this information right click on it to consider items when you click on it to examine items let me expand this you will see that in the past 30 eras this guy has shaped 2600 right which is you know close to 2700 which is the caption of this video regardles so 30 days ago this guy has cleared 2 000. Under how many helium 144 helium at today’s frequency right so today’s rate of helium is how much let’s close this up so you can see from top here right the exchange rate or the rate of helium today is 18.64 cents and this guy mined 144 helium right which is total thoroughly close to 2700 right 2687. this is a lot of fund right and what did he do nothing it’s just plug the ia the manoeuvre and then connect it to internet and then the device is just mining helium for him so this is a testament that you can actually end the same amount of money right on my signup page i say is you can end up to one thousand so if you look at that and up to one thousand with free helium hnt mining design this is absolutely true so this is a proof that people are earning good fund from quarrying helio so if you haven’t signed up yet this is the best time for you to sign up if you would like to join my squad my ihop global team right our squad is growing highly very fast because it is a free gear you don’t have to invest any coin you know it is risk-free to be honest and then you just earn money you know so if you haven’t signed up more check below this video use the link if you like to join my crew and sign up i welcome you to my crew expressed appreciation for for watching this video and i will see you in my next video[ Music]

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