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NEW MINER COMING! – More rewards for HNT miners! – LIVE

all right all right we got the 15 likes we’lljust start the show early how’s everyone doing today i see you putting your like i appreciatethat awesome awesome awesome 19 likes before even the five minute countdown um you’re rightthere that’s right i haven’t set up the uh i haven’t done everything just yet because mypuppy has slapped over the tripod and um so yeah i gotta move it but uh yeah what’s going oneveryone therefore welcomed another river if you’re not a subscriber please consider hitting that subscribebutton turning on the bell notifications as we stream every monday at 2 p.m and then easternand then we post videos weekly particularly very exciting eras we look forward to our um we there’shopefully hopefully this is the last week hopefully this is the last week that we havecrappier quality because it keeps telling me check the video resolution we have a gaming slashnew mining pc built unfortunately the gtx rtx 3080 that i acquired was a dud so i had to send thatin to get replaced and now we’re just waiting on to come back before we fire up our brand-new gamingslash mining pc to bring content and our canal and editing and streaming and all that stuff toa high quality 3 000 rig so everything will look much better um other than that uh like commentsubscribe uh brew of the day we did this as a video yesterday i believe this is the funky buddhavoid shaker the barrel age stout 11 glees to you guys you know the drill oh my god my mobilephone is a lot faster with youtube than my tv glad monday most important bit of business showus the puppy um yeah i predict we can where is he he’s siesta on the flooring um i don’t want to wakehim because like right now while he’s napping i’m up every 25 hours to make him out in pottytrain and he likes to chew on the carpet in front of my door so right now i can see him heis napping maybe we’ll come him on stream if he wakes up and if i have to run out it symbolizes ihave a puppy that piddled on the floor so you know the drill let’s just jump in there thank youvery much for the likes let’s get them all fired off we are going to be examining up miners in thearea we have our helium quarrying myocyte miner that was supposed to come in today but now dhl shippinghas retarded it to come in on tomorrow between the hours of 1 pm and 5 p.m certainly hoping that ican uh there is a caterpillar above your lip really really hope that i can get that milesightfootage and everything recorded and done for a video tomorrow i like to upload videos around2 p.m so if it doesn’t come until like 5 p.m no one likes watching my videos that late inthe evening the authorities concerned will merely liberate a small video about the next projection that we are going to belooking at which you guys are going to enjoy and want to get into so uh without further ado againmake sure you stay tuned we’ll have a milesight unboxing we have a location that we’re going toput it at and we have a big secret project that “i m keeping” pester that i left an easter egg inyesterday’s video uh that if you guys can you know go back and watch and you can figure it outa few people acquired it in the dissension let me know i was thinking about hiding an easter egg in thissomewhere but it would be dreadfully obvious if you watch me stream for an hour and there’s justan easter egg on the street on the screen or i mess with it so all right thank you very much uhadvo yep little child axel he’s now a nine week aged amber laboratory he’s oversleeping in the cornerum really helping the family heal and recover since the extend of copper as you guys know andthen of course with copper we do have the shut up copper t-shirt that’s still for sale in thestore we are going to be removing that probably at the end of december to start 2022 fresh andleave this as like a legacy scheme um that maybe i give away at indicates and material when i got ultimately doa meet-up event in california when i reached 25 000 subscribers so make sure you reached that subscribebutton all right so the first miner we’re looking at is cuddly juniper cricket this is a great setupyou’ve got a 5.8 dbi 8 meters in the air nothing wrong there you’re pretty much wrapper theentire little region that you are in sucks you’re not going a good deal behind you with the witnessingor the witness uh this is about placement you tell me you’re minor i look it up i see what youcan do to improve what you’re doing right what you’re doing wrong and we shamelessly promote andbeg for super chats nope the brand-new campaign is not on algorand alright so this setup is perfect on thechannel we like to say we want to get 2.5 to 3.5 5 super chat off the bat best advice for placinga new miner should you pick an adjacent hex that is not lit up or a few cases hexes away from otherminers all right so to answer your question i will just use my precedent of what i’m going to bedoing so what you want to do here is when you’re going to your placement and this is kind of myzone right here i have a minor right here and i have a minor right here so ideally i eitherwant to place a minor in this hex right here or at my buddy’s live which is back over welli’m going to say it’s in between one of these ones now so obviously if i want to place a minorright here what you’re going to want to do is oh looks like that’s a two dollar super chat thankyou very much we’ll get you here in exactly a few seconds so what make sure my transmitting proportion is stillgood okay so what we want to do here is we want to go into uh hot spotty which we’re going to pull upon the screen for your neighbourhood leroy grider thank you very much for the five dollar super chat once youare in hot spotty you’re going to it’s a little gradual on the apy and my pc so next week it’ll bea lot faster but in hot spotty what is going to happen micro puppy i like that what’s going tohappen is you’re going to see this grid inspecting device now and if you click on that it’s goingto give you information on hexagons in your neighborhood and it’s going to say like for example this one issaying that they want about five hot spots in this area there’s one too many so the transmit magnitude isgoing to be buffed down to 8.3 if we go over here and we look at that there’s three too many in thisarea so we clearly don’t want to employ something in there but if we go into my segment where i waslooking i want to place it in this grid now and as of right now i can actually i have i do haveone more spot in this section available to employ a helium miner without the give proportion going downso that you can kind of cross reference with your grid see if your grid is available somewhere andthen move from there so if i want to snag up where the hell am i if i want to snag up this locationor this location it is within that grid over here on hotspotty that’s saying i have um availabilityto put one more there and still get a 1.0 disseminate scale so that’s that’s an easy tool that you canuse time you can go to or time find on the explorer someone that’s got you knowtransmit magnitude that’s low-grade and you’ll have that recommendation all right moving on to our superchat with the miner epithet right here likewise make sure you’re about 350 meters away from the minersand if you guys haven’t hitting that like button thumped that like button let’s see how fast we can getto 50 likes maybe if we get to a hundred likes five dollar super chat i is certainly lookup that maybe if we get to a hundred likes or a hundred dollars in super chat i will razz evenmore about the pro i do have a tab over on this monitor but i will pester even more about the nextminor that i’m getting into so that channel you guys can hear it potentially first on stream andget a prance before everyone else has to wait until tomorrow’s video so what’s our questionhere outdoor minor but not aria all right so you’re certainly going to want to tune itand make sure that if you have a 10 meter cable right there the website detests me also feistypine mongoose i still can’t get it um you want to make sure that you have an lmr4 00 cable or betterand if you have regrettably your area isn’t so good so you’re already hitting all the pointsthat you want you want to make sure kind of click around and see if they’re witnessing you whichwould be really nice um which it looks like they are so you kind of only have the area and that’sjust the luck of the draw in your locality so actually not much advice i can give you there this one’shitting you because you’re in the middle of this little hexagon now so this is the best you’regoing to do it’s just the area unfortunately so let’s see what your overall return rate is so2. 26 in the past 30 days genuinely it’s just sorry follower exactly luck of the draw in that area um lookup my miner satisfy micro batch puppy i have a 10 rhythm up on roof 5.8 but it doesn’t contact very farwell let’s take a look see why it doesn’t contact very far um i see you’ve tried a few cases differentantennas which meaning improved one do you recommend as of right now um i have tried the crappy oneson amazon but the my most successful antennas and i always have it pulled up here has been the 5.8 dbi fiberglass antenna on rack if you guys want to get yourselves one there’s a attach for that inthe description below i acquired two of these because as of right now i have two miners as oftomorrow i’ll have three miners but very fortunate enough that um helium art where you can go andpurchase a mile site still has them available for purposes of the january trounce february quantity so you canguys get some helium miners there they are going to come with like a bit 2.8 feeler but heliummart as a thank you for promoting their channel on that channel their store are sending me a 6.0 feeler which i am going to test on this invention as well all right so taking a look here micro mintpuppy 10 meters 5.8 this also kind of seems like time lamentable luck of the draw you mightget a little bit more range especially being 10 meters up with an 8.0 and you likewise want tomake sure i see you have the 10 rhythm cable that you’re sway an lmr 400 or better oras short as possible but realistically the 5.8 it’s not atrocious i don’t know why you’re notgetting a lot out here but 8.0 might get you a little bit longer of a signal to start reachingdown in these areas so i just recommend that maybe hold that a scoot um let’s see because you’re inyour 30 -day earnings your current let’s see where your seven days are so you’re kind of about onehelium away really shy of one helium away from the goal that i say that you want to be at 2.5 to 3.5 oh my god 115 coinciding witness if we get to 200 simultaneou viewers i might tease that uh newminer as well and i’m really excited to talk about that miner do videos about it um because youcan have several in one house you don’t have to worry about placement and locale and you don’thave to worry about signals or any of that crap and it’s cool if you buy the base model andyou can then let it quarry for a while and then save up and then get some more sides to itto make it even better so yeah give the um pristine authentics give the 8.0 a try if youcan that’s just my recommendation but you just got started so cause that keep firing off yourarea is just really slim pigments at the time or you can potentially build and grow ohyeah i’ve been caring the earnings you could potentially grow your system around you ifthat’s um in your in your budget so that’s that might not be a terrifying alternative what’s going onhey all what’s going on dtik and moonraker how are you guys today great to see you let’s get sixmore likes up in here guys let’s get to 50 likes any gratuities of subsiding added miners prior todeployment and by-passing jolt of the miner set up at the patronize so yes you can absolutely ibelieve you can absolutely get that synced of course if you don’t open the ports andeverything because i’m gonna i’m gonna be syncing my miner here at the house as well it willrelay and unless you you know have several wi-fi systems it will relay but i’m just i’d rathersync it get onto moving or i might potentially oh someone performed me an present for an item in diablomade me an proposal for a flail what do we got um it’ll take a fall um except let me turnmy computer on because we’re likewise gonna make a trade we’re gonna go on a computeruh message oh five dollar super chat tumble five dollar super chat uh just lookingat my miners but we’re gonna require tiny mossy owl second floor windows indoors due to locationrestriction of six dbi mcgill microwave four hoof lmr cable i think i’m getting the mcgillso let’s take a look at what we got and if you’re not coming some crazy rewardslike thank you for asking for the like um pc pc uh let’s see so we’re pulling this up manmultitasking i meant to turn off that because i’m playing diablo 2 resurrected and uh i’vegot some parts i’m trying to trade out for masterpieces and material all right so let’s take a look hereso you’ve got your 6.0 thank you for asking for the five dollar super chat and we’ve got we just gotstarted it looks like so you really want to give yourself so in seven days in zero h t and it kindof started to pick up steam there so i think some of the drawbacks here is the interior which iunderstand um but you’ve got to get it away from windows can’t wait for the helium or unboxingit’s going to be my first helium minor i’m so excited for my monitor to come in i’m so pissed itwas supposed to be in today but dhl shipping said it’s going to be on hold and they’re going to sendit to me tomorrow between the hours of 1 and 5:00 p.m. all right so tiny mossy owl if you’re next toa window get it away from the window so you are up nice and high so what i would recommend isputting it out because i’ll indicate you like why and how that “i m keeping” reputing my camera’s still upthere um i could give you some manoeuvres and diablo check uh that’s my recollection think about the blah blahblah i could all right i mean if you’re gonna dare me with some excursions manoeuvres so think about itthis direction if you’re um let me make sure i see us on camera who is delivering in general mile or heliumminor um connect in the description helium minor use dirty dude stuff save yourself like five percentso imagine this is your window right and you have your antenna sitting right up on the window likethis your signal is going to really pretty much refract off the window so if you move it away fromthe window oh my god i get used to this angle if you move it away from the window[ __] i shouldjust make love like this if you is moving forward away from the window then your signal is going to pump out andat least you can start clearing the window with the signal that’s probing through the wallsand substance while this signal exactly refracts back so you probably want to get that away from the windowi can get the mile site from a trader in norway if the rate is 13 20. Uh try out the mile area onhelium martin save yourself five percent so thank you very much um the renaissance for the superchat get it away from the window so right now it’s 838.80 including that for us residents but i’m notsure what it would be for you guys very excited for this one since we can framed everything outsidelet me make sure this guy’s not chatting with me descend yes playstation okay if he wants to doplaystation we’ll switch to the playstation oh two dollar super chat revolve serpent it’soutside above roof and we’re also just going to be cheeky turn on our playstation becausewe reckon let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go turning excavation on psn oh rate seven all right so weare looking at a relayed which really suctions and so everything watches good now so far it’s above onthe ceiling like look at all the activity you’re getting around you that’s not too bad at all theonly problem is a your transmit proportion is crap so unfortunately you might not be able to get a lotbecause your transmit scale past 30 eras you’re at 5.16 on the canal i try to say that i want tosee 10 helium in a 30 -day time frame hi what can you say about mining in bulgaria um the heliomarkguys are in bulgaria and uh they have been doing pretty well i believe so uh i believe the milesites are out of stock for 915 megahertz right now they are at the moment but they are building upfor their shipment and they’re arrange for their shipment for february and that’s not the right oneokay let’s go back to it uh paste oh are you in a covington georgia all right you’re in covingtongeorgia all right so let’s take a look all right so if you’re outside above the roofand you’ve got a 5.8 rhythms um i’m hoping that you have the lmr 400 cable you might wantto try an 8.0 because certainly unfortunately the whole area for you is just crap youneed to find another discern to do that do what like where we are right now i’m only doing 0.1 or 0.01 and 0.3 but usually 0.1 a date lol nice job like ever man thanks carl yeah this is justyour area um so even though you might have perfect placement you’re on the roof make sure it’s levelas well my area is the opposite of atlanta ha you might need to try to find yourself somewherecloser to atlanta and maybe an 8.0 will got to get there and make sure it’s level but no matter whatlike you could have perfect placement and then the people around you might not have perfect placementi have to accept this and is that the puppy oh two dollar super chat we’re gonna do thatin hang in a time game is updating on pc all week lol all right two dollar super chat thankyou very much from the team strawberry dragon yeah unfortunately it’s just the domain now you couldtry directional yeah certainly try directional if so rack does have directional and let’sgo back to it rack does have directionals i think they’re 12.0 which will be definitelyand specially if you’re already up on the ceiling and make sure that you’ve got that lmr 400 cableso directional might work out very well for you so we are rocking the two dollar super chat for tame strawberry dragon people chaps chaps guys guysguys i love you all to death but it’s really hard to give you seemed admonition when your locality is justnot colonized that’s just the only question i’m seeing with these right now is that your neighborhood justneeds to be colonized uh even with a directional even with this one there’s not much you cando now i will say the positives are that you are at least get nearly 10 helium in a 30 daytime frame you still have a little bit left to go but and you’re hitting the person or persons around you it’sjust the neighbourhood sucks like i can’t even tell you what to upgrade or change to like i’m sorry mandamn that suctions but look at you you have all these these are all yours aren’t they uh the mongoosemine’s the mongoose in alabama it’s still not connecting to the mandrel i own 10 of themyeah it looks like you do own so you know what you’re doing then let’s let’s take a lookat another one i’ll give you another one for a freebie how about that let’s see oh you own thearea is that what’s going on you really own the sphere get yourself a relay unless you’re doing thetwo mile mislead uh get yours off of communicated now that would be good also i mean youknow what you’re doing you’re just you’re just building up the breeze i get 42 h tin 30 epoches sorry 32. Yeah that’s what i wanted to do was present mine just so that course you guyscan see that i do have some credibility and i slightly know what i’m talking about dazzlingburlap corgi from 16 ht to 7 after pocv 11. it’s bobcat 320 flooring any recommendation for higherhigh antenna with lmr 400 satisfy caution yes wow um just so you guys know adoration freebies um yeahi just looked at the other one it kind of seems like you know truly your merely options thereare um okay really your only alternatives i mean you got the 4.0 on them but looking at minehere let’s take a look at my history in total so my first one look at that coverage look atthat beauteous coverage so this one i have a 5.8 dbi feeler which again i bought two of theseantennas now join for that is in the description and they’re on both of mine and you can see thatthis one in the past 24 hours is rocking 0.913 uh helium past seven days precisely nearly really shyof six helium and in the past 30 epoches 17.714 but that’s 32 on basic setup that’s pretty sexyand then my other one is very similar lists and our give flakes going up a little bit we wereat point seven one last week which is beautiful um 24 hours six site six helium oh seven dollarsuper chat from 256. I see it up now 256. 256. but yeah you guys will see um uh 30 daytime 17.7 very happy with those results and my overall detail i’ve got to move my 20 intostaking that i’ve been doing per era so if you guys i’m not going to pull up sticking all rightso we are looking at dazzling which majigger excuse me gross it’s not reallycovered but that’s really uh all right first off my friend me amigome compadre um 256. uh mr pisghetti’s you expressed appreciation for for stopping byhitting the like button my friend i think my brand-new setup will have 50 a month thatwould be awesome waiting for my miner yep my miner should be in tomorrow for the unboxingvideo and then the announcement of what programme we’re looking at all right my friend you ifyou are sitting with 60 rhythms with a 4 dbi your feeler let’s see let’s see let’s see let’ssee from 16 h and t to 7 after povc 11 it’s bobcat 20 th is your 20 th floor so your quantities arefine any recommendation for higher antenna with lmr4 00 definitely perhaps perhaps um merely becausei don’t like the actual stock cord that these miners come with for the bobcats because it’s verythin get yourself a 4.0 or a 5.0 oh 10 super chat get yourself a 4.0 or a 5.0 um you can definitelytry the 5.0 from rack in here and then go to get yourself an lmr4 00 cable and that could helpwith some of the variants and some of the loss and all that is these cables are you are6 0 meters up so you’ve got some huge coverage are you able take a look at imaginary bubblegum starfishplease but regrettably your channel proportion blows so if your move magnitude was better imagine thiswould be 10 times more so you could be potentially clearing like 69 helium in a 30 epoch i know the nextproject don’t you dare say were you in discord yesterday were you in the stream saw you inthe uh mining and venturing when the easter egg was discovered um alright josh bernstein it’slike the bernstein accepts maidens and gentlemen all right so my compensations have removed prettysignificantly lately if i get a 5.8 but can’t get it on the ceiling would it make a big difference alsoshould the feeler is nearing a space or no people guys all right before i even startanswering this and search this up if you have watched vos coin andhe and you’ve seen the videos where he leans his miner and his antenna bythe window push one in chat right now once again if you watched vos coin and he employs his miner and his antennain the window push one in chat right now oh wait you found out two minutes ago who who told you uh okay all rightcool cool cool cool cool you’re welcome easter egg i missed something i think you did igot to be more clever at disguising my easter eggs though all right cool all right i see a trend hereand how many of you guys let’s do this let’s do the next one and i’ve still got your informationup here josh bobby you’re staying all right next one if you’ve watched vos coin and you boughta helium miner and you put your antenna up in next to a opening and your honors have beennowhere near as significant as his kind 7 in chat if “youve had” obtained a helium miner and youcopied his setup by putting the antenna in the window type 7 in chat in fact if you haven’thit the like button also touched the like button last-place one if you guys have been inthe stream and you’ve asked me to look at your setup and it’s been crapand i’ve recommended something kind 69 in chat and while we’re doing that we’re goingto answer josh bierstein’s question my reinforces have plunged pretty vastly lately ifi get a 5.8 but can’t get it to the roof yes so josh if you can get your um isn’t he a validyeah he is a validator seven in chat i love it josh if you can get your for example mine yousaw my amounts on screen right i don’t know why i’m looking up there still um yousaw my numbers and you assured them in the you realized them on what i just pictured youhere at the house i have the 5.8 feeler and i have a there’s 69 there’s 69 um and i and ihave a 5.8 in my attic not on the roof with an lmr 25 meter lmr cable so thank you seven is a primenumber that’s awesome chaps i’m really really sorry that you guys are all like misinformed and everythingon that um so yeah so you would be fine with a 5.8 if you can get it in your attic and getit nice and tier that is what i recommend so that’s what you need to do you’re in southerncali yeah so get it up there location effects compensations orientations will um merely because of uhthe channel scale so if you investigate all this area where everything and thank you very muchfor that uh ten dollar super chat testing testing feisty pine mongoose certainly crave mandrelall right thank you very much for the two dollar super chat let’s go ahead and take a look how doesit task from windows 98 refurbish it to windows 10. all right i love your humor thank you very muchuh he’s my simply neighbor oh yeah i’m so ronrie so rony and sad and a wrong at least you’re makingsome helium out in this area dude get yourself a directional and you’re in alabama what do youcall an alabama high school cheerleading team a full set of teeth holy smith johnny that’s cold yeah sounfortunately your orbit time sucks humanity nothing much you’re gonna be able to do there uhcutie cutie all right and i’m too was sitting merely representing diablo very like a jackass let’s goover here um pink pink all right so what are we at we are currently in 38 super chat 85 likes we’re waitingfor like a hundred and chat income and a 100 super chat and we’ll we’ll show we’ll we’llshow the uh the next miner we’re not going to talk about it but we’ll evidence it how aboutthat chaps how about that cool diablo’s done turn off the playstation 5 for just nowenter rest mode[ __] so yeah all right south guy what down oh right here ohthere you go there’s mandrel all right accomplish complete all right let’s see simply there we go all right so cool all right we’re doing diablo let’s go backto chat in here all right so we’re 86 likes here we go anyone know how long it take for panther x2to ship so you probably watch vosco and accompanied that he announced been fucking loving the panther right we’rewe’re not i mean we are are you able sing lonely again i’m so ronrie so ronri soronrie inside in the wrong can i angle my feeler to project upa mound so if you tilt your feeler to project up a mountain what’s going to happeni mean you can but then you’re just like i make yeah you’ll be shooting it up into spaceand you’ll be shooting it down into the ground so you unquestionably can are you able check excuse meamateur brick crab we gotta keep looking at miners i’m just was sitting exactly being stingy and likei’m not looking at you can do whatever you like isn’t that like a ti song babe you can do whateveryou like i said you could do whatever you alright what do you want me to look at now you’vegot an eight meter eight dbi you’ve got oh two dollar super chat from abundantporcelain throne thank you greg roy for the two dollar super chat let’s go aheadand take a look let’s go take a look shall we all right let’s see what we gotyou are rocking iraq wireless 4 dbi oh one up johnny ryan for singing ronery being like i’m just whoring out my serviceshere all right man all right greg roy let’s take a look what do we got nerdy so directionalyeah probably directional obviously directional all right let’s take a gander shall weyou’re six rhythms up with a four dbi this one’s an easy one makesure you get yourself a delightful nice delightful seductive lmr 400 cable get that sucker eightto ten meters up in the air and get that sucker of 5. 8 i guarantee you’re going to see improvementsif you do that remember not a fiscal advisor or anything like that that’s just the exactsetup this is a very similar area to mine and i have just been seen those the expected accomplishments and those numbersyou likewise haven’t finished your 30 daytimes of mining but look at you you’ve already attain 3.9 helium 5 super chat from the immigrant son you’re just one note offfrom being the immigrant carol not gonna do that again all right let’s seeyeah so easy one being five dollar super chill refined golden perch serpent let’s take a look on the ruler of randallintegrity weed uh first six days was 3b wonts changed to 8 dbi as test last darknes pre-purchaseguess in 5.8 and moved from are additional to roof uh dude i’d probably leave your 8.0 especially if you swopped it last nighttime give it about a week um your 3.0 furnish antennaor 3dbi asset antennae won’t do your crap out here you really don’t have a lot you could trydirectionals going towards down yonder but this is also alsoanother testament to the area helium breezes are you able fix the miner directlyto the upgraded antenna without lmr cable um kind of depending on the minorso if we look at the mile area uh sorry i’m late did we already talk about thepanther v2 not really i looked at it last-place nighttime but i haven’t really hopped in favorite hardalcohol and you could take a shot for the crowd in the flow uh unfortunately i don’t haveany hard liquor right now but my favorite is aviation gin um utterly adoration gin and tonicand so this is just an example of the mile site uh will have the feeling to the antennadirectly but then you can just get the um lmr4 00 cable and character male to an n-type femalereally easy really simple to extend this out so i mean with this one with this tiny little dinkyantenna i’m gonna clearly update it but i can literally precisely swipe this up in like my buddy’sattic and it’s good to go because this is also a great external um this will endure you knowharsh seasons and all that material as well um but yeah so regrettably your neighborhood is kind of poopybut i would give your 8.0 a week to go and see from there oh you’re hitting one and seven fromearlier i appreciate that i retain the question too it’s like make you watch vosco and check him putin the window and you know did you replicate that predict my sense above last super chat please ohyou piggybacking on super chat i tried buying the panther x2 and event went through buti never got a confirmation and the company said they can’t find my say busines dot coin bankuh coinbase sucks 654 down the drain ouch everyone push f in chat f in chat for our amigo pristineauthentic damn son um so can you tran find the transaction um if you go onto the explorer ofwhatever crypto you use find the busines and cast that out to them if you can confirm thatthat’s justified unless you merely didn’t did it with bitcoin that could take a few minutes we alsoneed 11 likes nice them minor deliver reasonably do what i can’t seem to find i can’t seem tokeep my miner online i’m going to try a new antenna could you please give me your opinionon the best antenna for my aria thank you rare tangerine osprey there you go man at least gotyou some f’s in chat there that’s just brutal um oh my god i can’t even emulate it you guys aretyping so fast so fast fastest son uh i can’t win lol i have tons of friends but none of themwill work for my area they more far away from each other lmao how do i get you to look at my minorsuper chat hi tell me what do you think about that setup blah blah if you want me to look upyour miner not pick a random one from the chit-chat you do a super chat read the little i i’m doinga testy strollie thing right up above check that out trying to improve the quality here but can youconfirm that craig r what do i confirm again this booze is hitting me hard-bitten uh don’t mind me i’ll bein the 420 friendly apartment taking a quick look-see in the 420 room actually every time my best friendgoes into his 420 friendly area two euro super chat tasteful clout one week change location thankyou very much muha abbasi yeah every time my best friend my brother well my best friend is callingmy brother i mean we’ve been best friends for like 20 years now um yeah we’ll indicate it i uh i cantell when he’s smoking because i’ve got the um i know we’re international babe i’ve got theum this thing you know the thing that i farted well that in his office i got that in his 420 friendly smoking room so every time he’s in there i can tell all right so one week changelocation so you’re 15 meters up 8.0 dbi um jeez louise so sorry like the common veer oftoday’s flow is just crappy areas make sure it’s degree and straight um make sure also if you justput that up you make sure your cable’s good too like i don’t know how your cable is set up aswell uh oh 100 likes thank you for asking now we need to get to 100 super chats and then wewill tease the miner we’ll tantalize the next miner that we’re buying we’ll give you guys insightare you viewing or selling helium planet clue five dollars super chat uh miguel are you holdingor selling helium planet clues at the moment i am hampering i can’t copy the five dollarstrip i am hampering and what i’ve been doing is i have been moving over my um heliuminto staking on helium dash staking i believe link for this is the description becausei don’t want to sell it or be disposed of it so as of right now we have 57.39 helium that wemoved over into venture regardless of how well that is or how you know it’s it’s pretty solidnumbers but it’s impeding me from exploiting it and then i did use a little bit of helium to facilitatetowards the purchase of axel um because i didn’t want to you know go into my finances or anythingcause i was trying to name him crypto but uh my partner is like no not gonna do that and so um mywife doesn’t sound like this anyway uh i just cash out a little bit of that as well um the mile sitesright now are not 5g all right g can you check out amateur brick crab seems like i’m not witnessingmany beacons prepared it up on friday you’re getting a lot of watches which is good and if you justset it up on friday so you’re already within um you’re already almost halfway because we sayhere on the channel that if you’re at 2.5 to 3.5 helium within a seven period expected time frame and if you’rewithin if you punch 10 helium in a 30 daytime time frame i believe that successful looking at yourarea i think i think i think i think you might you might be overpowering with your 8.0 for thisarea the 5.8 might benefit you a little better what i’m imagining is that the witnessingthat you’re not do partners don’t get it no you’ll do me encouraging quoium you’re getting a prop no i don’t work between the hours of 1and 4 p.m give me some freaking peace i need them oh[ __] needed here emphatically needed here that style i don’thave i can put on christmas lights in my i i’ve been so hectic with exertion that ihaven’t even put up christmas garnishes i only put up the christmas tree which i buya real tree i’m not gonna buy a phony tree i’m always gonna buy a realtor i love this smellbut i managed to get flares on it last-place night but i wish i could have invest category day with my girlswith my spouse putting up christmas medals obviously need them uh hang on ialso gotta um will since i can use you so i just really i was out until two in themorning last-place light from 6 p.m to 2 in the morn from 6 p.m to 2 a.m collecting junk because noone down here in florida wants to work everyone would rather simply not work i signify i don’twant to work but i’m going to be doing youtube and you know people that i hire it’s it’s terribleall right so um yeah so let’s give yourself let’s give yourself about anotherweek or so see how we’re doing and then um maybe potentially switch to a 5.8 hello despite rewards are you looking into the use case of helium latest uncover with demo iwill be i keep missing the notifications for this brian callahan every monday at 2 p.m every monday2 p.m so yeah give yourself a few weeks and then maybe we’ll look at switching into the 5.8 let’slook at flat pine lion miami oh 99 super chat hey super chat’s a super chat it’s not likei’m doc rudenes and i’m knocking gonna the amount of super chat you guys are givingme so 99 cents i necessitate i’d prefer like five ten fifty hundred dollars but i is certainly ohman what are you talking about you’re good you got this whole area on lockdown uh buy a realtoruntil there are no more living living volley hazard perilous gigi live in la vida lucca yeah demogetting electric cars on the helium structure yeah so i’m roused for that because that’s morehealing that we’re gonna make has anyone else’s minted miner gone back into syncing i’ve heard themints are sucking right now all right so emilio um uh you’ve got nothing you can learn from me manother than the reinforces potentially go down just because you might not if you’re not checking i’mlooking at it don’t looking to yell at me emily i’m looking at it you’re welcome g um you’re dropping so thatsucks um last updated five hours ago give knowledge suctions make sure you update everything letit finish through its sync because i really don’t know how to do a fast sync through cal microchip areboot might not hurt you if you haven’t done one in a while um give it a speedy reboot to see ifthat helps i agree with what you said in past if i’m first in hex and everyone else reward and yeahright like like i’m i built reign here this is my land get out of here i’m christophercolumbus of the tax now i’m offensive nullify culture on nerdy nudestuff his mustache sucks fire him um but yeah lover so yeah get yours off of syncingbut as of right now you got everything pretty solid 18 in the past uh 30 periods you’ve got 3.4 in the past seven days your hours suck right now just because you’re sinking that you can seewe’re at flat pipeline now and that time might be uh it minted it my cow chip does doubled mintedyeah i don’t like the minted i think they hastened them out so i’m glad i didn’t get onei just set up mine still subsiding simply one just worried about the mountain face excuseme so if i set up about where’s the puppy okay he’s still sleeping he’s stillsleeping you guys want to see the puppy see if we can see him let’s see if we can see himlet’s ruin the let’s ruin the moment now shall we i had to restart mine because i fell 1100 blocksbehind yeah let’s see if we can see the puppy there’s the puppy look at him there he is ladies and gentlemen five dollar super chat let’s get back to itwhere is it bitcoin stream there we go five dollar super chat from stella amp stella mayplace hey stella mayplays what do you play stella procreated plays what are you playing goingon 10 dates still no witnesses use atm moved antenna from attic to roof communicate me yourminer stella offset toys and thank you very much for the five dollar super chat i don’t knowif i’m is about to be intention a t-shirt for axel perhaps i will maybe do like an axle rose kindof thing and that’s not why i identified him axle so uh stella may play yeah let me see your whatyour child reputation oh that’s hideous what am i doing i’m still shocking there we go man you only keepscrewing around with camera streaming getting entertaining uh you’re if i can see what your minor isstella mate frisks um i have been able to take a look thank you very much big timer like even though we’vegot the puppy like “i m loving” the puppy to extinction but he did not replace copper you know nothing willreplace our first dog copper was my cuddly little beagle[ __] he was a curmudgeon he was grumpyall the time looks like he had a hard-handed daytime merely potty studying i taught him to sit once whichis great potty training and pooping on the flooring all right cuddly taupe oyster right you lookfunky how is this compiling so much money i can tell you how much how this is establishing so much moneybut that is going to be an manufacture secret that’s exactly what i thought it was yeah i know how thisis making money i know how it’s doing it but i’m not going to say but it’s definitely a spooferand then there stealing from us that’s nice of them this always peeings me off istill need stella may plays phil goyon thank you very much for the two dollarsuper chat let’s take a look what we got 36 more super chats and we’ll tantalize the nextproject that road you guys can be first to know i really want to find stella may plays didyou send me something earlier i’m waiting on you girl all right phil collins we’ve gotthere we go all right phil collins you’re going to be put on hold for precisely a few seconds we’vegot obedient pineapple moo-cow from stella mayplays let’s go here really hey oh yeahyeah “ive tried” all three minor sections all right so what’s our question againgoing on 10 eras still no onlookers squandering 8d bi with lmr4 00 moved into attic from attic to rooftopall right so couple of opportunities excuse me couple of opportunities that we have hereyou looked at this one last week hoping you can give me arrows all right if we’re onthe rooftop are we exposed to the elements if we’ve got the lmr 400 which you saidyou’re 12 meters away which is excellent are we level we have to make sure we arelevel there shouldn’t be any reason why you shouldn’t be able to punch anything you’redefinitely got the height um other than that i’m stumped your internet looks fine you’resynced you’ve last updated three days ago excuse me man you haven’t gottenanything since you moved up there let’s see if there’s any activity now wecould be looking at some spurious material so perhaps the fight the 8.0 might be a littlebit too potent but even your undertaking you communicated be consent to be consent to beacon noone’s challenging yours yet this is weird nothing in consensus plainly rewardsnothing great let’s see what the program activities is wow this is just flatlined i have no ideai am stumped because you’ve got activity uh you’re not relayed statu is very important thisvery well could be a leveling statu you want to make sure you’re level is it sendingbeacons or no yeah it’s sending lighthouses developed a challenge sent to beacon created in thelast beacon that was challenged and send or the last beacon that was sent can you look at mine isyeah if you super chat absolutely any suffer with the pisces helium dashboard for minersthat don’t have one no not from me at the moment um yeah i imply unless you’re degree um make surethat your ropes are tighten are tightened entirely uh i don’t know that’s just that’sstun that stumped me i don’t know jolly rank departed from attic to rooftoptoday all right so give it some time um make sure that your miner is well protected andthat and you’ve got the cable and everything so i’m stumped we’ll see if anything happensoutside i was going to say if you were in like a populated area like this and you hadan 8.0 you might be getting invalid witnesses just because you’re overcome them but that’sabout all i can think of the helium data data is not reporting properly we all have to wait myfreedom fi moved from admirer to rooftop today yeah why why i am challengedwhy i am challenging america all right check out the panther x2 currently instock and carrying now i don’t need to because i got a milestone coming in the mail tomorrowall right what is the question from this super chat only phil goian um have tried all three of mylengths length 8 db doesn’t work 4db doesn’t work yeah those might not work um but you want toget your height so if you’re looking at an 8 dbi you can do a 5.8 here because you’re too goingto have the water refract a lot of your signal as well so that’ll help you as well you couldtry a 5.8 and make sure that if you you update your elevation you need to get up so if you’re notup and you’re at a opening then you’re going to be fucking yourself so get up and get away froma window get up as high as you can you should be able to get stuff there there’s no reason whyyou can’t get anything oop five dollars super chat so yeah there’s no reason why you shouldn’t beable to get anything because you’re in a particularly extremely very good occupied province so it has the potential to be yourheight if this is accurate and you’re zero rhythms on the ground planet watch is awesome i do enjoyplanet watch much needed but you guys are gonna like the next one that we’re doing all right there’s nothere’s a wait index right now but there’s no back seek the project doesn’t even propel for anothertwo months and we can pretty much get these things exiting and the miner is freaking cool and it’sawesome and i’m stimulated i really hope that my mile website comes in tomorrow when i can do my unboxingoutside and i’ve already 5.8 already didn’t work why am i getting stumped with everything i uh i outside and that i mean update itin the app make sure you update your altitude and did you say you’re rocking 40 bithen 8 dbi amazon model that’s why guys outside that inside seems like i wasgreat at first then constant getting lower how much make you pay for the 8d bi on amazon because recollect i bought this on amazon and they saidit was a 10 dbi and it wasn’t so that’s something you got to think about as welland now that i have my toy to play with make sure all your linkages are are workingas well otherwise you might just have a lemon um i’m not going to say that at the moment ramrodbut you at least it’s it’s going to be one of the more expensive miners that we have talked aboutit’s not going to be like five fleshes or anything like that there it is going to be a little bitmore pricey just imagine it’s about the price of two mile locates at the moment come on tell us moreabout the future programme i will if we get up to a hundred dollars in super chats absolutely allright so we gotta catch up to mr studio helium don’t know what’s going on earnings areterrible is comparable to our other ones so your other miners right yeah your earnings arecrap on this one um 8.05 rhythms up get up higher and you might also have some crappy earningsbecause their 8 dbis are this is a 3dbi yeah they said it was a 10 dbi but it’s really a threei thought it’s because organization sucks now we live in mountain 8 dbi and amazon was kind of smallthe rack the 5.8 is iraq the rack should be good i know you tried i see you cheeky turd umexcuse me try to get yourself up higher which one is good for outdoors all of them seeingare indoors only um the mile places are going to be great for outdoors so let’s see what otherones that “youve had” let’s take a gander at your other exclusively hot spot only hot spot you mightbe invaliding a lot so i wonder if some of the people that are witnessing you um was he merely talkwhat miner was he just talking about no one knows i’m gonna be teasing the next bigproject in tomorrow’s video as long okay let me rephrase as in the milesight unboxingvideo we are going to be teasing the next job that we are getting into this miner is sweet it’ssexy don’t you can have numerou in one location you don’t have to worry about coverage you don’thave to worry about breath character or locating or placement or different systems it’s just straightup it’s not an asic and it’s not like a proof of work or anything can you check please why amchallenged only in america i can’t really speak on behalf of challenges challenges are all on theinternet and only fully random um different wallet nerdy brand-new substance i have 13 miners ah okayokay yeah so why is this one then the brainles brother perhaps you just like has this ever doneyou any good um do you adore h t more i do love hnt it’s been doing good oh he wheeled over i just want to make surehe’s not getting up and pee-pee in the house any advice on mine small-scale blonde newt whatdevice you talking about i am not telling i’m not telling i will tease and i will i willhint i will show more person super chat this humanity a hundred dollars i am just need 32. I only need3 2 more dollars in super chats and then i will i what will i draw out i will pull up a screen onmy second observe here and then i will twinkle it i will flash it over like this check meplease stop spamming five dollar super chat new representative from craig r thank you very much littleburly mantis i’ll do my part to get some more info there you go i see i know i’m danglingi’m dangling that hook in front of you i’m jiggling the reason why i’m doing this isbecause i are you all right so a little a little burly okay not a little gray i’m only doing thisbecause i don’t want to work anymore i don’t want to go to my job i’m tired of smelling like assand collecting litter until two in the morning the stuff that beings throw away isdisgusting the stuff i get on me is gross like cool good rebut look what h t can do exactlyi do love hnt too because really once i started helium mining my youtube canal exploded and ifeel like it allowed you guys to at least come hang out with me with some personality and wecan have a little fun together and we could drink and you know every now and then we can find acomment that detests the fact that i booze it’s like cool sorry it’s not for you hopefully he’snot draw up his only supporters on second screen no that’s the expensive nonsense that’s theexpensive substance i’m not going to show you guys my only fans where i just come home fromwork and take off my socks and record my feet i means that that’s what paid under the uhsorry burlap is right that’s what wages the big-hearted proposals gem obligation so yeah you werejust pulling yourself to show off weren’t you i get invalid maybe once or twice a week does thishurt me yeah so invalid will cancel out your um 27 more in super chat and valid will cancelout your uh compensations so invalid usually means that you’re um like too potent or not level oranything like that it’s not an m2 pro miner guys although everyone continues talking about the m2 prominer i i is that diablo ii again what do we got oh someone demanded my flail and then canceledit oh well i gotta look at the m2 pro miner uh helium exploded your order it really did m2pro miner and i’m so indebted and then not only did we get like helium and commonwealth this totradus i will look up your child uh well if it makes anyone feel better whatever happened thecheap 200 miners departed the course of the dodo now they all want the cheddar fortunately these minersactually can be justified because like truly if you look at like the helium miners andstuff like that some of these miners can be oh five dollar super chat basic opal butterfly abuddy of mine is having issues with invalids but i can catch his seek punishment for some reasonreally brand-new to helium thanks thank you for the five dollar super chat and you guys are a littlebit closer to getting a hint at what’s to come splendid ape searches good though no nevermind take that back well you just got started you’re good retain doing what you’re doing you justgot started excuse me all right michael taylor i’m drawing up the m2 pro miner as welli got the m2 pro it’s more consistent but the helium miners can be more profitoh this one yeah no i didn’t i didn’t now i don’t care for this this is the one thatvos coin did the i’m excavation with my recycle bin yeah no i don’t care for this one don’t caretoo expensive not enough yield don’t like it can you gives people advice on mine or small-time blondenewt wow that collection on that so what are we looking at here soul okay a sidekick of mine is having okay soyeah so he might be invalid merely because of some of the information that’s not put in there if thisis his also that’s the province adult so what does your friend have on it so that’s another thing thatyou want to consider as well what does he have on there let’s see what the activity is showinghere uh hi is it possible that you may have any idea when the government in my country lebanon iskind of fighting this project they are not letting our miners guide the airport yeah because they’redicks looks like a beehive yeah it does um mister where are my emojis i i never certainly hadi aim i gotta move them i i think i have a goku one somewhere i have to make them ireally never had a lot of channel members to go into constituting emojis and stuff butthat that’s something i’ll conducted an investigation into i predict i’ll look into more emojis don’tbut it’s gonna be like dragon clod z emojis i think i had them like activatedbut “ive never” set them on so yeah so certainly all right so invalid witnesslet’s see what you’re getting from let’s see you’re getting an invalid witness fromthis guy right if this is your invalid witness the only thing that i could think of that wouldbe giving you flat pineapple in miami i’ll come miami the only thing i could think of first areall furnish antennas in this area are they are they yours was thinking it was too strong yeah ithink it’s too powerful like are they all yours or is it just like like do you know all of thesebecause that’s what i’m thinking i’m frankly i like vosscoin before he made 11 commercial-grades pervideo with his wife doing another two yeah that’s one thing like hey chaps mrs vosk here blahblah blah like i get the sponsorship thing but like that’s the dream because we allwant to retire you know but unfortunately oh daily mink’s emojis of the mod i should giveall like path representatives mod here if you want emojis if you guys are channel members you can bea moderator how about that there you go try now you are able to come some emojis um yeah like i get thesponsorship thing but like where he does his intro and then his his like mining sponsorship that’swhere i do my beer reviews and like the brew remembers are me yes i know them all two are mineyeah that’s weird that they’re all invalid then it could very well be too potent and theymight be too close but that’s that’s about it i entail this one’s witnessing fine what’s thisone doing sorry for the burping guys sorry not sorry what’s this one doing no go back to this one okaystupid whatever likewise get your stuff out yes i know them all two are mine what’s the best rack indoorand tennis size i’m substantiated i’m confined to indoors uh the 5.8 good good yes the 5.8 is um isthe best bet i do need more mods extremely basic pebble otter is mine yeah i i’m just thinking withthe capability as well so hey mr p you got emojis everyone should be able to post emojis rightthat’s what i’m thinking 22 more super chat to go and we will tease it let’s see if we just bring itover on screen will it accompanied it on the screen like here’s the page guys there you go there’sa tease if you caught that little logo there’s a taunt thanks you’re welcome iguess yeah all right thanks for what um if you had a choice bobcat 300 or minted gold spotbobcat 300 basic what do you think i should do don’t forget to tip your waiter uh mod mr studiohelium yeah that’s that’s i’m just thinking the supremacy on that one maybe it’s location oh lookslike we’re getting a grunge derp uh more pepe emoji pepe emojis delight other than compass most ofvos sponsors are semi victimize coppers so he’s taking anything that wages it sucks because he got me intogpu mining in 2017. I adore gpu thanks for calling i thought someone candidly was trying to kill thepower of some lol uh i was talking about help the dragon ball one i was talking about the dragonball ones oh yeah i’ll try to get the dragon ball ones out all right we’ve got a two dollar superchat um yeah so i don’t i make i’m not talking[ __] about the person like i appreciate the factthat he originated and everything he commented on my videos which is awesome and i’d love to be up tohis caliber but um so the the minor that i’m going to be the project that i’m jumping in and the mindthat i’m going to be doing um i actually bought it you know i talked to them and we came out andthey’re like we’re not the type that are going to uh pay influencers we don’t want run and dumpsum we want beings that are actively uh energized to participate in the project um so when i got boughtthe miner they were like there is a possibility for incentives based on you know traffic andawareness that you bring to the project as long as it’s not scammy and pumped up hey derekhow’s it going mortal you get to be a mod um sue so they mentioned uh they really liked you guysmy audience like that’s the most important thing they really liked my gathering because we’re the kind of peoplethat actually want to get into these projects and we want to build and we want to um you know buildour systems and we don’t time want to buy these miners and sell them on ebay so that’s that’s onething that they really like about me and um when they mention that they’re like you know there’sother youtubers they said vosk is like a mercenary so i was like oh okay um but yeah i’m going toleave it at that because i don’t want to keep going and piss anyone off anywho so we’ve got atwo dollar super chat from the last one that we just looked at a few seconds ago seven meters inthe breeze 5.8 it’s really you’re the best you’re gonna get in your arena um 5.6 in the past sevendays you’ve got oh five dollars super chat as well i have 100 gpus leading h t remunerations my influence billx3 oh mr healing yeah i gotta check yours out adult i gotta check yours out yeah so your areais based as best as you’re gonna be able to do here at the moment which isn’t too s isn’t toobad um so as long as your area starts to grow your 5.8 is doing exactly what it needs to doso experiencing today’s torrent make sure you stumbled the like button yeah reached that like sub buttonguys vosk went super chilly yeah i’m not going to disagree with you on that one all right so nowwe’re going to take a look at lone golden perch mule on my phone didn’t see a thing i didn’t showit oh you got to get it on reset this bad boy lone goldenrod did you time get oh you’re sinkingoh okay so you want to know what you miss in your domain then you want to get yourself a 5.8 yeah5. 8 should do you well especially with this nice cluster here and get that between 8 to 10 metershigh hi squirmy piggy how are you i should be able to construct 24 hnt a month if things remain good that’sawesome derek not bad that’s perfect recollect i i consider michael scott i consider successeswhen you’re making over 10 helium in a 30 date time frame so 24 helium in a month awesome withthe exception of the network going up and down so that’s just something you want to consider butyeah so sensecap lone goldenrod mule formerly you’re done syncing definitely try to get yourself a 25 well you want to get a 5.8 dbi you want to get an lmr4 00 cable from and then youwant to make sure you get that up at about 10 rhythms and you will have a nice area of coverageso i like your area that’s not too bad it’s not too bad at all have a hundred gpus runningwhat gpus are you running um mr steliohelium i face a elevation yeah i think i rememberi saw you read a mountain in my living room yeah okay you face a mountainin your living room so i’m looking up yours while you’re well you’retyping to me god stupid is hotspot rf pretty accurate only intellect i extended with eight dbisbecause my simulations were deserving much more with it opposed to a 5.8 um i’ve never hadany i didn’t get the results i liked from um i’m in a condo all right i needa quick opal wolf out of my house if you’re in a condo then try can you get it inthe attic can you get it in the attic of your condo go into the attic of your condo and get itas far away from the mountain side as you can and merely make sure it’s like what is i’massuming i’m assuming 10 h t reminder for successful operation for 30 dates that’s justthat’s just my goal i’m not greedy if you guys can if you guys frequently work better than 10 heliumin a 30 daylight time frame nice i just got an rtx 3080 but regrettably it was a dud so i had to sendit back and go into and have them send it to me but yeah if you can get it up inthe attic of your condo then do that my area is a tad saturated i’m pretty much stuckwaiting on a 5.8 versus the four i have right now i’ll try to reach the one flake spots there yougo peddler gallery i can assist you i’m in miami wait you said dealer gallery i wishing to adealer hall no attic there’s a crawl space try to get in your crawl space get it as high asyou can and get it at least as high and above your windows as you maybe can and your crawl spacethe the five the 5.8 should be about the height of your crawl space so that’s what you might wanti have it in my bedroom no elevation removed bug screens but oh so it’s up against the windowso you’re doing the voss coin that’s another issue the window’s not gonna do it most condoshave attic off limits to co-owners yeah i know if you can like get onto outside like feed the cableout of your space and then run it up i don’t know like i know that a lot of parties are reallyworried about the security deposit and stuff on their condos and their suites but likemy best friend when he first moved into his he had this outdoor molted on his back patio and he puthis litter cartons out there and he simply took like a freaking teach and just like drilled through thewall to make a little cat door for it and then i cured him patch that back up so if you can justget like a small hole like down there and get it up or something um i i don’t know up ryan gatescan you check mine big blonde newt i can sounds like a sex newt we’re going to call that newtmarilyn mon newt hippie wolf he mr brand-new chairman not a bad start for you my friend5. 5 dbi 10 meters in the air you might want to try a 5.0 you just wanted to put it higher and more central in your suite or live ratherthan buy a space accurately thank you derek thank you that’s why you’re now a direct memberin a mod because yeah i do say that a lot and it sucks when i say it to being a stream and then ikind of feel like i’m repeating myself and i know it’s not your flaw that you weren’t here at thebeginning of the river unless you turned on the damn bell notification you were a subscriber andyou would like to jim video but um i do and and you know i try not to repeat myself because someof you guys have been watching me for an hour and you’ve heard me say the same thing three or fourtimes but all right so here 10 rhythms in the air as long as we have a solid cable um you knowlmr or lmr4 00 or better and we are chaps “we ii” eight dollars away from a quick tease onthe new miner that we are going to buy so remember do that with a super chatstill waiting for my miner but want to oh wait that really revised okay so we’re at 97. um but yeah make sure you have an lmr and i would potentially try a 5.8 and if you’re not upand out and you’re not penetrate anything the 5.8 at least with some of that loss we’ll letyou get there i’m still waiting for my miner but want to see what the secret project ah i seewhat you’re doing check out recumbent fiery tuna our first eight and soaring elephant twodifferent billfolds expanded down to us mr stereo helium best the places antenna isoutside 100 boy you just got this area predominated look at that 13 and 30 eras that’sawesome let’s take a look at your uh let’s take a look let’s take a look let’stake a look let’s take a look look look yeah you just got everything predominated mortal now realistically with all your walletshow many are truly indeed 350 rhythms apart riddle me this and how many are truly in the blind spot soaring fiery eagle i just acquired an lmr 600 to test where did you get that from i don’t think i’ve seen them actually i think usa coax doeshave them hey could check mine out strange caramel guys we’re at 97 97 77 if you crave thisyou miss this miner that we’re going to be showing hey are you able check excavation out blah blah perhaps i’llcheck this wallet out as well i mean you got everything reasonably top-notch wow that’s a crazyhex right crazy crazy 100 nerdy we don’t play yeah i know i’ve got my mile site coming in tomorrowand i’m going to gave it at my buddy’s live but i don’t really want to give him 25 percent we’re looking at hot spots okay the second wallkey key key not too bad i mean you’re one hot spot right there or you know spawning that much justrolling in the dough man rolling in the dough three dollars we get a secret minerstill setting up down in nebraska nebraska it looks like my area and there’s way toomany coming up i’ve checked my possible revenues and it came down to about 2h and t per monthcan you please check overt spruce locust sure i look five dollars super chat oh i’m sorry overtspurs i guess you got you got knocked out okay we’re gonna look at this one and then i’lldo a speedy flash on what we’re looking at i was like what am i doing what am i doingi was debating how i want to do the uh what what what i want to do what i want to docan i just do it on should i do on the phone your milestate is coming tomorrow yeah itwas supposed to be in today unfortunately it dhl’s and it takes daylights unfortunately forsome intellect dhl said it wasn’t coming in how am i doing this i’m gonna do itlike this i’m gonna do it on my phone that highway if it’s blurry it’sblurry it’s not it’s not so you guys can go back and play this all rightuh three dbi multiple antenna h feeler which i guessed may help because it’s a hilly neighbourhood it’snot constructing much no witness yeah so that’s your pr oh yeah buster if this is your salty grape shellis there another salty grape husk yeah you’re not gonna get anything with a three dbi i’m sorry manyou’re unfortunately not gonna get anything with a three dbi here um you don’t have anything aroundyou i don’t even think if you upgrade you’re gonna get anything um as crappy as it audios you mightbe better off just like selling it on ebay or or going to a friend or family member’s mansion likethere’s no yeah you’re not gonna get anything and the problem is too like yes you have these twohere around you um you have these two around you but they also could be merely sitting with crappysetups they could be sitting up and they are able to have the voss coin set up they could haveum you know their stuff behind trees behind mirrors i don’t know so reallythere’s not much you can do here not much you can do here all right let’s let’stease around a little bit let’s let’s tease around i’ll do this full screen nope that’s notit nope now that we’re all sad oh um i’ll do this full screen let’s here ready for the t’s no i’mnot i’m not going to do you guys dirty like that i’ll do one more razz here in aminute do one more taunt here in a minute let’s just see how you guys react to that i think that’s a good tease ijust re-watched the replay of that like the slowdown on the creek i kindof like it dhl carry super fast yeah i’m sorry uh salty grape eggshell that they’rejust a time a random i’m so sorry about copper i didn’t mean to or buy more yeah if you like buymore and you could build your neighborhood around you go door to door and get people let’s see if wecan get another picture i’ll time one more taunt um they do repeat identifies they do salty suddenly itchy lovely saltygrape guppy no i need i don’t have any any more of that one that’s the only one i haveis in gallup new mexico yeah i love copper extremely i still when he passed away in my truck um fivedollar super chat been looking to improve the transmission let’s take a look is it the minervosk potent it what did he announced about today what do you announce about today better not be actually no because theysaid they didn’t want to work with him no no it’s not who said yes couldn’t see drivel can you checksmall saffron um i have to check mysterious caramel terrier been looking to improve mytransmission all right i’ll give you another one yeah that was an accident copper like i reallyappreciate i did not mean to be a buzzkill i really did not mean to be a buzzkill he posted a brand-new minor yeah uh no didn’the post the panther on what titter this is how much of an influencer i am i don’teven freaking keep up with my own community where do you post it on flutter do you know the antenna model which can beused for all regions yeah no uh the only thing i’ve seen on his titter isthe um the panther no that’s not it we’re not doing no this is a new a brand-new campaign it’s not evenhelium all right so uh we just got a five dollar super chat we got a crack tech been looking toimprove transmission um so you are able to i mean you simply 30 days ago you might be getting a lot ofinvalid evidences you don’t need an eight point you don’t need an 8.0 for this area you reallydon’t you can lowering yourself to a 5.8 or a 5.0 yeah no it’s not the panther this is not heliumthis is not anything like that yeah no no um all right we’ll do another one we’lldo another tease we’re gonna keep these teasers up oh[ __] “i m keeping” puttingthe wrong one i’m sorry i don’t mean yeah no it’s not panther i don’t meanto keep establish copper well don’t there you go that’s it i have not posted itthis is what i’m going to be pestering tomorrow i’m actually going to be showing more tomorrowthan simply these little like cell phone teasers like that is a half pit oh puppy puppy axel hey you guys want to see axelis the project you’re about to panther actually post is a projectyou’re about to be nope nope nope you gonna be on youtube ah i see the indication i’m trying to get axel in the frame is it a entanglement is it a webcam potato now itwas an examiner you moved the phone too slowly i know i know i know i didthere he is let’s get this lower we’re gonna get the puppy on stream there we gohe posted it in the community tab on his youtube yeah hi what’s going on b prime nope wewe’ve got we’ve got a patron it was guest in the community tab yeah no that’s not it nopeit’s not the panther minor um we got it guessed so i’m very excited for it there you go your littleaxel he’s a bit nine month old-fashioned yellowish laboratory anyone know what that was looked like jj abramsblue light he does in his movies the lens flare you talking you want to talk to the audience sopuppy yeah now regrettably but i mean fortune at the same time uh yep he’s a little yellow lab purebread akc registered he expensed me an arm and a leg so not only did i have to spend 1600 on copper’s final veterinarian legislation but then you know i had to spend a laughingstock consignment of fund onyou four figures become anatomy that’s why i had to cash out some helium so i can make sure icovered the costs of it um yeah surely try coughing the mic gross um definitely want to dofinal answer from a serious caramel terrier try a 5.0 or a 5.8 for your neighbourhood 8.0 is too highand i’m sure you’re overshooting everyone so all right we are going to sit here for anotherminute or two unless there’s any last minute um any last minute super chats to lookup because i do have to take axel out but um we will hang out here for a minute up five dollars super chat please checkmine participate exactly so we’ll sit here you guys can admire axel for a few minutesi will continue to beg for super chats rfc 400 is as good as lmr 400 liberty uhi haven’t had much um yeah keep it down axel don’t chew on it no chew no chewso we’re looking at acrobatic cast-iron snail uh here’s another place where your 8.0 mightbe giving you some uh some over some overshooting but it’s also because you’re a steelers steelersfan it looks like don’t chew on the microphone copper never chewed axel’s a chewer so it’s likei traded little guy gapes so happy i think he likes the camera he’s definitely a daddy’s boyi traded a howler for a chewer but then again it’s a little puppy um yeah so your transmitscale now you want to get highest and 5.8 will probably be good for you so try that out will youmine vesol with me what is it necessary to mine vsault yeah so unquestionably cliff that makesure that i crave an axle el ax el like axle buns axle from province hearts actually if you guys are inthe oviedo and florida orbit he does have some siblings accessible i don’t knowif they’re accessible now the government has five there was five lab males i didn’t look at the femalesmy wife revoked want a female we wanted a male because i i am surrounded by a wife and two twingirls i need a son to help even the stranges no chewing no chew on daddy so i need some puppy in my lifewell precisely to download oh uh like what gpu gpu cpu so it’s mostly chia clone it’s better yeah you got it that’s what we’re doing iwill talk more about it in future videos but we’re just going to sit here for anothertwo minutes and then we have to take out uh we have to take out baby axel that’s what mygirls label him baby akko baby ako baby eccle that’s so cute i like the identify axel more becausethey were calling out like you know if i ever say like[ __] they’ll be like what my idol isaid axel’s figure wrong oh i have “cat-o-nine-tails” instead i am allergic to cats well not all cats like i’mallergic to like your standard like household cats because of the dander but like my bestfriend has two bengals beautiful cats dumb as a container of boulders but beautifulnonetheless um all right spammer i’m not allergic to them i can’t put you down because you’ll pee inmy office i owe my position to reek like pee alright smells like beer that i run everywherewe’ll look up another one welcome to the community axel yup you know it was cute with copper icould say he was the bitcoin beagle i got to leave early glad to meet axel’s such a goodboy oh i love him yeah we’ll be we’re going to be getting off here in a minute as wellstanton island new york hey i’m walking here i see the brand-new miner is necessary to do some researchyes do some experiment guys do some study what are my amounts if if this like if the numbersare right and like you know all the data is spread out and sold for my miner i could be makinglike seven gloriou a month at current prices isn’t that crazy that’s what i’m doing someone nothat’s what my best friend said like said to like all right so the epithet behind axel is um when mywife and i are you chewing on spider-man no okay you gotta get back on camera when my partner and ifound out we were having twins we been put forward with um you know boys figure girl’s appointed a backup girl’sname in case we had two girls and a backup boy’s honour in case we had two boys and uh i wantedthe list our backup son um axel vandy syrette vandy is a nickname to my father-in-law and soi required that to be his centre honour and i really liked axel oh the litecoin laboratory but i need toget litecoin then i like that i like that simply a random that’s good um yeah i’m trying it butwould like to talk to someone more knowledgeable in mining and crypto to see if i’m doing itright and then if there’s any point i symbolize maybe sense me on assemble dissension talk aboutit in disagreement and uh the mining and venturing so yeah so when my partner and i were going topick him up i told her i get to pick the refer and she’s like well do you want to do axl since wedidn’t do that for a boy because we had two daughters so oh we got a super chat so we gotta look it upif i can get permission i might be able to mount it outside yeah clearly prepare it outside 100 outside um super chat super chat what do we need i know i gotta walk you i gotta move youi gotta end the creek here in a minute oh you just got started um sofirst off update your information and then let’s see what the rest of yourarea looks like oh come on pay daddy hit i’ve got bad well actually if you rock and getit directional um get a smaller dbi directional maybe like a like they start eight dbi directionalsright get yourself an 8 dbi directional and notes that bad boy down over here the reason whyi’m saying smaller is because um smaller dbi is because that’ll at least give you a littlebit more range of a signal than limiting yourself to like the 10 and 12 directionalsso know yourself a neat eight dbi directional in eight what’s the names of the brand-new crypto mineri’m not saying it was already called out in chat so you guys you know it’s in chat i’m not sayinguntil tomorrow’s video perhaps um axle infinity but uh yeah i’m not saying um but yeah try tryone of the lower dbis okay i detest discord but i’ll try yeah it’s it’s really good uh isthere a lane to send you referral associations yeah um if you can find you can actually i also have areferral link damn it daily mint um i do have a um affiliate link section in there as well that youcan post and all the members in my disagreement will potentially connect as well yeah i think you might beable to yeah you can use a directional as well um mandy but yeah so get yourself one yougot your hands full he’s going to be a big yeah he is going to be a big guy i grewup with a yellowish lab we lost him to heartworms on our colt model yeah get yourself a directionalthe reason why i think a direction will be good especially when the lower ones is that youhave all this water space and the sea will help refract the signal and you’ll get it alldown in there i had to talk like a gondola reeks snailsman i had to talk like a vehicle salesmanthere don’t you crave my chair no no all right two more times two more times of you guys standing at axle i’m not going to be seem up any moreminers unless they’re super chat simply i’m not saying see you tomorrow to find out yeaheveryone cross your fingers in hopes that the uh mile site comes in around 1pm or 2pm have youlooked into titanofinance seems interesting automatic jeopardize uh i’m not really a huge fan ofthe refuses crop lees uh yield financing um i imply i know i’m doing it with yieldly and like al goranbecause i love algorand it was the first defy on algorand but most of the bnb ones are all justlike ponzis is there a connect for a brand-new for the brand-new miner um have still not been cutie yep he’s my guy i’m a hugefan i know you are like you’re a huge fan crypto prosperity is a huge fan but like every what shouldi lineup from doordash chick-fil-a i required uh ubereats i did tropical smoothie coffeehouse earlier imight start a d5 stream yeah you were able to uh okay i figured i’d be called a spammer likewise do you poston youhive do you think it’s a little legit payout uh i do not post on uhi so i’m not sure but no aslong as you like post like one or two um yeah i’m not perhaps i’m just not good at d5 i’ve done alittle bit i’ve made some decent stuff with um vi exchange and pancake swap andape barter and rocket barter and five dollars super chat okay i got you igot you i know you were affixing more quickly and i i was plucking it up well amused yeah going back to brand-new york all right 5.8 dbi 6 meters in the air good choice tropicalsmoothie cafe i got the buffalo chicken wrap with a mango power smoothie with energizer and fatburner because i worked out today all right what are we looking at here 30 dates ghastly witnessingreally it’s your move magnitude in the area if you can get up higher that would be betterwonderland is amazing that’s what i’ve heard if you can get up higher that would be betterum if you can’t really get it away from a opening get it away from a opening um get if you’vegot a six rhythm cord and it’s not a uh lmr 400 get an lmr4 00 so lots of factors lots offactors here but really it’s your give magnitude so if your channel scale wasn’t down to0. 22 you would be looking at four times the compensation so you’d be at 8.0 so truly transmitscale is kind of hurting you here as well so all right that’s all i got thispuppy’s getting rambunctious i am going to jump off so thank you verymuch for join us brand-new member expressed appreciation for joe he’s so rambunctious thank you joe thank you verymuch for being a member everyone thank you very much for the suit “i know i m” off have a great day nighteveryone you as well agitated for that milestone i cannot wait make sure you like mention subscribeturn on the buzzer notification because tomorrow we will be doing our milesight unboxing as long asit comes in if not we are 100 doing our mile locate unboxing on wednesday um if the mile area doesn’tcome in the authorities concerned will do a longer pester on the next miner that we’re getting into stop it we’ll bedoing a longer video have a good one brother ann axel thanks angel we’ll do a longer video onthe teas and maybe kind of show what potential we can earn so like observe agree turn onthe bell notification you guys have a drink claps joyous celebrations merry christmasall that good substance whatever trip-up

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