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PoCv11 Made Simple

hey folks i’m nick hawks with gristle monarch i’m going to walk you through what you should do for poc v1 1 if you don’t want to watch the video i get it all you have to do is correctly assert your antenna increase so make sure you go to your app put in whatever the amplification is of your antenna subtract out your cable loss so if you’ve got 100 feet of lmr 400 subtract 3.9 from your antenna amplification register that in and become do something else fertile for those of you that want to get into the details in the weeds i will i’m going to go through it i’ll tell you right now this is probably not how a radio operator would explain it but this makes the math very simple and the whole thing easy to understand so let’s start at the beginning which was what was happening before pocv 11. You could take your miner i’ll talk precisely us miners right now i know different miners output different capabilities in different regions but in the us a minor output’s 27 dbm decibel milliwatts so if you really plugged in your miner and it comes down with a broth feeler the stock antenna is 1.2 db so your output was 27 which is what the miner is putting out plus 1.2 which is the benefit from the stock antenna so 28.2 dbm is what your miner is put forward by right so so far so good what happens though is that not everyone uses the stock antenna so you might have someone either receiving or moving on a higher gain antenna that amplification i’ve talked about this in other things but it mostly it influences the pattern of energy so that the vigor is focused so that in some specific direction whether it’s off to the side or it’s wide out or whatever it is the gain that the numbers reported are higher or lower really the numbers actually existing or higher or lower so let’s say you have someone or let’s say you decided to use a 9 dbi advantage feeler you’ve got your 27 i’m just going to stop with the dbms and dbi’s because it’s going to embarras you you got your 20 your miner propagandizing out 27 right on top of that you stacked a 9 feeler 27 plus nine is 36. So now your miner is pushing out 36. all well and good right you would think that 36 is greater than 27 so it’s going to go further it’s going to go better i’ve talked about in other other videos how that doesn’t really substance but for right now we’ll just assume okay you’re at 36. if another miner around you hasn’t refurbished they’re at 28.2 right which is the st the miner is 27 the stock antenna is 1.2 so they’re at 28.2 so think of it this route is you’re propagandizing out here’s on the move slope you’re propagandizing out 36 okay and then on the receive back they are receiving at 28.2 recollect we got to these so this is 27 plus 1.2 and this is 27 plus 9. okay here’s where i’m going in the property that the rf designers will be like dude you can’t say it that way but this does it really easy to understand what should happen in a perfect world as i’m going to draw a line here for the the should area is that this should a stock feeler is going out at 28.2 and the stock antenna receiving is at 28.2 and so think of this slope as the plus area and this line-up as the minus back okay what you should get for the reported acknowledgments right is minor a transmitted adolescent b received um it gave at this supremacy it received at this superpower what should happen and i know this is not the mode our designer would um explain the reasons but and you may not be able to see it i’m sorry i’m just setting up this whiteboard or this this video set up now is we should have a zero in the middle right is that there was plus 28.2 on one side there was minus 28.2 on the other side so in the middle is a zero that’s not how they do it but that’s that would indicate a a good transmitting right the chasten amount of supremacy is sending out the chasten extent of strength received we’re good what happens in the top case where one surface has modernized their feeler is this number isn’t zero all right this multitude is 36 minus 28.2 okay so that intentions up being what is that um oh geez carry the one um good premium you’d think i could do this in my head but no all right it’s going to be 7.8 okay humiliating but there it is there’s my public math so 7.8 is the gain now it’s supposed to be zero remember that with decibels every 3 decibels is a doubling in strength so 7.8 is not simply double the power it’s not even quadruple ability it’s more than quadruple the capability so that can look like an invalid witness it looks like something happened perhaps it looks like someone was cheating perhaps it looks like someone was overpowering or pushing out too much power whatever it is many times that will be an invalid witness because it’s not what’s supposed to be happening pocv1 1 is what’s supposed to solve this whole thing right so with pocv1 1 what should happen is all of the the receipts for any transaction for the witness in the transportation slope should be at zero how is helium constituting that happen they’re saying appear you accurately maintain your feeler increase and we will make it so that your radio is outputting the chasten quantity of superpower so that everything radios are both um outputting or moving and receiving the chasten extent of superpower all right so how how would that look here is that the same person says like hey i want a higher gain antenna i require my nine so these backs both start out with 27 liberty because that’s what the radio frames out such person or persons decides they’re going to play by the rules and they say okay cool i’m going to use a 9 db i gain antenna so there’s the 9 27 plus 9 is 36. What helium is going to do let me get my little i don’t know if you can even be understood that but cartel me 27 plus 9 is 36. what helium is going to do is say okay you’ve asserted you you’ve said that you’ve got a 9 dbi advantage feeler cool we’re going to reduce your supremacy output by 9 so that the capability leaving your antenna is actually 27. it’s the same across the board it should be the same across the board for every minor so they’re going to say minus nine liberty this was a plus nine and this is going to bring you back down to 27 which is what does propagandized out same thing happens on the far side this person is at 27 they’re running a asset feeler 1.2 title so that gives us 28.2 and helium says okay you’re running the stock antenna at negative 1.2 cool we’re going to subtract 1.2 and you’re going to be receiving at 27. So we got plus 27 on the transmit surface we got minus 27 on the received slope our middle list is zero zero is what helium is looking for now that’s not how it actually cultivates but this is the easiest way to explain it okay so if zero is what we’re looking for what happens if you don’t say that you have a high gain antenna but “youre running” one title you’re going to run into the problem we are only ran into which is that you are going to be secretly you’re not going to have this in here you’re going to have the plus 9 you’re not going to let helium do the -9 so you’re going to be running at 36 the receiver is going to be running it 27 and there is going to be a difference of what’s 36 minus 27 yeah it’s 9. Okay so instead of zero which is what you should have there’s going to be a plus nine to that equation and that is going to mean that both your lighthouse payoff and their witness honor will be invalidated because nine is not doubled privilege because every three is doubling it’s not quadruple because now we’re at six um it’s not even what is it octuple periods eight so two times two is four four times two is eight uh it’s actually it is octuple it’s behavior more[ __] supremacy than it’s supposed to be right so it’s going to get invalidated so that is why it’s so important to correctly put in the advantage of your antenna and include the loss from your cables now the loss from cables junkies people out but if you just google cable loss and put in at your frequency and the number of feet you got and the claim number of cable it’ll spit out what your cable loss is at 100 hoofs of lmr4 00 it’s what is it negative 3.9 so only to do that math for you super fast i i actually i think that’s the pocv1 1 material done we’ll precisely do this cable loss thing real quick so you know what to input if you’re running if in this case you’re running a 9 dbi feeler with 100 paws of lmr4 00 cable so i’ll erase all this substance hopefully this makes a ton of sense all right and we should be reasonably darn close to done here i’ll exactly delete this for general determination so you’ve got your 27 that your miner is putting out pushing out you’ve got the nine that you got from the benefit from the feeler and then if you’re running a hundred feet of lmr 400 it’s a negative 3.9 which you can look up on on the googs so negative 3.9 so what we’re going to do is we’re going to take these two digits and add them together so 9 in this case minus 3.9 9 minus 4 is 5 so minus 3.9 is going to be 4.1 sorry 5.1 5.1 serviceman my public math is flustering is what you’re going to enter into your app right that is the gain from the feeler and the loss from the cable and that is what is going to make it so that helium can precisely sing your radio to push out the right amount of db right so in this case it’ll be 27 minus 5.1 is what it’ll end up putting out i’m not going to do that math in public i’ve done enough embarrassing math in public hopefully all that acquires gumption rock and roll if you have any questions thrown them down in the comments i’m sure i screwed up some math equation but that’s basically what it is think about it this road is that there’s your child production there’s your antenna increase helium is we’re going to going to reduce your child output by the gain so that everybody is on the same level playing field those of you who don’t participate it correctly you’re probably going to get dinged what is that fudge right going to be or what is that error rate going to be i’m going to guess and i don’t have any information to back this up but this is my guess i speculation within one or two db you’re probably not going to get dinged for it because that can happen merely with attenuation only with like going through trees or maybe it rebounds off some metal building i bet one or two db no big deal beyond that i think we’re gonna have um you’re gonna you’re gonna get your your rewards uh clipped they’re gonna be invalidated okay thanks time for watching hopefully this helps you rock on have a grisly wing day and make a ton of hnt let’s

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