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M2 Pro Miner – Late miners risk 100% less earnings

If you have been thinking of getting an m2 prominer or getting more m2 pro miners, coming it now earlier than last-minute is now more importantthan ever. The early mining m2 pros will have a prodigious advantage against people coming theirminers later. In this video i’ll tell you why that is how this affects your miner if you decide tosell your clues and numerous situations on how you can be prepared with your m2 pro miner. This is notfinancial advice you have to do your own research before you invest in anything.If you after thisvideo feel like you want to buy an m2 pro miner from the mx’s official website you can use thislink below and you’ll get a $ 60 discount on your acquisition. Let’s get into the video. In march 2022 the mxc-foundation will implement a brand-new revise to the proximity parameter in the m2 pro miner. Thiswill greatly influence how many miners that can exist within an area. So this is the mxc-foundation’sway of spreading the network across the globe. So this is crucial material if you intend to buyan m2 pro miner, buy more miners or if you want to sell your quarried tokens, you need to know thisinformation then. To summarize the new modernize: The m2 pro miners that have been mining the longesttime will have the most quarried tokens within them( likewise announced oil ). These miners will have thehighest rank, which are dependent on the miner’s fuel amount. And the highest ranked miners within atwo kilometer radius hexagon will then predominate and secure that area without any rebates ontheir earnings. When there are more than 10 miners within a new orbit, they will then be outranked and theywill have immense earning reductions. The 11 th miner get a 20% rebate and the 15 th miner, andall miners graded below that, are rebated 100% percent. So then you won’t make anything. Thiswill definitely happen in large cities with a lot of people. If you however are amongst thefirst 10 M2 pro miners within your place you’ll be reasonably safe. And the only way someone canoutrank you is if there’s one other person that have quarried longer than you in another location atfirst and then move their signs to your spot. So , no fiscal admonition, but if you intend oneventually buy m2 pro miners or more miners then doing it earlier will for sure enable youto secure your area.If you wait, parties in your adjacent neighborhood might get more than 10 miners and thenit will not be optimal at all to place your miner there. Then you will need to find another neighbourhood tohave your miners in a less saturated sphere. You can check out how many miners are currently in yournearby location by checking the mxc mapper site. Then if you want to sell your mxc signs, your m2pro miner has mined, this is also very important to take into account.If you sell all your tokens, so all your fuel, then your miner will discontinue to the lowest ranking. Then if there are already 11 minerswithin your nearby orbit your miner will fall to the bottom of the ranks and get reductions on itsfuture earnings. So selling your clues will mean reduction in miner health and earnings and it canalso mean that you place in a lower rank that will get you deducted on your earnings as well. So yourearnings can drop by a lot. And you can’t forget that it is the earnings, or quantity of tokensyou mine, which increases your oil extent, the thing that rank is based on. So not only didyou get graded at the bottom, if you took out all of your quarried signs, you have now also decreasedthe rate of your m2 pro miner going gasoline back, in increasing its rank. And if you do not do anythingabout it that miner will always be mining at a frequency that is slower compared to a miner whichno tokens have been taken out of. So they will always be at the impediment and will eventuallybe outshone and end up in the lowest rank. A direction to lock yourself from this isto place your miner on the countryside where there is a lack of other miners.And this is ofcourse the mxc-foundation’s intention in order to spread the network. If you live in a citycenter and mine there currently i would really think twice before selling my signs because thatmight be the last time you witness any earnings with your m2 pro miner. Unless you move to a differentplace or you sit your miner somewhere else. Another important aspect that many do not thinkabout is that the mxc expenditure will likewise affect at which frequency you’ll get back your gasoline, if you havesold your clues in the first place. As you know the higher the price of the mxc token the lesstokens we mine per epoch. And this will affect the rate of which you get back your gasoline and rank. Letme demonstrate with two examples. This speciman will not be correct and i will time be using fictivenumbers. But the general idea will be correct. Let’s say you have quarried 50 000 mxc tokensduring the last 6 months.So approximately 278 clues perday. Then your oil is 50 000. And then you decideto sell all your tokens. Then you’ll have zero oil and your earnings will be reduced by 60% due tominer health. The next day you mine you’ll make 60% less of the 278 tokens daily. So roughly about1 11 clues. Well okay, at this quicken it will make you about five years of mining before you get backto 95% miner health and earnings.But wait, that is based on the mxc tokens premium will stay the sameduring that entire age. If the mxc cost doubles during that time that means you’ll be mining halfthe amount of clues so about 55 signs per daytime. This will now make you 10 years before you getback to 95% miner state. But keep in mind it also jobs the other way around. If you sell clues ata very high price and then the price of the mxc token increases to half then you will increaseyour fuel twice as fast because you will mine twice as much clues per daytime. So when there is abear market you really want to be mining so to say. So the best way of coming your oil back upand you graded back up with your miner, that you have sold tokens on, is to mine during a bear market. Ofcourse during a bear market you can also then buy cheaper mxc clues and top off your m2 pro minerwith, which will also increase your fuel and miner health and rank. Hopefully this global expansion ofthe m2 pro structure will increase its overall practice and we will see mxc getting more adoptedaround the world.That would only mean good for the project as a whole. Thank you so muchfor watching and i’ll see in the next one bye.


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