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This affordable miner doubled in price!!! Is it still worth buying one???

did you get it on did you jump on board wheni told you to cause if you didn’t these bad boys led up in premium and i thinkthey’re gonna do it again remain sung nerdy dude nonsense today’s brew of the dayis 99 troubles but a bitcoin ain’t one this is a west coast style ipa brewed bybrothers cascadia brewing this is about 5.6 alcohol by magnitude and it is quite deliciousso i want to say thank you very much to the subscriber that ship this out to me glad igot to enjoy and try this ovations to you guys what’s going on everyone welcome back toanother video about bitcoin cryptocurrency and all that good trash if this is your firsttime now delight take a moment to consider hitting that subscribe button and turning onthe bell notifications as we affix videos weekly and river every monday around 2 p.m easternnow last nighttime i hosted my very first meet-up event it was kind of an experiment but iwas really really happy with the turnout so we are on the way to our need washer fluid weare on the way to our very first meet-up event uh this is something i’m just kind of testing thewater on brought my laptop so we can look at some helium networks with anyone that shows up andwants to have a beer with us and hopefully one day we’re going to be a bigger youtube and wecan come to a city to you guys so we’re gonna see if we can get some footage hang out withsome friends have some brew at a meet-up event and uh we’ll film a little of it so stickaround we are outside of the paddywagon irish tavern let’s go in get a few tables andgrab a beer and receive who shows up all right we’re at the nerdy new event applauds toeveryone thanks for showing up i appreciate it thank you guys love you all i just want to sayif you registered up for the meetup event i love you very much that was awesome i really appreciateeveryone that came out tonight we had 10 sees of the channel show up to our little measure meetupevent we spoke helium aware deeper all that material it was amazing i appreciate you guys forshowing up we had a good time we suck some brew we spoke crypto blown away i am absolutelyhumbled at the fact that this was a little test event that we did and you guys evidenced up for itand it was awesome so hopefully we’re gonna deter originating the path and i can come to a city nearyou guys and we can hang out and have some fun so thank you very much amazing amazing andif “youre gonna” people one of the 10 that proved up you guys it symbolizes so much to me so thank youthank you very much one of the topics that we spoke last-place night was the aware elementsand a marry questions popped up where is it still worth it to get one even though the prices havegone up and we now have to wait for the shipping experiences and so on and so forth so with that i wantedto pull up some digits on the screen and go over the answers that i had last night from my littlegroup with you guys on this video today so let’s rush over and start looking at some numerals hereso it’s important to note that right now planet watch tokens are going for 36 and a half centswhich is the number that we want to remember right now we wholeheartedly believe that thisprice is going to go up in the future especially as we get closer and closer to our devicesnow being able to mine and make compensations the reason why i say that is because to purchase thoselicense here in the us we have an opportunity to either purchase them with paypal or purchase thelicenses with planet watch signs across the seas you guys don’t have that paypal option you onlyhave the option to purchase these planet tokens on an exchange and then use that to purchase alicense now the exchanges is likely to be registered last-minute i know right now they’re on bitfinex and that’s forinternational non-us-based customers and at the end of the month when these start to get to miningwe will likewise have some us-based exchanges as well if you don’t want to use paypal and you want touse crypto to get your licenses so we’ll really have to stick around for that but again the premium iscurrently 36 and a half cents and we want to keep an eye on that only in a moment because we’regoing to talk about the toll increase of the aware elements here in merely a moment now if youguys demand some report and everything you could follow the subreddit i don’t fully recommendit the the villain and if you’re a mod on this and you’re like you’re not the soil like thedirk you’re not the prick the dick the dirk then uh i apologize but there’s one mod on now that’skind of a dick and so i would just kind of lurk in now to get news and modernizes and when they havelike ama updates and everything which “i probably shouldve” one yesterday i wouldn’t really get involved becauselike i indicated by the mod is a dick but that is always a good plaza to uh get your revises and as wellas well as watching this direct subscribe turn on the buzzer notification because you bet yourbottom dollar that as soon as these are going live or there’s any information i’ll is being done a video onit so anyway let’s talk about um we’ll talk about permissions here in exactly a instant so let’s talk aboutthe inventions back when we firstly came our four we got ours for 150 a piece and then they were sold outfor a date and then they came back and then they’ve been sold out pretty much for the past week andthey hiked the price up to 299 dollars in the past few weeks and i believe if you go through and ordering onewe were discussing last-place darknes that you’re looking at potentially getting yours by the end of octoberto mid-november yep you can see that right here aware element is out of uh out of stock in yourregion orders for the us will not be available to ship until mid-november of 2021 and thenattention canadian customers aware part is out of stock in your arena as well and they won’tbe available to add until mid-november 2021. let’s see if the uk purchasers have theirsavailable let’s pull up a uk page and interpret what that says as well i don’t know if it’sgoing to really because where’s makes uh just because we well it says uk get aware so let’s seewhat happens here and i believe this is probably going to say the same thing if they’re out in onespot they’re going to be out all over um i know a couple of people are bitching that it’s 299 forthe in the american dollar and then it’s 299 for uk which obviously the dollar is a lot cheaperthan that and so the cost change is crazy there but let’s see if we can find the uh orderwe’re gonna go ahead and close that screen as well i wanna see if they’re gonna say mid november aswell yep so uh uk and eu clients mid november as well so there’s going to be that delay to getthem right now it’s the mid-september so you have about a 60 -day waiting period i don’t thinkthat’s terrible and then if you look on amazon they’re completely they’re currently unavailableout of stock blah blah blah but again i don’t think waiting until mid-november is terrible itsucks that when we are already waiting for our helium miners to come in if you’re jumping in thedeeper network to come in uh that those miners and those machines are taking longer to come in whenwe wanted to get these devices pretty much in the interim when i initially did my video andyou can get them on amazon pretty much day of so now you’re kind of attach back into the waitinggame now let’s let’s take a look at the price increase right here so where reference is primarily got theaware it was at 149 and the sign premium is at uh 0.36 so we’re looking at our roi we’ve got fourdevices so we have five we are we’re six hundred dollars before we break even each manoeuvre has beentold that they’ll pay out 23 planet signs and at the current price of 36 and a half pennies this ison a day-to-day basis this is on one machine to see if it’s still worth it we’ll put in a couplemore multitudes 30 so each machine will now be originating 8.39 a era so if we did that at the 149 dividedby 8 39 and whatever 839 we currently at a 17.7 break-even degree per machine that’s not even withthe license we can even do the license 149 plus 42 equals divided among 8.39 and we are now at 22 and atalmost a 23 date break even stage for that design now with the maneuvers being 299 dollars plus the 42 licensed cost and we do 8.39 that’s still worth it you’re at a 41 date break even stage 41 days3 00 and all you have to do is wait two months that’s phenomenal so when you are break even on thewhat 360 five days a year minus 41. So you have 324 days worth of advantage at current price withoutthe rate going up 39 you’re looking at 2718 in unadulterated gain and then of course the next yearyou’ll merely have to buy a license for 42 or you can go through and buy permissions for uh one two oressentially three years and i believe the three time cost is by like it’s like two years get onefree which well or a little a little yeah i think it let’s look at the numbers here let’s justlook at that so one year it’s 42. two years or sixty dollars three years is 84 so yeah so you’reessentially getting two years um you’re buying two one years and getting one year free so if youwere to buy the two-year for 60 bucks i would think that you’re just consume your money becauseyou’re gonna next year have to buy this again so it’s basically two for you know you can buy threebuy two years get one free on top of that so another question a lot of people had was uh arethe licenses i’m gonna sell my shares and uh no um i think they’re gonna have licenses to be able topair with each and every single aware element last-place meter we did a video there was about two thousandlicenses that were sold and now are in conformity with the 3892. i’ve only buy one out of the four one licensebecause i’m waiting for the actual opening of the honors to go live before i purchase my otherthree permissions i just something about it where i have one license that’ll expire two weeks beforemy other two or my other three is just weird for me so we don’t have an actual video on how to linkour license to our device just yet but if you have multiple maneuvers and you go on to buy licensesyou need to make sure you use the same email to buy your permissions across the board just tomake freedom of the accounting and informality of the use so want to make sure you do that now the lastvideo that i did we spoke two apps “thats been” live uh the breeze the element aware app whichis right now and i’m waiting to fart in this thing i made a joke about it last darknes and a coupleof my viewers and readers on dissension which connected schism tie in the description we’re allwaiting to see if we fart because we’re children uh will it alter the breath character or willi get an alert on the phone from that um oh it’s not i was like well i havea notification about my component uh in the element app so we’re waiting to seethat i might do a youtube short about it so if you’re offended by ga i do apologizebut the planet watch app that’s currently out will not be utilized for these devices planetwatchwill be coming out with an aware factor app instantly that will link these devices andfrom there you will be able to then link your wallet your algorithm wallet to the app to getyour daily rewards as well so long story short with the toll increase on the elements i don’tthink it’s still a bad opportunity to get in and purchase a few of those precisely because you’relooking at that month and a half break even point return on investment time frame and thenyou have the rest of the year for pure advantage you know if you try to jump into ethereum miningor you buy a gpu miner you’re looking at about 560 daytimes before you break even merely at those rates onhow much those miners are and we’re only talking a month and a half on these bad sons now i did saythat i do believe that that price will increase once again because equip and request exactly showsthat they will increase the premium because they’re selling out selling out selling out so i wouldn’tbe surprised if they climbed to 449 per unit so you might want to take advantage of this still cheapprice in my opinion of 300 to get these especially at current price they’re paying out dollars and3 9 cents in rewards a daylight that is awesome and that is fantastic so if you guys have any commentsquestions or concerns feel free to reach out to me on telegram quaver or disagreement all of thatstuff is in the link of this video uh there’s an active invite to discord that’s where i’m mostactive join that at me on there so that highway i are equivalent to your mentions we have a reallygood community starting a lot of answers are being given from not just myself but other communitymembers that know more than me and for some reason enjoy listening to me yap which is awesomeand i appreciate each and every one of them so um other than that thank you very much to thoseof you that showed up last-place darknes we are going to grow the canal a little more before we lookat doing another meetup happen maybe we’ll come to a really occupied metropoli each time i do my streama lot of parties are over in like california and so maybe i might do a trip out to californiaand do a meet-up event there as the next one uh really because of all the helium miners thatwe’ve been looking at on stream are pretty much located out in california in the same areait’s really crazy every time i go to look so anyhoo that’s going to make love thank you verymuch for watching like note subscribe turn on the buzzer notifications all that good stuffi’m oprius and we’ll see you guys next time i thought i had it i thoughti had it oh well next time

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