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WHERE’S THE HELIUM REWARDS??? 5 Days with 0 mining rewards!!!

so till it’s take it all away foreign wait for can me got the mic on let me know how the music sounds ifit’s too loud what’s going on everyone welcome to an angry stream today about the helium networkmy bobcat no issues i mean they’re up they’re green lights are good ready to go i need somefeedback on the music if you guys don’t mind welcome to the stream first time on the channelplease consider hitting that subscribe button turn on the bell notifications as we post videosweekly and we try to stream every monday around this time for about an hour and a half to maybetwo hours depending on how hot this gets and how much interaction you guys are giving me forthose who keep you track at home today’s beer of the day and there might be another one aswell is the sierra nevada big little thing ipa imperial ipa 9.0 abv this one is akick and a can cheers to you guys those of you that commented on the drink ofthe day yesterday with your alvarana dress don’t worry we will announce the winner inthe next video we will do a live drawing so if you guys are jumping in for the first timeplease take a moment to like comment subscribe there is also some addresses in the descriptionof this video for algorand and helium and if you appreciate the content and you support the channelplease go ahead and consider sending in a little tip with a note or a super chat or anythingalong those lines because we want to get to that point of retiring so we don’t have to workanymore which is why you see things like us doing our little oxygen air quality ready to go we’vegot that going on what’s going on mr pisghettis welcome back to the stream now let’s just jumpright into it before we keep going as many of you have seen we have not gotten any mining rewardsi mean we’ve gotten like minuscule mining rewards in the past five days three bobcats all withissues dropping rewards for hours on end and falling behind in the blockchain yeah there’s beena lot of that going on this week let’s pull up the seven date chart i can’t even get the seven daysto load this is my entire like has anybody used sync fastsync for syncing issues no we havenot uh check out old zinc elk michael scott so yeah we’ll check out yours too to see if youare having any issues i don’t need to copy paste i’m going to type it all right there we go oldzinc elk so look at this the past seven days we’ve only earned 1.597 helium and that’s because on thesixth of september we got point eight then we got point three five and then we got point three fiveand then we are now in day five of rewards under like like minuscule so that’s one two three fourtoday will be the fifth day i have fast sync yes on fast sync it was synced after 30 minutes butman not mining and showing online it helps greatly so let’s take a look at yours let’ssee if you were getting anything you’re relayed so you’regetting [ __ ] oh come on man uh had one last week not get any rewards and thenit got fixed now a different one is messed up yeah both of mine aren’t getting anything um so let’ssee you’re in great placement you’ve got a 5.8 10 meters up in the air you’re getting some solidnumbers i wish i can get those numbers i’m just not getting them right now looks like you’vehad some slow days and then whatever happened it decided to fix you and then you went crazy sonot too bad but like for myself for daily mint a few others uh looking in the area if you guyshave problems with bobcat sinking check this out check what out if it’s gonna be a link i’llapprove it mine is doing pretty well yeah yours is doing very well michael scott you’renot having any issues what kind of minor do you have because we have bobcats i think sent you alengthy thing i found on your twitter dm right now i can pull it up on screen too let’s seebecause i have in regards to twitter let me find my miners again real quick hang on righthere all right so in regards to twitter i have that pulled up as the helium status and they’vebeen sending out little updates here and there uh actually they haven’t which earlier todayi was looking at this but this is pretty much when before the issue started happening the deweyonboarding server is experiencing an outage and adding hotspots to the network is affected andthen this also might affect it let’s see what you sent me here on the tweeters um i’m not sureif you saw this i’m on your live chat now as an nw modern northwest modern uh those with lowrewards can be related to this that will be fixed in next release i’ll explain later ongithub okay so we’ll pull that up uh yes sir so that incident has been resolved let’s go backto the tweeters something with the ota yeah i’ve got it here in my messages uh from home buddy herelet’s just go ahead and pull up to github and just get out of the messages real quick there we gouh what’s going on brian callahan how are you damn it quick fix number 1041 removesthree octet limit on ip addresses hash construction let’s go ahead and pull that backup let’s go ahead and pull up the twitters one more time we’re gonna pull it up overhere so that way i can just copy and paste what we see so for this those with lowrewards can be related to this will be fixed i will explain later tonight if neededapparently a code has been implemented as we’ll put this in the ch we’ll justput this over here so you guys can see oh that’s too big uh i sent you a linksearch for the fast sync bobcat miner it’s on reddit where’d you send me the link on let’s see can i pull up notepad mine aregetting some rewards less than last week but after bobcat updates and i upgradedmy stock antenna it has been notepad the big thing is the bobcat ui yeah so it lookslike i’ve got to do some bobcat ui updates huh all right so this is what i’m reading over herebut i wanted to bring it back on screen just so wait we all can see it um oh my god apparentlya code has been implemented as some sort of measure against gaming the code change checksif you have two hotspots using the same iep if they do you cannot send beacons on bothof them with within 300 blocks now an error has been made where it was not the ip that hasbeen checked but only the first three octets this made that everybody that is sharing thesame subnet we’re only able to send one beacon per this complete subnet we call this subnetslash 24 so if you live in an area with some hot spots around you and the hot spots areconnected to the same isp which we are there is a big chance you were sharing the same slash24 with them in that case only one of you all could send one beacon per 300 blocks whichof course is also an impact on the witnessing for the others since you’re in your area onlyone hot spot can beacon for 300 blocks instead of potentially 200 hot spots this could veryhard hit your rewards the code change above is a the correct code where the full ip is checkedand not the 2 24 subnet so what that’s telling me is that i guarantee because these are my thisis my minor this is my minor and this is uh not mine but you know someone that popped up iguarantee he’s on spectrum because i’m on spectrum my in-laws are on spectrum he’s on spectrum andwe are getting nothing all right so what’s else uh i’d i fixed the four four one five eight butmy place of business is paranoid about it so we’re getting its own router i have a bobcat very nicesomething ota hey you sent me a link on reddit um crypto news plus i did it for my bobcat minerworked perfectly got a bid time disappointment when i got an email from sp north america that mysynchrobit miners won’t come until early winter 2021 big not bid same isp are you serious yes sameinternet service provider for those of you that um if i’m speaking too quick or anything like thatum i want to see where you sent me the bobcat fix uh so many people are going to get hit with thisif it’s determined yeah right so obviously so this guy right here we can go to his 30-day resultsas well or his uh last 24-hour results and he’s not getting anything either so we’re kind of inthe same boat he had like yeah we’re in the same boat so let’s go into 30 days and you’ll see yeahjust it just it just pooped out it just completely pooped out and this is of course my other oneand this one also just completely pooped out so and then here’s the poop here’s the bono rightthere the last seven days we had a nice little pink half an hnt down to next to nothing sowe are synced about an hour ago um activity is another good one to see if they’re actuallysending anything out which they shouldn’t be all activity still waiting on the nebras yeah iheard nebros might start looking at being like disowned um two hours ago we sent a beacon createda challenge sent to beacon sent to beacon created a challenge created a challenge sent to beaconthis one’s doing work man challenged a beaconer oh god all right so you challenge me outthere search on google fastsync for bobcat miner click on the redditpost okay uh let’s do that here even if i’m synced though should that matter or will that just help it get better because i’m i’m synced which is good uh let’ssee the activity from my guy up here so maybe this one’s been creating challenges and sendingbeacons but since we’re on the same isp we’re not getting any activity this one’s in syncfor the last um nine hours all activity all right we’ll pull this up over here wait that’s not what i wantedlet’s go back to the googles oh yeah you guys get to watch that all rightwitness beacon invalid let’s create a challenge witness beacon invalid create a challenge moneyrewards challenged beaconer that was 48 okay cool so the last thing that this miner my miner hasdone was three days ago it’s green lit it’s online it’s synced but you can see i know it’s gonnabe blurry on screen but you can see that three days ago september 10th was my last transactionso i need to go to the reddit post there we go yeah i’m not stuck sinking so i don’tthink that’s gonna really benefit me uh it’s for the bobs that are not synced okayso that’s a good one to that’s a good piece of information to have pulled up hey guys if this isyour first time here please take a moment consider liking the video will ya please do that for mebut yeah so you see here this minor it’s green lit um it’s it’s right in two doors across fromme and by the way if you try to fast sync the difference between you and the network haveto be more than 300 don’t remember exactly a little bit all right mine that has no rewards is synced buthas no activity for like two days yeah so i’m in the same boat i’m assuming losing synctwice a day and not getting more than .04 a day yeah if you’re losing sync twice a day you mightalso want to check your internet connectivity because if you’re losing sync you might not beconnected enough you might be dropping out that might be a issue i had similar issue we startedmy bobcats and waited uh i what with the with the low rewards when i hit disk mode from heliumapp it’s failing to find any witnesses before i used to get 10 anyone else having sameproblem yeah we’re all having that problem we’re all having that problem after the lastota one of my sense gaps listen ip changed and had to be updated really strange how to restartrouter hotspot and redo the part port forwarding might want to check your listen ip actually iwill i’ll do that right now i can actually log into my router from my mobile phone and check myisps uh sign in with an existing account please use my thoughts use my face damn it thank you all right let’s see my bobcatshowed synced for two days but was not actually synced did you check withpairing on the diagnostics tool i have not um i could honestly if you have a greenlight and it was previously working i would just wait it out yeah the greenlights are just really what it’s about um donde estami hotspot uh key helium yeah it’s it’s still my ipaddress it’s still uh spot 26 although i do have an update on my internetwhich i’m not going to do right now i do have an update for my wi-fi but that doesn’tmatter because this one so that’s what it seems like with that with that issue uh does anyoneelse have issues with port forwarding with [ __ ] no um that’s what it seems like so do youhave any activity let’s see what your activity is what is your activity all your activity needsto be is hitting the like button your activity is challenge to beaker create a challenge create achallenge center you can send a beacon but you’re not getting anything either just because all of usin the area aren’t doing [ __ ] which sucks sucks these guys obviously down here they’re 79 or0.79 helium 0.66 helium so regardless of their affected they’ve been relayed rallied they’ve beenrelayed since the dawn of time you’d see the last 24 hours they’ve gotten diddly squat in the pastseven days they’ve got .096 so really there’s no reason to even look at these ones four dbis twometers up let’s take a peek at their activity well loads all activity there we go yeah they’re only getting mining rewards likeseptember 9th point zero zero seven mining or september 10.009 mining reward point fancy irisporcupine was down for two days up now though extremely as we report forwarding i keepgetting alerts they are blocking stuff um what was i looking for fancy iris pork if you’re getting those issues maybeconsider getting like a modem and then or yeah a router and then just opening theports in your router and that should do it for you because that’s that’s what i do i havemy modem and then i have it run to the router and then i have the router port forward umports forwarded so oh man that’s not fair you’re up and running i’m so jelly you’recalling me peanut butter and jelly because you’re making 882 for the past 30 days uhwhat’s the listen ip mine went from tcp for 170 after the ota had to switch to tcpit’s four four one five eight right i don’t even know i just opened theport for four four one five eight and never looked back let’s see does thetwitters have anything no that’s just updates ooh let’s check out this uh oh that’sa pretty cool looking borderlands cosplay so far uh xfinity tells me they areip reputation attacks yeah i’ve heard a lot of stuff like that going on with explaining youhave to deactivate the advanced security feature that reminds me when uh i get my deeper miner in which yay thanks for the deeper minor buddyif you’re watching you know who you are um you’re probably not watching i know you’re atwork uh i have to i have but i turned it back on uh i’m expending used to get anywhere from 2 to4.5 now barely 0.3 a day lost witnesses though yeah the witness losing and everything has justbeen really really rough like i can’t even give like setup advice which is stupid i think i wantlower dbi well i can take a look at yours if you want me to just oh fancy irish pokemon areyou dead yeah well you could try lower dbi my yeah your eight is too much yeah let’s go backto that one understood the ota changed the listen ip so it wouldn’t send beacons yeah i wouldn’tsend beacons if you’re within the same internet service provider which is stupid you should fastsync your miner to get it up and running again my miner is running tcp 44158 and you should doudp 1680 oh that’s good to know i didn’t know i should do the udp um i want to go back and look atwhere are you what were you fancy iris porcupine fancy iris porcupine right there tucson arizona you’re 56 meters up not bad anyone elsehaving problems with discovery tool no are you just not getting any uhactivity on it 17th floor up d 1680 anyone who does the fast sync you’llneed username and password and the gui username is bobcat and password is miner i shouldcontrol city well if it would load it come on go come on take me there i’m not gonna go find you iguess i have to go find you in arizona there we go easy peasy uh same here we’ll probably revertto stock antennas yeah yeah you’re too big on the 8.0 here especially being 17th up you’re imean you’re hitting everything which is nice but you’re overshooting all this jazz as well so dropyourself down to like a 5.8 or even a 5.0 and you probably should be pretty solid even more solidbecause i mean you’re still really solid right now 8 db yeah you’re overshooting everythingyou’re overshooting but not getting it’s weird if you want to be really ballsy you got thenano noise yeah i got the um my mini should be in tomorrow and i’m gonna set all that up andstart doing videos on it you know all that stuff while we wait for more helium miners to comein discovery very hit and miss but so are my beacons recently thank you how do we deactivateadvanced security feature in your ip settings or your firewalls and [ __ ] right is that whatlike what’s your what security feature you asking anyone can you check my hot spot sure whatis your hot spot name did you like the video and consider sending a super chat since capis having issues with the discovery tool i went from 30 beacons to zero well everyone’s yeaheveryone’s getting this stuff right now hey man you’re in tucson so am i hello from germany hellomslim dude no 1080p stream my computer is ass uh chris avent on youtube global rapper we shouldexchange info so i’m using it like obs and before i was using obs stream labs which was let me do1080p streams so i kind of reverted back to the old system because i’m not going to pay 100 ayear for obs one or stream labs when i’m not um streaming on twitch because noone watches me on twitch but uh because no one watches me on twitch so i meani’m not gonna pay on that one but i do like i’ve always had a problem with obs trying toget it to be like 1080 and stuff like i’ve got a beautiful camera for it and i hope the sound isgood thank you vaiub i really appreciate it man um all right so you want me to take a look at yourhot spot and you are with a 40bi zero meters up looks like you might be getting affectedby what we’re going at as well like you’re getting some decent witnesses in areas yourissue might be you need a little bit more hype uh i’ll go into three dollars by the endof this month and then ten oh i know man i know i’m so like i just want to go back toall my old alba videos be like i told y’all i told you i’ll get in on it like mymother-in-law came to me today and she’s like can you buy me 500 algo i was like i willbecause you’re not gonna miss the bus but gone in a while ago like you guys rememberthe video i did where i was like buy under a dollar sell over a dollar buy under a dollar sellover a dollar oh so it looks like you’re fresh you just started your mining definitely considergetting your uh 4dbi up high you don’t want it to be at zero meters don’t put it next to anywindows and if you’re inside of a flat just put it in the very very very middle hopefullythat helps you au but that’s not bad for uh what have you been doing it seven a week you’vebeen mining for a week yeah you’ve been mining for a week not bad um can you look at my newest oneall right so now we’re doing damaged basil peacock i’m glad you guys are gettingactivity and i’m not which is stupid did i select it yeah damaged basilpeacock i wanna see a pikachu whenever computer let’s go thank you oh baby 212 dollars in aweek that’s sexy looks like you had a a lull but holy crap man 8 dbi damn albuquerque new mexico please if youhave a chance i’m on it all you have to say is albuquerque breaking bad is my favorite show ofall time and i need to go back to albuquerque and do thank you very much here in the uk it’s easieryeah i need to go i want to go back to albuquerque and do like a breaking bad um self-guided tourbut seriously uh don’t change the thing man um don’t change the thing you’re doing stellaryou’ve got a great area i’m sure you’ve got good placement um you’ve got an 8 dbi it looks likeyou’re hitting this range because maybe you’re still inside and you you know maybe you got acrappy cord um but i wouldn’t change a thing isn’t it best to put the antenna by the window it isnot good to put the antenna by the window because the paned glass especially when it’s double paneof glass and even triple pane glass will refract the signal that you’re putting back insideso if it’s sitting right there at the window we’ll use this usb stick as the thingy so that myphone is the window and the antenna is right here you’re just going to be bouncing that signal offthe window into the house so it’s not going to go anywhere now if you put the antenna a space fromthe window at least now when that signal goes out it’s going to shoot out of the antenna and gothrough the walls around the window so it still has a chance to get out you’re going to havesome serious dbi loss but the signal is still going to bounce off the window so if you’re justsitting right here imagine you’re throwing like a racquetball and you’re within like an inch of thewindow you’re always going to hit the window it’s going to bounce back but if you’re like you know10 feet 12 feet 15 feet from the window and you throw a racquetball you have a terrible accuracyarm you have a chance of hitting like the walls or bouncing it out elsewhere so get it away froma window and also the mesh on the window your screen mesh will also screw with your signal aswell um thank you very much here in uk easier next is yeah uh damaged basil peacockdon’t change the thing shaggy pearl wallaby you should see the one next to me navy crazy navydragon think it’s 10 days of ouch you as well what do you add 4 dbi just put your antennaup a little higher maybe you’ll get some of this stuff out here it looks like maybeyou’ve got like some kind of structure right behind you since you’renot getting pushed out this way all right thanks pisghetti’s brother we’ll seeyou later what are you cooking for dinner tonight chris abbott i email you that’s what she said umdamaged basil has to be outside way to go dude my hot spot is having issues maybe we’re allmost of us are having issues mine is in front of a bug screen and earning 0.8 a day well thebug screen it could be earning a little better but point a today still isn’t terrible especiallyfor one but then again we look at these ones here and they’re making 1.4 you know a day making someserious numbers my antenna is 5 inches from glass yeah get it away you think it’s bouncing yeahit’s definitely pushing that signal back inside like so if we zoom into this hotspot let’simagine that this is in a house right here and it’s there’s a window right here on thisside of it it’s oh you’re going out nice we’re going to olive garden uh you think it’s bouncingit’s going to be bouncing the signal into the inside of the house and it’s just goingto dissipate and be ruined so that’s why this one’s probably not hitting anythingback here because we’re getting some great signal to the left and to the right butwe’re not getting anything you know these i should do this hey man thank you so much forthe live stream i really enjoy your channel i really appreciate it man i’m sorry if i comeoff as someone that looks like we’re just trying to get rich and you know i’m just a asa get-rich-quick schemer it’s just interesting that you’re not hitting this stuff back herewith your directional like shut up copper that never really works just want to do iton video but it’s great that you’re hitting all this stuff and i’m sure if you had moreover here you’d hit them all really well so you’ve got some great positioning there allright what do we got let’s minimize this uh any updates takes any updates takes downminor for 30 plus hours it happened 3x update ota downs minor yeah that mean bobcat eventhough they have like a better they have like better memory in there to combat these umthey’re always affected terribly which sucks uh there’s a big mountain oh yeah okay oh i seeokay herpa derp yep i see the mountain right here yep that’s the point right make money i mean absolutely fancy iris porcupine shouldhave all witnesses my dog’s name is copper that’s why i meant hitting to theblue side that makes sense then okay yeah yep we’ll go right in there and we cansee that mountain right here looks like a turd actually you know once you have one ofthose nice really solid one piecers right here you know it starts off all tapered off fromthe sphincter and then it grows and pushes out and then poops in the toilet right therenine witnesses and almost no rewards yeah man i’m not getting any 5.8 dbi works goodindoors live in an apartment yeah 5.8 is good what’s a good 5.8 dbi antenna the rackwireless which hey stop uh no no caps no caps this one right here this is what i’musing and i have two of them i can’t really give you good numbers right nowjust because of how crappy the network is but this is what i’m using um andthey’re one one of them is 40 bucks but this is a two set for 80.So it’s not too bad east not too bad i would definitelyrecommend using that what’s going on mr p you’re my deeper guy right mr potts mr putts umfive point works best thing what’s good fun it’s true giving so much info thanks dude sat heretwiddling thumbs waiting for first miner hey so 90 miners in tucson has four buildings only yeahso if you’re all sitting there waiting for your miners to come in let’s see in chat everyone hitone if you have one of these bad boys coming in that’s all right that’s why i didn’tyou know put you in timeout or anything let’s see in chat everyone hit one ifyou have one of these bad boys coming in go to the post office mr b if that gets mailed out todaywill it come in tomorrow could you guys even see that on camera yeah allright you guys should know when will planet watch link for mining one there we go see how manywe get two ones planet watch will be linked for mining or while the awares will be linked formining at the end of september um early beginning of september or beginning of october by the latestwhat do you mean only four buildings already have two of them nice meant to be here in 30 minutesoh yours is gonna get in 30 minutes that’s awesome all right now everyone that’s typing in one howmany did you get so i got four you guys know that i might get two um i had a couple of people askingme if i can they are overseas if i can uh get one for them but unfortunately like matt yepyep uh unfortunately i got really super busy last night getting into deeper andtrying to figure that craziness out lambo i have a multi-story car park near me so my nextplan is to put an 8 dbi with a rut 240 router sim and 500 h power bat pack on the top floor of mycar uh it’s not mining you’re rewarded for the data set yeah i mean yeah it’s like i’m sayingwhat’s up appley magic apply magic um it’s not mining it’s just it’s proof of data i guess is theway to go but to be a clickbaity cringy youtuber we want to get everyone out there i fixed all myhot spots easily all right how do you fix your hot spot then if it’s the same because mine’s syncednot a problem so even though cause mine are synced do i have to re-sync it synced miningwithin an hour mine are synced though unless the explorer is a lawyer second bobcat ordered 627.So yeah so we’re going to go into this bad boy right herewish they had this feature before i have 10 up it’s simple to say mine yeahit’s easy to say minor after i bought mine the price went up from 149 to 299 i make 130a day a day yeah i got you oh now it’s sinking or was i just sober and didn’t see that this one synced and it’s making nothing this one is sinking one one one all right so let’s goto that article then fast sinkers all right all right so we are going to get this goinguh so excited about aware i really am too um show what are we looking at is that someone’shot spot i just keep watching the price of planet tokens go up each day i need to go buythem and deeper needs to do the same damn thing and i’ll show you that i’m ready for deeper if you guys can see it on screen i have 20 316deeper ready to stake and to start mining this is going to give me a credit score of 300 whichwill give me like two dot like 63 deeper a day or something so ready to go diagnostic tool type inthe ip address of your miner yeah command prompt there we go we’re going to do this ona second screen type in the hotspot ip number in your address book oh in myaddress bar i got my i got it here all right so i got it here i can pull itup um device manager helium all right get the ip of your hot spot i told you itmoving from syncing to sync too much yeah right type in the hotspot ip number in youraddress bar i’m doing that right now not secure all right brief tote fox got it i still need a few thousand of dpr i need toget another 700 dpr just so i can skip the like one month wait list for mining so i’vegot 20 000 ready to stake for the 300 credit and then i’ve got i’ve got to doa thousand to uh skip the waitlist i have been three days without rewardsresyncing with fast sync okay so i’ve got it up um i’ve pulled it up i don’t need to docommand prompt then what’s next sync status troubleshooting fast sync ooh use fastik onlyif you used resync minor and the led light has turned green or if the miner has been recentlyfully synced and just needs to play catch-up now okay uh enter i agree if you want to do fat iagree and i’ll go check to see if the light’s good uh explorer doesn’t show actual sinking or not hiwe’re the truffle shuffle where the super chats what’s next selling watches mining cryptowhile ticking the time that would be cool uh the miner is syncing right now the led willturn yellow you can close this page and wait all right so i have to go get a beer anyway so let’sgo take a look once you have the bobcat diagnostic up you need to resync the miner so it says it’sresyncing it now the ota trash the bobcats like i said the one next to me got took out on thethird flatland give it some time then fast sync oh so once you have the bobcat diagnosticup okay well i’m gonna go look at it nope it’s still green we most have algowallet in order to mine planet yes you do we can’t stake less than 2k uhgive it some time then fast sync in order if i order an antenna from rack 5.8how many days for delivery it’s like three or four days deeper disappointed me yeah i meani’m already like pot committed at this point for deeper so might as well and plus i can do videosfor you guys and answer questions and i spent some time with the developer last night um reallydiving into it it just seems like it gets worse every day uh my hot spot is having issuesmaybe question mark nine witnesses and almost no rewards can you look at myhot spot fast charcoal antelope sure fast charcoal you can then check the hotspot status the gapshould be huge since you just made it resync then once you see the big gap you will knowthe resync works and you will be able to fast sync okay i got to read your commentsagain since you’re doing it all right upgraded from 5.8 to an 8 dbi antenna now someof the beacons are getting invalid witnesses i’m going to let it run its course for a weekbut thoughts yeah give it a week first and then probably revert back but then again i’m kindof in the same boat like mine is upgraded and really well do you have a video on how to set upan algo wallet uh i do it’s an old ass video um see i can find it it is an old video it was like from novemberlast year and when you look at it the algo is going to be like 26 cents when i bought intoalgo so every bobcat has to go manually resync their miners i really hope we don’thave to manually re-sync our miners what’s my birthday and pto days i have coming up um i think this is the video here uhbobcats say they’ll be fixing valid witnesses soon yeah i’m still waiting on that one definitely waiting on that one here this is uh wow i’m so cool in this pit in this videothere you go wow planets on fire up 10 in btc oh yeah planets are going to explode ican’t wait to earn them using a pc laptop next copy paste the line usually it will now download the latestsnapchat and load it during this time the communities may hang whileit’s definitely snapchat once completed do that again right yeah uh you need to be on location onthe network of your hotspot in order to do this process yeah i’m on it right now uh what’s goingon g showing up late to the party it’s all right uh just listening to rap musicon chris avent youtube channel if i’m on 17th floor with 8 dbi tucsondoesn’t have skyscrapers i’m highest in the city would you lower dbigrab all witnesses yes i would any algo address works yeahit should uh wild plans all right so sync status i’m gonna click on thisagain see if it’s gonna give me the sync status gap 8 354 minor height 100 000.All rightso we’re super sinking fancy iris program is going to do a two and a half daily but i getlower dbi i think cities mine lol look at how i’m trying i’m waiting for the one that i justlooked up and it just won’t even like go to it so what do we need steep winter green can youexplain the scale reward on helium how does it work and what exactly affects yeah i can do thatum what’s going on devon how are you oh where’s out of stock everywhere now really okay that’scrazy uh temperature that’s cool all right so my temperature is only 64 degrees that’s nottoo bad that means sitting right next to my um 5s minor slowdown it’s sitting right next to my ac should i reboot the miner orresync the miner reboot the miner do fast sync now let’s go niners i don’t want to talk aboutthe giants oh okay cool so it gave me more of a screen now now it’s got everythingso now i’m looking at a screen like this there now i’m looking at a screen like this i am too but the giants really suck so thatmeans it should be twenty six dollars today i’m waiting for three miners of totaltotal that one made that one made can you explain the scale rewardyeah so let’s explain the scale reward really quick and i’m not gonnapull up um fast sync to close the gap magic uh by the way after your video awareelements sold out even the pre-orders on their ew website oh thank you i am superpopular where i could sell an equipment magic lipstick chicken it’s not loadinganything for me at the moment magic lipstick chicken why is it being stupid all right i went totry buy another one since i bought it last week and the awares are just going poof yeah nowthey’re probably crazy on ebay there we go go to it there we go oh so you’ve got a cow chip soit’s just bobcats that are having the issues then uh what algo wallet do you use i use the officialalgo wallet on our phones i do i do i had to do fasting on both of my bobcats last weekend andwhile it caught up to zero gap it took another six to twelve hours to begin working howevermy rewards are less than they were before explore is sometimes slow yeah i use the officialalga wallet on our phones i went to buy another one blah blah blah blah still waiting on my twoneighbor hot spots never sounds like i’m gonna be waiting forever all right magic lipstick chickenthis one’s fantastic 33 algo in the past 30 days and you’re making 667 dollars of profit that’snot too bad at all all right so let’s take a look at the transmit scale rewards we’ll justuse let’s go to an example a better example see if we can find someone that would be a goodexample of no no no no no no all right doesn’t matter so let’s let’s look at this right herewhere transmit scales and i could do this on hot spotty but i’m just gonna do this as a drawing foryour for your question all right so what happens in a transmit scale is everything’s broken up intoa bunch of different hexagons in different areas so let’s say this area right here in red says inorder to have a 1.0 transmit scale we are offering this area to have 25 hot spots so once it gets25 hot spots any hot spot that’s put in there out after the um well also including being outside of300 meters from another hot spot so let’s say all these hot spots are outside of 300 meters butthere’s more than 25 in there you’re gonna see a transmit scale start going down becausethis area is only budgeted for 25 miners so then let’s say it goes into a bigger area andit goes into this area here and you’ll see maps like this all over the place you’ll see anothermap like you know maybe like this like this like this you’ll see some areas like that and then they’llbe like you know this one is you know another 25 this one’s 25 this one’s 25 and then thenext level might be like this one is 150. so as long as there’s 150 miners and they’reall within 300 meters or 350 meters apart of each other they will get that 1.0 transmit scaleand then you can look at another area like this and it’ll say like 150 could be in herewhich this is 150 is all inclusive of to the center point of this one so 150and then like another one over here could be at 150 and then again that’s allinclusive there so once you have 150 miners piled up in this area even inclusive of the 25 that’swhen your transmit scale is going to start going down even if your miner is like a lone rangerlike this guy but then you know we can even get a little bit bigger and go with a black pen hereand then we might have like an area like this and this one might say it’s got like you know a bunchof miners as well so just kind of stuff like that uh the atmo tubes is are still availableand with the huey ey 1619 it’s a dream i wouldn’t go anywhere near the um atmo tubei don’t really care for that because that you have to sync to your phone bluetoothand so that one i’ve heard a lot of issues for uh my bobcat is trouble too yeah allof our bobcats are having stupid trouble young hazel hornet you could see what thelast two otas did to me yeah let’s take a look young hazel hornet i was waiting i was like someone someoneknew it do i have to like color it in oh yeah thanks spence i appreciate it brotheroh oh yeah let’s look at your 30 days yeah oh yeah look at the last otas just like screwyou man don’t even like buy you a drink first uncle daven saw it but i mean still 30days a month 400 bucks not too shabby hang on to that stuff i checked the 30 day i’mon a 30 day god you’re so needy welcome to the channel welcome to the stream we try to do thisevery single monday so if this is your first time here please subscribe to the channel turn on thebell notifications right now we’re just bitching and moaning about our bobcat miner you’re prettygood except for everything going down he does have a bobcat uh everything uh have you seen the firsttype one planet in the pixel location gets 90 rewards and the next person will get 10 words soyou better be quick um no isn’t type 1 300 hey thanks for what you’re doing here i have less than300 m to the next hotspot do you need to relocate fancy lipstick peacock so theseissues aren’t affecting every bobcat well um that’s what apple or apply has been sayinguh my bobcats still get rewards thankfully so it looks like my issues right now are because ofthe isp issue so it’s saying that if you share an internet service provider with another bobcatthat’s near you you’re getting these issues as well so looking at my area um i’m sharing i meanwe have the same internet service provider wonders if the bobcats low run is the problem it couldbe very well could be but yeah as i was you know saying um make sure you hit that like button guysi really appreciate it we’ve got 85 viewers only 29 likes so guys hit the like button just justlike it i don’t know why youtube just tells me to make sure i tell you guys that so just hitthe like button it’s only affecting one of my four bobcats lucky you my one bobcat is tryingto do work and every other bobcats just like no no no megan you forgot your jacket nope uhbecause of something that i gotta select music um i wanna make sure i get copyright stuffare bobcats messing up i’m late yes bobcats are currently messing up which is stupid uhthis one’s four months ago that should be good i don’t even know how the music’s doing onstream um but yeah bobcats thanks for that boost in the likes guys and also if anyone wantsto consider super chats for all the hard work um 30 days point yeah you’re just as bad as mewith this one unless you literally just turn it on today wonder if it’s a low ram causing theproblems in bobcats i mean the best thing that bobcats have going for them right now is that youget them not like nebraska hey dude i filmed in and bought two bobcats last week will it stillbe profitable in four months absolutely this is going to be long-term profitable the minersand helium is only like a two-year-old uh platform and this is gonna be i think it’slike 2064 for the final helium to be mined so absolutely it’s going to continue to be profitablei got to make sure the music’s not too loud must be boring listen to me just talk withno more uh no the type 1 planet watch is 1650 but it does earn about 800 a monththat’s a chunk man i mean good on you but i’ll just take my 40 license for four of thesebad boys and earn what 16 it’s about like 450 a month or so mine is strong saffron urchin i wasgetting one to two healing a day and overnight someone has set up a minor 30 meters away andmy reward scale went from 1.0 yeah that’s what i figured i just listened to it on my thing so iturned it up a little bit um hear my dog screaming uh are they still good to buy or would anyonerecommend something different or am i good lol uh you were bobcat you’re still good on thebobcats i mean they they mess up a little bit they but the bobcat team will um usually respondto issues pretty quick so like it just sucks that like i’m getting every like every 11 daysthey’re having issues right now and so i have like a really good oh [ __ ] yeah look at that ireally oh my god you went like from 35 yeah i mean you’re in a you’re in that area where you’rejust gonna start getting crap piled up on you buy an lbc miner i thought about it ongoldshell right is that what you got because i’ve got the little i don’tknow if i can show it but i’ve got the little gold shell asic down hereat my feet and um pull it up over here uh miranda there’s no way totell how profitable it’ll be there are way too many variables but ithink most of us believe that it’s still um profitable but good luck getting in fourweeks yeah no kidding um what is it the hs1 plus which those numbers are [ __ ] i’m makingmore than that um i have this little guy little guy right here look at that littleguy he’s mining the uh handshake token these numbers are [ __ ] the electricitycost is under 19 cents for me and i’m getting like four dollars or three dollarsa day with it so i’m getting about i’m getting 10 handshake i’m getting a deposit every single nightso i’m getting 10 handshake every single night and on um coin market cap ithink i don’t know how much it is i should do another video update on thisyeah so i’m getting 10 handshake a day i’m getting three dollars and 30 cents a dayfor this little guy the little guy right there and he’s already pretty much paid himself offwhich is awesome um came in the live stream late but i saw some videos about problems withsync and the bobcat people having problems that bobcat is updating a lot and it takes time for theupdate to finish i’m going to start buying a lot of asic miners with my d5 gains while’s an updateyou don’t earn helium yeah while it is updating hey there just wondering if when i screwedup the initial miner setup on the helium app antenna height can screw up the earnings how muchdoes it cost to set it up again ah do you know i think to reset up like your uh miner uh likeyour antenna height it’s like like what like it’s a it’s a little bit of dctoken um that’s about it but yeah it does suck that your transmitscale just went from like 1.0 to like nil goal is to have mining farm in my parentsbarn yeah i’m just trying to set up reassert the miner to a new location is 10 bucksyeah so actually to re to move it from like house to house it’s 10 bucks um if it’s within yourhouse like don’t even bother like i’ve moved it from my master bedroom to my garage so i wouldn’tbother doing that um but to move to update the antenna it’s like like like a buck or two i justgot a bobcat have nine potential witnesses but only getting one with four dbi i have ordereda 6 dbi or would 8 dbi be better for my hotspot digital goldenrod ladybug in ukthank you let’s pull that up real quick digital golden rod ladybug and telford england let’s go take a look oh yeahyou need a you need a bigger one man um 8 dbi [ __ ] i’d even just consider getting a 12 dbi soyou’ve got two options we’re going to draw it here i can’t even look at that picture seriouslyall right so you’ve got two options i would consider either 12 dbi and aim iti don’t like that color right now um we’ll just use a highlighter so takeyour 12 dbi and either aim it like this way to cover it’s a directional and you caneither hit those or aim it up to manchester united manchester united’sgreatest football club yeah screw you chelsea um yeah you’re gonna wannayou’re gonna want a directional like that’s gonna be the best bet for you there can youcheck specialized fossilized ostrich i sure can make sure you guys hit that like subscribe turn onbell notifications definitely like this stream and consider super chats i highly appreciate it what’sthe name we’re looking for special boss ostrich i received my bobcat yesterday improved performance yeah i guessi’m resyncing it now oh boy why are you overshootingeverything 5.8 8 meters up can someone say if it’s normal that mysense cap takes meanwhile nine days to sync it’s stuck 98 to 99 percent andit’s going down ethernet is on status say a sync only inbound no outbound i shouldgo check on that as well hey daily can i dm you to get some info on d5 and minershello all from directors of germany if they have a green light on them leave it fornow i’m gonna respond that uh come on nerdy are you gonna leave in the house as well nice 12dpi inside the house i don’t have my 12 dpi at the moment but really if the network just keepsgoing down like this i’m not going to waste money i’m not wasting money but i mean i’m justgoing to struggle through what i can do um also my issue with doing yeah you oh god idon’t know why you’re not hitting anything unless all these people here maybe try a 5.0 withhow high you are but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be hitting those two your 30-day numbersare yeah there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be hitting all this in here in the area this isclose to where i’ll be setting mine up okay oh so you’re setting yours up yeah try a 5.0 ora 5.8 and just you know like maybe three or four meters up blah blah blah blah blah blah come onnerdy you’re gonna do that so i’m gonna go into my back to my minor here and show you why i’ma little afraid of getting a 12 dbi because my initial goal with my miners was to have them setup when i go like this uh my initial goal with my miners was to have them set up and just talk backand forth like i would rather my area boom in the in the long term so when i got my two minersand reason why i’ve worked so hard is because i’ve wanted them to just bounce off each other sohere’s minor number one miner number two and the two of them most of the time witness and challengeeach other this guy joined in so we challenge each other and i wanted these guys down here but theyhaven’t done [ __ ] to their miners and same with these guys down here and they haven’t done [ __] to their miners either so i’m in a decent front and this guy up here as well like all this stuffshould be able to connect and hit but they’re not so my issue with if i get a 12 dbi really you knowit would be great so my miners are both down here do a screen grab and then we’re gonna do i just brain farted myselfwe’re gonna redo this um uh what are you doing with your lifewhy are you screwing me up like this all right so we’re just gonna redo that all rightlet’s do this again okay so my miners that’s one of my miners and that’s my other miner rightthere on the red line so we’re gonna obviously do a blue pen so if i put a 12 dbi on my house andi aim that towards orlando which would be great i can hit probably like this and then i couldalso if i do this one i could hit probably like this so this would be a 300 investment anadditional investment to get these two miners a 600 additional investment to get both thoseminers with 12 dbis hit towards the city and then as you can see with this pathing with that antennathey’re not going to then bounce off of each other maybe it might be better in the long run becauselook at all this extra stuff that i can cover but i don’t know i don’t know yeah 5.8 is awesome late this week i have the rack bobcatenclosure kit arriving with an 8 dbi um enclosure kit arriving on atpi antenna so i’llbe switching it to the building’s roof perfect got a 5.8 on the way thank you you’re verywelcome xrp minion abundant red leopard in london i want to get more h t but not sure if ishould get a lower dubai what’s your thought on cyrus foundation it’s similar helium soon they’llhave their routers to earn the token um if it’s an in-home unit i have no problem with a plug andplay option i will grab it and do videos on it what am i looking up abundant if central you need to be high are we talkinglike mind of tron high or elevated high he watches the playback i’llknow at that point um you you’ve got a 5.0 with five meters out you’re good everyone hit that like button thank youkevin gutierrez yeah you’re good i mean you’re making 445 a month you’ve got 0.83scale so it’s not the worst 5.0 you could even probably get a 5.8 and get even more but atthat point i think 25 is the cap oh lol elevated yeah but yeah this one’s pretty solid here you’regetting some solid witnesses so let’s see what your activity is uh what is consensus in theapp can you explain that um consensus in the app was originally like the consensus group that youcan join but that was before the happening right uh have you upgraded your antennas don’t just geta better antenna and not put it up as high as you can that it is that it that it that is the mainthing use a good lmr 400 with low loss and put it up high very high 40 feet yes i do havea lmr 400 yeah the consensus group was like um they would select random consensus and givelike super stupid rewards to them let’s look at all your activity so yeah so i’ve got oneminor my bottom minor is um elevated it’s outdoors it’s on top of my in-laws uh housewith a lmr 400 cable that runs directly to it and then oh my office level co2look at this ah look at you aware what are you telling me i wantto see what the led says before all right so what’s the actual warning levelis improving my co2 levels are improving really even though i’m sitting here blowing abunch of hot air out uh check with chili bird and be like oh [ __ ] um but yeah so yeah all mystuff is upgraded and everything it’s not 40 feet high but they’re about like 25 feet high check outrough chili bird and be like oh [ __ ] um rough chili bird going to springsdale okay thanksum bubble gum terrier stuck for three days so it’s faithful bubble gum terrier sothat sounds oh my god what the fudge holy [ __ ] you’re not kidding and it’srelayed is this the only one in his account oh it’s one of these it’s either a spoofer or like an emirateskind of ordeal i mean this person’s making 545 helium a day they’re making 21 000 a month now they onlyhave 545 helium so they’re withdrawing it 19 19 a day 157 a week 21 000 a month that’s crazythat not mine i wish it was yeah that’s like one of those emirates or like hot bit like accounts orwhatever right now the miners endor with aluminum blinds so just 25 and 15 days yeah all thatis ruining it for you um faithful bubble gum faithful bubblegum terrier the dude makes 22 000 a month i know righti wonder why he’s withdrawing everything i wonder if he’s taken it i want to getyour own minor and bend that emirate we have a 1.2 yeah this one definitely definitelywell you’ve got this mountain range don’t you if i’m looking at this correctly you’vegot this is a mountain range isn’t it this is all mountainous terrain it’scrazy you’re getting signal over there so you’re not gonna be getting anythingin los angeles no matter what you do unless you get up over those mountainswhich really isn’t a possibility um get yourself an 8.0 and see if that helps becauseobviously your 1.2 at least penetrated through by scuba uh scuba do poo coin haha what’s withdbi uh i want to get your own miner and bin that emirate yeah money money money money money yeahso what i’d recommend for faithful bubblegum terrier is definitely give it a whirl on gettingbecause it says right now you have a 1.2 dbi um 18 a month for your little area is not too badbut you can definitely try like a 5.8 a 6.0 and 8.0 and maybe see if that can help penetratethrough the mountains with some rando luck but yeah you just have that mountain that’s in theway but that’s still not bad 18 for one miner is much better it’s still much better than i’ve donei’ve only made like 21 and your account’s making 54 for but wait wait wait wait wait wait wait waitwait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait this is another one of those isn’t it let me look at thesediscord notifications 53 000 a month eat my butt today not it’s beating yes i think i will try thestock antenna i’ve installed first in aftermarket upgrade 8 dbi with low loss cable thank you foryour help i am noob on helium thing it’s all good if that miner in arkansas is emirates mineri hope that person has their own miner on the way because otherwise they are missing out on somuch yeah this is going to be another one of those someone like me who only made 21 helium in 60days should not be giving advice to someone that’s making 54 000 worth of helium in30 days they should be giving me advice just saying it’s one of those lol yeah it’s oneof those yeah it’s one of those damn i know right uh just also a side note whileeveryone’s here if you are in the orlando florida kissimmee disney universal youknow tampa area we do have our meet up event uh a week from wednesday on september22nd at 8pm address to the pub is in the description of this video it’s paddy wagonirish pub why are you posting an address oh okay this guy is hot spots oh what a squanchythat’s awesome can we do the addresses in the just give me a minor name give me a minor namesquanch is it the squanchy squanching squancher because i can’t squanch it up uh but yeah sothe meetup event will be next week come out say hi have a beer we will have a beer specialit’s the nerdy beer it’s a wicked weed coastal love ipa no dude you have a great perspectivei appreciate that um it’s all brought to you by beer um it’s the nerdy it’s gonna be a nerdy dudebeer so if you go up to the bar and say hey i want the nerdy beer um you’ll get the wicked coastallove ipa at a discount i guarantee that 558 miners though is is like that like those accounts wherethey say you put a miner up and um yeah come on down spence you put a miner up and you get like 20of the profits which realistically if if you had uh not that what was the minor we were looking ati drank a lot i should do this we were looking at uh this guy down here in lancaster right who the f were we looking at flaky pewtermouse all right we’ll just look that one up 559 uh with the guy with that that one isabandoned in my town flaky pewter moose offline so he’s got nothing but this is histhis is one of his my yeah helium ink old so that’s why it’s offlineum let’s go to the account uh i know it’s kind of uh how do you feel aboutada i’m okay with ada um but since i’m algorand i really it was i put my eggs in the algaran basketso they ate a basket um and i think just al gorand with being a lot younger than ada has much morepotential and i think that aida’s got a better uh spokesperson ceo type deal versus like i lookat it like you know back in the day like jfk and richard nixon like richard nixon was like youknow a super president kind of guy very boring very stale which you know mccauley like not likepolicies or any like that but like silvio mccully kind of in that like younger look whereaslike the ada um home dude what the hell’s his name i forget at the moment but i said itlike a bunch of times in my video really weird um he’s very like relatable and personable tolike the millennials and the you know generate like gen z’s that get into cryptocurrency so it’smuch easier um all right so looking at this guy uh how the f that dude make 50k element it i meanthis one’s making 66 000 per month so really let’s see something stupid let’s see if we can findanything stupid it’s because they have 559 hot spot miners so it’s a company all right so let’sjust pull up someone one of their miners here yeah it’s just a company that says put yourminer up and we’ll give you 20 of the profit so if this person hosts the miner in their housethey’re getting 505 dollars a month times 20 so they’re getting 100 a month to host ahotspot miner that’s exactly what it is hoskinson thank you thank you because ikept saying in my video like hoskinson yeah one antenna per miner no other way yeah you can’tsplit it up uh can we put two different attended gains at the same time using some kind of adapteri’ve been thinking i think you sent that to me and like discorded something right i’m in seffnerflorida my bobcat 300 just came in i’m five miles from tampa this is my first machine i want to runat eight drive on my roof what’s your thoughts definitely on the roof i have a cool hot spotand i swear it affects my rewards for my bobcats i have a cool spot um i know it’s kind ofoff talking about uh yeah hoskinson so um yeah yeti racing definitely up on yourroof um see if we can find seffner florida plant city tampa let’s see where are you clearwater keystone oh that’s a beer you’llnever see on this channel uh chevelle keep hitting that like button peoplesmash it it’s magic the abandoned hot spots are hurting the rewardscale they are they absolutely are but some of them um hear theman thank you i appreciate it um if you’re like i can’treally find where you’re at seffner where are you donde estarscepter no please mr superman no here no we need more living pledgeno no i i have no monies what do we got oh come on who are youwhy are you stephanie floyd come on all right so if we’re like down an arealike this you’re going to want to get your [ __ ] up between tampa and plant cityokay all right we’re in plant city right here so wait you’re on twitch i am on twitch i justhaven’t streamed in a while and i’ve i’m going to be streaming a lot of diablo 2 resurrected ontwitch when it comes out all these youtubers that promoted this to all gonna get karma they misledus bad um that’s kind of why i’m here don’t eat bats love it um i4175 um that’s why i’m herebecause i was sold the dream you know i watch vosscoin he’s like oh my most profitable minermy bobcat with my antenna in the window made five thousand and six hundred dollars in one dayand that was the original like idea that made me commit to buying a bobcat miner and then i boughttwo on the same day and so then i set them up and let them run for a week and there was nothinggoing on so i was like all right i looked at you know vos coin and like tac insertion tacticalinvesting and all that stuff and they were showing their bobcat miners with the four dbi antennassitting in the window so as soon as i did that um all you guys were leaving comments on likethe antenna and it shouldn’t be in the window and the dbi it gets bounced back from thisand that so then i was like all right cool let’s start like i’ll i’ll do a whole video onmy journey but um it’s just so ironic yeah well i mean they sold the dream they didn’t misslead they sold the dream they sold the dream um i four and a half after you help everyonebefore best ebi for highest building in city 17th floor with 860 hotspots running um just the40 bi is fine a 3.0 or a 4.0 is fine for up there surrounding my fancy iris porcupine current20 witnesses no lemon pledge no let me pledge are you sure they’re giving them 100 a monthor 100 a year there’s a coast fee company that are scamming people for paying them 100 a year idon’t it would be 20 a month so if it’s 30 days of 500 it’s like 101 or whatever it was i don’tthink that who’s misled the rewards but uh that was a lie all mine are in profit but not like whatvosscoin got i think we are spirit animals who me why why do you say that devin uh because they gavehim a leg up on everyone window placement bad yeah someone said in the last stream that you know it’snothing that’s vasco and like i i follow the guy i like to watch the guy and stuff like that um it’sjust really ironic that like one of the biggest like you know little like hobby minor like minersthat’s on youtube posting these really good videos just happens to hit the consensus group likethe day after he sets up his bobcat so it’s like so yes everyone was still the dream foss hasmultiple miners he had like three at the time um because his bob he had a bobcat like two nebras can’t use stock though uh oh yeahsome then get a 5.0 from wreck uh some company in the northeast it was onlypaying 100 a year and not a percentage of oh yeah [ __ ] that noise no way no way i swearthey take a percentage of my bobcat earnings uh because they gave him a leg up on everyoneuh you notice the profitable devices with roi in a month they didn’t promote to us akaplanet watch they sold us a dream for real well they wanted to get them for like don’t get mewrong man like if this is the first time on your channel i got four of these and i jumped on itquick hey dude you’re the best you make a good job rocket rocket rocket rocket thank you very muchyeah i saw that but the guy gets his [ __ ] free and early vosk was bad with a shilling and talkof 100 bucks all the time because your journey to having minors etc is the exact route i’ve takenlol you know it’s profitable devices with roi in a month i didn’t promote that yep uh i got in afterconsensus i started a month before they having uh and so then i started looking at the mining thestaking mining for helium just to set it up and go into a partial validator pool um which hasn’t beentoo crazy but it’s just sitting there earning me a little bit of interest and i got to move mineover anyway see how this is doing uh i saw his miner in the video on ebay selling it for 5 000.Idid i saw that he sold it for five thousand you’re right i did see that video still sinking damnit let’s see how we’re doing over here on this yeah it i mean really it must be super nice to bea youtuber and to be like oh like i wanted to get like ant minor s19s and stuff and i wanted to setthem up i just don’t have 19 000 to drop on one or like 18 000 to drop on one and i don’t even thinkthat my house like power could afford that and stuff so that’s why i i started getting into thesesmaller little ways to set up miners i sold mine on ebay for 1400 you did so even though i’ve gotfour of these guys and the four of them are only gonna make 16 a day i’ve got my little asic minerdown here making three dollars and 30 cents a day so that’s going to be 19 and 30 cents a day andthen on top of that i’ve got a dpn miner that’s coming in with my level three credit score thati’ve been doing making about three dollars a day at current price so now i’m up to like 22 dollarsa day and then i’ve got my helium miners which if they’re working are making like 12 to 20 a day sowe’re probably getting ourselves into like a 40 a day kind of scale which is excellent andthat’s at current token prices on top of that i am also still mining quote unquote miningalgorand which i did a withdrawal yesterday and now you can see i’m up to 0.28 algorand hereso it’s all these little mining goals i’m gonna do a video about this here in a little bit showingliterally like my little gpu my little asic miner as soon as these go live i’ll probably do thatvideo so that’s kind of my thought processes how’s the sync status are we closer and the gap went down by what was it at eightthousand three hundred sixty-five or not under eight thousand three hundred and thirty four sink damn it dagnabbit what name of theminer that has 599 hot spots oh man i’m gonna have to look for that one 48 daysgreat start dude absolutely like i mean i could i i couldn’t get a dpn a dpr miner fastminers website was slow as heck when they released them for ordering baby steps for all of us buddythe bigger the leaps the bigger the chance of stumbling add the planet mining into that yeah theplanet mining is 16 a day i mean it’s actually 20 a day now with the price jumping and that priceis going up uh really you should probably look at just going to get a whole bunch of planet toolike let’s see what the the token price is at the moment coin gecko is what it’s on right sowhen i first did the video last week it was at 14 cents and then when i looked the other day itwas at 20 cents and now it’s at 22 cents i just go by planet like that’s probably a good way to gouh what you use to mine algo i use kudo miner so again i’m not mining algo i am selling my hashingpower uh on my gpu to mine ethereum classic and uh my cpu power when i’m not streaming and doing thatstuff for monero and i’m getting paid out in algo and you can make a withdrawal every uh 20 algowhich it takes me about a month to get 20 i’ll go um i wonder if that’s in the description ofthis as well let’s see if it’s in the description yeah so underneath my algo donation addresswhich if you guys like the content and appreciate it consider sending an algo donation to theaddress in the description or helium donation to the link in the description um and then themine aldo on kudo miner link is in that as well uh i’m not sure what’s up withmy minor the rewards have been all over the place lately we’re drawing h tdoesn’t reduce rewards doesn’t no it doesn’t um could be emirate they don’t pull blah blah blahplanets are gonna explode and i really hope that when those tokens explode they don’t take awaythe 23 planet per um aware that they’re promising if you’re in the play to earn game staratlas looks cool i’m getting into that by the way the next stupid coin that will blow upis loki loki oh god i i hate these meme things i’ve been sat sinking for three days now onlygone from 99.1 to 99.16 in the last 24 hours stupid elon musk got a dog and named it floki no withdrawing h t does not affect rewardsyeah you could perfectly withdraw your hmt floki that’s so stupid what gpu you’remining algo to get 20 a month um a texas instrument 83 jesus christ noi’m using um an uh a geforce gfx 1050 ti four gigabyte wind 4 super clockedition so it’s a 1050 ti with two fans sometimes it could take a few days to sync what at i want to use a second one butunfortunately the motherboard that i have in this pc is a mini and i can’tfit two together so i have to get a little uh six i have to get an adapter so i can just setthat up and let my second one run and then it’ll put me at about like 34 to 40 a month whichi’ll be super happy with trade it trade what or i’m going to use it for video contentis what i’m probably going to do still negative on my mxc minor oh you did getan mxc miner didn’t you weren’t they like 800 bucks i almost i almost got suckeredinto that one as well i should have gotten it just so i can make more youtube content buti didn’t uh okay 1050 a 1050 ti4 gigabyte super overclock winforce edition say thewhole thing i need another beer around three okay yeah i think when isaw vos coin do his first video about it i don’t know how planet watch doingthis but they official they still give us 23 planet watch tokens even thoughthe price is rising i’m waiting for air kino to drop in the use in the usa uhresellers got a hold of the aware miners and they sold out unfortunately i’m annoyed with thosebastards now don’t be annoyed or don’t hate me and i know i did a post you know i i shared apost i’m not reselling mine so i’m not i’m going to mind with mine i’d rather make sixteen dollarsa day at four dollar you know at you know the four dollars a token those are just three and of coursei got the one back there the one over here um i’d rather just make the the 23 a day per so ifthey’re making 23 a day right now and they’re at 22 cents 23 times 4 equals times 0.22 so that’s20 a day mxc minor i had zero issues with though i think we’re going to have zero issues with theseand the thing is it’s really neat is that the the awares i can just pull that one out of thebox not planning on buying another one though the cool thing mother fatherthe cool thing about the awares is that they have been in production forat least a year like you can look up awares and you can see that they’ve beenout for a while so it’s crazy that they sold out like pretty much right afteri did some videos about it i really like the design on them though they’re pretty nifty um andthey’re super quiet like here listen to this one you see it’s on you can see thethe green light and everything listen to the noise it makes you know it just i don’t know if you’re gonna hearlike it just it just like like nothing no noise whatsoever i mean you can if youhold it up to your ear it sounds like the ocean but that’s just that tiny little intake man whencan i get nowhere ah sold out everywhere just keep i’ll trade you in a where for a a helium liner i want to buy like 5 to 10 myself to mine lolnot resell exactly you don’t hear anything they’re incredible i’m really excited for themi have two of those and four atma tube so how does the four atma tube work like if you go withall four of them will you still be able to earn a planet with them one eyebrow per miner uh yeahno noise at all with mine if you guys have it aware actually currently sitting next to you andrun hit hit uh 7 in the chat i want to know if you guys are just kind of sitting here waiting withme let me see if i get my asic up here as well i have my asic running you won’tbe able to see it i don’t like i can get the mic as close as possibleto it let’s see if you can hear that you won’t be able to hear anythingbecause you don’t hear anything maybe can i use the cam now i’m not gonna dothat uh but people spoofing location on them um do you know when you will be able to buy morei don’t because they keep selling out so quick one for one what uh uh seven there we go sev allright cool there we go now we’re getting some oh uh a helium miner for an aware i iwould consider doing that h bar going crazy i work in an office for a yachtcompany do you have anything to do with below deck or below deck medi don’t care if below deck sailing uh i actually like the sensor helps tell me yeahyeah yeah um i like it too uh yeah no noise with all mine i’m waiting on two batch four numbers inorder to link start last week my helium results have been real were real weird too good performersstopped performing one of my last units at work relayed somehow did 0.2 yesterday despite not evendoing that in a month uh would you mind checking yes i don’t mind checking just as long as all youguys keep considering hitting that like button it’s your first time on the channel pleaseconsider subscribing and turning on the bell notification as we a drink a lot of beer b postvideos weekly c try to do a stream every monday d go to play poker bust out really early come homedrunk and do a live drunken stream not promoting alcohol abuse or alcoholism or anything butit’s a whale of a good time what am i looking at uh la colossal lead llama also if you guys appreciate the content and you’rehaving a lot of fun and i made you laugh once or anything uh consider a super chat i greatlyappreciate it all right lead llama a get yourself a bigger antenna if you are truly sitting on a 1.2at zero meters you want to bump yourself up to um do they have smaller directional antennasbecause i would consider bumping myself up to like an 8.0 directional andjust firing it into mormon county yeah because you i mean it looks like you justset yourself up so you’ve only made yourself 25 h t in a day which isn’t bad butwhat you’re going to want to do is you want to get yourself a directional antenna andi mean you could potentially get a little bit here and you could potentially get a little bit herebut you really want your directional antenna to shoot out here and get all this so that’s what youwant to do all the way up to this point up here so uh nothing to do with them that the firstthing that people ask i watch a reputation how go y’all get rid of those ip reputationattacks hi i’m having the sinking issue too one of the miners are synced but the other one’s stillsinking for four days already best dbi for the highest building and a city with the surroundingsum didn’t i tell you like for chris uh was already subscribed just but just hit the bell and thelike thanks squanch make sure you squanch on the uh the bell button there not promoting alcohol ithink you do that at the beginning of every video yes he needs mine 8 dbi just free justfree a big wang i’ll trade them it’s a duck it’s a duck no it’s a duck uh brisk coconut guppy how does a relay miner affectearnings it cuts them down a lot you want to make sure that you’re not relayedbecause you’re not getting that internet activity you’re not being able to like receive anythingwhen you’re relayed if i remember that correctly uh brisk coconut guppy there we go you’re not ableto receive anything so you need to oh look at you transmit skill sucks you’reovershooting [ __ ] get yourself a 5.8 why aren’t you doing it give me the name of that what’s the name of it i have a nano dpr miner if anyone’s looking tomake some trade deals uh what’s taking platform from algo do you use use it yieldly or somethinglike that yeah um well a i have five thousand algo that i’m just holding on to for the governanceprogram and b the remainder is staked out yieldly c i did cash out some algo last night at the 240uh cap um so that way i could get a dpn a dpr miner and i can get uh i’ll show you how much icashed out i don’t really care seven that’s a late seven but cool um you can see right here i’vegot two thousand three hundred i’ve got twenty thousand dpr ready to go when they announced thebasic staking so that way i can get that locked in little cara pig please check this one out blahmy messages don’t show uh what’s taking people uh well someone that is hosting always be relayedor no uh no if they actually got off their lazy butts and open up their uh ports they should beokay unless it’s your lazy butt then i’m sorry all right what are we looking at here this minorsmack dab in the middle oh you got super lucky with your uh transmit scale so what this meansis we’re gonna get rid of that duck so this means that you your miner this this guy’s miner couldbe sitting here and this guy’s miner could be sitting there in your minor so that way you have350 meters apart and then there might just be a minor here which is another 350 and then like amine over here which you have nothing to worry about and this miner can be down here which is 350and then some miners over there so if that’s your miner and you’re at a 1.0 transmit scale congratson you where is the best and easiest place to buy dpr i’ll send you the link for that right now donot even consider buying dpr off of uniswap you will get f’d in the b on the fees so make sure yougo to mexc because that’s where i went here you go buy all your dpr from there and we’re gonna doa dpr video tomorrow it’s not gonna be selling you the dream like some of these people sayingmake seven hundred dollars a month i gotta look at your miner while i’m waiting you’rekind of in the same range from me uh 4.0 um you just need to get your get yourself a 5.8and make sure you get yourself elevated so that way you can get an omnidirectional um becauseyou want to let your 5.8 get all the stuff here and then you want the 5.8 to target everythingdown here and go blah blah blah blah blah blah i hope that answered that question um sentyou the link for the best dpr use that right there in the description sign up go get it is myantenna setup okay if you guys are going to i’m falling behind uh well someone that is hostingalways i’m in uk been looking everywhere for aware eventually found two on ebay uk they onlyhad four and i get the last two i paid 340 each for them love the channel thank you very muchpeter ingram i really appreciate it man and uh yeah i mean 340 is not bad i don’t know what it isin the pound ratio but you just only have like a a 75 day break even point versus like my 37 daybreak even point just because you paid double price for them i just purchased 6.5 dbi frommicro tick have you heard of them i have heard micro tick but i i’m a big fan of um rack basicstaking live basic staking is live as of today because they were saying it’s gonna be later thisweek shut your mouth shut your dirty [ __ ] mouth we’re gonna lock that creditscore in then oh because i have to do oh i gotta get anotherthousand i have to get another 700 does anyone have 700 dpr they want tosend me i could send you my address um where am i looking at herelet’s refresh it stake sign in look at that no it says activity ended so there’s my dpr but if anyone wantsto send me 700 dpi i’ll link my address if you like the content and you appreciateeverything i do and you have dpr and you want to see dpr videos all right gotta catchup uh they have the awares on amazon uh that is mine where you circled the rewards seemvery low though no yeah a little low yeah um can you check mythical moosie to pier thankyou i can check uh mythical moosie i need a beer uh you have to what i’m what i’m gathering is youneed to have your awares on different networks they need different ip addresses all right soyou are getting in the past 24 hours that many past seven days that many’s past 30 days thatmany first off really sucks that you’re um you’ve got two guys in here all right so yourproblem which is why you’re probably getting hit so bad right now is that they might have a rulingthat says in this circle here we only want six miners and so this guy was number one two threefour five and then six and then you’re number seven so you’re hit then on top of that you mightbe looking at this circle that says they only want 20 miners so we’ve already got six so now we’redown to 14.So then we’ve got 15 15 16 17 18 19 20 blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah andthat hits you down right there uh can you put it one away i had same issue in the last sevendays just started earning rewards again today is that like a boob head wi-fi signal face that’sfunny what’s available this morning on amazon not now yeah they usually pop up available overnightand then sell out you guys are probably gonna hate the drink that i’m gonna go get because ican’t have another 9.0 uh i mean i can but um your 5.8 is good your elevation seems okay make sure it’s level that’s not my community anymore um i am goingto get another beverage so i’ll be right back thanks man you’re welcome justin ah all right i’m back y’all gonna make fun of me for what i’m drinkingall right i was available this morning not now thanks man i can’t believe the prices forthe in-hand bobcat miners are selling out for on ebay seeing one end yesterday for 1700english pounds that’s some markup a yeah uh yeah they are seriously marked up which is crazyabsolutely crazy man all right so i want to see resync the miner no i don’t wait let’s reboot it yeah we’ll just reboot it waitwhat’s my username and password nevermind nevermind we’ll do that lateruh this that’s why i sold one yeah right all right we’re not gonna mess around with allthat stuff um if there are two hotspots in the same octane how can you boot my signal to getbetter rewards you won’t be able to so if we’re looking at this minor hotspot right here theproblem is you’re at point 25 and we’ve already done like the hot spotty drawing so the problemis right here is let’s let’s really zoom into this map i actually like really zooming intothis map you might be having an issue because this might be your minor and this might be theminor that’s sharing that octagon with you and then if we zoom out but we would say that thearea of coverage is going to look like this so you guys are pretty much coveringthe exact same because this is a proof of coverage network right you guys arepretty much covering the exact same area which is why your transmit scale is so low sothe only option you would have is to get out go down here and beg someone there to let you in um that’s why i sold one huh not a gin and tonicno i no i don’t have i don’t do liquor during the day i usually do gin and tonics on thursdays wheni go play poker uh no the owner planner watch said only one type four per location unless you alsohave the atma 2 pro you can use them both you may be able to have more than one if you have a bighouse uh well who’s minor is this i’m in madison uh you just need to have a better antenna etcetera set up the other person set up the other than the other person you are sharing the octagonwith what are you drinking today dude today’s most of the beverages find them and threaten themyeah break the knees make them a deal offer they’re not going to refuse uh today’s beveragewas a sierra nevada big big little thing ipa it’s an imperial ipa 9.0 abv definitely a really goodsolid hops kicker it has that big hops forward on the back of your tongue with that big alcoholburn on the front i still have a little left not too crazy on the fruitiness which isuh fantastic since i’ve been overloaded with hazy ipas so i was in the mood i saw thisi like sierra nevada i haven’t had one before so really really really good i’m throwingup a 17-foot mast on top of my roof not bad and then now we’re just drinking a white cloth just because that’s 9.0 abv and um probablygonna end the stream here in a little bit and uh i don’t want to be hammered if i have anotherone i’m gonna be hammered and i’ve got some stuff i have to do tonight um but yeah so planet watchthe thing is i was doing a lot of comments on um the reason why i feel it’s going to be differentnetwork to earn the tokens is because people are going to have these planet watch miners inside ofapartment complexes inside of high rises inside of office buildings and it’s going to be there’smultiple people that live in those offices that’s very good if you guys have sierra nevada you can’tgo wrong with sierra vada sierra nevada is a great mass-produced beer uh elysium is a phenomenalmass-produced beer like i haven’t been a elysium beer that i have not enjoyed uh terrapin out ofatlanta georgia is an excellent um mass-produced distributed uh beer as well they have a littlebit a couple of hit and miss things but their terrapin uh hopsicutioner and their terrapin umpeanut butter uh port or one of my or a stout or one of my favorites from them you can message meon here if you’re interested in a trade uh what a uh a wear for a helium all right um that will takeyour thought out uh that’ll take your throughout i wish that if a minor if offline for like 30 daysor another amount of time that is that before the transit scale yeah i agree with that thanksagain for checking out my hotspot anytime will anyone be so kind to send me a super chat damnit i am begging here i’m like a hooker on ob t i got my discord guys pop it off in my opinionthe problem with the transmit scale will get worse and worse in the future have no ideahow we shall be able to fix it was yeah so as if but if the transmit scale keeps gettingworse which is why we’re going to orlando which is because there’s a really good example ofthis um it’s it the transmit scale will get worse but the number of miners and witnesses willcontinue to exceed and be awesome i got a 40-foot mast on mine have you had kentucky breakfast stoutuh kentucky’s got the um like the the horse head on the the bottle right because kentucky likekentucky bourbon brewing or something like that um i think i’ve had the kentucky barrel bourbonbarrel i’ve had that but i have not had the breakfast out um so yeah we’re gonna go intoorlando the city of orlando we’re gonna go to this hexagon with 11 miners and we are going tofind some big mac daddies here actually the top one right this one right here so we’re in themiddle of orlando we’re gonna pull up shimbolic pebble hedgehog and this bad boy has got a .20transmit scale looks like he got screwed but in the past 30 days he’s gotten 72.75 helium that’s1.4 000 a month in the past seven days because he’s probably getting screwed like i am withhis bobcat a 6.9 um rating in the past 24 hours 0.6 but the reason why i’m saying that is yesthey need a helium improvement plan to remove offline needs attention attention from rewardskills that’s a really good good uh suggestion um i’m in the valley area doing decent close to onea day on point five five percent scale i think the extra 17 feet could help me get a decentboost you guys can use the filter on the app to see where the transmit scale is best in yourarea yeah and you can also use it on hot spotty but like so my case in pointhere is that this hexagon has 11 people squished in but you’ve got one with10 helium in the past 30 days one with five helium in the past 30 days one with zero helium in thepast 30 days one with 72 helium in the past 30 days two helium 18 helium 70 helium 18 helium 28helium and 55 so this is the one like area like i’d love to squeeze one of mine in there and justbe like [ __ ] y’all i get everything uh transfer scale will 100 get worse which is why i hope theyimplement something that if a miner is offline so long it stops affecting other transmit scalebecause the amount of miners that go offline if just going to keep going up absolutely um100 right like i have no doubt in my mind that like if the miners are offline it should beremoved completely like if the miner is unplugged if there’s not getting any access i gavesomeone an aware and trade for hosting my helium miner everyone wins that’s not badactually so they host yeah because then really you’re gonna get all the helium rewardsso if that’s better than saying i’ll give you a percentage of my helium rewards versus 23planet tokens a day not bad man not a bad trade so yeah so like down here i would prefer thesetwo to get their [ __ ] together and get antennas up so we can witness each other because we’vegot beautiful line of sight because we’re all pretty i’m at the top of a hill they’re a littlebit lower than me and we could see them easy but if they go offline they it shouldbe gone it should just be gone gone gone uh dude that’s genius yeah really now the onlything that i would need to do is get more helium miners otherwise i will trade in a ware for ahelium miner you’re gonna offer awares for it yeah that’s what i figured it was yeah it’s exactly what i figured that was so what’sup with the rewards i’m none i’m getting none been sinking for 11 hours my activity is nothing i really want to see who placed minor firstgets a guaranteed percentage well as soon as they announce it as soon as it goes live ofcourse i’ll be putting it up yes it is g dempsey all right so we got some uh discord chat thatwe got to respond to can you check would it be good place healing minor at rue did um if youcan send me a mind if i don’t know if you’re watching this um dom sac seven eleven elevenum seven one one one um but if you can send me an uh a minor name i’d be more than happy tolook that up for you what else do we have over here on the discord sorry i’m looking at my phonein case you guys are wondering looking for deeper connect miners um i have a mini on the wayas soon as mr p sends it i still have three offline miners that they somehow having betters scale than mine yeah that’s so stupid just got to make more friends with people who live in theburbs outside of the major cities shut up copper gobbert hear my beagle screaminglet me go yell at him real quick because we got amazon tell me oh you are watching me all right cool i gotfive out of seven singing do you fasting i did set up the fast sync i just don’t knowif it’s going correctly should i redo the sync in general like should i do that just like reresync it and turn on fast sync i don’t know uh anyone have live in to layercounty need to install a bunch more all right and then i also got a picture indiscord we’re gonna pull the discord over here someone sent me which i’ll shareon stream as soon as i pull it up there brian callahan look at you monitoringthe quality of your air in your office that’s 89 it’s probably an 89 because ofall the methane so that’s why it’s so high um today not at the beginning yes i think iwill try stock antenna i’ve installed first in aftermarket upgrade 8 dbi antenna with lowloss cable thank you for your help i’m a noob to the helium thing anytime how can i posta pic of my antenna placement it’s a great pick uh join the discord i wonder if the discordlink should be in the description of the video and you can just send it to the discord and i’llshare it uh mining no worries sharing is caring digital orchid cormorant can you seehow i get more witnesses i can if you like subscribe turn on bell notificationsand consider sending a super chat vos coin just posted a video talking about how the helium system has been down fromrapid growth that makes sense i know he’s got his bobcat so maybe he’s feeling the effects how’s our musicyes i’m still listening cool i don’t know why i typed it in the chat you guys want to watch boss coins video copper shut up to fast sync your bobcatsearch for this little title how to fast sync your bobcat hnt miners all right soyou 5.8 3 meters in the air 24 hours bobcat we are killing our computer guys everything’s slow actually we’ll probably end the streamhere in just a moment and i can watch that video there we go i can watch thatvideo alright so seven days 6.5 30 days 12 5.0 um you’re elevated you’re out and aboutyou should be getting plenty you should be good probably wouldn’t change athing i like your numbers it sucks that you’re on a bobcat right now soyou’re probably being affected like we all are but i think you’re pretty solid you’ve got nothingto worry about especially if you just started it looks like you upgraded around here and youjust started popping off so i wouldn’t do it yes fastsync saved me an immense amountof time all right so we want to save this we’re gonna put this righthere we’ll watch vosscoin how to fast sync your miner i’m going to pullit up right there cool maybe i’ll do a video on that so are you putting the antenna high manuallyor is it just seen automatically could you check melted infrared quail my bobcat isn’tbeing affected my blog has been affected melted in for red quail man i want to play diablo today if you guys like watching twitchi could link that real quick too i’ll do some more diablo 2 streams i might streamdiablo 2 tonight after i get home from work so if you guys go and follow me on there uh mybroadcast doing fine hey i’m just glad i got this year because those who get them later are screwednot going to sugarcoat it thanks nerdy dude take care man thanks rudy appreciate it brother justself-help all right so what are you looking at oh beauteous uh get your 5.8 might be goodglad i joined had no idea about fast ink yeah right i’m gonna fast sync this later um yeah getyourself a five-point db8 get yourself out there get all this out here man 5.8 should be good all right that’s gonna do it for me iam gonna wrap up the stream here we’ve been streaming for just shy of two hoursi really appreciate it guys like comment subscribe turn on the bell notificationif this is your first time on the channel try to post videos every single week sometimeswe’re lucky and can do two to three to four videos a week and we can do two streams a week we aredefinitely trying to commit to a monday stream every monday at 2 00 p.m sothat way you guys can enjoy it we have our first meetup event which if youknow you’re in the orlando florida area tampa area winter haven area disney area anything likethat i encourage you to pop by have a beer with me at paddy’s irish pub i will bring a laptopand we can look at back on those white claws well i mean look at some of my old videos iwas like a big fat guy and so um yeah so if you come hang out with me at paddy’s irish pubnext wednesday there will be a discount beer oh go play online hello buddy and um you’ll savea discount on that so i hope to see you guys there i will bring a laptop we can look at helium miningnetworks together join d live i thought about d live but i am on twitch at the moment i shouldjust consider jumping over and streaming i want to stream on my youtube just in general gamingbut i don’t want to push any of my audience away uh that’s why i have twitch and umvideo games and cryptocurrency separated so anywho thank you very much for watchingguys like comment subscribe all the links for everything in the description of the video chatsblah blah blah blah and ooh we got some thunder i’m a prize we’ll see

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