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RTX 3060 TI Mining Overview | Profitability, Hashrates & Overclocking

hey everyone welcome back to another mining 
chamber video in today's video we are going   to be reviewing the rtx 3060 ti we finally 
were able to get one so now we can go ahead   and run it and see what this card 
is capable of and just like we do   with all of our gpu overviews we're going 
to run through the profitability the cost   availability as well as the overclocks of this 
card and which coin you should be mining with   it when you have it so let's go ahead and 
roll the intro and then get into the video now before we start the video we first want to 
go over a couple of things so some of you guys   know already we do post two different articles 
on miningchamber.com for the gpu overview but we   are deciding on remodeling it a little bit so the 
way that we have our website currently we have two   different articles per gpu one article is for the 
gpu overview where we talk about the profitability   costs as well as our conclusion about the gpu and 
it also includes some of the mining rig builds   that we make with that gpu and then the other 
article will include the mining overclocks that we   use including some pictures and usually it seems 
to be more focused towards one operating system   so now the new strategy is to combine 
them both together in one article   so that one article will have all the information 
you need for example for this video the rtx 360 ti   you'll be able to go in on there and then 
you'll find the overview a little summary of it   and then additional notes as well as different 
overclock settings for different algorithms and   then eventually we will add a way to submit your 
own overclocks so you can add your overclocks here   if we do approve of them and then like that we can 
involve the community in a way so it's pretty fun   and if you scroll more down you'll be able to find 
the builds playlist so it'll be the same thing   just now we don't have any builds with this 
gpu but eventually we will be adding some there   and then you'll find the related content as well 
so this way it's more compact more neat and then   there's less information but more to the point 
so if you guys like this method or the one before   let me know please in the comments below i would 
keep two articles if you guys want them like that   but if you guys rather shortening them out and 
keeping them in one article also let me know down   below and then we can make that happen and the 
second thing is if you guys have watched any of   our other gpu overview videos we used to use our 
main editing pc for test benching the new cards so   we would just take out our current gpu and then we 
will put in the new hardware and then test it out   on there but then that could lead to inaccuracy 
due to the wattage draws because the system itself   can draw more watts than the regular just mining 
motherboard and cpu so now we decided to finally   build the test bench specifically for testing 
different gpus and like that we will be able to   get more accurate numbers and it will be better 
for the viewer as well so for this test bench   we're just using a regular vetta frame and then we 
put in the power supply that we got with this gpu   since we bought it as a combo which we will cover 
shortly and then for calculating the wattage we   will just be using a regular watt meter so now 
let's go ahead and talk about the rtx 360 ti   so the thing we should first cover is the pricing 
of this gpu so as you guys know these cards are   very hard to get and they're basically run out 
everywhere due to bots and scalpers i want to   buy them and sell them for a higher price so 
the original price of the rtx 360 ti is at 400   usd but now if you go to newegg or ebay you will 
barely find any and if you do find them it might   be at a jacked up price or it might be paired 
with a combo so you'd have to buy something else   with it for example some ram psu or something 
like that just like what we had to do so as for   the pricing at what point you should buy it at 
i recommend staying away from buying it on ebay   at such high prices getting it at 150 
plus dollar markup is not worth it   so it's better to wait for a good deal or until 
the stock is more available what we did in our   scenario we used a discord server that was 
recommended to us through a member in our   discord which we are really grateful for and that 
server basically gives you a notification whenever   a retailer restocks on their gpus so as soon as we 
got that notification we ended up going to newegg   and the notification was for a new egg combo and 
we got this combo right here which was for 515 usd   and it comes with a psu as well as the gpu so it's 
not so bad you can sell the psu and then you can   have just the gpu or you can just keep both of 
them like we did here and we ended up using it   for the test bench so as for the models for the 
360 ti and which model performs better than the   other ones i would recommend evga as the first 
option and then i feel like the rest is the same   the gigabyte ones can get a little bit oily 
and leak some oil but as of the other ones i   still don't have enough information about them as 
which one is the best if you've got a 360ti please   let us know in the comments below how was your 
experience with it and how is the cooling with   it since as for the cooling i had no issues at 
all because the gpu uses very low amount of power   so therefore the heat won't be as much and then 
also the fan noise is very low even if you put   it at seventy percent eighty percent it's a very 
quiet and i feel like it's a really well-rounded   card for cooling performance as well as the power 
draw now after unboxing the 360 ti that we've got   we realize that it only takes one eight pin which 
is awesome always the less amount of pins that it   takes the easier it is to wire a lot together in 
one psu and of course the looks of the card are   phenomenal i love how the gigabyte one looks it's 
really nice and clean and as well as the rgb on   it now let's talk about the profitability of this 
gpu and see how much money you can make using the   rtx 3060 ti gpus so for the profitability of the 
3060 ti we are going to be using cryptex mining   calculator which we will leave the link for in 
the descriptions below and since no calculator   has 360 ti as an option yet as far as i've seen 
we are going to be manually putting in the hash   rate which we did in here so we put in a couple 
of algorithms hash rates that we've got from   serpentx special forces he did a full video 
covering the 360 ti and he tested almost every   algorithm on it as well which is really awesome 
of him so this forum was very useful and we are   going to be leaving the link for this in the 
descriptions below as well so make sure to check   it out so now if we go back to the calculator we 
can see here we are going to be putting 10 cents   kilowatt hour as the electricity price so once we 
hit calculate we will see the results down there   and now that the results are loaded we can see 
here that ethereum is the most profitable coin   to mine with this gpu and since it is the most 
profitable coin in the overclocked section of this   video we are going to cover overclocks that work 
with ethereum and then for the rest of the coins   you guys will be able to find them eventually on 
our website you will find them in this tab right   here so for now we have kapow and then eventually 
we'll have more different algorithms in here as   well so now let's go ahead and calculate how much 
money will you be making a month with this gpu   so if you're making every day 2.38 cents without 
electricity costs and then after electricity costs   you're making two dollars and six cents so per 
month you'll be making almost around sixty dollars   in profits after electricity costs and since the 
cost of this gpu was five hundred dollars plus tax   which would be probably around five hundred fifty 
dollars with the bundle of the psu your break even   is estimated to be at around 10 months which is 
pretty awesome for this gpu but of course that is   with the prices being at the point that they are 
now and the profits remain as high as they are now   so now that we covered the profitability let's go 
ahead and jump into setting up this gpu for mining   and as well as provide you with a couple of notes 
that will be helpful for you mining with this gpu   so for setting up this gpu for mining in windows 
10 all you'll have to do is just go to the nvidia   website and then install the latest drivers so 
after you install the latest drivers for your gpu   you just want to install whatever overclocking 
tool that you like to use in our case we use   msi afterburner and then once you have 
your overclock tool installed just go to   our website miningchamber.com and then open 
up the 360ti mining overclocks article and   then just put in the values that we have in here 
so for your power limit you will be doing a 60   power limit and then you can try to go further 
down but for us 60 was a really good spot and it   was pretty stable on it too and then for the cork 
clock you just want to drag it all the way down   and reduce it as much as you can for us capped 
at negative 502 which should be the same for you   and then lastly the memory clock you can set that 
up at plus 1250 if you try to go a bit more you   can you can get a little bit more hashrate out of 
it but the idea of these settings here is not to   give you the best settings since some cards can 
run at these and some cards can't but this is   just like a middle ground where you can place them 
in and then hopefully it's going to be stable on   them without any issues so for the fan speed like 
i mentioned these gpus run really quiet so you can   pump this up if you want unfortunately you won't 
be able to see your memory temperatures since   they don't have memory temp sensors but you can 
see your core clock temperature which is usually   pretty low for these cards and they don't get that 
hot either way so just set the fan speed based   on your own environment if it's cold out there 
you can just set it a little bit lower if it's   hot just have it pumped up to 80 or 90 and then 
you should be set now with these overclocks we   used phoenix miner and was stable for a while and 
then we also use cryptex software which we plan to   cover in the future and we had it running on that 
for a couple of days and it was pretty stable and   it didn't crash at all which was really nice 
and as for hiveos as you guys can see we tried   to use the same overclocks but we did get invalid 
chairs so we tuned down the memory a little bit   and then the number does seem different here than 
windows that is because in hiveos when you want to   overclock your nvidia cards if you point at this 
tooltip you'll see here they'll say that the value   is usually doubled than the one that is in windows 
so in windows we do around 1250 and in hive os   that means you would put 2500 but at 2500 we kept 
getting more rejected shares so we ended up tuning   it down a little bit and now we are at 2380 which 
is more stable and then for the power limits we   here use wattage instead of percentage we just 
capped it at 130 watts which is the average of   how much this gpu uses in windows and after that 
it's been running pretty well we had less rejected   shares and it's been pretty stable so far although 
one more information about mining on hive os   you need to make sure that you install the latest 
nvidia drivers so you'll need to ssh into your rig   and then from there just use the nvidia update 
command that they have and type in 455 to get   the latest version and then after that you'll 
be able to mine with this gpu without any issues   all this additional information will also be found 
here so if your overclocks are not being stable or   you're getting more ejected shares so just start 
incrementing down the memory clock until your gpu   is stable and then as well as the information for 
the memory clocks is 2x the value of windows 10   in hive os so you would be putting instead 
of 1250 you'd be putting 2500 and hive os   so the more information we find along the way we 
will be adding it here and then you guys can use   this information to your own needs and for the 
power draw we were using our power meter on the   wall to calculate it and as you guys can see we 
are getting around 170 to 175 watts off the wall   with surprisingly it is accurate with the software 
so on the software we get around 125 to 130 watts   for the gpu and then off the wall we get about 
175 so if we take out the system watts which   is around 50 watts for the system we are left with 
watts which is very accurate with the software and   apparently with nvidia cards software is fairly 
accurate but with amd cards it's not so accurate   now since we covered the overclocking let me give 
you my conclusion on this card i do think this gpu   is a phenomenal gpu for mining it's really good 
for performance price as well as efficiency the   only one negative about it is probably how hard it 
is to get your hands on one of them for a decent   price so if you want to buy these now you'll have 
to buy them through the ebay price unless you get   lucky or you get some bots to buy you some of them 
but in general if you do find this for a retail   price then i would recommend getting it right away 
it's a really good gpu for mining probably one   of the best gpus to start off 2021 with and then 
if ethereum goes away you still have other coins   that you can mine on it which is good for the 
diversity so now that wraps up the video if you   guys enjoyed this video please leave a thumbs up 
and if you have any questions let us know in the   comments below as well as your thoughts on this 
different way of doing it before we used to do   it only covering on windows 10 so let me know if 
you want us to keep doing it like the way before   or if you want us to incorporate something else 
or add a little bit more information on a certain   topic of the gpu we don't get too technical in 
it we just go through it and give you the most   stable overclocks that you can use and then you 
can optimize them based on your needs if your gpu   is crashing then you would reduce a little bit if 
your gpu is not crashing and you feel like you can   push it a little bit more you can just increase 
a little bit more on the overclocks now that   being said guys thank you so much for watching 
this video and we hope you have a wonderful day you

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