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The Animal Farm Launch & My strategy for MASSIVE GAINS!!!

all right we’re going live we’ve got our screenrecord starting we’ve got five minutes until the animal farm starts it’s 11 00 a.m eastern herewe go let’s pull up telegram for some informs all right come on update your telegram why aren’tyou releasing oh the contracts are out oh anna i just i absolutely love youoh cat noir i know we’re from separate natures and we can’t be together but atleast for now you could just kiss me what all right you got him yeah on yourleft up “i m hearing” him coming oh[ __] nerdy buster material for those of you keeping trackat home today’s beer today is brought to you by tavali brewing out of denver colorado thisis called she’s my cherry pie lager i was very excited for this as this does referencethe warren song this is a honey imperial lager with cherries at 9.2 percent booze by volumethis is a pilsner malt that has locally proliferated tart mont mer nc cherry-reds and then theyadd a little bit of cinnamon and brown sugar on paper very excited to try this wheni actually dove into it not a lot of smells not a lot of that cherry flavoring that youwould similarly find in let’s say a sam adams cherry wheat 10 out of 10 brew right there butit was a little more on the spice feature which i understand since it’s cherry pie but it’s not whati was expecting probably about a 2.75 out of five encourages to you guys[ __] what’s going on everyonewelcome back to another video about cryptocurrency swine farm is officially out it’s been one fullday probably about 23 hours a experience of recording and we are going to go over our digits and a lotof the questions that we had yesterday yesterday while we were waiting for the launch which wassupposed to be at 11 am eastern spoiler notify it wasn’t after about an hour of waiting and doing abunch of screen grasps to try to get some footage for this project launching we decided to do a livestream i have never live streamed for four and a half hours and i was lots of hard like reallyhard to talk at the end of the day headaches all that stuff like i had a great time so thankyou very much for singing into the live brook but it was oh man like the prospect blah blahblah now the reason why i brought forward by the live stream there’s a lot of questions in the live streamthat we we went over a lot we don’t mind we know throughout the day especially four hours we’regonna have brand-new onlookers that pop in at different intervals of the ti of the day and ask the samequestions that we’ve already answered so that’s what’s gonna inspire today’s video we talked aboutwhere to find the contract addresses we’re gonna we’re gonna discuss the matter with you spoiler alerting linkin the specific characteristics the contract addresses are in the description of this video really easy peasyhow to trade those signs on flapjack barter what tokens can be transactions for the dog and the pig tokenand then my overall policy which is completely different than when yours can be what attention oftron policy is so on and so forth on screen now so without further ado let’s jump-start over andactually answer those questions again on stream and if you need go back replay this video so onand so forth but surely make sure you like it so let’s climb over onto the computer first andforemost this is not a video illustrating what the animal farm is we recorded a previous videoof that it should be above my brain at some phase check that out before you go into this if youwant those reactions now in regards to the questions that we had where can we get the pig and the dogtokens where do we redeem our pl2 tokens if you’re already if you’re still waiting to redeem your pl2tokens which is when you deserved the rev you you’ve got into the pre-purchase blah blah blah you’regoing to go onto the main page and click exchange right there and then it’s going to take you tothis you merely put in your max it’s going to split your resources similarly between the amount of dogsand the amount of uh swine exactly by doing that so i know there were some issues with people doingthat yesterday i managed to get it done on camera but it made us a little bit of term secondlyuh if you know about rev and you are aware of the signs you automatically know that you need abinance wallet so for those of you that don’t this is going to be now the part of the video wherewe’re a little bit more into the noob friendly part of this programme and how to get inif there’s something you are interested in so you is necessary in order a binance pocketbook which you canor a meta disguise i personally have a binance wallet it’s just been super duper easy but youcan have a meta mask if you have metamask you just you know get the extension google thatsomewhere you know how to get google uh meta mask and you download that you’re gonna contributed addthe binance smart chain network there’s other other videos crypto wealth is a great video onthat you can check his out or you are eligible to have the binance billfold i have that really really simplereally really easy i can always get binance clues off of binance.usb or us or i believe you can nowget them off of send them immediately to your binance smartchain system wallet you’regood to go from there once you have those links up then you’re just going to pull up pancakeswap fleck finance here until they actually add the sign i don’t know if they computed the tokentoday but you have your wallet linked up here we’ll do a immediate deal we go to trade andwe go to exchange now you’re going to be asking what tokens can i exchange for the dog tokens orwhich tokens can i exchange for the animal tokens and us to be able to first pull up becausewe’re going to purchase some puppy on screen we’re going to first pull up dog and get thatpurchase going so we’re going to click on this arrow right here and it’s going to ask you tosearch the appoint or the contract address if you type in dog you will get there and you can seei know that this right here included by user pups is our current dog token i believe you can alsotype in swine but if you’re not sure there are going to be some defrauds out there so i would recommendgoing into the address the description of this video type in photocopy and pasting the contractand then posting it so you’re going to see in the specific characteristics i’m going to grab it from overhere dog tokens then you’re going to type up now you’re going to fake and adhesive and then you’regoing to set that there and you’re going to hit you know click on it now we have bird-dogs loadedinto our hotcake barter you require it up top because this is where we’re purchasing the dog token nowwhat tokens can be used to purchase the dog token you’re going to click on this right here wherenow it says patty the drop down is going to show a plethora of tokens that you can utilize topurchase the dog a lot of people doing vusd i’m going to do it with some bnb right now and so onand so forth pretty much anything listed here usdt via xbs you know animals ethereum eps all thatstuff can be used to swap into pups that was a main question like can i just do it b and b cani do it with usd can i do it with this can i make love with that so on and so forth those are the tokensthat you can swap as you determine right here i’ve got 0.0848267 bnb signs if i wanted to buy max dogsand take into consideration how much i need for fees and so forth i could potentially buy i thinki could buy more than that so let’s go ahead and say that we want to utilize 0.05 so we can okaywe’re going to utilize 0.05 of our bnb to purchase 0.16 on the dogs it’s going to say insufficientbalance but i believe i have to switch out my slippage no i don’t so okay well it’s gonnabe enable bird-dogs let’s go ahead and do that or is that me selling it no that’s not meselling it we’re gonna go ahead and do this confirm or no that’s going to be bird-dogs to be let’s switch that around you crave b and bup top you require puppies on the bottom this is where you want to type in uh how much dogsyou miss this up here is how much you type in and how much you want to waste in bnb so we are goingto spend 0.05 bnb we’re going to have acquired 0.167773 bird-dogs and then we’re going to thumped swapwe’re going to confirm that and since we’re not really on the launch anymore i’m not reallyworried about having big slippage and it’s a smaller transaction here it’s going to pull up andyou’re going to confirm that transaction in your binance pouch deals been submitted you’regoing to wait a few seconds now and you’re going to get your pups and then while we finish whilethat goes through transaction receipt there we go so in here in only a moment we are going to havethe dogs at 0.16 upturn we have 0.17 pups immense you can do the same with boars you pull out the con youpull up the token right here you pull up the boar address you emulate and then you glue it and thenit’s going to pull up your animals and then you go there and you can purchase pigs based on how muchtokens you have we could acquire. 01 pigs we’re not going to we’re going to keep some financein our purse for costs and so on so now we’re going to go to the farm once you’reon the farm you are eligible to have do severals things we are just going into the pools this is my easy strategyyou can do the farming where you require liquidity over on flapjack swap to do that you’re gonna doadd puppy lend animal remove puppy busd remove bird-dog bnb you time click on that it’s going to take you to herewhere you need to have either the dog token or the bnb sign and you purchase about the same you’regoing to add that liquidity which we could add the liquidity for those puppies let’s see how much we canactually potentially do so we don’t have enough bnb to do that but we could do liquidity tokensright here and get some more hounds but we’re not going to do that maybe we’re not going to do thatmaybe we should why don’t we do it with let’s see what farm options that we have okay my initialstrategy was going to be we swit we swapped out two of the pre-sale tokens and that gave us 0.58 pigs which we have right here we’ve been staking that for about a full era that’s currently at 280289.58 because of the transactions we have earned 1.831 b uh usd which we could harvest right nowand so what we would technically do is harvest our busd i’m going to wait till the value is up alittle more and right now the apy on that i don’t think it’s here but we can harvest that and thenwe would go to pools this is my personal strategy we’d go to funds we’re going to enable thecontract to busd when we have it we’re going to deposit nonetheless much we have there because aswe have busd situated in the ponds we’re going to be giving pups and then what we’re going todo is then the dogs that we deserve from here which undoubtedly we don’t want to merely apply a dollar inthere it’s not going to earn much dogs we’re then going to take those pups and we’re going to putthem over here and you can see that i have 1.717 ventured and then that’s going the harvest here isgoing to be 534.7 percentage that’s 201.71 merit of dogs now and they are yielding the pig token soif we gathered this. 003 pig which is currently at the best interests of the 1.70 we’re going to take thatpig go back to the pig pen positioned it into here and we’re going to go in that broadside action now theother option that we have is we can provide bird-dog or steak puppies into the farms where we needthe liquidity token and it is essential to placed them in but we’re not going to do that but there’sbetter furnishes now like if we did pups with busd there would be a 15 x rewards and that’s currentlyat 236.82 percentage so on and so forth i know our buddy mindatron is doing usdt slash busd becausehe likes the stable coins and if the cost is like no matter the wavering they’re alwaysgoing to stay the same and that’s right now yielding four per it’s a deposit fee of fourpercent yielding a 39.53 apr and that deserves bird-dogs and then he’s gonna introduced those puppies over in thepools again and then start from there my approach so we’re gonna add the dogs that we are only purchasedoff of flannel-cake barter we click on the pools over here we’re gonna do a plus we’re going to do maxdogs because we have 0.176 we’re going to confirm there’s no accumulation reward over here and thenafter the the busines and the reward goes through on binance i think we left fairly therefor the gas cost right yep we’re going to confirm not really the greatest since it’s a four dollargas cost but we’re going to confirm that it’s going to go through right now you can see it’sconfirming great time to have a sip of beer mouth noises and now we have that confirmed youcould see that our bet led from top one seven to now point one eight nine three it didautomatically harvest our animal sign so let’s go to the boar write and see how much it would be thisis gonna be a whole sick like circular gesture uh it didn’t thumped our billfold just yet but thatdid return our boars so we’re going to wait we’re going to wait just another few secondsthat’s on the binance series oh no check it’s steak not yet let’s see if it’s up in our wallethere actually no we don’t do it on the wall here we can go to here all right so yeah you can seewe have the boars now at quality zero oh wait no no we have point zero zero three four two one sevenfour pigs right here let’s see if i believe do you need more let’s hit a refresh i am aware earlier whenwe were having the question when the actual project propelled merely refresh and you were able to go fromthere all right let’s see if we can add those boars yep object zero zero three pigs let’s confirm thattransaction it’s only like a dollar seventy so i’m gonna pay out the wazer i’m not paying threedollars and ninety seven cents in gas rewards on that one so we’re gonna wait let’s see what we’re stilllingering on yeah we’re gonna wait we’re not gonna remuneration that is something that in gas costs time to stake a dollarworth of boars we’re gonna let everything go back up but that’s essentially what we would do becausethen likewise when we stake the boars right here we’re going to be get the 1.83 busd that thatreleases back into our wallet and we go back to the kitties and we are going to settled that overhere to earn the dogs and articulated that over there and we’re going to do all that circular motionsuntil we get to a compounding position that we like and start doing our daily wages out in busdand then we’re going to continue to venture our bird-dogs into animals and we’re just going to go from therewe also might consider taking out because now we have some thor over from our not we’re notgoing to touch our node we’re not touching our node but we’ve been staking thor lp with avaxand we are now up to i got to log into this we are now up to 1.14 thor and thor’s currentprice is sitting at genuinely it’s like a dollar 40 dollar 48 so that’s good it’s up a little bitso we are at 1.14 did it get nope 1.14 hours 148 detail 47 so we’re at 169 neat uh dollarsand 25 pennies worth of the thor sign which we were able to then pull out and then rotateinto the pig up animal raise to keep going from there anywho i don’t normally like to havea video go 15 hours so we’re gonna shut it off from there but everything that we just talkedabout we went over probably about 15 epoches on the river yesterday so i just figured i had tocapture it on camera so that action i don’t have to keep going back and it’s in a delightful little bundleand you don’t have to go through a four and a half hour stream to find the snippets on where we canfind the contract what coppers we can utilize on flannel-cake barter to acquisition swine and bird-dogs and whatthe strategies and how i should go and this and that another favourite question was what shouldmy programme be not mine personally but whoever’s asking it said what the hell is my approach be andi said again i’m notifying youtube advisor and blah blah blah but what i’m personally doing isdoing 50 puppy 50 percent swine and then getting that produce and bsd and going to get that circularpattern my neutron said 25 pup 25 swine 25 busd 25 usdt so “youre seeing” where the uh whereeverything differentiates and then even crypto money has a different programme as well so it’sall up to you and what you want to do with your farm so other than that if you have any questionscomments or concerns all the information is in the description of this video you can join the animalfarm in the description of this video as well and then you can find the contracts and the properones make sure you use the proper ones not the scam ones that are on pancake swaps unfortunatelythere are defrauds there and you participate their telegram on the page blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah otherwise like remark subscribe turn on that bell notification all that good stuffi’m oprius and we’ll see you guys next time oh no i can’t catch the word what ifladybug acquisitions out it’s okay we’re in a different cosmo our cherish is too pureoh no but i i can’t it’s just not right i just want you guys to imagine mywife’s face when i got grabbed my twins playthings and run into my department and title beforei closed the door i just yell don’t ask

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