LERNE dieses Tool kennen BEVOR du HELIUM MINEST

hello everyone today we’re going to take a look at the helium community’s number one tool and i’ll see you how you can use it to improve your payoffs let’s go hello and welcome back to a new video of mine today is about hotspotty hotspotty was affixed at the end of last year at the nobel gives elected number one community tool by helium let’s take a look today at what you can do with hotspot we’ll start with the map, how you can filter it and yes, at the different options here in the map, then let’s look at individual ones hotspots let’s look at how you are in a position to perhaps improve their rewards and final but not least I’ll show you the workspace which is very interesting for all people who have various miners or have mine with friends and family and want to reward them should only one certain part of the video is interesting look at the timeline below i divided the video into different chapters ilt only skip through so let’s get started yes let’s start right away with the map I have the overview of our map here on the right I’ve zoomed in on Berlin and on the left you can see the hotspots listed one above the other we are currently showing 3500 hotspots here and yes, like that, it is of course very confusing, that’s why it’s nice that we have the possibility to activate filters now at the top left, for example, we can say yes here, we only want to see the miners who are really online, only disappear all the red scatters and the whole thing is much clearer in other filters that I use more frequently, for example, that only my hotspots are exposed to me.This duties as soon as you have related your hotspot report with amoled or what is also very interesting as you can you who expose the new roll that’s this ominous register of helium on my country the there is a suspicion of doing something not good for the network, for example grading yes or utilizing other deceptions to trick the helium network and coming unwarranted wages if we go out of the filters here again another possibility that I have with the card I think it’s a little conceal it’s the cog wheel up now, here you have the option, for example, to change your currency if you don’t precisely want everything to be displayed in Haiti, for example you can choose now that you want things in euros or in dollars or yes in any other currency are pretty much displayed i think it’s always quite good in hand weylandt is a bit more stable the euro if nothing more picture ten euros is certainly ever dependent on the current rate of helium and that’s why it’s not more so comparable between the times next possibility we have is to show problem spoofs so shows us hexagons in which there are currently difficulties or what is very interesting, for example, this to close to witness if i activate this here, he briefly navigates you in now a little bit then we see here that ways sort between the men these lines show us that these two men who are connected by a line are standing next to each other and therefore cannot know each other so we could, for example, find out very quickly which of mine are too close to clear then another thing that is possible that is possible here is this this shows the elevation konz these are, so to speak, these contour line with which you can get a rough insight if you are planning to set up one of mine somewhere, for example, whether it can radiate in a certain area, you can still support that with this line of sight now bottom right if you want to know, for example, whether this one of mine might reach this one now on the bottom left then you could go down to line of sight you can kept a pin over here on one and a second film to where you want to reach which areas we put on comfort and then we see that there is an elevation now but that the altitude now it’s not so questionable if we want to adjust a pointe say we want to reach pit back here then we see that that won’t be possible because there’s just a hill in the way that will swallow up our part transmitting dominance that’s going away then what we still have here is something really nice it’s the moon sentiment let’s see the city as a satellite image and not just as arguments and hastens or down now you have the option of looking at the twenty years ago online and offline , not just in colouring, for example to expose but we still have a lot of different options like the channel magnitude or the monthly reinforces et cetera pp so if we are today m select al channel scalia then you will see that the complexion flake johnen modifies then the worst trends with sky will now be displayed in purple the best will be displayed in lettuce and if we now go to the map and examination a bit now then it will result once a very clear picture in berlin hub present trends from scale are of course very bad you can of course too see this from the growth of mine but the further you get out of berlin the better the trends with scale will be yes thats it for the planned causes go now in a single hotspot i have already adopted a hotspot for it because it is something i would like to show you yes with a single hotspot what is there to consider yes and how can you use hotspot to improve your payoffs the first thing we now with this one of mine, for example, you can see that this is the dames that is probably due to the fact that he has not opened particular ports or cannot open them and d This is definitely one thing that you should try to fix because you cant send any deforms or only exceedingly sometimes can send counters.The next likelihood we have is that the blogs end here, so theyre always a bit behind you can you go down to running status check then it runs a current status check once imparts one on and then we be understood that quarry is still online lakers and has a pin of 21 milliseconds that’s a pretty good ping so do n’t worry about that either don’t worry if the ping is over 100 or something that’s usually not a number of problems for the my next option we have is to look at the activity it’s ultimately the same as in the helium explorer see here the various activities of the reactor are listed one below the other you can then sort them again here according to the only lighthouses there we receive okay he didn’t send any offers at all it depends Yes, as I said, probably together with the fact that my recent can look at what kind of fitness he had recently, how many challenges he had created and so on and so forth, then let’s go to the next day, now we recognize a general overview of the honors here let’s see first of all how much did my last-place crew and the hours attain how much do he meet on average in the last week per period and what did the men do in the last month as well as in the previous month, i.e.In this month and in the previous month showed us here and how much he “ve been meaning to” me in his lifetime in the whole life in the whole life cycle which is very observable here that the kiln in the last so we now have an overview now of 30 days and now we consider his last days unusually burglary had so here something seems to disagree with the one we can also change this again to the seven daytime attitude and then visualize w I’m clearly defined here from 0.2 hnt per date to 0.05 0.02 and now even zero point zero so someone has to do something that’s why you should always keep an eye on mine because something doesn’t seem right here but the next thing you can really see here is that we also have a pie chart now with the robert eid so where do such reports come from and now we can see quite clearly that 90 percentage comes from fitness, with these my ten percent coming from about the creation of challenges and here too we see that the sending of bending does not occur at all, we see it again very clearly that there is a problem here that should actually I say two-thirds it should be one and that the last third is usually send from education and zack whiting challenges on the right we find again the wilderness becomes a trend with scale it shows us what have mine that we are familiar for a rapture with skill that’s just purely informative because we don’t have the possibility to change anything skip ribot scaling for a moment I’ll show you that at the end the next thing I want to show you are here are the onlookers now we can see accurately which of mine we have in the last seven days and how many it was with this one 600 of course excessively much we can see how many of mine i mailed 34 that is not so much in relation to the onlookers and now we witness which ones we have in both directions reached so who we refer what and who send us what if i trigger this check mark now then i can also read these witness on the map so then we find everything that is now on the dark-green speck is pretty much mine that “weve heard” or if let’s switch to the transmitter now, then we’ll consider excavation that we’ve reached in the last seven days, next we have the option here k Now we can leave comments that are purely informative for us no one else recognizes them either or here you have the option of contacting the owner of the kiln via contact if he has registered with hot spot we see that this is not the case for me then a small light-green check mark would appear next to the name of the pile the next top is the info at you have here we have general information about my find that was set up when it was last converted yes station meridian and antenna Of track, all of the information that he threw doesnt “ve got to be” 100% redres, he has to enter everything manually, the owner of the kiln exactly, lets now turn to reward scaling and how you can improve your compensations with hotspot, with hotspot you have the opportunity to see if you don’t have the opportunity to somehow improve your give proportion, we can see that mine has a pretty bad problem Real trends with a skate of 0.26 and boys are shown to us as these trends are calculated with scale, and it is about different hexagons of different sizes that are placed on top of each other.I can also show you this on the planned, so we can see that there are different now a very large hexagon then there is a smaller and ever smaller hexagon and here we see that it is in the resolution before that is this very large hexagon what i just evidenced you a bad love with ricochet if there are 305 too many of mine in this area there is usually nothing to change with such a large size then we look at the next smaller one regardles previously 5 and there are also 83 too many that is still possible but it is still in the green province and so on and so on so on and then we also be understood that in the resolution we are something that is already quite small, i.e.Resolution 10, these are the very small hexagons that you likewise see in the explo rer, for example, ever encounter and resolution one is it say the next higher level that we have two of mine too much in here we can see if we don’t have the opportunity to move out of this hexagon to improve our trends with skate if I now scroll up and look at this hackers part then we see here with the broad outlines of the new back and we are pretty much on the edge of it so we can probably move our on mine a few cases meters to get out of it and thus to improve the trends with money for us and for everyone else in this hack too to test that we can click on edit placement down here then the planned will open and we can move our pit a little over here to then we can see that is 26 rhythms You can do 26 rhythms, that’s not a problem at all, they will say, so everything up to 50 sometimes 100 meters is feasible, of course, it’s desirable to move as little as possible ch to be useful for the proof of coverage for the network, but i would say 26 rhythms shouldn’t be a problem, you can definitely do that if we click here on com movie now, we’ll be understood that the trends with skate are changing from before 0, 26 I think it would improve to 0.51 if we moved mine by these few meters, that would definitely mean to me that it would definitely work, it is therefore would mean you now go to the apps da outplacement revise placement and moves one of mine by these 26 rhythms to this new location and thus has the opportunity for everyone not only to improve the transcat for you but too for everyone else and thus strengthening the compensations for everyone exactly that was it for the individual mine and how you can improve your remunerations scaling, last but not least we want to take a look at the workspace, which can be found here in the top left.These workspaces are shown here in the dashboard an overview of all hotspots on likewise about wallet if you want that saved so it could then add about edward o pouch about at hot spots you are eligible to computed hotspots that are not in your vol.at could also add various pocketbooks that exist always a very nice overview here and there we have a good overview of how all our followers are performing on average so we see here the average of the last 24 hours the average of the last week et cetera pp in the end the same as we appreciate with one of mine too for this all one on average here you can see for example are now my opinion that we squandered 45 percentage now so the proposals transmitted for me i received 46 percentage entreat and have a small part with the challenges that is actually very balanced frequencies in my opinion that’s a very good scaling with might have a bit more evidencing often is there s partnership is a bit bigger than the boeing with nist accurately if we want to click through the bar up here then of course we have the wallace now you can see your different hotspot wollitz different helium solid one after the other n then here is the overview of the hotspots what But what I genuinely want to show you is why you too have the option of creating locations.For example, I generated a locating and say there is a steve cent. So my cent must be installed. Then I have the option of creating a contact. Contact are usually more expensive house so the people, on the other hand, you have one for yours and you can then link everything together with the locale and mine and get a so-called install, i.e. an installation and in that everything is linked together and then you have the option at commission report select a time period via generate report, for example 1 0 January and you can then have this report produced I has so far been planned it or it made a while then you were able to click on this commission report on the left and experience exactly the various types multitudes rolled and what shares they get the percentage shares could of course likewise adjust everything that shows that but now here only briefly and concisely so that the video does not become too long which is nice you can also deposit different payment methods for the emcee here, for example, an hrt too want to do if I travel full contact here now then I can even here the qr engender system that “i m going to have to” scan with my app and done yes that was all i wanted to show you today if you have any questions feel free to write in the comments below or came to see you our disc place if you are still looking for it On the one pas, of course, you are able to also find our link to helium there in the video description below, as ever you the brewers of mine with a three percent discount if you use the code helium de and we’ll see you in the next video, have a good one andr

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