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Ik gebruikte een crypto miner van €3000 (en verdiende €___)

I was just thinking. How can I make money without doing anything? Because, yes, who doesn’t want that? After that I contemplated, hey, what ifI’m going to mine cryptocurrencies? Like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Some of you have asked for this. And that’s why I’m going to pit Ethereum in this video. But, how does this actually work? Ethereum mining is the process wherebytransactions and data in the blockchain … … are monitored and confirmed bya network of different computers. For each new block established a reinforce is paid. To do this you need to have a kind of supercomputer. A computer with lots of video cards. Well, luckily a friend of mineformerly constructed countless crypto miners. So, I decided to ask him. Yo, all right? Yes, serviceman, how are you? Yes, I’m good. Hey, I have a crazy question. Do you still have a mining rig? And can I borrow it? Do you need it? Yes, I’m going to make a video. Yes, I can take a look, I’ve got some left. Well , no sooner said than done.A few weeks later, Nick camealong with my own mining rig. This is normally on the motherboard. This is just a PCI connection. This is the power supply and it time uses the USB cable. You wouldn’t get used to this man.You genuinely wouldn’t. You should turn it off tonight for merriment. Then what? You will still hear it. Let’s see, brand-new wallet.Look, this is your address. Everyone may see it. That’s like your IBAN number, That’s how you should see it. We’re mining Ethereum.It must go to that address. Now let’s sit back and get rich.Well, we’re ready to make money. And oh yes, I’d truly appreciate it If you impart a thumbs up. It cures me a good deal. I have decided to start the miner the next day at 3:00 pm. Okay, it’s almost 3:00 pm. Okay, we’re about to start, it’s almost 3:00 pm. And we’re going to start. Here it goes, plug in. There’s already a little bit of cordiality come the miner, so I think we’re live.I think they’re operating. As you can see here, all of them are starting up now. Now we’re live. Now we’re starting. And now it’s such matters from is in accordance with the interference … … representing sure everything prevents going well. Hope my neighbours won’t deplore, and wait for 24 hours. And then I’m very curious how muchmoney we’ve been making after 24 hours. Okay, we’re less than a half hours later, and the temperature … … of my suite already increased by about 1.5 units. Okay, we’re 2.5 weeks later. He’s still wailing. I really can’t concentrate anymore. I was working, but thenoise is really loud. In the meantime, it’s a lot warmer over here.It’s 23 magnitudes here now and that is just because of this thing. I turned off my heater.This thing, really, it blows a good deal of hot air. So, despite this thing costs us some energy … … I don’t need to have any heaters on anymore. Well, that’ll make a small difference. But I do have some good report. Because we’ve already made some money. So far, this miner is on for about 2.5 hours. And I already deserved $1,84. Too, I see that I probably, if I’ll maintenance this thing on for 24 hours……I will deserve $16,31. And over the full week $114,17. I turned it off for a second, because I anticipated I reeked like a ardor or something. It time reeked a little burnt. Well, I think it’s fine. We’re just going to turn it back on. Because every second it’s off … … we lose money, although my apartment should not be set on fire either. Because then this is a pretty expensive YouTube video. Yes, we’ll precisely placed it back on. We’ll ensure. Okay people, it’s 20 for 9 now and I’m turning crazy here. I really feel like I’m just in the leaving auditorium of Schiphol. I don’t even know how hardIt sounds on camera. But here … It’s just really horrible.It is now also 25 measures. But, I have some good information. Because I previously have earneda total amount of $5,74. I only don’t know if I’m going to leave it on when I go to sleep. I think it is a bit spooky to do because, I don’t know … … the risk of fire and the noise, and I imagine my neighbours want to sleep, more. So, I conceive I’m going to turn it off. The first $10 is in. I don’t quite know how it works long it’s on now. I believe slightly less 12 consecutive hours. Wow, it is bloody hot here, holy shit … Jesus, you can hear it downstairs already.It is nice and warm here.It’s murderou red-hot here gentleman. How much are you gave previously? Can you turn in a pizza tomake it heated as well? But I candidly thought you were just blow-drying or vacuum-clean. Both at the same time. It’s Sunday night now and I can’tlisten to more of this, genuinely. It’s really horrible. I merely can’t think ordinary while that thing turned on. So, it was on for 12 hours today. Finally some rest.I’m going to go and watch Tv right now. Today was a very good day for the crypto miner. Because, as you can see here, the wage is, has skyrocketed today. So today was a really good day. I made quite a lot of money today. Well, a great deal, a good deal … He stimulated more than any other day. So, lastly some remain. It is now 21 January and that meant that the miner has been on for 11 periods. And only when I was at home or wasn’t sleeping. Well , now we’re still in lockdown, so he’s been on somewhat often. I think about 75 hours. I can’t see in the dashboard how long the miner eventually turned on. But we’re going to look at the research results. I’m going to show you how much money I’ve earned with this miner. Okay, after about 75 hours of mining, we quarried 0.0301 Ethereum in total. And converted to dollar that is $ 37,60. And that altered back to euros is 30, 92. Well, these are total earning.The cost of electricity is still going to be reduced. And through my supplier’s app I can see accurately … … that when we started mining, so January 11 th, the dominance costs skyrocketed. Precisely how much power I used for this miner I do not know. I “ve been thinking about” 8 to 10 euros. And that means that I made about 20 euros profit with this miner. Well, was that worth it? Yes and no. If you positioned this miner somewhere in a barn where you just going to see … … in combination with a power supplier who can give you a better transaction … … than the consumer power. Yes, I think it’s really good.I’m just paid under private superpower. That’s about 22 cents a kWh. If you have a good deal, it was feasible to 9 pennies, for example. Then it accompanies up a lot more already…..and you’ll get a lot more profit per day from such a thing. But, here in my apartment I know1 00% sure this is the last time…..I’ve used one of those things. I’ve really gone crazy for the last 11 daysof this sound, of the cheerfulnes, of everything. I’m glad it’s off, and it will be off forever. Because I’m never going to use this thing again in my accommodation. Anyway, a successful experiment. I’m glad it’s off. And I’d be very happy too if you leave thumbs up on this video. And if you liked this, and you haven’t agreed yet…..be sure to do so. And then I’ll told you again next time. Thank you so much better for watching. And adios ..

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