hurt dirt grunge here i go hoping to induce five thousand six hundred dollars withmy feeler sitting in the window her dirty soil here we go buying thisantenna off of amazon guessing it’s a 10 dbi but it’s really not and ogle howcrappy this cable is hope i get a whole bunch of payoffs hey this guy’s super cuteand now we have almost the excellent setup passing all the way up there i don’t thinkyou can see it but the honors are stellar nerdy buster nonsense for those of you keepingtrack at home today’s beer today is brought to you by southern rank brewing companyout of lakewood brand-new york a this is called frosted carbohydrate cookie imperial ale and thisis 8.6 alcohol by work this is a delicious flavored brew southern rank does a really goodjob with their flavourings other than their pumpkin ale but this one tastesjust like you’re having a delightful hoppy ale while feeing sugar cookies ormaking frosted sugar cookies with your kids to leave out for santa on a proportion of one tofive this would be about a 4.0 merriments to you guys pink what is going on everyone welcomeback to another video about cryptocurrency expressed appreciation for for agreeing liking this video andclicking that bell certainly like this video now couple of quick notices before we get goingwe are about to hit 20 000 readers and i think we’re gonna have an informal thank you meet upevent at paddy wagon again when we get there so stand aria for dates if you want to fly down orcome down or visit this time we did one a couple of months ago when we smash 10 000 readers backin september i know a few people wanted to come but i figured before i go out to anaheim when wehit 25 000 readers let’s just do another quick one here in florida precisely because we have a lot offriends and beings that are kind of close in the area and want to come hang out speaking of hangouti got to hang out with one of my subscribers last-place darknes at disney outpourings and i just wanted to sharethat now for a moment and say i had a great time it’s really really cool to talk about cryptowith you and your partner and to just move some stuff off of each other and thanks forcoming out and hanging out with me if you guys ever are in the disney area reach out to me ondiscord or quaver telegram not so much and um maybe we can hang out and grasp a brew at disneysprings or something so and last but not least we officially have a p.o box if you guys wantto send beer or anything like that and you want me to sample it on video or do a showcase oranything like that in the brew reviews that we do you’re more than welcome to send it now or thereis the address in the description of this video we’ve got a couple of requests to do so so that’swhy i extended onward and plucked the provoke and did that today we have been in a long journey withhelium mining we’ve started off very rough and we’ve always try our best to do some changes and sometesting that we want to share in daily showcase to you guys so that lane you don’t have to gothrough and conclude the same mistakes that i have we currently have two bobcat miners in one milesite miner we started with the bobcats we have one here at my house and then we have one in myin-laws house and then i have my mile place at a buddy’s mansion right across the way and you can seethe mile site set up right here with all that said i wanted to take a couple times to do today’svideo to do a similarity of 2021 versus 2022 where the profitability is if it’s still rewarding justbecause when we started it when we started salving and mining back in 2021 there was a considerablylot little helium miners are up i believe when we started mining in september of 2021 there wasabout 18 000 helium miners and now we’re looking at like 400 000 helium miners so we’re gonnajump over to some of our epoches run past videos take a look at what my area initially lookedlike what the wages and the earnings were at how shitty and bad our setup was to versus wherewe’re at today where we’re eventually at some genuinely solid counts and we’re stimulated to too be gettinga merry iot us helium minor that we can introduce into our system and continue to grow our profitsso let’s jump-start over and look at 2021 versus 2022 with the helium mining so as of right now in2 022 helium’s rate is sitting at 32.87 this is a little bit on the lower intention that we’ve seenas of recent where we’ve seen it all the way up to about 64 dollars per sign but when we startedin 2021 we realized it at about eight dollars a sign i retain when i was first onboarding myfirst bobcat my second bobcat because both bobcats had a free affirmation at the first timeand i argued them both here at this place and synced into the blockchain before moving myother one to my in-laws house i bought two helium clues and then i used that for it was like 16 bucks because it was 10 and 50 cents to reassert my second helium child at my in law’s house andnow we are up to 3287 like i said and we’ve seen double this toll for an all-time high-pitched let’sgo back and look at 2021 oprah’s and nerdy dude actually this was in july i forgot i startedhelium mining in july i judged september i think that was my i was attaining my stuff with helium markwhich if you guys want antennae and nonsense helium artistry they’re out of stock right now but sign up forthe wait list and see if you can get your hands on currently i’m exploiting two 5.8 rack wireless formy bobcat here and my bobcat there and then my mile locate over yaw is use the mcgill6. 0 that was given to me as a gift from helium artistry so when they come in out of the threeantennas that i’m utilizing i recommend this one the most so let’s go back to be addressed 2021 david hownaive we were this is my seven period cause video and in the video we could see that i set up theantenna in the window like that as we know that’s not the way to go so this was seven days of heliummining and we set up our antenna in the window wonder where we learned that one from hershade next we are going to go to our neighbourhood and you can see this is where brief taupe foxhas been set up and on screen you can see i’ve got brief taupe fox which is right here andthen my in-laws one is right here and then my area only looks like this there’s only there’sa terribly unusually very small amount of helium miners around us god look at that mustacheless fool andnow if we prance to my area now “youve seen” a major difference if we would have been preparedand actually had our province pulled up okay let’s be laggy let’s do it okay there we go we arein this area here and we’re going to zoom in come on there we go now look so here’s brieftaupe fox here’s sour walnut goat and here is big current manta ray so these three are mine andyou can just see the difference in the original neighborhood versus what we are rocking now we are nowswarmed so let’s climb back into the video and kind of ascertain what else we can find here versus2 021 and 2022. Let me ensure do we have an original screenshot of this person warm vinyl okapi let’ssee if we can find them real quick and see how they’re doing where you look at us and our accountin the past 30 daylights is building 54.83 if we go back to my actual 2021 seven daylight decision video wecould look at our results and find it where is it nope we’re not gonna do playback uh nope that’sjust me there and let’s see if we could find my actual answers on screen for both of myminers probably not i don’t think i was well equipped at the time when doing this let’s seei know when i actually had mine pulled up for my brief tope fox right here we need to see okayso i could see right here brief meridian fox in the past 24 hours or in the past okay there we go3 0 date earnings we only drew 0.23 and this was seven days so realistically this was seven daysof mining and we only determined 0.23 so now if we look at our setup and yes because we have the perfectplacement yes “were having” three designs yes we have let’s just go to brieftope fox um we have allthis experience and we have this system around us we have now grown to instead of 0.23 in seven dayswe’re at 5.3 so this is incredibly productive even with more miners being put online we are stillmaking a lot more helium especially between our three inventions overall let’s pull that up realquick overall right now we’re at 1.467 for the day we’re at 15.38 for a seven day spread whichwe try to have our digits between 2.5 to 3.5 helium per miner obviously we’re at 15 soit’s averaging about five point per miner and then 14 daylights who cares and then 30 dates we alwayswere saying that we wanted to see about 10 helium or more in a 30 -day time frame to have what iconsider a successful setup we’re looking at 54.8 in 30 daylights between three miners so you dividethat by three and they’re obviously clearing they’re almost to 20 helium in a month forthe three miners now there is a little bit of an issue going on right now with big currentmanta ray this did fall away and fall behind sync and it is now currently sinking and icurrently have this uh we lost it about yesterday so we didn’t make anything yesterdaywhich “wouldve been” january 12 th and it kind of went down on january 11 th and i could see it start toflatline we just rebooted it today so it is back to subsiding and then we looked at uh helium geekwhere we were able to see how many blocks behind it was so if you guys have a mile siteand you can’t tell what block you’re on only download on your portable device uh helium geekit’s a free app to use and then you can find your hotspot and it can tell you how far behind you arebut with this being set up it’s given us about 16.95 in the past 30 periods once so even that onenot even being 30 days of quarrying is going really really really really really really really solidnow overall i did pull this up on helium geek and i tallied all of my helium devices and i’ve made atotal of 146.03 helium over the cover of my mining so i got started helium binding on july first of2021 it is now january 13 th and of 2022 and we have made a whopping total of 146.03 helium miningso with that being at the current price of 32.83 days 32.83 we have determined ourselves in the pastsix months almost five splendid at current price if this doubled in cost would be 10 grand butwe have stirred ourselves five grandiose in helium mining and we uh have already roidbroke even on our investment now it’s pure profit because each miner we spentabout twelve hundred dollars in total on the bobcats with another six hundred dollarsfor the mile site and then the free feeler we got there so we’re not gonna include that 115 so let’ssay we probably have it with all of our trouble breeze and all the issues and the the crappy antennasand the shitty cables and the lightning arrestors and the lightning grounding cables and you knowthe time and the gas to go back and forth let’s say we have about two thousand dollars investedinto setting up our helium miners and now we’re looking at simply shy of five thousand i reallylike these figures i’m very excited for what 22 2022 has to offer i’m excited to see how strongthe helium rate can go which is why we’re not really selling a lot we are we uttered some to mindof tron we exerted some to get into deeper mining and you know um planet watch and all that jazzand then we moved the rest over to uh so we only have 36 helium that we’ve scattered out intothe world and we have 110 currently sitting over here staking where we are getting about top zerothree spot zero one point zero two site zero two helium a daytime just for adding so what is rightnow 110 staking over here it’s about 3 674 so i’m particularly very happy with helium staking and lookingforward to what 2022 has to offer anywho that’s gonna do it for me today people in a nutshell i amvery excited i know repeating myself about 2022 helium mining and that’s what we depicted out inthe video today you got to see my original shitty setup and some of the crappy utensils and toolsthat i learned in trial and error on how to get successful setups and now you see the results ofthat trial and error so if you guys want to learn more about optimizing your setup and get someadvice connect us for our live river every monday at 2 p.m eastern make sure you click the buzzer toget notified of that and then give your miner name up in the schmooze like put your minor appoint in thechat if you’re lucky and i see it we’ll look it up if you super chat me with your minor call we will1 00 sound it up and give you advice and feedback so other than that like observe subscribe turn on thebell notification telegram discord not telegram gab all that is in the link in the video ordescription of the video telegram is there too but i frequently don’t like to respond on that muchbecause everyone’s just promoting tron mas mining and it’s really stupid and we’re going todo a short on that here in the near future like comment subscribe turn on notification all thatgood stuff i’m oprius we’ll see you guys next time

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