if you’re like me you’ve probably understood a lotof other youtubers and sounds bait thumbnails registering you how you are eligible to originate tons andtons of money on the deeper network unfortunately i have done a lot of research anda lot of trial and error and a lot of things to pull my hair out to bring to you to hopefullygive you a more realistic expectation stay adjusted nerdy buster material for those of you keeping trackat home today’s beer of the day is the imperial pumpkin head of the horseman brought to you by d9brewing company this is a super strong pumpkin ale 10 alcohol by work and guy look at that darkcoloring “thats one” of the best pumpkin brews i’ve ever had appreciations like pumpkin tart ina glass that’s gonna get you crunk for the halloween season glees to you guys what’s goingon everyone welcome back to another video about at home mining because that’s what we’re talkingabout if this is your first time here on the path satisfy take a moment to stop and considerhitting that subscribe button turning on the buzzer notifications as we affix videos weekly abouthelium about deeper about algorand i got an interesting scam video came to see you shortly and ofcourse we will be talking about the aware elements and the planet network here in the near futureas a quick remember tomorrow night september 22 nd if you’re in the area we are having a meet-upevent for the first time ever it’s kind of like a trial and error run at paddy wagon irish pubfrom 8 p.m till about 10 p.m or so there will be a nerdy beer on drawing where you can get a discountwill be the wicked wheat coaster passion ipa if you’re in the place or it’s you know a little tinydrive for you i would be cool if you guys want to stop by we’re going to bring our laptop and justlike you check our live streams every monday we are going to do some helium network placement advicesetup talk all that trash so be really cool to see you guys out there if you can make it the purposeof today’s video is not to hurl shade at anyone in particular but there’s a lot of misinformationor sink streams that are be being put out there on youtube in regards to the deeper network now ioriginally was not going to get into this stage or this mining activity really because i feltit was a little too complicated in the initial setup and the requirements to build a creditscore which we’ll talk about here in a moment but genuinely once you get everything set upand leading it is a genuine precisely plug and play leave it be determined it and forget it type operationit’s actually less of a struggle than with helium or i’m hoping that aware part planet watch willcome out and prove me wrong that that will be the easiest thing to go but once i got everythingdone i went through two days of solid headaches and issues that i’m gonna share withyou today so hopefully you don’t have to but now i have just been fit it and leavingit not even touching it not even thinking about it and it’s been fairly decent and i’m excitedfor it but we’re going to go over numbers and roi possibilities and break-even points to really givea good realistic doctrine of what such projects entails versus the dream that “youre seeing” whenyou look at click bait that says realise 700 a week mining helium or mining deeper manufacture 10 000 a month mining deeper i’m i don’t see where those crowds are possible so let’s go ahead and takea look at some stuff on personal computers here let’s talk about my setup and how much we’ve staked andi’m going to break it down as far as is possible so take notes or go back and re-watch this video afew times from this point forward let’s flip over all right so we’re looking at the price of deeperwhich is currently sitting at 11 pennies time shy at 12 cents it is currently being transactions on mexiand we’re looking at uh it’s sitting at 12 pennies at the moment uh the reason why i wanted to bringthis up firstly is because i wanted to talk about the maximum potential earnings that you could makewith deeper on a single miner on a single system and the maximum amount of investment you have toput into it so that lane some of these amounts that you read on other youtubers aren’t a full-blownexaggeration but they’re just not been possible so right now with the clues being sold at roughly1 2 pennies if you wanted to get the maximum maximum amount of staking and likewise makesense here in a moment you would need to invest or make you would need to acquire 100000 dpr clues and stake them for nine months at right now the cost of let’s say 12 cents andthat is currently going to earn you twenty dollars a day just yeah about twenty dollarsa period five hundred and ninety dollars a month seven thousand two hundred dollars a year nowhow much is that investment going to be so if we’re looking at a hundred thousand dpr at12 cents a pop you would need to do a 12 000 investment on top of acquiring a minor to seethose kinds of numbers now what exactly does that mean let’s let’s rewind this all the way backhere so the little invention the little dpr design is a miner right this is a little a little devicethat you plug into your modem router we’ll do a setup here on the screen i’ll reveal you my setof the issues i had and what happens is you run your connect through it it is a vpn soit’s essentially a free vpn if that’s something you guys crave which is awesome it’s a free vpnservice that too gives you the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency as well by shaving off someof your bandwidth and then sharing that out into the multiverse let’s go ahead and look at my dpso right here i have my setup now and you can see that i have some bandwidth being shavedoff and shared out across the board we could pull up my little minor pace now and go to mytransactions and “youre seeing” and we’ll show you what my outage is here in just a moment that welet’s just go to my purse poise let’s just time that wallet poise you can see that my deepermini currently has 97 dpr tokens in there and we’re going to come back to the screen here injust a moment so what you need to do is you as of right now you have to have one of these deviceswhether it’s the mini the nano or if you’re in the beginning in the genesis and stuff like thatwhich we’re not going to go into in order to be able to stake dpr tokens and mine dpr tokensyou have to have one of these devices now once you have one of those designs you can do one offew things is this called a evidence of credit form mining situation where you have to have a certaincredit value to earn tokens now you can go into this with merely purchasing one of the inventions andnot obtaining any dpr not staking any dpr and you can grow your ascribe tally exactly by sharing outyour bandwidth and as of right now to get yourself into a position of being able to mine with a highenough credit score is going to take you 200 days so if you buy this device for about 500 and thenyou were expecting to go ahead and start mining it’s going to take you 200 daylights to get up tothe first qualifying credit compose to go ahead and mine now if you exactly positioned it and turn it onand push it in and go then you will also have to wait about a month for this design to be addedto the blockchain or you do have the opportunity to acquire a thousand dpr tokens which i wouldrecommend doing on mexi tie-up is in the description for that instead of going through to swap becausefees are ridiculous but you can acquire a thousand dpr tokens and then stake them for nine monthsand then that will fast track your machine to get into building that recognition compose organicallywithout rushing any rows and then after 200 dates you’re now going to be at a approval composition of 100. so after 200 daylights if “theres going” from ground zero and let’s say you have a thousand dpr that you staketo get ahead of that waiting list you do get those um dpr tokens back by the way after nine monthsyou do have the opportunity to get those thousand signs back this is going to play in get unstakingyour tokens will dally another factor here in just a moment so after you have your minor exiting youhave mined for 200 dates you are now at a recognition score of 100 that sets you at the basic becauseright now we’re on the central cyberspace we’re all the basic consumers we’re not in phase one we’re notin phase two because nothing of us got the genesis miners if you did sound off in the comments belowbut none of us got those because we didn’t stay and get a free miner sent out to us right so after2 00 dates you’re gonna have a recognition rating of 100 and that’s going to give you the first rank ofbeing able to mine so you’ll be then at that point mining 2.74 deeper a day which is 33 cents aftera month you’ll be mining 82 deeper which is about time shy of 10 and over a year you’ll be mininga thousand deeper which is 120 at the moment and every single 200 daylights you will then beincreasing your ascribe score by the next tier so again it’s going to take 200 daytimes to getyourself qualified to get into the firstly recognition score that’s going to allow you to excavation and thenevery 200 days that you’re mining that you have your deeper your deeper network design puttingout the the bandwidth involved you’re going to be continuously organically proliferating your ascribe scoreand that’s level one now if you want to skip ahead and you want to start mining immediately what idid is i obtained 21 000 dpr tokens so we’ll merely hop-skip to my tier i bought 21 000 dpr tokens andi have ventured them for nine months and what that does and i did the two 20 000 for the tier andthen i did a thousand to get my miner onto the blockchain a lot quicker to get mining and getgoing so what that is webbing me right now is 19.18 dpr it’s 2.30 pennies a period uh 574 dpr a month7 000 dpr a years or 840 a year so we are going to break even on the cost of our miner within halfa year which is really solid and then remember 200 epoches from now actually 193 dates from nowi will then be able to bump myself up i will then be bumped up into the next credit compose andwe’ll be getting a little bit more dpr for that now those signs are locked up for nine months my21 000 signs are locked away for nine months after nine months i have the opportunity to collect themback and you know do whatever i want with them or have the opportunity to leave them the one reasonwhy i didn’t mind locking up for nine months is because that’s giving me pressured diamond mitts ihave no opportunity to un-stake those clues until the end of their nine-month phase and hopefullythat cost jumpings up like the helium network and i’m a millionaire and i’m done told you last-minute butafter nine months if i so nine months will be um i think nine months we’ll rush our recognition scoreup to wait how many what’s let me do math nine months is what 180 daytimes no no i’m stupid 30 times9 equals 270 daytimes so in 200 and 200 eras my ascribe composition will be be bumped up to tier four i’ll bemaking that much i don’t have the 3000 dpr stake it’s just the organic credit that i have beenearning because i started at tier three now 70 days later what’s going to happen after 70 epoches iwill then be able to unstake my tokens and if i do i’m then going to fall back three so i startedat tier three exited up one i’m going to be fall back to tier one actually because yeah i’ll befalling back to tier one because i’ll is currently in three and then we go up to four so based on zero thenone so we’ll be at right does that make sense so yeah if my credit score is at 400 subtract 300 my approval score will then be at 100 and then my earnings will then drop down to the tier one phasebut i’ll have my 21 000 clues that i can sell or do whatever and then i’ll be in a genuine miningphase we’ve already paid off our break even top for the miner we’ve got our 21 000 tokens back wesold them since they are moved up to five dollars a piece or so on or they disappeared up to 20 a piece soon and so on or i can leave them and every 200 periods i can build myself up organically intothe next ascribe blot until we get all the way up to level 8 which is 800 recognition orchestrate and that’swhen we’re getting 20 a date 600 a few months 7 200 a year and then at any point when i pull out my 21000 tokens we’re gonna drop back three tier spots exactly obstruct that in brain huh so that’s that’s howthe staking and the mining drives there’s right now not good opportunities just to stake tokens and earnmore clues on top of your stake the only way you can earn more clues is by staking in that proofof credit and then earning them on your maneuver so we can go take a look at my manoeuvre here you seethat i have 97 tokens in my dpr manoeuvre offset you accompany right here my approval composition is 300 and yousee that i’m sharing about 20 megabytes a daylight which the minimum is 10 megabits a epoch andyou do that every two days you get one point towards your ascribe compose we have been let’ssee here we’re gonna go to our deals pcr payoffs so every two days we’re earning onepoint towards our credit value so we’re gonna have at 301 302 so tomorrow we’ll be at a recognition scoreof 303 because we’ve been mining this for six daylights and we’ve been sharing those megabits and that’show we are organically increasing our approval compose so that is the meat and potatoes of the mining andthe staking and that’s the one thing that i really wish i jump-start in even more before i got intoeverything just to really understand because i i do know that they are working on an actual basestaking platform that you don’t have to have one of the miners to earn the wages for stakingbecause as of right now there’s no attraction to merely bet the token you time kind of want tohold it and is hoped that the government jumpings back up in cost back up to 15 16 17 pennies you know dollar two dollarsthree dollars or four dollars so we’re just really really certainly hoping for that now in regards tosetting up your maneuver i’ve made this beautiful little microsoft draw screen and i want totalk about the problems that i had the other day because that video extended too long and i was aboutfour brews deep and i was having major issues so on top of that interruption rewind let’s go backif you do decide to get into the staking and i had another issue where i was going into my metamask and i the gas rewards were astronomical do not go into the staking during busy hours of the dayi got on at 11 30 at night my epoch and i looked at the traffic on ethereum network and i saw that theway expenditures were related to 52 and when i was originally do it they’re like 268 so i was trying to chargeme like 175 to stake my 21 000 signs i managed to get my clue staked for about 35 just for waitingfor the right time to stake and we can do that on a different video different event i couldshow you how to do that if you have issues or merely talk to me on telegram chatter or disagreement now thesetup that i was having an issue with and another thing was driving me nuts is i have my routerwhich is from my modem which is from spectrum which is let’s get a pen now uh we want it niceand chunky we’ll exactly describe like this so we want to then decrease our size all right so we’ve gotspectrum as our internet and that’s our modem then we been incorporated into our dpn our dpn mini andthen we connected our let’s just do like this so that’s our internet and then we connected ourmini into our nighthawk our our netgear nighthawks very important i mentioned that because um that isthe modem that was the router that i was using and then the router was sending out wi-fi and internetto my devices my playstation my laptop my wife’s laptop my smart tvs my phones and all that stuffnow what you need to do if you want to access your miner the highway we just did on screen is you needto have a computer that’s on that network whether it’s wi-fi or it’s actually ethernet connected oranything like that as long as your dpn invention is connected to your router and you have a computeror a design on that network then you can access that screen that admin screen that wesaw where i demonstrated you my transactions now the problem is my nighthawk and i’ve seen thiswith other nighthawks was not putting out internet and i was having an issue with that becauseyou know we also have helium miners on we have a helium miner on this structure and soon wewill have a active and active mining aspect so the issue i was having with that was iwasn’t going to go into the deep-seateds and clamp around with my nighthawk merely to get a dpndevice approved because i didn’t want to probability a my internet being throttled and b my ip addressesand all that jazz being affected for my helium miner out in the garage and attic andmy aware here so what i pointed up doing was a simple little fix which is why i then merely tookthis let me see where’s my grabber tool i removed my dpn device out from here and then i justconnected that there and then we articulated this here and we articulated this here and then we’re going toctrl c and ctrl v that and then we did this so let’s go back to our cleans welet’s go back to the nice chunky boy is that chunky enough that should bechunky enough we’ll exactly drop it down now and one more chop there we go so wewere pour our internet from our modem into our router and then we’re running one of theports of our router into our dpn maneuver our mini and then we’re letting all of our other designs beconnected on wi-fi that you know across the house or anything like that so we’ll exactly do it likethis and then we were racing our mini to our one of our other computers which is a laptop whichthen i was under i was told that the computer needs to be on 24 7 for this to be sharing thebandwidth and to be putting everything out there i’m not gonna do that so what iultimately did what i ultimately lastly settled did is i went out and i bought a shitty cheaplittle tp-link router device poop i bought a shitty little right on amazon merely a couple ofbucks and so now i’ve got my router with port number one running out to my dpn mini and theni have my dpn mini operating to my little tp-link device which is really really cheap and i havenow that right now i am actually connected to that network on my computer that i’m filming thisvideo on versus usually on my nighthawk so that mode i have been able to depict this on screen and the reason whyi also wish doing this method instead of racing this invention through here is because yes this didthrottle my internet so i’m getting about 250 megabits a second down and i’m getting about 22 to25 up when i did a race test running through this machine i was getting about 60 to 70 down and about1 1 to 12 up and i just don’t have the capacity for this device to be throttled that highway becauseof all the other maneuvers that are on my network so i had no problem setting up a secondary wi-finetwork with this crappy little maneuver and tell that be controlled because the only reason whywe’re going to need this is so that way the dpn mini can then do its megabit sends to andeverything is coming and we don’t even need to worry about the machine being connected or turnedon which i do actually still have my work laptop associate to that when i get on to do work inthe morning and everything just so that space it’s there and i could check on it and extend from thereso that was my setup and that was my headache but i finally got everything lead and now i neverneed to touch anything i can see the lights on each invention i know if the internet’s coming in andout i can connect on everything so i can just go ahead and sleep soundly at night and not even geton this anymore so anywho that’s gonna do it for me today guys if you have any questions commentsor concerns please feel free are to achieve me telegram chatter or dissension all that is in thelink of the description of this video otherwise please consider subscribing andturning on that bell notification like statement thumbs up the video all that goodstuff i’m oprius and we’ll see you next time

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