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M2 Pro – Boost earnings | Set miner health % | No fee | With F-NFTs

Boosting your miner earnings, selling withno impact on miner health , no withdrawal costs. These are some of the effects for the upcomingfunctional NFTs that i will talk about in thisvideo. I will go through what the functional NFTscan do and how you can plan ahead to clear the smartest decisions for your miners using theseNFTs. You really do not want to miss this. Im no monetary advisor, i’m just speculate on MXC NFTs.And if you are interested in buying an m2 pro miner you can get a 60 dollar reject if youuse this connection below and buy from their officialwebsite.Let’s get into the video. In october 2021 MXC released info on the upcoming functional NFTs. These are the functionalities they mentioned theNFTs can have. Increase in mining raise, setting up the miner state to a certain percentage, reducingor curving the withdrawal rewards on the data dash app, works together with staking, the acquisition ofhardware such as an m2 pro miner, and provide you with early access to upcoming features includingbeta tests, guaranteed collections and much more. And these NFTs will be supplied within fourranks. Bronze, silver-tongued, amber and diamond with the exponential influence of five working. And by that it is safeto say that the effect of a diamond ranked NFT will be much much better in comparison with thebronze graded NFT. I’m not sure if the exponential part of five is between each rank or in total overall ranks.Anyway, those diamond NFTs will for sure be worth a lot i think. And don’t forget they onlyrelease 5555 of these functional NFTs. Now let’s speculate on how we can use these NFT functionsand come up with some smart designs. Since there are quite a lot of different operates and countlesspossibilities i want to ask you for some help. What kind of plans can you think of by using theseNFT gatherings in a miner setup? Let me know inthe comments where we can speculate together.Thefirst effect that comes to my knowledge is the “Setting up a miner health to a determined percentage” because thatwould mean that you can have a miner that you have sold your clues on( that lowers your miner state) but by having that NFT it will override that and set your miner health to a aim percentage. That isinsanely good. Then you’ll be able to take as much profit as you miss and still mine at the setpercentage which is something that countless parties are after. Imagine combining that perform with the effectof the free withdrawals from the data dash app. Then if you had both of those NFTs you couldpotentially, in theory, merely mine and withdraw your clues every day without any rewards or negativeimpact on your miner state when you sell signs. That is for sure a dream situation that perhapswill be possible.The increase in mining boost function kinda speaks for itself and will beawesome to earn more with. The part “working together with staking” could be interesting perhapsincreasing the apy percentage from venturing mxc. The run of “acquisition of equipment such asan m2 pro miner” i predicts could mean that as long as you have that NFT you get a reject when buyingan m2 pro miner. That is pretty cool if a retail seller got that NFT and can buy m2 pro miners at alower toll and then sell those new miners second hand to a higher price but i don’t know if thatwould be illegal or how that even would work. And then the last function “providing early access toupcoming features, beta test, guaranteed selections” and this for sure builds you able to participatein a lot but here i am thinking perhaps the guaranteed assortments persona might be the most lucrative. Likeif they liberate new stuff and you are guaranteed a recognise or something like that.And it will be sointeresting to see how much these NFTs will affect. For illustration, will the improve in miner earningsbe 1% for the copper graded NFT or 10%? And if so, does the same diamond ranked NFTthen give you a 10% or a 90% miner lift? I has got no idea but since on the withdrawalfunction they mention “waving” or time removing thefee altogether that perhaps means that with such adiamond ranked NFT function you will get a 100% reduction on the withdrawal cost expenditure. And soperhaps it will be at the same degree with the other functions. Placing miner healthat a make percentage perhaps is likely to be 100% with diamond and +10% with copper and this isjust a speculation but i do reckon these NFTs will come to have substantial impact for thosewho have them.What do you think? Do you think the copper increase in earnings will be 10% or perhapsonly 1 %? And just so you know, these NFTs will be in your data dash app where i think mxcwill likewise have some sort of marketplace for them. When looking at MXC’s overall plan on metaversefunctionalities it seems these NFTs will come into play as well. And i believe they plan on havingmxc, the mxc token, as the prime money within this metaverse so i’m pretty sure MXC will be themain token to use when buying and selling theseNFTs. So if you want to buy some of theseupcoming functional NFTs maybe stocking up on some mxc signs might be a good idea.Thank you so muchfor watching and i’ll see you in the next one bye.

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