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Warum du (k)ein VPN brauchst – TECHfacts

In recent years, we have been bombarded with circulars for VPNs on the Internet with increasing frequency.[ Random Ad Gibberish] But what exactly is a VPN? And do “youve been” need it? I’m Robert from GIGA TECH andyou can now find out exactly what VPNs are. Before we get to what people like to sell us on the internet, what is technically a VPN? The period VPN is an abbreviationfor Virtual Private Network, i.e. Virtual Private Network.Basically, this implies: You set up an encrypted and therefore private structure connection to a maneuver with which “youre not” in thesame structure. Classic example: You are sitting at home andwant to access the network storage in the power, which is actually only set up so thatyou can access it from the department. It too drives the other way around: You’re sitting in the agency andwant to access the data at home. With a VPN connection, your own systemcan work as if it were on the same network.In countless routers there are a few ways toset up your own VPN. Since this connection is encrypted, i.e. no one from outside can look into the data packets and nothingelse becomes “in” and “out” apart from the user’s data , this connection is called a VPN “tunnel”. The connections between theoffice and dwelling are usually set up as “split tunnels”. If I want to go into the company or university structure, I gointo the VPN tunnel, for everything else I use the “usual tube” to the Internet. But there is another type of tunnel: And that is the one that is ultimately marketed to us. The full passageway. All data that arises in any wayfirst extremities up with the VPN provider and only then goes to the Internet. And why would you need such a VPN? There are a lot reasonableness … at least that’s whatVPN providers say: It protects against data eavesdroppingThis used to be at least a great problem: Many websites were generally unencrypted. If you entered your used data or fee datum there, the unencrypted data could be read by man-in-the-middle assaults, for example.But as I said, that wasa problem a few years ago, back in the Wild West of the Internet, where anything manipulated … around 2013. Up to the middle of the past several decades, time a third of the traffic in Germany was encrypted, currently it is over9 0 percent. If you are on the go on these 90 percent of websites- recognizable by the lock symbol in the address rail – nobody butthe user can read this page. So you don’t need a VPN for that. Your own provider can no longer read alongEven if most of the traffic on the Internet is encrypted, your own Internet providercan still see which pages you are browsing at least the provider can seethe domain.But: Instead of passing the data to your own Internet provider, you simply give it to another busines. One can only hope that there is someone trustworthybehind it, who agreements responsibly with protection gaps or whomay not be overheard by a secret service. In addition, one pays one’s own Internet providerthe opportunity to “listen to data” abroad: Applications to the DNS server, which restates domains into IP residences, are still unencrypted … exceptfor a few DNS-over-HTTPS activities. And the servers you requestare usually from your Internet provider. Here you can personally counteract this andchoose a different DNS server. Go to the network defines. Anonymity on the InternetThat is correct in principle: All acquaintances can no longer be linked to myprivate Internet line. Instead, they are associated withthe VPN provider’s Internet position. And as long as the VPN provider doesn’tlog the traffic, that’s not a problem.But do “youve been” know that for sure? Geoblocking can be thwarted. Let’s get to the reason why VPNs are reallyused: geo-blocking can be thwarted. That entails I’m on vacation and still wantto access the Netflix library from Germany: “Whos working”. Or vice versa: I am in Germany andwant to watch BBC content or YouTube videos that are only available in the USA. Simply select a suitable VPN endpointand the wild streaming can begin. A more serious example: You are traveling in a countrywhere freedom of expression is not a top priority and other opinionsare tried to be stillness by stymie the internet. This is where VPNs can allow access to blockedcontent, so as long as the VPN services themselves are not blocked. VPNs are widely used althoughyou might not needed here. how do you see it? Do you use a VPN service? Write it in specific comments !.

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