Is it possible to make $20,000 a month with this miner?? January payout results! - BEST HELIUM MINER

Is it possible to make $20,000 a month with this miner?? January payout results!

can the examiner actually shape 20 000 a monthno i am not trying to give you click bait titles or thumbnails i ordinarily don’t extend that until alittle bit more into my video on the actual answer because this is such a serious topic andbecause people are going to say this is click bait i’m going to get rid of the funnyintros for today and just come right out and say that what you are about to watch is going to be mymath my crowds and my the outcome and my calculations on how we get to twenty thousand dollars a monthso it’s going to be very interesting to watch so that’s why we need to taketoday’s video unusually very seriously placed the jokes aside and only get right to it nerdy dude stuff for those of you keeping trackat home today’s beer of the day is brought to you by four noses brewing companionship they are based outof broomfield colorado this is called 100 heavyweights west coast style double india wan ale this is 8.3 booze by loudnes this has simcoe centennial and citra hops the particles included are two sequence andcrystal oats this is a terribly exceedingly hop-skip forward piney west coast style ipa not any floral or citraflavors even though we have the citra hops this is just good tried and true west coast style ipaunfiltered quite delicious 4.1 out of 5. Cheers to you guys pink what’s going on everyone welcomeback to another video about plug and play mining really because i know that this is going to be ahot topic and you guys are going to claim lambo boy moon boy all that idiocy and that this is clickbait again we’re just it’s not clickbait we’re going to prance right into the hard-bitten counts my mathmy the outcome and my thought process am i a moon or a lambo boy no i really genuinely wholeheartedlybelieve and enjoy and so excited for the opportunity that sc prime and our examinershave catered and will be providing for us do i care about a lambo no i bought my dream truckin 2021 so i don’t really give a[ __] about buying a lambo or what complexion it is are we gonnatake my truck to the moon probably so we will be continuing this is not a shoot or anything likethat for the actual scp token this is if you want to get in we’ve talked about examiners we talkedabout do it yourself if you want to get into this platform i have previous videos submerge exactlywhat that is today’s video is just raw numbers in my thought process with my wonderful amazingmathematical flairs that you guys know i fudge up all the time with all that said let’s jumpright into the video i’ll try to talk slower than i normally do forgive the brand-new yorker that’sin me and that route i can time get through and depict you the numbers on screen and you can understandwhere i’m coming from and how “i m going to have to” potentially twenty thousand dollars a month with the examinerbefore we actually talk about what the hell before we actually talk about the numbers a lot ofquestions on my last video not our live brook the last video we did about the animal farm whichlaunches tomorrow pending any brand-new informs a lot of people were asking me where can they go to getinvolved or you know where’s the link blah blah whenever “i m talking about” a project or anything likethat i will include the links to a certain extent of the type of project to them in the descriptionof my video so just haul up my most recent video go down here to show more and right here if youwant to get started on the animal farm starting tomorrow you merely click on this relate right hereit’s going to take you to the page where you can do your own information and of course now we’vegot our po box if you want to send brew for us to review and so on and so forth so everythingis always in the description of these videos same with dissension we get a lot of that as well ifyou want to join the discord there is open invite there as well i always mention that’s in thedescription of the video all right with all that said and done let’s just lurch right into the brasstacks the numbers the math all that jazz now ogling on screen this is my examiner this ismy 64 terabyte examiner as of right now i have 156 gigabytes pretty much across each of the fourdrives that are on there this come here for four 16 terabyte hard drives to bring me up to that 64 terabyte gloriou total if we take all these numbers and we mult when we add them together we’re goingto just go down into lower rounding down numbers and say that’s about 600 gigabytes currently beingstored across 64 terabytes we’re going to get back to that here in exactly a second i made a screen grabof my deposit screen so that mode i don’t have to worry about blurring out my email or anything likethat and i want to show yesterday’s payout or yeah february 1st payout was 70.46 scp so now we’regoing to look at the actual amount of data that i have just been stored and the number of scp that we weresent now there’s multiple factors that this could be all wrong or right but realistically with theminer doing what it should be doing being implemented with storage with your storage being full i thinki have a solid client and a solid dispute on why we could be obligating twenty thousanddollars a month unless the change in price of the clue goes down or the amount of signs wei don’t think that’s going to be consequently the occurrence yes there will be some fluctuations in thecost of move myself real quick in the cost of the contracts i believe last month they finishedoff “its like” five scp per terabyte per month same with collateral and so on and so forthbut located off of last-place month’s quantities alone these are where i get this data so let’s jump intomy big-hearted brain thought process i’m parched hang on okay so looking at that 70 scp i think scp isat like 99 pennies right now so it’s 70 right we are using 600 gigabytes merely of my 64 terabytedrive if we fraction that by there is a thousand gigabytes per terabyte so that would be 64 000 gigabytes that i have available of free space we are looking at point one percent we’re roundingup a little bit point one percent of our hard drive space is being exploited we’re gonna leaveit at that so if we then make something along the lines of let’s just say we have our 600 terabyteor gigabytes being used and let’s just say by next month we 10 x how much data is being stored onour inventions so we’re going to multiply that by 10. that’s going to be 6 000 gigabytes or that’s gonnabe six thousand gigabytes which is six terabytes now just located off of that crowd alone if we 10 xour data technically shouldn’t our remuneration scaling depart 10 x as well so if we make our reinforce scale andwe sit there and we 10 x it now we’re looking at 700 for 6 terabytes of data if there’s anyone fromthe sc society or private developers or anything that are watching this video up until this pointplease leave me a comment below telling me i’m wrong or stupid or that’s not how this works iknow that there’s that calculator out there i know that we did click enticement videos on it beforebut the following video we “re coming back” and said this calculator is wrong these are just thenumbers that i’m looking at so we did this on stream yesterday and well sittingthere get okay well let’s figure out how much we can x our sustains to get to 64 terabytes being fully utilized so if we’re sitting there at 600 gigabytes and i believe thenumber was 400 nope i think it was what was it we’re at 6 x 300. What was it on stream i don’tremember because if we do it that way no was it hang on there was 600 oh my god yeah abazillion all right so we’re looking at 600 and we need to get to 64 000 privilege all rightso 600 durations 100. we’re almost there so 600 goes i think i was doing it on stream wrongif i actually recall correctly i was doing it incorrect on stream okay okay okay so i had togo back and watch my brook yesterday and figure out where i was getting those digits from andi was saying if i had 156 gigabytes and i 400 x that that would then bring us up to 63 000 soi wasn’t incorporating that we already had 600 out of 64 000 on there so those multitudes area little inflated so clickbaity answer for 20 000 a few months in hexaminer as of right now with6 4 terabytes no that’s not possible i’ll display you when that’s going to be possible because thatwas just ridiculous all right so anywho let’s get back to the calculator so realistically with oureggs of miners but with all true potential if we sit there and we fill it up to 64 000 terabytesso if we’re sitting at 600 i think it’s times 104 uh 600 periods 105. So we’ll just leave it at sixto four times 105. based off of yesterday’s payout that is a hundred x 105 days the payout whichshould be so if we got 70.42 periods 105 then we look back at 7 394 dollars a few months with oneexa miner if we wanted to get to a level where we needed to have that 400 that 20 000 a monthwe would sit there and have to probably have about uh 240 terabytes of space so that would be7 0.42 goes uh 400 so then there’s like 300 or something like that so you would virtually needlike 200 terabytes of seat to really truly get to your 21 um that like 20 or 210 terabytes of spaceto truly get to that um 20 000 a month um payout with all of that storage being fully utilized manwhen i was doing the series little tipsy and when i started doing the numbers like when i startedrecording the video i was only doing the numbers located off of really having one drive so what i wasdoing in that video i was i was taking 156.92 and i was multiplying that to get to a pointwhere we were going to get to 64 000 or 64 000 gigabytes which is 64 terabytes not taking intoconsideration that i had to do this times whatever because if i did that to 400 well 240000. So it is what it is that’s just how i work on this path you know i come out with some crazystuff i record myself go and i stimulate my mistakes i’ll learn lessons from it to me well don’t because i’mnot a financial advisor or any of that substance and you gotta blah blah things that i supposedly haveto say so but yeah technically i symbolize long story short-lived i offset mistakes but we’re still going tomake 7 500 a month with our one eggs of money anywho that’s gonna do it for me today guysi know i’m gonna get a little bit of flack in the comments and discord and all that stuff fordoing today’s video but you learn something new every day is it possible to meet 20 000 withan examiner yeah if you upgrade it is it uh realistic to get there i mean yeah you’re gonnahave to deplete a lot to do it or you need about 240 terabytes worth of storage and importance of uhcontracts on your examiners to actually get there i don’t want to show them the emblem so otherwisea 64 terabyte division located off of my crowds located off of my develops it’s 105 x what i havecurrently and what we could get to we can make about 7 500 a few months at current price so justremember that so besides that any questions criticisms or concerns trying to reach me telegramtwitter or schism not telegram ties-in for all that is in the description which i proved youhow to do otherwise like this video subscribe to the channel turn on the buzzer notification all thatgood stuff i’m oprius we’ll see you guys next time just for the record i am wearing breathes all rightha ha that was fun oh you want me to prove it pants

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