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Motherboard BIOS Settings | Crypto Mining

welcome everyone and it is friday and today we’regoing to be checking out bios’s for cpu quarrying and how to set them up for hive os and linux basedoperating systems as well as you can do it in windows as well if you like to overclock thatway but we’re going to be looking at our msi x470 gaming max motherboard and an asustough gaming x570 motherboard i do have my observer and everything setup right there so let’s get into it all right chaps welcome Rabid here today we aregoing to be looking at the motherboard biases in the x470 and the x570 msi asus and see what thedifference is and what you actually have to do now i did do that hive os video which is something we employed myworkstation which was a gigabyte but beings seem to be having issues with the x470 msi motherboardcan’t get their settles in so that is why i am here today i’m going to be showing you how todo your determines in that x470 msi motherboard and as well see how we’re here we’re going todo this asus x570 as well now we’re going to look at the two labels each manufacturer does havetheir bios a little different again we’ve seen the gigabyte one in that last video but i willput a excerpt to that one in the end of this one so all three motherboards are here here we arefirst up is our asus bios now and most of the asus cards they’re all the same depending on theversion number now whether you update get an older one whatever it could be a little different butfor the most part everything is called the name the same across the asus biosis so first thing weare going to have to do we have to go to advanced alternatives that’s f7 here we are in f7 we’re goingto go over to advanced now if you’re doing a first fresh setup you’re going to have to go down herewe’re already on it apm configuration and this is where we actually gave our motherboard to poweron an ac ability loss so rebuild ac ability loss pit is still on default it is off so you will haveto go into here and turn that on now what this does do is when you lose power to your houseor you turn your power supply off or something and you turn it back on or recapture capability itwill automatically reboot your rig so again just like your gpu mining riggings you always wantto turn this option on first thing next on our index we are going to set the clocks to our cpu sowe’re going to go over to from prime to ai tweaker you merely smacked the liberty button my psu time rampedup so i’m not sure how bad you guys can hear that so we’re going to go down here now you can seecpu core ratio per ccx we’re going to click on that and this is where we manually named it so again3 6 conveys 3.6 gigahertz now transformation plus we’ll make it go up and just uh minus we’ll make it go downso here we are we’re already set up across them all this is where you adjusted your overclocks you’regoing to make love per ccx and make sure it does all set at 3.6 again you can set it whatever youwant it’s all up to you depending on power i find these to be nice efficient fits and whati do rolled all my cpus at next up we’re going to have to set that core voltage so we’re going toscroll down here until we find the voltage right here it’s going to be auto by default you justgo down click on manual scroll down and again displacement plus meets it move up and the minus makesit was down i move everything at one volt you can get away on some of them most of them actuallysilicone lottery 0.95 but i said one rig make have issues so i just applied them all at one voltmaybe i’ll go through and fine-tune everything they might all run at 0.75 or something so or 0.97 but we’ll recognize right now everything is one volt now we’re gonna have to go into overclock our ram nowwhat i mean by overclock sketches that’s your um xmp sketches or will vary depending on manufacturers dcomp so we’re going to come down here i saw dram now somewhere where abouts was it overclockedhere i’m right here so cache frequency now here that does not list it as xmp or anything youactually set it to what you want to run at so this is 3200 megahertz ram if i wanted to run itat 3200 i would just scroll down to right there and now this i’d stumble enroll and that’s megahertzagain i am not overclocking it this is the same as running xmp 3200 megahertz so when you buy ramyou know it says 3200 megahertz ram by default it is not set to that you manually have to add thatin your bios but i do find that running the ram at its full speed does shorten the efficiencyand doesn’t maximize your hash paces more too much so i’m just going to flee out of therebecause i am flowing this default 21 33 megahertz and not running the actual xmp profile or docpdepending on the manufacturer now some people depending on your experience level they liketo change their broth voltage now as well i usually leave mine on vehicle and don’t reallytouch it what the stock voltage actually does do is think of your motherboard and your cpu asthe body and the heart so your cpu are at the core your sock voltage is actually the voltagethat goes to all your peripherals your io and everything so you can adjust the voltage is almostlike adjusting your blood pressure is it you people want more voltage or less higher blood pressure or lessblood pressure that’s kind of how the sock voltage does come into play so i leave mine at automobile idon’t usually touch it because we’re not really consuming any aio so technically you were able to reducethat but again i’m not gonna touch it here we are now in our msi bios this is the x4 70 gaming plus maxmotherboard to be uh perfect so you may depending where you end up you could be in this one which iseasy mode just affected f7 just like our asus and this is the advanced mode it could boot up either onenow you do have your designates oc and m twinkle under your advanced invoice now and burst that is to use ausb drive show your bios to a newer version or go back down to an older version now different biosversions have been perceptibly more stable other meters too others can give you more hash ratesso it’s good to assessment around with all the biases of your motherboard at the same time if you don’tknow what you’re doing it’s not really recommended to flash your bios unless you absolutely haveto so we’re gonna go into settings here in our advanced menu uh scroll down here again advancedand now we’re gonna go to power management setup this is where you gave your ac dominance proposal on dealso regenerate after ac dominance loss excavation is on this is where you would go default is off so you turnthat on and again what that does is so you do not need the ability button and if you slam your powersupply off or you lose power or something it will automatically turn back on once you do turn iton or your power comes back now that we have this thing ready to fire back up anytime we do turn thepower switch off or on by itself without a button we are going to do our overclock so that’s quite simpleyou scroll down here you’ll going to see your oc approach and now “youre seeing” everything we have right hereso we’re going to start right here you can see x axmp this is your round item so it is disabledthis does have xmp in it unlike the asus where you mounted it immediately depending on the hurry that youwant so xmp profile one or two “i know i m” disabled xmp profile off now if i proceeded profile one or two youcan see the ram lays here i went one that will placed it now to 3200 megahertz and down now you cansee they’re both pretty much start the same now deep inside some ram does have two or three profilesand the highest the list the little tighter the timings are and it’s supposed to be labelled fasterbut at the same time it could become least stable so we’re going to go back to disable because i donot use that again we find it most efficient not moving any xmp chart so now we’re gonna have tooverclock our cpu here uh default procedure i believe this is usually set to all core i always start perccx just so i know you can go all core and again 3600 shift plus draws it up and minus imparts itdown so there we are 3600 that is 3.6 gigahertz all court do that across all four ccx’s that yousee here your rates and then we’re gonna have to set our core voltage scroll down until we do findour voltage designates here we are cpu core voltage amd overclocking now again this is usually set onauto i click on that go down to amd overclocking which you can see there was down and here’s yourvoltage you’ll consider one under the override cpu core voltage shift plus again sets it up and minusbrings it down all done you are now totally designated this is how you overclock your cpu and your ram inyour bios for say hi os and linux based operating systems and some people prefer this route as it’smore stable over ryzen lord even for windows systems again everyone does their own thing so dowhat you do uh feel safe with now we’re gonna look for our cpu sock voltage where are you disguising hereyou’re down now somewhere just like before that is the blood system for your actual cpu so it washiding right underneath our cpu core voltage so time click down a couple and you will find cpuand b capital voltages so this is where you would determine that sock and as you can see it is slightlydifferent than what our asus was putting out but it doesn’t matter i do not set that i just leaveit auto again you can do as you please on your own motherboards once you are done depending anymotherboard actually i believe f1 0 for the asus and this x11 is safe so you can go right there nowyou do not have to change anything to actually get a gpu not to boot on this so you can pull yourgpu off this said motherboard again i have not tested my asus to see if it does do that so keepin thought will vary depending on your motherboard you may not be able to run it headless with non-integratedgraphics is a gigabyte motherboard now depending on the manufacturer of your motherboardeverything could be different example xmp profile is called xmp that’s your ram settingsin your motherboard for overclocking loping at 3 200 megahertz or the stock names when i dorefer to that that is xmp now depending on your motherboard like some do call xmp docp in yourmotherboard others like asus they actually precisely have the straight megahertz you have to set theactual megahertz what you want it to be so things are a little different as well most require f7take your advanced procedure this one does is actually f2 so here you can see here is actually rightnow xmp extreme memory profile xmp it is disabled this i find to be the most efficient settingsinstead of jog xmp so if i made that and i proceed profile one that will actually engage it andtell it to run right here you can see 32 so 3200 megahertz but that is less efficient i like to runmine incapacitated off and now you can see it’s gonna pas 2133 megahertz which we’re already doingover here is the 21 41.86 i guess it’s saying so i find that most efficient when i say xmpprofile off that symbolizes disabled in now we’re not spill our ram at the exact full speed thatit does uh say to use now we’re going to set our actual gigahertz on our cpu so here you can seecpu clock ratio again each motherboard will name it something different depending on the firebrand butthese are the main things you do got to look for so cpu clock ratio i’m going auto this is set onall core previously “youre seeing” per ccx which represents per assemble of cores which you do see in risermaster each ccx are there gathers there but here we’re just going to go all core we’re goingto ringlet the whole way down until we do affected 3.6 or 36.00 in the case of this motherboard i surpassed italready so scroll up come on we’re almost there right there so there we are 36 so that’s all corenow we’re not done hitherto we do have to actually named our voltage so here we’re going to scroll downcpu vcore that is our voltage of our cpu again i lope everything at one volt so i’m just going toscroll down to the one volt or precisely click on it right there done and now you simply affected f10 whichis save all your locates and you’re good to go for hive os that is how you do your uh biossettings and then this time once your motherboard your plan whatever if you reboot it restartit whatever these are the places it will load and that nature it is running in hiveos 100 all rightguys so that does sum up this video hopefully it does help some of you guys out whetheryou’re on the msi gaming max motherboard x470 or the x570 aces tough gaming and again wesaw the gigabyte one before so uh hopefully this helps you out if some of you guys were havingissues i used did make this video for you guys again let me know in the comments did it helpdo you need something more are you still having concerns again remember meet the disagreement there’sa lot of helpful beings in there as well thanks for watching and Rabid out thank youfor watching everyone if you haven’t provide comments subscribe and like this video as well ascheck out one of the following options other videos if you have not seen it hitherto i do try to stream every saturdayand sunday so remain tuned for more future content

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