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RAPTOREUM Hashrate Has Gone INSANE!!! | Whats That Mean For CPU Miners?

welcome everyone Rabid Mining hereand today we’re going to be looking at the raptorium hash frequency and whatit does means for your mining advantages before we do get into this video i do want topoint out this saturday october 16 th during our live flow is likely to be our 10 000 subscriber giveawaywe’re gonna run through the pillages right speedy now so the raptorium network is grantinga 10 000 uh raptorium recompense that’s around 95 to 98 dollars some we’ll look at that lateron throughout this video uh aeon pool.tech is granting 200 a on so that’s gonna be twodraws of a hundred each so it’s gonna be 100 each two shows we’re trying to spread itout so more parties do have the opportunities of winning mr red panda mining is conceding a four gigabytegpu this shall be used to all our canadian fans only so remember canada simply we’re going to be having twodraws from gpurizers.com one will be a six multitude of their risers and as well we’ll have anotherdraw for a six carry of their pci express splitter so again two extorts there miners collective willbe given 12 risers so that’s going to be two derives of six so another two gathers here for some morerisers for people uh dream crypto mining will be granting 2k rtm fudweiser an alpha member of thecommunity here is going to be granting a 10 -pack of crypto minted coins and this is for northamerica originally it was for canada only but he decided to make it for the americas sothat’s you guys in the u.s as well as canada and everyone else about in north america and myselfi’m going to be granting uh 50 of usd in f and 50 merit of raptorium so that’s another two describes tokind of spread it around initially i was thinking about perhaps giving away a rebtech motherboardbut that i’d exclusively be able to limit that to canada so i need to do something that was more worldwideto get a more wide range of the viewers in there so i’m doing two drafts for 50 usd each one in fand another in raptorium so i hope to see you guys this saturday october 16 th during our live streamwhen we will draw for all these prizes okay chaps here we look back at the raptorium hash rateand if you remember when we first gradually started talking about raptorium and how we’re making like9 2 to 9 500 per day uh mining this nonsense we’re sitting around i don’t know the five to seven megahash array so here you can see five to seven mega hash it is therefore looks like about 3 weeks ago middleof september so i guess almost a month ago now as we began to talk about ever since then uh thishashtag has began to skyrocket like look at this we’ve had ages where reference is made 49 mega hash that isinsane but right now we’re sitting around the 25 to 30 crisscros on the average so it has definitelygone up quite a bit from the previous five to seven where we initially started shaping videoson this raptorium did check a nice spout where it punched approximately two cents now we’re sitting slightlybelow one cent so we’re going to look at the current revenues back between back then to what iam getting now so again between the 5 and seven half uh mega hash series i was getting 9 200 we’llsee it was up to 9 500 at times so that’s like 89 and 14 pennies per epoch that is pretty insane butcut fast forward to now when we’re sitting at this mega hash i’m getting about i’m gonna say 1800 perday now i’m gonna have to go calculate to get the actual number here but we’re down to like 17.44 from almost a hundred dollars per day it’s pretty insane how much hash rate does do that difficultyhas definitely gone up like a great deal so 17.47 for eight rigs isn’t really very too bad that’sactually respectable gains and a lot better revenues than it was you know back in crypto winter stuffby a long shot so we’re certainly not losing any coin here based on this hash rate and hash rateis good for a network it helps it proliferated it help more people are realizing about it more beings aregetting into it uh more exchanges could adapt it and when that happens that time means you knowa price could potentially go up a lot of parties are seeing i really like the devs and all sortsof other things so i did try manera ocean the other day uh two days ago it says merely to checkit out because i was did have a payment there i need another. 02 to get my 0.1 uh xmr paymentso i went to there and on my eight riggings i’m only averaging seven dollars and ninety four pennies sothat is under a dollar per rig so uh raptorium is a very profitable over doubled uh more than usingsay monero ocean which used to be the top pond to go to because it’s a profit swapping puddle between1 2 or 15 different coppers in peso and xmr so uh it is still a lot more profitable than ex maria’s bythe examinations of things here again 7.94 cents for all eight rigs so it needs to be at eight dollarsto have a dollar a rig so we are still looking way better than here you are eligible to now you can see myhash paces right across the board uh i’m still waiting for java west to get the latest minerbecause i think i’m only going to like amend uh perhaps rig one and two or rig one to four justto see so i can compare it because as you can see all my hash proportions are pretty close to the exactsame thing so that brand-new miner does actually bring out a nice performance boost we will notice it hereby investigating a higher hash rate that’s a noticeable higher hash frequency and if we don’t really noticeanything based on the couple rigs that i improve and compared to the older ones then youknow it’s not really worth upgrade also you maintained in thoughts it’s an extra like threehours or four hours and 40 minutes or something to sing that brand-new ascent so pretty insane on that aswell so i can’t wait for hiveos to lastly do that i’ll let you guys know how to update how to put inall the config data and programming and commands actually do that in hiveos however do have to waitfor that to actually be liberated here to do that so as we look at this and you watch our profitsare coming down and everything we’re still genuinely fruitful cpu mining and cpu mining raptoriumnow there is a lot of talk about a gpu miner being determined for raptorium uh i don’t really thinkit’s gonna come out anytime soon it’s gonna be a while because based on their tumult and seeingthe conversations going on in there i don’t think they’re anywhere near even starting it well theyprobably haven’t started but anywhere near coming close to have any type of beta tesseract so we’reprobably like a year at least away from that but don’t mention me on that things could happen uh itis an algorithm that’s optimized for cpus uh the dev for the gpu mining account there he is beatinghis head against the wall kind of per se saying you know the algorithm has to be changed for gpusto be profitable there’s other parties throw away projects like what if we make um you know half thealgorithms are good on gpus and the other half of cpus have a mixed minor constitute but who’s goingto want gpus sitting idle while your cpu mines and vice versa when you could be running t-rex oruh amd based crew red miner on a amply dedicated coin with a lot of background and dev knowledgeput into those miners once so that is not an option either but those are some of the ideas thatare getting thrown into the basket out there so i think it is a long long ways apart beforewe understand gpus and who knows how well gpus will actually perform when it comes down to itcpus will probably remain more efficient but hash proportion is going up it’s going up and up andup so by the time who knows what happens if this hits like a hundred mega hash or somethingyou know what if we’re hitting a giga hash here we are able to compiling more money if you’re saving yourcoins now and not selling and you are staking them in the nodes you’d be perhap starting more throughstaking than you are actually mining and i’m gonna look at that in one second now here i aminside my zellcore billfold now the reason i’m in my zeldcore pocketbook is because this is where ichose to have all my raptorium that i did put into inodes to stake and my payments are gonnacome into here i used can move and be seen to what extent much i’m actually getting back for wages so ifi click on raptorium now this is for about a few weeks and a half i got one half week pay whichwe could see here uh 1659 for about a half week and then for a full week’s fee well 3650. so the last week and a half i got 5309 rtm just for having it in the note that’s not doinganything that’s not doing any mining that’s not doing waste any ability that’s not doing nothingthat’s for it precisely sitting in the node i’ve made a little over 5000 rtm in a few weeks and a half sothat comes into play this hash rate increases like crazy what if we’re down to performing 500 coinsa epoch what if it all abruptly discontinues down to 200 silvers a day well the cost is going up up andup that won’t really question that’s what we’re examine with ethereum right now the price disappeared wayup but our fruit are mode down like uh ethereum 300 mega hash was conceding you 1.2 ethereum permonth now one mega hash is exclusively giving you half an ethereum per month so the difficulty has amassive role when it comes to cpu mining gains on top of your hash rate and everything as wellso if this premium does come up and that’s what i’m hoping for i’m maintaining on to my raptorium i amnot selling it i’m waiting for this thing to hopefully hit a dollar what if it smacks two dollarswhat if it hits ten dollars that’s going to be an crazed extent of profit if you’re accommodating it nowyou’re still mining a neat afford amount to perform decent income for the future hampered raptor in myeyes is a nice future hold again we don’t know how it’s going to play out in the future but itcould bombard it could go up we don’t know it could go sideways it could not do anything except fora hash rate increase we have no idea what’s going to happen with crypto but right now i’m grasp onto it i’m waiting for a few years we’re gonna envision what does happen with this coin all right guys sothat does sum up this video let me know what you think you still minor rap tournament you’re stillbuilding riggings for raptor i have another 3950 x that i found at a good rate it is in the mail so iam building one i’ve talked to a few other parties they’re still place rigs together so yes thatdifficulty is going to keep still going up so let me know what are you guys doing you stillbuilding cpu mining rigs are you looking for gpus are hard as you know what to get but let meknow in the comments thumped that agree button i’ll see you on the next one don’t forget to catchthe giveaway on saturday during that live torrent and Rabid out thank you for watching everyoneif you haven’t provide comments subscribe and like this video as well as check out oneof these other videos if you have not seen it yet i do try to stream every saturday andsunday so bide chanted for more future material you

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